Well, time to share my latest projet : “On The Way To Neptune” !

It’s a “fun”-made inspired by Rebecca Sugar and CN’s “Steven Universe”, and refers to “Hit The Diamond” and “Back to the Moon” episodes. It was at first a tiny 2D exercice for myself (it’s been almost 3 years !) that evolved into a very short. I learned a lot trying to match the original series, and I’m still learning a lot about the creation process of this amazing show. My only purpose was to have fun, and I did ! Now, if you enjoyed it, I’m the gladest. Update to come : I didn’t have a good sound material, I’m expecting to do a newer and better sound design soon.
And maybe, who knows, I’ll make another one ? Some designs are coming.

I do too “miss those humans”.
Cheers !



I think it’s time for y’all to know I’ve been (bat)Joke(s)r trash since I was born. It’s a really serious illness and the Lego Batman Movie just made it worse. Imma sue Chris Mckay.

Hit the Diamond

The way that this episode had not only things I wished, but things I thought that would be pretty unlikely to happen makes it hard to believe that I’m not dreaming, somehow. At the beginning of this year I made a fancomic with lots of Rubies and had such a great time just by playing with the idea… I could never imagine that we would have such an anime-istic episode WITH THAT MANY RUBIES. AND SO MANY RUPPHIRE MOMENTS. The jokes were amazing, all other characters were just as incredible, DAMN. I’m so happy! 

Signs on a snow day

Aries: out with Sagittarius somehow making sledding a dangerous activity

Taurus: eventually wakes up and is baking cookies

Gemini: making snow creatures out by the road to freak out the cars driving by

Cancer: decorating for Christmas

Leo: plotting epic holiday parties or gifts

Virgo: shoveling their long ass driveway bc the tire tracks were bothering them

Libra: shopping for stylish winter gear, maybe they’ll join Aries later

Scorpio: ice skating on the nearest lake

Sagittarius: sledding and mischief with Aries

Capricorn: chatting up the guys at the tree farm, maybe out on a date later

Aquarius: building an igloo

Pisces: binge watching their favorite series, making hot chocolate for the squad, and trying to figure out what the hell Aquarius is doing out there

I couldn’t resist.

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Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 3

A/N. Sorry part 3 took so long, but it’s SUPER long, so that should earn me a bit of your forgiveness. Please note, I wasn’t able to tag a couple of you who asked to be tagged, please let me know what went wrong if you know. This chapter takes place about two weeks after part 2, and there is a time jump at the end. This one is long, and there are a lot of characters and names being introduced, so if it get’s confusing please let me know and I’ll try to help clear it up :) 

part 1, part 2, part 4

word count: +9,000

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mary is literally revealed as having traveled the world with a ruthless hit squad who would murder anyone for money and sold their services to the highest bidder and ppl think this ep was HER REDEMPTION ARC like /uneasy laughter jfc y’all