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Identity Ask😜
  1. If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?
  2. Have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? If so, who?
  3. List your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.
  4. Do you like your name?  Is there another name you think would fit you better?
  5. Do you think of yourself as a human being or a human doing? Do you identify yourself by the things you do?
  6. Are you religious/spiritual?
  7. Do you care about your ethnicity?
  8. What musical artists have you most felt connected to over your lifetime?
  9. Are you an artist?
  10. Do you have a creed?
  11. Describe your ideal day.
  12. Dog person or cat person?
  13. Inside or outdoors?
  14. Are you a musician?
  15. Five most influential books over your lifetime.
  16. If you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?
  17. Would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”?
  18. What’s your patronus?
  19. Which Harry Potter house would you be in? Or are you a muggle?
  20. Would you rather be in Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, or somewhere else?
  21. Do you love easily?
  22. List the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.
  23. How often would you want to see your family every year?
  24. Have you ever felt like you had a “mind-meld” with someone?
  25. Could you live as a hermit?
  26. How would you describe your gender/sexuality?
  27. Do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?
  28. On a scale from 1 to 10, how hard is it for someone to get under your skin?
  29. Three songs that you connect with right now.
  30. Pick one of your favorite quotes.

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Thanksgiving with the folks

Imagine bringing Credence home for thanksgiving to meet you family

•Maybe your parents didn’t like him at first but they start to like him for his politeness and how happy you are together

•All the embarrassing photos your parents will try to show him

•So much food he might not have gotten to try before

• All of your family members teasing you two

• Him getting the wishbone AND winning the wish against you.

•Cuddling in front of the fireplace and falling i to a food coma with him

Happy thanks/friendsgiving everyone! ✧.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.✧ I hope your all having a fantastic day with the people you care about (and If you cant be with the ones you want know that you’ve got us! Your internet friends ( ᐛ )و here for you)


ok so like imagine ennoshita making a naruto movie
- kinoshita is naruto bcos lbr hes really naruto
- tendou is co-director bcos he knows his shit when it comes to naruto
- kuroo and daishou are in charge of make up, hairstyling and costumes (they also kno their shit about naruto cmon they probably watched that together as kids)
- sakunami is younger sasuke while hiroo is older hot dad sasuke
- tendou doesnt get one person to be itachi. he gets all of itachiyama to play as itachi. seven itachis. tendou thinks hes funny. ennoshita isnt amused at all

Revelation (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Hey, my babies. Mama is home!! I just want to thank you all once again (WE HIT 1K) and remind y’all of the AskHam happening tomorrow. You can hit my inbox up with asks starting tonight and I’ll get started tomorrow (or tonight if I get too excited to wait). I have been working on this request for the LONGEST TIME…I am excited to share it. I do think it could be better but…here it is anyway! Let me know what you think?

Warning(s): Cursing; A bit of sauciness; A bit of Google translated French

WC: 2265+

Relevant Fact: The Alvin Ailey School of Dance (located in New York) was founded by choreogrpaher Alvin Ailey in 1969 and their dance numbers are heavily influenced by African-American spirituals, sermons and gospel. 

Links: These videos were used as inspiration and are not mine: Fix Me Jesus and Needed Me

I stand in the wings of the stage, my nerves all over the place. It’s almost time for my duet with Tony and I am about to panic. It’s the first part of the show, “Pilgrim of Sorrow”, and Tony and I are doing the “Fix Me Jesus” portion of the song. I don’t doubt that he and I can successfully execute this duet with minimal error, we’ve been practicing for weeks. I’m just afraid of what my boys will think.

This is their first time seeing me dance. They know that I do dance heavily influenced by African-American spirituals, sermons, gospel and things of that nature, but they don’t know what all of that exactly entails. Besides…I didn’t exactly tell them that I was doing a duet. Knowing them, this may not end well.

The song before ours ends and the stage goes black, giving us just enough time to get into position. The lights go up and the song begins. Luckily, the house is dark so I can’t see into the audience. My mind goes completely blank and I focus on Tony and I’s movements.

The dance itself is slow. Not in a sensual way, but in a way that is technical but graceful. Our bodies seem to depend on each other for each movement we make. The dance is an act of teamwork so there has to be some level of chemistry and comfort. For the message of this song to resonate, it must be as if we are one. The different moves we make carry an emotion that we have to focus to get across.

When it gets to the part I am sure the boys will hate, I don’t hesitate in executing it fully. When Tony hinges backward I do the same and he walks backward on his hands, guiding me into a sitting position. I reach upward, as if trying to grasp at something, then Tony pushes me upward. My right leg is on relevé and the left is extended upward.

Tony spins me around slowly until I am facing him and he lays back, suspending me in the air with his arms still on my waist and his legs holding mine up. I contract into him twice before rising up and kicking backward. After that, the rest of the song goes by fairly quickly for me, as does the rest of the show, and the next thing I know I am being shoved into a yellow dress and hat for the last three numbers.

We breeze through them and the final bows are taken. When the curtains close we all file off the stage and pack for home. We congratulate each other and tease each other and say farewell until practice next week. Upon exiting the backstage area and entering the lobby, a few people linger to ask for autographs.

One woman in particular says–

“Oh! The chemistry was visible, honey! I loved it! Is there anything going on between you and that young man,” she gushes. “I could swear there is! So much chemistry! I loved it, I really did.”

I smile at her kindly and sign her program. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show, ma’am. That means so much.”

She gives me a quick hug before running over to Keiley, the umbrella bearer for “Wade in the Water” and talking her ear off. I send her a small smile and shrug when she looks over to me with wide eyes. When I turn around, my boys are standing there. I give them a tired smile.

“Hey, guys. You ready to–”

I am cut off by Tony jumping on my back.

“I know good and damn well you weren’t leaving without telling me bye were you?”

I shove him off of me, chuckling. “Piss off, Tony. I see you every day. But hey, let me introduce you.”

He throws an arm over my shoulder as I introduce him to my boys.

“This Hercules, John, Alex, and Lafayette,” I say, smiling. “They’re my boyfriends.”

“Nice to meet you all,” Tony says, stretching his hand out. However, the boys just stare at him menacingly. Silent hostility rolls off of them in waves. Tony awkwardly places his hand at his side. “Tough crowd.”

I frown. “Yeah…well, you better get back to Sasha,” I say, pulling him into a hug. “See you next week.”

“Sure thing, sugar,” He says, hugging me back quickly before skipping off.

I turn back to the boys, my face turned up in confusion and annoyance.

“What’s with you guys? That was so rude,” I say, placing a hand on my hip. “Tony is a cool guy.”

“Let’s go,” Alexander grits out, taking my dance bag. I scowl, taking the bag back.

“What the hell is up with you,” I say. I glance at the boys. Their faces are stone cold. “What the hell is up with all of you?”

“Let’s go,” Alex says sharply, snatching the bag from me. He turns on his heel and exits the building, then John takes the other bag and follows him. Hercules and Lafayette escort me out of the dance hall behind them. I am placed in the backseat between Herc and Laf as John and Alex put my things away. When everyone is in the car, I immediately start trying to defuse the situation.


“Save it,” John snaps. I roll my eyes, crossing my arms.

“You guys are being childish.”

“Childish? No,” Alex says, starting the car and peeling out of the parking lot. “We’re pissed, sweetheart. Fucking pissed.”

“Over what? I come off of the stage after a performance and you guys don’t even tell me if it was good or not. You just snap at me. If anyone should be pissed, it’s me,” I retort.

“How would you feel if some girl were all me at one of my shows,” Lafayette snaps. “And then sauntered up right in front of you after the show and was all over me then too?”

“So you guys are jealous. Oh my fucking–”

“Why would we be jealous? Just because some attractive guy was all over our girlfriend? Nah, we aren’t jealous,” John says sarcastically.

“Oh my God, guys! Come on. It isn’t that big of a deal! It was just a duet.”

“So why didn’t you tell that woman that there was nothing going on? When she asked, why didn’t you tell her that it was ‘just a duet’,” Hercules asks. His voice is low and steady. He is fucking livid.

“I don’t have to answer to some woman I barely know. Besides, if you were paying attention, the woman was talking a mile a minute.”

“No excuse. You should’ve said something! We came out to support you tonight, not to see you cuddled up with some dancer dude,” Alex nearly shouts.

“Don’t you dare fucking yell at me, Alexander Hamilton. I did nothing wrong,” I say, my anger rising. “It’s you all flying off of the handle over nothing. If you would let me explain–”

“Ne pas. There is no need,” Laf cuts in. “We know what we know.”


“Leave it alone,” Herc says sternly. “You’ve done enough.”

I look up to him in disbelief. If anyone were to be on my side, I thought it would be Hercules. I glare at him before staring down at my lap in anger.

The rest of the car ride is silent.

When we get home, the boys file into the house with me behind them. Once inside, however, I storm past them and head for my room. Alexander grabs my arm.

“Where are you going? We need to talk.”

I snatch my arm from him. “Don’t grab me like that, Alexander. Besides, now you wanna hear what I have to say?”

“Yes,” Laf chimes in. “We want to know what’s going on with you and the danseur. Vous deux avez la chimie. Why is that?”

“It doesn’t matter why we have chemistry. What matters is that you guys don’t trust me,” I snap. “I tried to tell you what was up in the car but you weren’t hearing it. I’m done.”

“Baby, please,” John says, his voice seeimgly calm.

“Don’t ‘baby’ me. I wasn’t your baby when you were talking at me in the car now was I,” I say, crossing my arms. “All I wanted was for you all to see me do what I do and be proud!”

Each of them hung their heads, hopefully feeling properly chastised. I sigh.

“Don’t worry about coming to the next show,” I say, turning around and exiting the room.

When I wake up the next day, it’s to the sound of our house bumping with music.

“What the hell,” I mutter as I slip on some pants and a bra and pad into the living room. I nearly die when I see the boys dancing to “Pon De Replay” with none other than Tony leading them through a simple routine. I shake my head, chuckling at the sight before me.

Hercules notices me first and grins, pausing the music.

“Why the fuck did you pause the music in my rehearsal, Mr. Mulligan,” Tony says, turning around. Noticing me, he smiles. “Oh, hey, girl. What’s good?”

“You tell me,” I say with a small smile. “What is this, guys?”

John steps forward. “Well…we felt bad about last night…,” He starts.

“So we got a hold of Tony and asked him to teach us some moves to make it up to you,” Lafayette finishes.

“We’re really sorry, baby,” Hercules adds.

“Really. We were acting like jackasses last night,” Alex says. “Mostly me.”

“I see…well. Make it up to me. Show me what you’ve got boys,” I say, taking a seat on the couch. Tony switches the song to “Can We Dance”.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but their routine is absolutely wonderful! The moves aren’t complicated but they are certainly more advanced than I would’ve thought they could handle. Tony taught them well! During one part of the song, the boys got a chance to showcase their own moves. It was clear that John was the most comfortable up there dancing but the others were great as well.

By the end of their mini-performance, I was grinning from ear to ear.

“So,” Alex says breathlessly. “What did you think?”

I look between each of the boys, watching their nerves build as I form my next words.

“I loved it,” I squeal. “Oh my gosh! It was so freaking cute!”

“Hold on, cute? My choreography was cute? I know not,” Tony complains, giving me bitch face.

“Lose the ‘tude, peasant,” I say, standing. “Yeah, it was cute.”

Tony purses his lips. “‘Ight. Since my shit was cute, why don’t you show your boys something hot?”

“Sit down, boys,” I say, glaring playfully at Tony.

They scramble to the couch. Tony smirks, changing the song.  “Needed Me” starts blaring through the speakers. I smirk back, turning to my boys as I start the number. I won’t lie, I did way more than what Tony taught in class a while back. But what can I say? I wanted to make them squirm in their seats.

Let’s just say that by the end of the song, the boys were in a rush to get Tony out of the front door.

“I am going! I’m going damn! I get all of you laid and fix your relationship and this is the thanks I get,” Tony shouts as he’s shoved to the door. “Oh my! Herc you’ve got quite the p–”

John slams the door in his face before he can finish that sentence.

“Well. I’m gonna go shower,” I say walking away.

“Oh no, Princess. You’re not going anywhere,” Hercules says, stalking towards me. The others follow suit, their eyes lustful. My eyes widen and I take off down the hallway.

“Get her!”

I turn the corner, hoping to make it to the bathroom before–


“Aw man,” I whine, as John drags me back into the living room. He flops me on the couch and my boys gather in front of it, looking down at me.

“Tell us where you learned to dance like that, kitten,” Alex says.

My eyes flit between the four of them, not sure if I should answer or not.

“Speak up, babygirl,” John says. “He asked a question. We know you didn’t learn that at Alvin Ailey.”

I bite my lip. “Tony taught me the routine,” I say quietly. Laf looks confused.


“Yeah…he and his boyfriend, Sasha, choreograph almost all of our hip hop routines. I do some and Keiley does some. We have another dance team outside of Ailey.”

“Hold on, Princess, you mean to tell me that Tony was gay this entire time?”

“I knew he was checking me out,” John exclaims. I laugh.

“Oh yeah, Tony is hella gay. I was the first person he came out to.  That’s why we’re so close.”

“Ohh,” They all say, their eyes widening with realization. They murmur amongst themselves about the turn of events and I try to slip away quietly. I almost make it around the corner but alas, the universe is against me today.

“Not so fast, little girl,” Laf says, pulling me to the middle of the floor before returning to the couch. Hercules flips on the stereo and takes a seat by Alex. John saunters over to me, a smirk playing at his lips.  

“Let’s give them another show, babygirl. Dance with me,” he whispers.

ok so theres something that bothers me and i decided that it deserves its own post. it really annoys me when non-blacks misuse aave. like i know it doesnt sound like a big ass problem, but it kinda is when yall reblog and make posts about how you shouldnt use korean honorifics wrong (which i agree is a problem, and you should respect the culture) but then turn around and use all this aave (such as shook, deadass, snatched my weave, etc) completely wrong. believe it or not, all those words and phrases are tied to a culture as well and its annoying and cringe worthy when its used incorrectly. 

Ok but like is there any kind of overwatch au where McCree and Hanzo switch personality roles?? Like Hanzo is more unkempt and flirty while McCree is more tidy and distant??? and like the reason Hanzo is like the opposite is maybe because he also had more of Genji’s role in the clan? So Genji was trained and was to be like the heir I guess and Hanzo got to fool around????? idk if there’s an au like this somewhere so someone please direct me towards it otherwise I’d like to keep elaborating on it cause hoNESTLY just think of the possibilities

alkenifanfiction  asked:

Buffy kept the knife she used on Faith in Season 3 (hey, it's a good knife), and later, when Faith comes back in Season 7, she sees the knife and since it was a gift from the Mayor, she's reminded of this one guy who cared about her and she gets buffy to give her the knife, and even tho she's a good guy now, she has the knife as a reminder of Wilkins

fuck you i hate you for this but damn it is so something that happened at some point. i mean even though logically i know faith’s relationship with the mayor was toxic, he was still the first person to truly care about her in a nice parental way, and i think faith’s entitled to feel close to him and the things he gave to her. it’s complicated and would probably make faith question her own goodness, like just the fact that she still misses her father figure even though he was evil, but she’s totally allowed to imo and i’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

lets see….out of all the vwariations of my team ivwe had sex vwith, dancestors included, i havwe a headcount of….

0  megidos, leijons, maryams, pyropes, serkets, and peixes.

1 vwantas, captors, makara, and zahhak.

2  nitrams

….3 amporas

huh, i sense an unbalance… 

regardless, from this i can say that i successfully havwe 9 significant meet and greets.

madmadameem  asked:

I wanna know more about your RP characters!! Tell me about 'em! :D

*rubs hands together* HERE WE GO. 

Long post Incoming. (In order of most used muses)

Astidor Leafstrike: My once-upon-a-life druid, now DK hot dad. Works as a prestigious alchemist, mostly known for healing tonics and medicines, though crafts many odd end items upon request. Often has black market items for sale, for the right buyers.. and price of course. Loves the ‘dark arts’ constantly trying to learn more about different types of magics and general practices. He’s a very calm and collected person, but a little strange and eccentric out of the public eye. Strategic and often manipulative. Basically secretly scum of the Azeroth. Lawful Evil. I’m a sucker for villain characters, so naturally my main is one.

Callum Hatchworth: My Worgen Druid. He’s completely nuts and essentially two different people trapped in the same body. Imagine one very nice guy who just wants the best for everyone and one guy who wants to stab you in the chest for even looking in his direction wearing the same shirt and trying to get along. I’d say his alignment varies because of multiple personalities. He’s actually smart, but has a hard time keeping his thoughts straight and organized, so he’s more likely to step in line behind someone else. Poor leadership material.

Shirodae Starsong: My night elf monk. Friendly and trusting to a fault. Fairly smart but very aloof. Lives in her own bubble of reality. Worked for many years as an imprisoned entertainer, though she has her freedom now, will occasionally still perform for crowds as a contortionist. Currently learning the way of the monk, though she has no real interest in fighting, her desire is to be at peace with her past and has found that meditation has helped. Also she really likes snacks. Content to eat all day.

Isuli: Draenei Shaman. One of my oldest, most played characters. She’s a fortune teller who deals in the trade of secrets rather than monetary trade. Master gemcrafter, though she rarely sells anything she makes, it’s more of a hobby than anything else. Hardly any remaining accent. Combat focused. Quite old, fled from Argus when she was young, but still an adult. Very serious character, hard to gain her trust as she rarely lets people get close. Tragic backstory. PTSD. Has a twin brother named Icas (played by a friend)


So I’ve been tagged by the beautiful and amazing @dangerouslycasualchild

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Nickname: LBR, AIM , Namjoons right testicle
Star Sign: Leo 🦁
Height: 5'8/173cm
Time: it’s currently 6:40
Last Thing Googled: go pro cameras
Favourite Music Artists:
Kpop related: BTS, Dean, Agust D, Jay Park, Sik-k , Kris Wu(July tho…) , 4minute , Zhu, K.A.R.D , BLACKPINK , hoody (missing a ton but whatever💁)
Non-kpop related: Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, H.E.R , 11:11 and Dvsn
Song Stuck In You Head: Die for you- The Weeknd & Aqua Man - Jay Park
Last Movie Watched: …the witness(luhan yoooo I love this movie)
Last TV Show Watched: the oa was the last show I fully watched but I just started the Lemony Snicket’s show on Netflix
Outfit: jeans and a t-shirt
When did you create your blog: this one I created in 2016 but I have a couple others that are like 5+ years old
Do you have any other blogs: Like 6 or 7 tbh I don’t check most of them
Do you get asks regularly: Like a couple a week( come talk to me pls😫)
Why did you choose your URL: my dedication to the church led me to name my blog after the holy saint min yoongi
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Pokemon Team: Idk even remember it’s been forever… but I think it was the red one
Favourite Colour: Not including black, grey, white…etc probably burgundy, forest green, and navy blue
Average Hours of Sleep: either like 1-3 hours or 8-9 hours there is no in between
Lucky Number: 1 & 20
Favourite Character(s): Dustin - stranger things ,
Leslie knope - parks & rec
How many blankets do you sleep with: Like 8
Dream Job: Professional makeup artist/ having my own makeup brand
Followers: 3,168 *I just hit 3k and I’m so happy!!!!😘*

And I don’t think I really have 20 friends but I’ll tag @namjoonslefttesticle @mamanamjin @minyoongiismyinspiration @kpoppabos @hot-chocolatae

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Hi Laura! I saw on twitter you saw Rogue One and you seemed to like it, so I have a question. Did you ship Jin and Cassian?

Hi, Anon! Thanks for the ask. I see you picked up on my Star Wars nerd-fest on Twitter. And here I thought I was showing restraint! :)

I absolutely adored Rogue One. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed a Star Wars movie since I first watched the original trilogy, so I’m glad for the excuse to talk about it! I’m going to get super spoiler-y, though, so I’ll answer behind a break.

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