hitchcock photography

“Mr. Hitchcock” by Milmon F Harrison

I couldn’t resist. This bird was huge! i don’t think I’ve been this close to one before. And it just sat there as I approached and maneuvered around him. I wanted to get the bird, the bridge, and the city in the frame. I like how his head is slightly higher than the ridge line of the city behind him, and also how it looks like he’s got a tiny spotlight shining on him from above. There’s a bit of noise; it’s likely from my darkening the background to bring out more of the detail in the sky, etc. Maybe I’ll give it another pass to see if I can fix that. I wanted it to look like “Technicolor” from the 1960s and 70s!

I really enjoyed this one. Maybe this could be on the poster for the sequel “The Birds 2: You’re Next, San Francisco!”