hita art


So uh… yeah. This is a thing I did. Yep.


Art for three of five appends.  They’re all in progress as of posting this.

  • WHISPER - a soft bank, there will be CV and VCV capabilities
  • ECHO - a spooky bank???, there will be only CV
  • SWEET - a light bank, there will be CV and VCV capabilities

WHISPER gets softer clothes, more feminine???  Don’t ask why, I don’t know.  ECHO makes her into a ghost.  No outfit change.  SWEET is… military I g u e s s.  Hearts happen too.


DUB. DONE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS (mostly to my DCM peeps).

Draw Jack in Your favourite Alternate Universe (AU). The AU can be one of your own.

You lot cannot expect me to pick just any…. okay so I picked an AU I NEVER TALK ABOUT BECAUSE IT’S DUMB BUT COOL AND I LOVE IT.  Jack’s what’s called an Inkrunner and is essentially able to do a bunch of magical talisman bs yada yada I don’t wanna explain.

To sum it up tho:

  1. Jack is awesome
  2. The monks, Wuya, and Chase need to learn how to knock
  3. They also need to not show up when he’s showering
  4. Jack is a fashionable man
  5. His heels could probably kill a man, actually
  6. Also this is the outfit he’s wearing at the big confrontation
  7. The marks on his face are technically scars because his blood is ink
  8. He also drips ink from his mouth when annoyed
  9. His ink has two modes: active (red) and inactive (black)
  10. When his ink is active you better run
  11. His hair is fancy and his mom did it for him