I always spend too much time walking home. I guess I just love to think. Or more the fact I love to appreciate. Appreciate the world and it’s color and beauty. Or maybe just how the ground feels when my foot hits it. Either or I love to spend as long as I can walking home slowly. If I could I would just stand in one spot appreciating everything that isn’t human
—  Coral-Vellichor

This is the fastest thing I have ever drawn in my life that is more than one picture, and of course it’s the homoromantic ace egg and toaster. OF COURSE. 

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On the very same night that Peggy and Angie moved in together, I hit 700 followers, so I figured it was about time for a giveaway. There will be three winners because I have collected entirely too much stuff here (I just wish I could get ahold of more cartinelli stuff, but alas).

  • First winner: One 8.5" x 11" Shop5 print of your choice and button (only one choice), one postcard, all four stickers PLUS a copy of Code Name Verity because these fics give me feelings (be advised it will be a paperback and look different, I used my hardback in the photo because I couldn’t find my paperback and I just thought of adding this today)
  • Second winner: Same minus the copy of CNV
  • Third winner: One 8.5" x 11" print of my choice (aka what I have left), one postcard, and remaining stickers


  • Must be following me (this is about giving back to my followers, ya dig?)
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Ends April 1st!

Good luck! Sending my love to all my new cartinelli trash friends–this is for you and this ship!!!


You know why at one time, im so sure that luhan loves minseok more than just bestfriend? This… can you see how he always wants minseok to be infront of him. How much he loves to have minseok in his sight. He didnt do this when he’s with someone else. He did this to minseok and only minseok. He did this and it just hit me on my head, that luhan just love minseok so much. It hurts now seeing how they’re surrounded by a lot of people, but i still can feel the emptiness linger around. It felt like something is missing. Something is not right. I think because we are already used to have minseok and luhan instead of just minseok, and just luhan. Will we see this moment again? Maybe.. :’)

Meta Me This Pt. 1

There were two things I really wanted to dig deep with on the meta front for SH this past week but I hadn’t had the time to write it all up. This is gonna have to be a two parter. Partially because I only hit one of the items on my bucket list and partially cause this shit is long and I got hella deep in my feelings and thoughts. So feel free to disagree with the random ramblings of this madwoman. That’s fine but I wanna share anyway!

Let’s talk about Ichabbie. Oh man… where do I start? Revelations were had in abundance this past week. They weren’t overt but they were there nonetheless. Let’s start with the tall, gangly one.

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i’ve gotten so many new amazing mutuals recently thanks to all the follow trains going around PLUS i finally hit my goal of 3k a few days ago, so i decided to celebrate with a follow forever!! (it’s also my “official” 4 month anniversary of joining the 1d/larry fandom today so it’s even more fitting) 

i just wanted to thank everyone for being so welcoming and making me feel so at home in this fandom after such a short amount of time, y’all are stars and make this fandom fun even though one direction is the biggest clusterfuck to ever exist and we all know it lol 

p.s. if you’re not on here but i follow you i definitely still love you but this follow forever is specifically for 1d blogs and i also follow more people than i have in years so i couldn’t put everyone </3 

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getting roasted online

Aries: Comes after the person who started it and turns it the fuck around and everyone roasts them instead. 

Taurus: Takes it but waits for a chance to come the fuck after all their homies

Gemini: tru but who tf do you think you are ?

Cancer: No one even tries because you take it too well and it’s no fun.

Leo: *hands device to their friend to hit back with some thing better *

Virgo: this is false, where you getting this information @ bitch, wtf.

Libra: *messages you privately* I know you were just joking but it really hurt my feelings. I mean you put me in such an uncomfortable position…

Scorpio: the next time i see u it’s on sight bitch. lmao. u fucked up.

Sagittarius: Makes an ass of themselves and gives them all more material. 

Capricorn: Deletes all their comments and asks for everyone to do the same.

Aquarius: Copies Micheal Scott style roast from The Office 

Pisces: Genuinely gets their feelings hurt and then everyone apologizes bc they feel bad.

hey guys!!  i feel really bad asking again — and no one has to help!! — but i’ve hit more money woes.  i won’t go on about the details, but suffice to say i’m dyslexic as shit, entered my ss number wrong on my fafsa the first time i submitted it, and i am thus not eligible for the MAP grant this year.  i’m $10,000 short for school next semester because of this, rather than the $3000-$4000 i expected.  

i don’t expect to get $10,000, of course!!  but i am asking that if anyone is able and wants to donate, my paypal is hyneman.sara@gmail.com.  there’s also a donation button on my blog!  every little bit helps, right?  i have a job, and looking for another, and i’ve applied 2 so many scholarships my fingers ache, but any help at all will be super super helpful.  

if you donate any amount, you’ll get a sketch/doodle commission!  you can check out my art here!  if you can’t donate or don’t want to ( which is totally fine, nobody owes me anything ) then just reblogging is still really helpful!

BE HAPPY | A playlist for when you want to feel better, or when you just want to feel like you’re going to rule the world. [listen here]

1. You Know Me - Air Traffic Controller / 2. Hit It - American Authors / 3. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend / 4. Moscow - Autoheart / 5. Flaws - Bastille / 6. Baby I’m Yours - Breakbot / 7. One More Time - Daft Punk / 8. Jump In The Pool - Friendly Fires / 9. Empty Streets - Ghost Beach / 10. Penny - Hanni El Khatib / 11. It’s Nice To Be Alive - Ball Park Music / 12. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet / 13. Wildfire - John Mayer / 14. Love Is Easy - McFly / 15. Moving In The Dark - Neon Trees / 16. Pumpin Blood - NONONO / 17. On Our Way - The Royal Concept / 18. Beta Love - Ra Ra Riot / 19. Mais La - Royal Teeth / 20. Feel The Love (feat. John Newman) - Rudimental / 21. Girls - The 1975

I’m listening to Britney Spears, ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, to be exact, and my daughter called me old. Old. Are The Rolling Stones ancient by now? Does anybody know who The Beatles are? Geeeez. I don’t dare to move on to ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’. She might run away.

I wonder when my music will get old– or is it already? It’s only been a decade since One Direction. Wow, say that out loud and you suddenly feel like you’re about to break a hip.

You told my mother that you are afraid you are going to come home one day and I am going to tell you this isn’t what I want. That I don’t want to be a wife and a mother. Your fear is entirely valid. Each and every day the feeling that I just can’t do this anymore gets stronger and more debilitating. This isn’t what I wanted for my life. I love you all, but each day I’m being torn apart by the stress and the fights and the feeling of inadequacy. My mental instability has hit an all time low. I just want to be enough for you guys, but I don’t feel like I ever can be. Your fear is entirely valid.
There’s a first time for everything (Pietro X Reader) (pt 5)

FINALLY! Sorry for the wait, this one’s a lot happier than the last chapter was, so I hope you guys like it! I have a few requests in my inbox that I’m hoping to get to next, so if you sent me one, I’ll be workin on those soon! I think I’ll take a break from requests after I finish those so I can work on this and finish it up, but those are first priority! 
Also thank you guys for all the support, I can’t thank you enough! I just hit over 200 followers (which is more than my 2 yr old main blog has HA), I still can’t believe it! Thanks friends, can’t wait to see what you think of this! 

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Giveaway time~~*

I’ve always been one to celebrate with giveaways and hitting 1000 followers is def smthn imma celebrate so~

-Reblog or like(each one counts as an entry,feel free to reblog more than one but please don’t spam your followers!)

-Be following me (just because this is to thank my followers) 

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There will be 5 winners and each will receive a full coloured headshot/bust of the character/oc of their choice ~ 
Giveaway ends shortly on  August 8th Sat 2k15 and winners will be randomly selected - again Thank you all so much!! **

FFXIV Roleplay

Hello! I’m just putting this out there in hopes of getting some more roleplay out of the game. As well as getting to meet new people. Now that I’ve finally hit level 60, I feel as if my time has completely opened up to roleplay more and I need to fill that void. 

While I’m at this, hopefully I can get more ffxiv followers on this blog because sadly more follow my WoW blog ( @venromekelmorthen ) and I am hoping to get as many FFXIV blogs on this one so I can spare my WoW followers from seeing stories posted about a completely different game.

So let’s start shall we? My character’s name is Edward Graves and I am located on BALMUNG. Without going into detail, he’s a character made for the purpose of not being limited from all types of roleplay. You can think of it, Edward can do it. He was once a traveling companion of Vhalken( @vhalkenleingod ) before going seperate paths in an attempt to solidify his own reputation as a “Hero of Eorzea”. 

So if you don’t mind giving a fellow FFXIV roleplayer a boost, please do! I hope to see some new faces. And cheers to possibly creating fun, amazing, and exciting stories with new people!

All I can really say is— ASHIDANZA! I am honestly amazed this blog has lasted this long, and I can safely say it’s because of all the encouragement I got from you wonderful people! And I just hit my 500 followers mark, which is even MORE amazing! Now, bias lists make me anxious, partially because I almost always forget people and feel awful about it, but I feel like I need to do something to thank everyone who has been here to support me and interact with me! It’s been one wonderful month!

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A glimpse of reality

For a large
portion of my life
I have
my own existence,
this vessel of flesh 
really mattered
to me.

I remember
that one time
I was hit by a car,
my flesh tore open
as I slammed into
the concrete.

It did not matter to me,
it’d just be another scar,
more importantly:
even then
I couldn’t feel.

I’d never be
anything more than
a figment
                of reality.

A wandering ghost,
a spirit of bygone eras,
watching the world pass by
from a greater distance…
that was all my life would be.

All changed when I met you.

We were sitting
next to each other in class,
you asked me for a pencil
and our fingers slightly
as I presented it to you.

I know I could
never truly
what it did to me,
but that softest of touches
changed everything for me;
for the first time
in my life
I felt

Long before we kissed,
I noticed how I couldn’t resist
touching you;
your fingers, your side,
your hips, your wrist.

I just couldn’t help myself,
in each 
I caught a glimpse of reality.

For the first time
in my life
being real; (for you) 
being right here, (with you)
actually mattered
to me.

I was a ghost no more,
long before
you decided
k i s s
back into me.

- M.A. Tempels © 2015


A few things: 

1) MY LITTLE LAMB, WHO DID THIS? Who did this to you???!?!  My soft grey dove! My precious jewel! Mama’s little biscuit!!! 

2) Ugh, Matoba knows about all those things Natsume keeps from the Fujiwaras and Natori because he doesn’t want to trouble them or w/e MY HEART, my little peaaaaaaaach

3) I think, a lot like the physically abusive relatives and the one who withheld food, we won’t ever really know more about this, but jesus christ just tear my heart out. Kicked out of an orphanage. I don’t want to feel anymore  

4) if Toko-san found out about this, the Yatsuhara Irregulars and Natsume Defense Militia (Motto: Protect At All Costs) wouldn’t even have time to assemble. It would be like a sweet middle-aged hurricane hit the place and stripped everyone bare. A righteous fury 

I was 25 when I had my first kiss. Here’s what I learned.

By the time I was 25, I had accomplished quite a few things: I’d finished a few years of college, traveled abroad, and spontaneously moved to the other side of the country with my best friend. But there was one thing I had absolutely never done: I had never, in my life, kissed someone. That was, until two weeks ago. Now, before anyone has flashbacks to Drew Barrymore’s hit film from the ‘90s, (you know which one) let me just say that having “never been kissed” in your mid-20s feels a little less romantic comedy and a little more strange-reality. Unless you are making the conscious decision to not kiss anyone, it can often feel as though the Kissing Fairy that visits most 13 year olds completely forgot about you. Sometimes, try as you might, your first kiss is just one of those things that never happened. What happens if, like me, you don’t get your first real kiss until a later age? Here are answers to the most frequently asked question I get: How does …

For someone like me (22 never been kissed) this was extremely comforting. Every single line written was a thought that had crossed my mind. Completely worth the read.


I want to cuddle you one day, I want to feel your heat radiate as my body conducts it and takes it all in. I want to know what it’s like to have someone so special to me within my arms, invading my personal space, although being completely invited to do so. I want to feel that electric pulse run quickly down every inch of my body as your lips hit mine, even if it’s for a split second or an hour, because baby I could take as much of those electric shocks, and no matter how many I take I know they will feel better and more emphasized each time. Because you are so special to me and it’s only up from the begging right? Start from the bottom and build your way up. Because babe I don’t care if one day your shock is so strong it kills me, atleast I’ll die knowing that I was happy with you. Just you and your electric pulses radiating causing an uproar of hope, courage, inspiration, and so much more to ignite in my soul and keep my fire burning, keep me going each and every day, until my time is up.