When the teams get their asses kicked by Supergirl
  • Oliver: This is so humilating
  • Ray: I know my armor feels like paper against her
  • Firestorm: Dammit we can't get even land a single solid hit
  • The Flash: I do feel extremely powerless
  • Sara Lance: This is the best day of my life* starts humming hit me baby one more time*
Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH

I always spend too much time walking home. I guess I just love to think. Or more the fact I love to appreciate. Appreciate the world and it’s color and beauty. Or maybe just how the ground feels when my foot hits it. Either or I love to spend as long as I can walking home slowly. If I could I would just stand in one spot appreciating everything that isn’t human
—  Coral-Vellichor
BTS as things Michael Scott said


“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” 


“You know what they say. - Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice… strike three.”


“And I knew exactly what do to. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” 


“Society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. Well, that’s baloney, because grief isn’t wrong. There’s such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.” 


“Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I dunno… I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit someone with my car. So sue me.”


“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”


“That’s what she said!” *obnoxious laughter*

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did you like dan's liveshow? any thoughts? :)

This show was about fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, all my insecurities are on display.” and fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, I love my partner and the things I do with him and that is also on display.”

He very obviously fucking loved doing that pastel edits video, and also very obviously feels like that is not something he should be allowed to love, like it does not hit the quality threshold that he feels his critics hold him to - and the heavens and earth would come crashing together before Dan acknowledged for more than the amount of time between one breath and the next that the praise he gets is just as valid as the critique sometimes. 

A few things I loved about the liveshow: 

- His pride in Phil being inventive. He literally searched youtube to see if anyone has ever done a pastel edits video before. (And no, they haven’t.) 

- All of the unbidden Phil remarks. What are you wearing, Dan? Phil calls it my parachute jumper. Do you like mac and cheese? Well, neither my mum nor Phil like cheese. Will he wear a tattoo out? Phil wore his to the dentist. Does that one stubborn curl have a name? Not Babe the Pig, despite Phil trying. 

- Shade at straight guys who don’t like the pastel edits, followed by what I think was an attempt to be eloquent expressing his opinions on heteronormativity and the dangers of a patriarchal society. I’d love to hear his thoughts if he actually prepared what he was saying ahead of time, but I really appreciate the message he’s putting out there. 

- Not avoiding Valentine’s Day but bypassing the opportunities to insinuate he’s single. Not that I really expected he would, but if he felt like throwing up some walls he had the chance - and he chose not to. 

- They can’t commit to Vidcon Europe or SITC because they have “some plans for the year” but are going to the Australia thing because “me and Phil just really want to go back to Australia, and stop somewhere along the way” jesus christ they’re so married or at least in the planning stages.  

- And hands down the best part: Dan raving for a couple minutes about the facebook header he made that @degnam drew. All shall love manged and despair. Especially Dan. 

For more thoughts along these lines, check out my timestamps on IDB. 

Thank you Jung Hoseok

I’m not trying to be THAT ARMY right now but hear me out. I get to see BTS on March 29th. It’s exactly a week after the anniversary of my mom’s death. Around that time of year, I always fall into a horrid depression. But I’m so lucky I get to see BTS. I get to see Hoseok perform “Hey Mama.” Though I never got to thank my mom for her sacrifices for me, this song still hits home hard for me. It’s a song he wrote for his mother thanking her, and when it comes on in the car, and I’m alone singing along, it feels like I’m getting to thank my mother too, and speak to her just one more time even after she’s been gone all these years.

So thank you Hoseok. Thank you for making such a beautiful song that touches my heart. There will be many tears from me during your performance of that song, but I can promise you I will be singing along as loud as I can. <3 

Mess with the best, and die like the rest.
  • The title of this post has nothing to do with the content of it. I am just random like that.
  • I am once again finding myself in the dark. This isn’t the first time, but in the past I’ve gotten upset because I care(and understandably such) but now I feel kinda numb about it. I guess when it has happened many times, it just sort of makes you feel that way after a while. Yup, totally vague, and will stay that way.
  • There is something that I’ve not talked about at all here. Something that has been the cause of my anxiety. This something is now a reality. It’s ultimately a good thing, and I’ll post about specifics soon, just not now.
  • Got my tax monies back already. Hurray. Can’t wait to buy myself something cool. 
  • When I hit the gym on Monday it was more packed than normal, and I had to wait for one of the machines, and I prefer it when it’s less busy. Like fuckers, hurry up!
  • I don’t even miss drinking beer regularly. Like not even bothered by it at all.
  • I want to go see Rings tomorrow night. It’s probably gonna suck, but man, Vincent D'Onofrio is in it! Also, there will be a new Saw movie this year. Yessssss!

Ahorita regreso.

I can’t believe I really hit 1k followers recently. GASP! Just looking at that number feels so surreal. Especially since this blog is only like 7 months old and I actually only created it once as a place to upload my graphics. Nothing more. (Until I somehow became addicted and tumblr took over my life. lol)

Anyway, this is incredible and I am so grateful for every single one of you who decided to follow me. Who bared with me through weird ramblings, endless posts of Malec (I am even more trash now since I started, duh!) and most recently my obsession with Eyewitness and Skam. Thank you to everyone who is still here. I love you all! And if you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate to send me an ask. Or a message. I am here and I will listen!

To celebrate reaching 1k I decided to do my first follow forever. Because let’s be real: The reason why I am still on this site (that pretty much bugs me at least once per day) are these blogs—apart from all the followers. I would have quit already if it weren’t for these lovely people:

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Haven’t been posting anything because most of the time I’m being indecisive af about which 100 ways drabble/scenario to write first because I have a whole bunch of ideas in my head when I’m not writing but when I finally decide on one it’s like there’s a roadblock in my head so nothing gets done in the end but Jay’s recent IG stories have been doing great things like hitting me right in the feels and getting me to complete this request lololol so there you have it! 

Having a more ordinary job than your boyfriend meant that most weekends, it was typically acceptable for you not to have any concept of time and regardless of the occasional nagging you got from him to make full use of the day (because a hustler like him just couldn’t bear to watch you laze the day away), you tended to do just otherwise and today was no exception as you trudged out of bed at one on a Saturday afternoon except that you were greeted with the sight of your boyfriend getting comfortable in your apartment as he laid topless on the coach with his laptop on his stomach.

In all the haze of being half awake, you merely halted in your tracks as you squinted in his direction, taking a moment to question yourself if this was a-

“No you’re not dreaming,” He said, the tiniest hint of a smug smirk lurking on his lips as his eyes remained fixated on the screen.

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BDNea is in hiatus

just wanna put this out incase anyone searching mun or just waiting for another post here sorry ;v;
but if you wanna see more nea arts or non-nea doodle you know you can go to my main blog @oyakorodesu ^o^


This is the fastest thing I have ever drawn in my life that is more than one picture, and of course it’s the homoromantic ace egg and toaster. OF COURSE. 

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buckysjustslower  asked:

Stucky #14 :)

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

One of the worst parts of all this medical crap was not being allowed to see Steve right away when an emergency hit. It made Bucky feel more anxious, uncertain for the things to come his and Steve’s way. Sometimes, said emergencies were actually nothing, while other times, like this one it seems, they were serious shit that will keep him awake for a week or two, or months to come. The boy just shrugged and sat down in the waiting area, moving his feet rythmically with his thinking.

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The Lovers

Something I made and posted back in 2015, but then deleted along with my former blog. Tarot-crop version is what it looked like on Tumblr, the other one - full version and is how it remained on my hard drive untill now. It’s a mash up of several tarots, including Solas’ romance card and fem!Trevelyan character card. Just feel like put it in there, because I still like it and some of my fellow Sovelyans may like it too.

Stay In Bed

Original Imagine: Imagine after a rather satisfying night, you and Damon wake up, and he tries to get you to stay in bed with him.

Author: iridianuniverse

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Sleepy Damon (yes, sleepy Damon gets it’s very own warning), oral sex (female receiving), fingering (female receiving). This is pure smut, guys.

Author note: I just had to write something for one of my all time favorite characters and I was feeling particularly inspired to write some steamy stuff. ;)

Inspired by this post.

Your eyes are closed. It’s dark behind your eyelids. Soft fabric is wrapped around your body, making you feel even more safe and comfortable in your bed.

Sleep has settled itself into your muscles, making you feel a strong urge to stretch them out. You slowly move to stretch your limbs and end up hitting something.

Damon groans softly and you feel the bed shift with his movement. “So we’ve decided to say good morning by hitting each other awake now?”

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life is really fucking weird and i really hope one day i understand how to navigate it, how to forgive myself and forgive others. I hope that one day I will be able to go to sleep at night and not thing of my past decisions, i won’t feel the hit or flashback to the scene, I hope that I wont think of stupid things i said, times i stuttered or made a fool of myself. i think i just have to think less about the state i’m in and more about the way to get better.


A few things: 

1) MY LITTLE LAMB, WHO DID THIS? Who did this to you???!?!  My soft grey dove! My precious jewel! Mama’s little biscuit!!! 

2) Ugh, Matoba knows about all those things Natsume keeps from the Fujiwaras and Natori because he doesn’t want to trouble them or w/e MY HEART, my little peaaaaaaaach

3) I think, a lot like the physically abusive relatives and the one who withheld food, we won’t ever really know more about this, but jesus christ just tear my heart out. Kicked out of an orphanage. I don’t want to feel anymore  

4) if Toko-san found out about this, the Yatsuhara Irregulars and Natsume Defense Militia (Motto: Protect At All Costs) wouldn’t even have time to assemble. It would be like a sweet middle-aged hurricane hit the place and stripped everyone bare. A righteous fury 

Hey everyone, I feel as though I haven’t been making many of my own posts recently and I’m really sorry. I also promised I’d do art, and upload some phan based music, and I need to write another chapter of my fic, all of which I haven’t done. So I hope what I have been posting has been OK :/ Just want to let you all know that everything has got super busy and I’m having to take more time to work and deal with everything. 

Life kind of feels like that fairground game where you have to hit with a hammer toy squirrels that jump out of holes. Once one has gone down, another pops up. The metaphor of balancing plates also works. So I’ve been having to focus more on some other plates and thus letting my tumblr plate start to wobble more…. but I’m gonna try and stay as consistent as I normally am because I appreciate everyone who follows me and I love running this blog, I just feel bad for not doing the things I said I would do. So sorry.

Being a multi-shipper

Do you ever just get hit with all these feelings? Like, “oh yeah! I totally forgot i ship these two” and you’re stuck thinking about them for the rest of the day. Then the next day the SAME THING HAPPENS but with a different ship and it makes you question which one you ship more, because same.

Got7 as things my classmates said/did during our P.E. lesson.

Mark: “That was a good spike, right?” *none disagrees because of just how cute she is and none wants to hurt her feelings*

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Jaebum: *throws the ball on my friend’s face* “Oopsie, did that hurt?”

Originally posted by katzylicious

Jackson: “How am I supposed to know that my glasses would break?!”

Originally posted by xxkirawillsxx

Jinyoung: “Istg if the ball gets outside the school one more time I’ll kill you all.”

Originally posted by got7official

Youngjae: “Wow. That was a good service.”

Originally posted by jackseunie

Bambam: *went to bring the ball back to us, got hit by the guys who played football like 3 times*

Originally posted by chenudes

Yugyeom: *the one who sat back and laughed at all our fails*

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{I do NOT own any of the Gifs used above}

I have never felt more alone then I do at this exact moment. He is the first thought going through my mind in the morning; he is the last thought going through my mind before I sleep. My heart feels heavy and broken, my chest aches and it gets so hard to breathe sometimes that I feel like I’m going to pass out from it. I stare at my phone everyday willing it light up with his number glowing across my screen, my heart races just think about it. I miss his touch, I miss his voice and I feel like I’m going through withdrawals from it all. I feel like a junkie just craving one more hit, I just know if I heard his voice just one more time I’d be okay, until I needed that next hit. If I had known that the last time we saw each other was going to be the last time, I would have remembered the way his eyes lit up when he smiled, the way he talked about his passions, but most of all I would have it etched into my brain how his lips felt against and his touch left me with butterflies in my stomach.

I lay in bed and wonder if thinks about me like I think about him. Do I consume his thoughts like he consumes mine, do I ever cross his mind and if I do what exactly does he think about? Does he miss me the way I miss him, does his heart ache for my love like mine aches for his? When he lays down for bed does he grab a pillow and hold it close to his body and imagine its me, like I’ve done for a month now. Does he cry himself to sleep and wake up with sticky cheeks from the tears that fell? Does he even feel the pain he’s caused or has he moved on completely and forgotten about the destruction he has caused. The biggest question of them all will remain unanswered and it’s the question that eats me alive…. did he ever love me at all? Was I just an easy lay who he knew he could manipulate for the 10 months we were together. Did he get some sick enjoyment out of pulling all my insecurities out of me and making me believe that he would never do what anyone else has done to me and then doing it again to me?

My heart aches and my mind hurts from thinking about him but he is all consuming. He is the one who got away and I will forever be a junkie for him. He is my drug and I will always crave him.