hitachin kaoru

For the reverse-harem lover. Perfect for those who like the princely, sweet, troublemaking, strong, cool, or natural type.

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“She let out a murmur, and he subtly gritted his teeth.

“Sounds to me like you do like them…” she shrugged, raising an eyebrow at him as his eyes flicked up to her face. “You know… romantically.”

Kaorus mouth ran dry, knowing full well he was really talking about his twin brother…”

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commission for a friend.

I absolutley love Ouran Highschool Hostclub, and I got my friend addicted, she’s going abroad for her 3rd year in college, and wanted something nice she can look at while she’s in her dorm, knowing that she has a home to come back to :) Like how Haruhi has friends she can feel at home with. 

Commissions are open, if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to ask b(ovo)