Hit the Diamond

The way that this episode had not only things I wished, but things I thought that would be pretty unlikely to happen makes it hard to believe that I’m not dreaming, somehow. At the beginning of this year I made a fancomic with lots of Rubies and had such a great time just by playing with the idea… I could never imagine that we would have such an anime-istic episode WITH THAT MANY RUBIES. AND SO MANY RUPPHIRE MOMENTS. The jokes were amazing, all other characters were just as incredible, DAMN. I’m so happy! 


Fan Funkos
Ruby team Collection

My week hasn’t been that great, but it’s cool to finally post fanart of hit the diamond. I took my mind off things while doing this, now I’m feeling more relaxed. I still love this episode so much <3

*These collections are fan made and are not even close to being official. Just me having fun!

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