hit the shore

Pain truly does come in waves. Sometimes the waves are small and die out before they hit the shore. Just like the pain dies inside you before you can do anything about it. And other times the waves are so strong they crash into the shore destroying whatever is in it way. Just like when the pain builds up and you feel everything at once and no matter how hard you try you can’t do anything to stop it.

You tried finding words for the kind of love we feel for each other; I pointed at the half smile you had on your face while reading some philosophy book and having your arm around me at the same time. I thought of the serenity that surrounded my entire soul while you whispered “you make me calm” in that bus and you actually meant it. I pointed at the waves hitting on the shore aggressively while the sunset was trying to calm the entire ocean down with it’s soft pink and lilac kisses.  I said that’s love; the strong wind, the aggressive waves, the sunset, the warmth of the spring days, the salt, the love we make by the shoreline, you, you. You.
Moonlit: Kim Taehyung x Royalty AU

Moonlit: Kim Taehyung

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Arranged Marriages/Royalty/Princes

Author: Taettybear

Words: 5.5 k


You ignored Christine’s shrill scream, climbing even higher onto the tree, your hands stinging slightly from the scratches made by the branches you grabbed to hoist yourself up.

The pain was nothing compared to what you were trying to escape from. You looked back down, only feeling a small tug of guilt as you saw Christine, your life long maid’s face staring up at you in horror.


You rolled your eyes, moving to sit comfortably on a branch, hiking up your long, heavy dress up so you could swing your legs.

“Mother and Father will care less. Currently, they are too concerned meeting up with the neighboring Queen and King to even care about their daughter that they’ll be sending off to marry a bratty prince,” you spat, moving your eyes to the horizon where you could see the vast, blue ocean spread.

Your country, although small, it was a place you prided from the bottom of your heart. Located right by the ocean, you were always surrounded by the salty breeze and the sounds of waves hitting the shores.

You loved it there. And you didn’t ever want to go away.

But your wish wasn’t going to come true because you were going to be forced to marry a prince within a month.

A man you have never met.

And this was information you had just learned that morning. And it was the reason why you were having a tantrum by climbing up the ancient apple tree.

“Y/N, are you seriously doing this right now?”

Your eyes shifted down to the ground where you saw a new figure standing beside Christine. 

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Sally and Poseidon Headcanons

Requested by this anon, and most of these were inspired by this post by Lili

  • Just imagine Poseidon seeing Sally on the beach and being reeled in like an absolute sucker because how is he meant to resist a beauty like that??
  • He lays on the charm and she’s not really feeling it, tbh, but then he stuffs up and says something dumb and goes a bit pink in the face, and Sally smiles and says, “Okay. You can take me on a date.”
  • Poseidon knows exactly how this is going to end but he lets himself fall for Sally anyway
  • (He loved her don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise how could anyone not love Sally Jackson)
  • So he tries to ignore that the fact that is definitely going to end bad, because they’re so happy and Sally is just so good. She’s a good person, she’s good for him, she’s good at life
  • She smiles a lot and has this effortless charm to her that he is just smitten with
  • One of his favourite things in the world is to make her laugh. He loves the way the corners of her eyes crinkle up and how she completely loses herself in it
  • Things move fast and the first night they spend together Sally falls asleep in Poseidon’s arms, lulled by the sound of the waves hitting the shore, and he doesn’t get a lot of sleep because he just wants to soak in as much of her as possible
  • The next morning she slips on his button down to wear while she gets ready, and when he tells her she looks absolutely incredible she decides to keep it on for the rest of the day. She wears it with a pair of denim shorts that drive him crazy
  • He peels it off her that night, kissing every inch of skin he reveals as he pushes it off her shoulders and down her arms
  • He cries when she tells him she’s pregnant
  • She cries when he tells her he’s a god: at first because she’s scared, then because she’s angry he didn’t tell her sooner, and then because she understands he’ll have to leave
  • And he knows she’s going to be okay when he leaves; he knows she’ll get along okay without him and that she’ll protect their child with her life. But it hurts to think about, and the inevitability of it makes him mad
  • Poseidon doesn’t want to waste their time together being mad, though, so he continues to throw himself into the relationship wholeheartedly, and Sally does the same
  • But of course that just makes it worse when they do have to part. He can’t bring himself to look her in the eye and tell her he’s leaving for good, so he waits until she’s in a deep, deep sleep, and then he disappears, leaving behind his shirt, a handwritten note and a faint ocean breeze
  • The sea isn’t calm, varying between choppy and stormy, for the next month
  • There’s a reason Percy doesn’t have any younger demigod siblings (because it takes a long time to get over a girl like Sally)
  • After Poseidon meets Percy for the first time he decides to check in on Sally. He can’t bring himself to talk to her (that’s too much for one day, even for a god), but he checks in on her and he sees her standing there holding the button down he left behind all those years ago
  • He hears her praying to him to keep Percy safe, and he watches her slip the shirt on over her shoulders. And in that moment he sees the woman he fell in love with all those years ago
  • But now it’s raw and fresh and feels as though it were brand new and happening right now all over again 
  • And Poseidon promises Sally that he will keep their child safe, just like she has for the last 12 years
Silent is the Sea | SICHENG

Genre: mermaid!au | fluff | angst

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 6,800+

Note: a collaboration with the wonderful @tenpioca, check her version out here

Mermaids are liars. They’ll manipulate you until you brandish your hand of your own accord, happy for them to pull you under with cruel mirth.

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My Only Angel - A Wedding Series  #1 - A lost Ring in Jamaica

Originally posted by harrysimpact

*Based on this series, so please read those first! :) 

** Timeline = 2020 Ages: Harry 26 Y/N 25/26 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. You thought to yourself as you were throwing blankets, pillows, and clothes onto the floor. Harry’s going to kill me. You were looking for your promise ring Harry had given you over a year ago. You just had it the night prior, but some how it slipped off and now you can’t find it. Not only was this ring special because it symbolized a promise that one day you two would get married, but it was his grandmother’s ring. 

“Baby, let’s go! We’re going to be late,” Harry shouted from the other room. 

“Just a sec!” You yelled back before dropping to your knees and looking under the bed. 

“Jesus, what is taking so bloody long?” He groaned. “We’re going paddle boarding in the fucking ocean, not to the Grammy’s.” 

“I heard that!” You groaned standing up when there was still no luck.

 You didn’t have time for this and you definitely weren’t going to ask Harry if he had seen it. You were just going to have to act like nothing was wrong and worry about finding the ring later. You grabbed your bag and went out to meet Harry, who was standing out on the deck. 

“About bloody time,” he laughed. 

“Shut up! I was busy,” you said. 

“Don’t even wanna know,” he said holding his hand up before taking yours and walking down the beach to where your private lesson was going to be taking place. 

The last few months had been super chaotic and hectic for you and Harry. You both just finished a tour and there had been some talk that the One Direction boys were coming back for a reunion soon, so you both decided to use these next few weeks for a break to rest and spend time together. And that is how you two ended up in a private beach house in Jamaica. 


“Good morning, are you Harry and Y/N?” The instructor asked when you two reached the part of the beach. 

“Yeah, thanks for coming,” Harry said shaking the man’s hand. 

“Of course, I’m glad you called me,” he smiled. “Is this your first time?” 

“It is for me,” you said. “He’s done it a few times.” 

“Oh, well welcome to the club,” he laughed. “Ready to get started?” 

You both nodded. Before heading out to the water, the instructor had you stand on the board on land first and teach you how to stand and move the paddle. After about a good twenty minutes, he led both of you out to the ocean.

 When you got out far enough, you stood up on the board and fell off immediately causing Harry to burst out laughing. You glared at him as you pulled yourself back up on the board. On your second try, you were able to stand up but wobbled a bit.  

“There you go,” Harry smiled. 

“Great job, now use your paddle slowly,” the instructor said. 

You nodded and slowly put the paddle into the water from one side to the other.  After a few minutes of paddling, the instructor dismissed himself and now it was just you and Harry. 

“You were right, this is really fun,” you smiled. “A lot harder than I imagined at first, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.” 

“See, I can plan activities outside the bedroom,” he smirked. 

You laughed rolling your eyes. 

“I’m really glad we decided to get away like this,” he said. “It’s been a good while since we’ve gone on a holiday just with us.” 

“Yeah, don’t get me wrong I loved going with our friends and family, but it’s nice to just be together,” you smiled. 

Harry smiled over at you as you kept paddling around. You glanced over at Harry to see if he was paying attention when you realized he wasn’t, you took that as your opportunity. You took your paddle out of the water and reached over knocking him off his board and into the ocean. 

“SHIT!” He screamed as he fell into the water. 

You were laughing so hard, you had to sit down on your board before you fell in the water yourself. 

“What the fuck was that for?” He groaned pulling himself back up. 

“For laughing at me,” you smirked. “That’s what you get.” 

“You’re lucky I love you,” he joked. 


After paddle boarding, you two went back to the house for some lunch. Harry got everything out to make some sandwiches and cut up a bit of a fruit. While he was doing that, you snuck back into the bedroom to search for your ring. You went into the bathroom and looked near the sink, on the floor, and anywhere else you could think of. 

Fuck, what it fell into the sink. Oh my god, I’m gonna be sick. 

“Lunch is ready!” Harry shouted. 

“Coming,” you said biting your lip. 

This was not good, not good at all. 


Later that night, you and Harry were having a tiki-lit dinner outside. The sun was setting over the ocean and the sound of the waves hitting the shore filled the background. You had spent all day looking for your ring and it was still nowhere to be found. You had to face it. You were going to have to tell Harry you lost the ring. 

It was going to be so upset and you were pretty sure he would yell at you. There had been only a handful of times in your four years together when you and Harry had fought to the point of raising your voices, but tonight was surely going to be another one of those times. 

“Everything okay?” Harry asked looking over at you. “You’ve already eaten anything off your plate.” 

You sighed. It was true, you were mostly picking at the food on your plate and moving your fork around to make it look as if you were eating. 

“I have something to tell you,” you finally said. “And you’re going to be so upset, but honestly you have every right to be.” 

“What’s going on?” He asked putting his fork down and looking at you worriedly. 

“I lost my ring,” you said quickly. 

‘Huh?” He asked. 

“I had it last night and then this morning, it was gone,” you said. “I’ve looked everywhere and the only thing I can conclude is that it fell down the drain in the sink.” 

Harry nodded and stood up. 

“Are you mad? I mean, of course, you’re mad,” you said. 

“Come with me,” he said holding his hand out. 

You took his hand and followed him out towards the beach. What was he doing? You just told him that you lost the ring, his ring he gave to you, that had been in his family for years, and he was taking you down to the beach? 

“You’re not going to like throw me into the ocean are you?” You joked, sort of. 

“No,” he laughed. 

You were still confused, but as you got closer to the beach, you noticed something out of the ordinary. Seashells were normally scattered all over the beach, but these were placed in a particular design. You walked closer to see what it was and you realized it spelled out four words. 


You looked over at Harry and he was holding a black box with your missing ring. 

“Looking for this?” he smiled. 

“Oh my god,” you cried. “You had it this whole time?” 

He blushed. “I uh, I took it off your finger last night after you fell asleep. Sorry to make you worry all day. I didn’t exactly think of that when I took it.” 

You laughed. “Why did you?”

“Because when I gave you this ring, it was a promise ring that one day I’d ask you for real when we were ready to that step. So, when I planned this trip, I knew I wanted to ask you and I wanted to do it with this ring,” he smiled before kneeling down on one knee. “Y/N, I love you and I want you to be my wife. I want us to experience all these amazing milestones that lie ahead for us. I want to grow old with you and spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Will you marry me?” 

Tears were falling down your cheeks and you quickly nodded your head. “Yes, Yes I want to marry you,” you sniffled. 

He took the ring out of the box and slipped it back on its rightful place on your left-hand finger. You smiled wrapping your arms around his neck and he stood up wrapping his arms around your waist as he spun you two around. You giggled holding onto him before pressing your lips to his. 

“I love you,” you whispered. 

“I love you too, baby,” he smiled. 

You couldn’t believe this actually happened. You went from losing your ring to getting officially engaged. You were glad you and Harry the rest of the trip to enjoy your engagement because as soon as you were back home you were going to have a wedding to plan. 

Are you excited about this?? Yes No? Let me know what you think! 

There once was a man who fell in love with the sea. When he woke in bed at night, he did not look at his wife. He did not touch the thighs that he had been given by her, or gaze with desire at the nipples that had hardened in the cold that the wind brought in. He rose instead, slipped out of the white sheets, and went to the window. He listened to the waves; he watched them as they hit the shore. The moon appeared in patches on the surface, and he wished that he could be the moon, spreading skin against skin.

After many nights of gazing, he could not wait any more. For the first time in a long time, he looked at his wife after waking. In the darkness, he made out what he could of her: the gleam of her teeth, wet with the spit that had come from behind them, her dark long legs tangled in the whiteness of the sheets. He did not kiss her. He did not want to wake her. He did not light a candle, and walked slowly, to be sure that when he walked upon the floorboards, they would not make their noise. When he reached the beach, the sand was wet and sank below his steps. When he reached the dock, it was slick and moaned beneath him. As he touched the water, he took a breath and closed his eyes.

In the meantime, his wife was dreaming. She dreamt of him, of how loving he had been in the forest where they had met, in the time before they had gone to make their living by the sea. She remembered how he called her “flower”; she remembered how she called him “bee.” When the winter wind broke into the room, it suddenly awakened her. For a moment she had forgotten of his loss of love, and touched her hand to the mattress where he should have been. The imprint of his body was still there, but he was not. In the darkness, she looked for him, but she could not find the familiar shape. She made an effort to return to sleep, but the cold would not allow it.

She rose from bed, the sheets wrapped like a coat around her. Something in the sea, perhaps the something that had always drawn him, drew her toward it. She rubbed her fingers together as she walked, and felt the grains of sand that had collected beneath her nails. She smelled the sea, tasted the rot that drifted in from the canneries, no matter how often they were cleaned. She lifted her face out the window and looked. She saw what she always saw: the town, the docks, the moon, the sea. She closed her eyes. Thinking of him, she licked her lips and tasted the salt and the water. As she touched herself, she took a breath and closed her eyes.

—  Elisa Fernández-Arias
SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash - Localization Blog #1

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash is the fifth SK game I’ve worked on as a localizer, the sixth to hit North American shores, and marks the fifth anniversary of the series as a whole. As the guy whose job it is to bring out the characters’ voices, working on a long-running series like this one makes me think about how to keep those voices fresh and interesting from game to game.

By now, the main characters’ quirks and personalities are all well established. Katsuragi likes boobs, Ryōna likes pain, Asuka and Homura like fighting each other, and so on. Knowing the girls’ mannerisms, likes, and dislikes gives us a pretty good idea of how they’ll respond in most situations, and if we get to know them too well, they run the risk of becoming predictable.

Partly for that reason, the series likes to shake up the formula now and again. No two games in the franchise play quite the same way, and Peach Beach Splash is the biggest departure from the norm, gameplay-wise, since Bon Appétit. The game emphasizes projectiles (specifically water projectiles) over melee attacks, takes Secret Ninja Arts off the table (replacing them with customizable cards), and gives the girls more maneuverability, thanks to their new hydro-jetpacks, than any past game in the series. Players of the already-released Japanese version have compared the game to Armored Core, albeit a much more lighthearted Armored Core.

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Going to the beach with Remus would include...

Originally posted by theweekmagazine

• all the Marauders, you and Lily would get in a car to drive there

• except Peter, he’d probably be off to voldy somewhere

• James would probably be the one driving and Lily would be standing in the passenger seat, you, Remus and Sirius in the back

• much to your amusement, he’d sit in the middle because you really wanted to sit by the window

• on the way there, you’d open the window and let the wind hit your face

• Remus would stare at you, admiring the way the wind is going through your hair and your eyes close at the impact, he’d just think how beautiful you are

• you’d turn your head, wanting to ask how much until you get there and catch him staring

• he’d blush madly and mumble something like ‘in ten minutes’

• when you finally get there, James and Sirius throw their clothes off and jump in the water, along with Lily

• you wouldn’t feel like getting in the water, so you sit down on the sand, watching your friends have fun in the water

• Remus wouldn’t say anything and sit next to you, staring amazed at the ocean

• you wouldn’t notice this, but while you were deep in thought looking at the waves hitting the shore, he’d be staring at you again, thinking how beautiful you looked in contrast with the blue ocean and golden sand

• after a while, though, you’d get curious as why he isn’t going into the water

“Remus? Why aren’t you going in the water?”

• “I don’t wanna leave you here alone,” he’d say, smiling warmly at you, wind blowing in his sandy brown hair

• you’d frown, but a ghost of a smile would still play on your lips

“I’m fine, Remus, really. Go and have fun, I don’t mind being left alone,” you say, smiling at him

“Are you sure? I don’t mind sitting here.”

“Yes, Remus, now go.” You’d laugh, nudging him in the shoulder

• he’d put his pants down, remaining in his trunks, but would hesitate with his shirt and give up taking it off after a few minutes

“Shirt?” you’d ask, eyeing him carefully.


“Aren’t you taking your shirt off? You won’t be having anything dry when you get out and you’ll be cold.” You frown, looking at his body.

• his cheeks would turn pink and he’d stutter out a ‘yeah’, before awkwardly and very slowly trying to take his shirt off

• and then you’d realise why he wasn’t taking his shirt off, a wave of empathy rushing over you

“Remus, look at me,” you’d say, grabbing his hand and dragging him down to sit at the same level as you. “You’re beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of your body, of your scars; they’re beautiful.”

• he’d simply stare at you, swallowing thickly. he’d feel bad of feeling ashamed of his own body, but he couldn’t help it. not every person had huge scars on their stomach

“Can I?” you put your fingers at the hem of his shirt. he’d nod, watching you

• you lifted his shirt slowly, taking it off as he put his arms up to help you

“See? Beautiful.” You smile, staring at his beautiful toned torso. “It’s no problem if you don’t love your scars, there’s plenty of time for you to learn how to, but I do. I love them, I hope that means something to you.”

• He’d look at you in the eyes, amazed that you’d love something so ugly. “It does,” he mumbles, breaking eye contact and looking at the ground.

“Now go, have fun.” You push him gently and he goes towards the ocean, entering and going to James, Sirius and Lily

• you’d look at him as he throws his head back when he laughs

• or after he goes underwater his hair is all over his face and he looked damn hot

• you’d just be whipped after him

• when they get back, Remus walks towards you with the biggest grin

“Y/N, can I have a hug?” He’d open his arms wide

• you’d want to say yes, but think again. “No way, you’re wet!”

“Oh, come on, love, just one hug.” He’d pout.

• then you start running and he starts running after you

“Remus, I’m serious, I don’t wanna get wet!” you yell, still running and smiling at the same time

• he’d stop running


“Thank Merlin, becauseー” He’d interrupt you by wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you up.

“Remus!” You’d try to escape, but you were already starting to get wet, and there was no point denying that you were enjoying his hug more than anything

• he’d put the joke aside, now realising he was really hugging you

• it wasn’t like any other friendly, rushed hug, it was different

• as he put you down, he apologised and cast a spell to dry your clothes

• when you were walking back to the car, he’d put an arm around your shoulders

“Did you have fun? I didn’t ask you, why didn’t you go in the water?

“I just didn’t feel like it and yes, I had a lot of fun. You kept me good company.”

• you’d wink at him and he’d blush, again

“Are you tired?” he’d ask.

“A bit, yeah.”

“You could sleep on me when we get to the car, if you want to,” he says, looking at you.

• you just smiled

• when you got to the car, you instantly leaned your head on his shoulder and fell asleep

• and he smiled because he was just so in love with you

the ocean

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A/N: since it’s my birthday today, I wanted to give all my readers a gift for all your never ending support and patience!!!! thank you all so much for all your love!!!!

mermaid!Jimin x reader AU ft “what are those wiggly worms at the end of your legs?”

Summary: Sometimes, you have to lose your way before you can find yourself. It’s a tough world out there, especially in the world of ballet, but all it takes is one particularly fishy encounter to change your life forever. 

Word Count: 8.6k

“Honestly, why do you even bother getting a pedicure? You know they’re going to be ruined at the end of dance practice,” Joy tells you with a sniffle of disdain at your perfectly painted toenails as she winds tape around her own bare, unpainted toes.

You wiggle your toes in the air, admiring the glossy wine red of your newly acquired pedicure. It makes your feet look a little less bruised and battered, and even though you know the paint will chip off the second you step into your pointe shoes, it’s worth it nonetheless whenever you get to see your feet in flip flops. Which isn’t much, considering that you eat, sleep and breathe dance. It’s considered the norm here at Busan High School of Arts, and the bare minimum if you want to make the monthly cut where they eliminate the unskilled dancers in order to avoid wasting resources.

From the corner of your eye, you spot your dance teacher Seolhyun making her way into the room, and the other dancers are beginning to take their places for the routine warm up that starts every class. With practiced ease, you tape your toes into place to provide extra support and grab your pointe shoes, sliding into them, then doing up the ribbons securely around your ankles and tucking the ends away neatly. You take your place beside Joy near the front of the class and slip into the warm up that you could do with your eyes closed.

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“Look, I know I said the voicemail was nice when you made it, but let me tell you I’d rather hear you in real life than you telling me how to not use a voicemail box,” It’s the fourth time Dean has called with not answer, the fourth time Dean has found himself talking with his phone in the hopes that the owner on the other line is somehow listening. 

It’s been too long and Dean doesn’t like it one bit. No communication from Cas in the slightest, something he hasn’t done since he found himself skinny dipping while filled with Leviathans. Something twisted in Dean’s stomach; this either meant Cas was in deep trouble or he had found Kelly. And since it was in fact not the latter given how that lovely altercation panned out, Dean is in no better mood today than he was when Mick disappeared and Sam and he stayed in the bunker.

“He’ll call when he can, Dean. You’re going to fill up his messages.”

“Well screw it that’ll teach him next time not to let the damn thing get so high,” Dean snapped, more than a little on edge as the ringer on the other end once again clicked to the now familiar message that was Castiel’s voicemail. “He hasn’t gone dark like this in a long time; not without telling us.”

“Do you think he’s in trouble?” Sam gave him a knowing look, one Dean would have scoffed at if this were normal circumstances, but screw it. 

“Yeah, Sam. I do, so if you could kindly quit the doe eyes and help me we’d be back on a much better road with him here instead of shot in the chest somewhere,” He was too serious now to have that sound like a joke. 

It sobered Sam up quickly. His brother’s worrying was way more than usual, and this time he wasn’t hiding how high strung he was about Cas not answering his phone. “Dean, you need rest. Take a seat and calm down. We’ll find him.”

The ringer clicked to voicemail again just as Sam finished his attempt at consoling Dean. It wasn’t enough. His voice cracked while he told Sam that “Fine and this life aren’t really friends are they?” He could feel his body shaking, an emotion he’s kept in check for a long time surfacing due to all these bad feelings just crashing into each other, a tsunami finally hitting the shore. “Something’s wrong.” He managed to speak evenly. 

“If the voicemail isn’t working, you know best how to get to him,” Sam prodded quietly, all the while the entire time he was speaking he moved slowly to take the phone out of Dean’s hand. It felt empty now. The voicemail box was full.

“… He’s okay, right, Sammy?” He hated how he probably looked right now, but screw the rest of it right now. Eileen almost died because Mick sounded a lot like Cas when they had first met, and that only brought Dean back to the fact that they’ve grown so far to have Cas just not be here right now, not when there was so much going on.

Sam sensed the fear under his older brother’s skin. It’s a feeling he knows Dean hasn’t acknowledged yet, the staying up late wondering where the other is and checking in at every moment possible in the hopes that there is news. He’s scared of losing someone he cares about, even if it will take him a bit to reach that conclusion himself. Sam grabbed Dean’s shoulders. “Get some rest and see if you can talk to him. It’s been a long day, Dean. You need it.” Without another word, he pulled his brother in for a bone crushing hug. 

Dean actually felt his eyes sting, but he refused to dive into his emotions. Not right now in front of Sam. He didn’t have the heart to tell Sam he’d already tried praying. He’d tried dreaming, screaming, praying, sigils, and phone calls. He’d tried everything.

Cas wasn’t answering. 

Dean returned the hug before going to his room to process the fact that his angel wasn’t answering anything.

Something was wrong.

what’s the point of tragedy if i can’t kiss you through it?

(read the poem here)

freeform fic about these two crazy kids at the end of the world. it’s sappy and maybe a tiny bit angsty.

read on ao3

The end of the world occurs slowly and too fast all at once.

It jumped on them quick enough, barely giving them time to prepare, and now, when they’re all out of options and have resigned themselves that this is really it, it stops, Slowing, slinking, slithering. Like a cat playing with its prey in those final moments before it rips its head off.

The heat comes four days after the black rain, and he’s not sure which is worse.

They end up losing around eighteen people to the rain, and then several more are picked off by heatstroke. They don’t have enough drinkable water and they’re all dropping like flies. By the time they accept that this is it, the end is really here, they’ve lost forty three of their people while dozens more are symptomatic.

There are no more funerals. It’s hard to be poetic in the wake of death about people you knew when you’re burning bodies every morning and night.

Arkadia is grey and morose and as soon as there’s a glimmer of good enough weather, they leave, ferrying people across to Becca’s island in droves, a mass exodus. There’s nothing left for people to do, just sit and wait with their loved ones for the death wave.

Bellamy is amongst the last to leave, and it feels a bit like that day at the dropship. A failed trip to the ocean then, a successful one now.

The heat has started to creep back in and they run out of water before they hit the shore. He shrugs out of his jacket, has half the mind to shrug out of his shirt too, but the sun is stinging and it’s an honest to god toss up about whether perpetual stickiness or mild sunburn is worse. In the end he compromises by dribbling water over his head before boarding the boat that will take them away once and for all.

He only does the bare minimum of updating Kane on their status, instead feeling the weariness settle deep in his bones and letting it consume him. He only wakes up when the ride gets rough as they approach the dock.

He’s still half asleep, in a daze and everything feels like it’s underwater. He’s still trying to gather his bearings when a body crashes into him, almost sending them stumbling into the sand.

Bellamy always forgets just how small Clarke really is. She always makes herself known, her presence alone is enough to fill any room, but whenever he holds her like this, he realises. His arms cover the entire span of her back while her head slots neatly underneath his chin, and she must have taken a bath not too long ago because her hair is soft and clean.

Clarke Griffin is just a girl and sometimes even he forgets that.

“This is really happening,” she sniffs, lips brushing against his neck, “We’re all really going to die.”

Bellamy doesn’t know what to tell her and instead pulls her closer, screwing his eyes shut.

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anonymous asked:

i need scruffy harry concepts 😩😩😩 like when he was in Jamaica and got all scruffy 😻

Scruffy Harry is a dream :(( relaxed and sweet, a dork and so cuddly.

Cuddled up right next to him, inhaling his warm and musky scent, and listening to his stupid jokes, hiding your fave in his neck, when one is particularly bad.

“Wha’? Tha’s one of my best ones!”

You two watch the palm trees, swinging gently in the warm wind, the faint sound of the waves hitting the shore playing in the background. He plays with your fingers, comparing his to yours, saying:

“Why are your fingers so tiny? Your hands look like paws!” Harry exclaims, a huge smile on his face. He gets a playful smack on his arm, and you get soft kisses on the back of your hand and up your fingers in return.

“I’m jus’ playin’ with yeh, pet.”

Chivalry // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer wants to propose to Reader but is scared because he doesn’t know what Hotch will say due to the fact that the reader is his daughter.

Requested by: @madlittlecriminal

Falling in love with you had been easy. Spencer’s heart had simply melted into the palm of your hands after your loving gestures; the way you always reminded him to eat during tough cases. The way you’d stay with him until he’d fallen asleep, often in comfortable silence until his light snores floated to reach you. The way your smile never wavered, the way your hugs actually felt like home to him instead of creating a sense of discomfort.

Loving you had come naturally. He looked forward to seeing you, to spending countless hours wrapped up in warm blankets and drinking coffee as you sat watching the latest groundbreaking documentary together. That sparkle in your eyes whenever you caught sight of him made him feel as if he’d found himself lost in a romance novel where the two characters had been built for each other, as if made from the same constellations and dancing around each other as naturally as the universe compelled them to.

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hogwarts house aesthetics

slytherin: calm morning rain on sundays, daily planners, chocolate fondue, looking you in the eyes, volume all the way up on favorite songs, winks, scarfs and wristwatches, lists, vanilla coffee, late night talks

ravenclaw: tiptoeing through the house, cozy blankets, button down shirts, violins and pianos softly playing, charcoal covered hands, hand written notes, ice rinks and snow angels, grandfather clocks, quiet hushing, secondhand book stores

hufflepuff: sweet tea, honey, long walks, greeting hugs, crunching of fall leaves, light shining through trees, quick laughs, soft door knocks, tea cups and coffee mugs, homemade meals

gryffindor: waves hitting the shore, bucket lists, standing on tables, racing to the door, bonfires and s’mores, asking to pet every dog, rock music, headphones and hoodies, drinking games, secret hiding spots

Forever with the Devil (Chapter 1)

„What do you mean?“ Lucifer talked nervously, turning his back to Chloe, so she couldn’t hear the phone conversation he was currently having with Maze.

As he took a few steps away from her and started to speak in a more quiet tone, Chloe got curious. Since Trixie was in school and Dan was working, there was no one in Chloe’s house except her and Lucifer. Silence surrounded them. The detective could only hear bits of the conversation, since she wasn’t able to hear what was Maze saying.

She didn’t even manage to see the distress and utter panic that covered Lucifer’s face, since his back was facing her the whole time.

„…Yes, I-I…“, Lucifer sighed heavily.

That was the first time Chloe heard him stutter. If she didn’t know better, she would even say his voice cracked a little.

„I’ll be right there, don’t do anything without me.“, he ordered harshly and hung up hurriedly.

Chloe approached him and put a hand on his shoulder gently. The fabric of the expensive suit was smooth against her soft hand. Her light touch made him turn around and look at her.

„Is everything okay?“ she asked.

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Ivar imagine #8 “If we dont talk again remember that i loved you.”

King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug had a feast a few weeks ago announcing the raid to a village of non-vikings just across the sea. When you had first heard the news you didn’t know what to make of it. Vikings raid there is no way around that. No what you couldn’t wrap your head around was that Aslaug made a point to tell the entire feast of people that ALL of the Ragnarsson boys would be on the raid. All meaning Ivar too. Ivar and you had been speaking for a few months. It wasn’t courtship because that meant you were serious about the other person. The type of serious in a way where you wanted to get married. You were very serious about Ivar. Ivar not so much. You knew he could be demanding but it always made you feel so special when he demanded you over anyone else.

It hurt when you told him how much you cared for him. It hurt more when he looked far out to sea and told you he would raid soon. It hurt even more when he followed that by saying he didn’t care for you. It hurt when he said it was a game and if you had feelings for him you no longer could be friends. It hurt. It hurt when you woke up and when you went to sleep. It hurt when you took in a breath and when you let the breath out. Ivar hurt you but what was worse was you knew he hurt him too.

The hours passed as you watched the men and women load the boats with everything they would need for a raid. Everything from food to armor to weapons crate after crate went by and all you could do was watch. You knew you should help many people that were non-fighters were helping but something about carrying all of these crates to a boat that would sail a man you care greatly about into danger did not sit right with you.

So many people were sitting on the edge of town. Children too young to understand crying to their parents asking them not to go. Older children hissing not to cry they are Viking only to get a little misty eyed when hugging their loved ones one more time. Some just a year too young to raid looking on in envy as the fighters made a last attempt to sharpen the swords and check the balance of the blades as their arm bands glistened in the sun. You watched the children. You had to otherwise you would notice the husbands and the wives stealing a moment one last time. If you looked too long you would see the lovers holding each other one last time trying not to promise they will be home to start families. You watched the children. You had to.

You should leave. You needed to fade to the background that way when it got too much to see Ivar sail away you could leave. You turned to leave when you spotted him. He was fixing his leg straps just off to the side of the great hall. You watched him you couldn’t help but feel lonely at the thought of him leaving. Your legs carried you before you even realized what you were doing you were in front of Ivar. He looked up as you stopped walking. Starting to smile he greeted you “Hello y/n. I hadn’t realized you were coming to see the boats off. Do you have someone you are saying goodbye to?”

You grit your teeth. Ivar knew. He knew and he still teased you. You cared for him so what why did he think that was so awful? Why did he find it funny to tease you? You weren’t going to ask. You couldn’t. “Yes Ivar I am saying goodbye to someone.” His smile seemed to fall for just one second but it was just long enough for you to see. “Well then I won’t keep you all to myself then. I must go the ships won’t wait even for me.” Ivar started to crawl to the boats. Watching Ivar go you can’t stop thinking how stupid he was all you wanted was to be his. Again it seemed your body had its own mind and you found yourself on the dock next to Ivar as he situated himself on the boat.

“Ivar…” you paused you could back out and tell him to have a safe raid but the way he was looking at you made you want to tell the truth praying to the gods and goddesses that you wouldn’t regret telling him goodbye you started again. “Ivar…” sucking in a breath “If we dont talk again remember that i loved you.” NO. No that is not what you were going to say. You were going to say goodbye and tell him to keep safe. You felt your cheeks burn and before he could say anything back you turned away smacking into his older brother Ubbe. Ubbe held a smirk on his face that softened into a smile as he looked at your face flush with embarrassment and slight anger. Not wanting to give Ivar a chance to tease you more you speed past the people still loading the boats and started to climb the hill.

Once you were seated on the hill you watched the remaining men and women settle onto the boats. Ragnar being the last to walk the dock he seated himself next to all of his boys with Floki by his side. From your spot on the hillside you could see Ivar searching the crowds. Maybe he was looking for another girl. Maybe she was the reason you and him weren’t together. You noticed Ubbe roll his eyes at his brothers Hvitserk and Sigurd laughing at Ivar. You and he seemed to make eye contact even from such a distance. Smirking again he hit Ivar in the chest and pointing to the hillside where you were sat. Ivar jerked his head to where his brother was pointing. A smile bloomed on his face as he raised a hand to give a slight wave even from the hill you could see his cheeks reddening as his brothers turned to see the person their youngest and most closed off brother was waving to.

Two weeks passed as the village waited for the raiding boats to come home. You choose to make your favorite food a potato stew for the dinner. Traveling to the market something different was in the air. Something exiting making your heart almost crawl up your throat. Wanting to get away you bought all the items you would need for your stew you rushed home. You started a fire so it would burn to kindling allowing you to cook your dinner soon you started cutting everything up and putting it on the pot sitting above the fire. Stirring the pot to make sure the stew didn’t burn you watched the flames of the fire. Your mind briefly wondered to Ivar wondering if he and his family was safe on the raid. You shoved the thoughts out of your head as you heard the blow of the horn that signaled ships arriving to Kattegat. Looking to your stew you didn’t know if you wanted to take it off the fire and risk it cooling and cooking uneven or if you would risk a look outside to see the boats coming into the docks. Deciding the stew would be fine for a few moments as it was almost done you stepped out of your home to giggling children and adults smoothing their clothes and hair back into place awaiting the arrival of their loved ones.

Huffing out a sigh you stood barefoot in the sandy shores of Kattegat thinking of your stew that must be on its way to burn rolling your eyes at the thought of the wasted ingredients you sat at the docks not wanting to look bad not welcoming your fighters home. The anchors were dropped and the boats slowed to rock with the tide that hit the shores as the men and women jumped from the boats bringing the injured to the healing tents that were always set up before the raiders left. Too many people fighters and non-fighters swarmed everywhere it all felt like too much but you were curious now. Seeing each ragnarsson travel the dock your stomach sank when the boat emptied you saw Ubbe and Ragnar come stand next to a smiling Aslaug as she greeted them. Your mind went black and all you could think about was that Ivar was dead and your stew was burnt. Your stew! Getting up to your feet you ran home feeling the bile rise in your throat at the thought of not having Ivar breathing. Ivar not in love with you was something that you could handle but Ivar dead no that was not something you could handle.

Busting through the door you saw Ivar sitting at your dinner table with a bowl of your stew in front of him. You felt like your world was falling from under your feet. You had just learned Ivars fate and you were already seeing his ghost. Letting out a laugh you slid to the chair opposite him. Ivars face lit up at the sight of you “I like a woman that has food on the table as I come home from a raid. And Potato stew at that how did you know it is my favorite?” Answering back with the shake of a head “NO this boy will not make me crazy. I will not talk to the dead. I will eat my stew then sleep. Dear gods do not torture me with this man’s ghost please I beg you.” Ivar looked at you worried and confused. He didn’t know what you were talking about. ‘Y/n I am alive. I’m here. Let me take your hand I have something to say.” Ivar slowly reached for your hand cradling it like it was something to be cherished. “We are talking again and I love you. Not loved but love as in I am so in love with you that when I left all I dreamt about was you and coming home to you. Please tell me you haven’t found another while I was gone?” Ivar sounded desperate and scared as he finished his sentences. You felt a sigh of relief as he spoke. “I love you Ivar. I was so scared when I didn’t see you leave the boats I thought you were dead. It felt like my world was turning.”

As you and Ivar continued to speak about your futures all you wanted to do was cuddle into his arms and sleep so that is what you did. Waking the next morning to Ivar shifting in bed. You barely could hold in your laugh as he tried to wiggle off the bed and start a fire without making too much noise. You broke out laughing when he started the flame giving a victory dance only for the wave of his arms to blow out the flame. Startled he looked to you seeing all trace of sleep gone from your face “good morning y/n.”

“Morning need help?” You couldn’t help but tease him a little. Smiling Ivar convinced you because you laughed at him trying to cook for you that you now had to eat breakfast in the great hall with the rest of his family fully knowing with him disappearing last night and turning up with a girl in the same clothes with ruffled hair what it would be saying. Walking to the great hall you noticed how quiet the day was. Most people in Kattegat were still sleeping and laying with their family’s telling stories of the weeks that passed thinking such things you couldn’t help but envy them and their families.

Sitting in the great hall with King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug was an experience. You all sat quiet after Ivar and Aslaug had a whisper argument about what it would mean if you were seen together in your state of dress. Eating your food you couldn’t help but wish to be rescued. Apparently Ivar was the first of the boys to wake which meant that the majority of the meal was silent and unnerving as everyone seated quickly ran out of nice conversations to hold. Hvitserk and his wife woke next shortly followed by Sigurd and his girl stumbling in still not yet ready to let go of each other. Once they were settled with their plates in walked Ubbe holding his wife’s hand. Making eye contact with you he stopped short his wife noticing the change turned to glare at you. “Ubbe sit down and stop staring at my girl.” Ivar spoke. Ragnar smiled at the mention of his youngest finally getting a girl he could call his own. Hvitserk and Sigurd exchanged glances like they thought it was a trick. Ubbe smirked pulling the chair away from the table for his wife to take her seat. Aslaug seemed to take in a breath. Oh how you envied her and her ability to breathe right now. Ivar noticed how still you were and settled a hand on your leg leaning into your ear he spoke “I hope it wasn’t too forward. I know we spoke last night about it. I love you and you love me. Let’s be together. I’m not saying marriage right now. Not that I don’t want to marry you just that it’s still too soon. Let’s be together. I don’t want to say goodbye again.” Placing your hand over his you smiled at him “I don’t want to say goodbye ever. Let’s be together. I love you and you love me.”

Supposed To Be //Spencer Reid

A/N: I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions lately and so this is the product of it all. My usual writing (when I’m not doing x Reader fics) tends to be slightly more flowery because that’s simply how I express myself and that’s probably reflected more here. 

There was something about a broken man that immediately drew her attention. Perhaps it was the way they all slumped as they sat in the small bookshop, reading if only to escape their harsh realities for a few minutes a day. Or perhaps it was the way they all seemed to silently yearn to be held, their gaze silently watching people go by and filling with a grim sadness when a couple would pass by.

She didn’t notice that he was broken. At least not at first. He always strolled in with a cup of warm coffee in his hands no matter the weather, his tired gaze skimming through the spines of the endless books the shelves held. He always picked out classics, although he did tend to grab a science book along with them. She easily concluded that he was an intelligent man.

It wasn’t until his eyes landed on a book of genetics that she noticed the sadness in his eyes. It came roaring through his gaze, like unexpected waves hitting the shore before retreating back, taking a small piece of the shoreline with them to be held captive forever. In a second it was gone, concealed as his trembling finger moved away to instead grab a book on molecular biology. But she had seen it.

It was then that she took a spot at the register, abandoning her usual book cart in favor of ringing up the man. He looked at her in curiosity, never before having seen such a fragile face before. She smiled as she told him his total, carefully placing the books into a bag for him to carry. He didn’t hear the amount as he handed over a hundred dollar bill, never once looking away from her eyes that seemed to pierce right through him. They were inviting, like a siren calling out to sailors, her beautiful song enticing them immediately. She handed him the change with an endearing smile and he found himself smiling back before briskly walking out of the shop in an attempt to collect himself.

He hadn’t even been a second before she appeared behind him, holding out the bag of forgotten books for him to take. He gave a sheepish laugh as he took the bag from her, his nimble fingers brushing past her delicate hands. His heart momentarily stopped as she shivered, the same burst of electricity running down her spine just as it had done to him.

He wandered into the shop more often after that as he seemed to purposely seek her out. He’d stand in the aisles browsing as he discreetly surveyed the room in an attempt to find the beautiful girl. When he failed to locate her he asked the cashier, describing her looks in great detail. Much to his dismay he was told she usually worked in the back, only ever appearing to help shelf the new arrivals and return the ones that had been misplaced. The cashier had noticed his distressed look as she told him this and decided that playing God for a day would be fine as she disappeared into the back and emerged with the one he had asked for.

She gave him a knowing look as she rung him up although it held no judgement or contempt at being pulled away from her work. Instead she asked him about his book choice, the DSM V, asking whether he was a psychiatrist. He shook his head with a small smile before informing her that he worked for the FBI and that he was only catching up with the light reading. She laughed at his choice of words, replying by telling him that a psychology manual was not considered light by usual standards but it was nice to know he was up to date on his facts.

The two continued their sharing of facts, sharing one fact each every time he bought a book. The normal cashier would always send for her as soon as he walked in, knowing that the man came only to see her. Their short, secret-sharing encounters continued on for weeks.

He worked for the FBI. She worked at the bookstore. He was considered a genius. She was a law school drop out. He had a schizophrenic mother. She had a small dog named Wilson who liked peanut butter. He read at least ten books a week. She wrote at least five poems a week. He had problems sleeping. She had problems staying awake. The cycle continued as they spoke of their lives before he finally decided to share one very important detail.

“My name is Spencer,” he shared after what had been months, a small grin on his face as he looked at her expectantly. There was a flicker of joy behind her eyes at his reveal before she leaned in closer, as if she was about to tell him a secret only he would know. A secret that he would cherish and take to his grave before ever once saying it aloud to any living person.

And he smiled broadly as she told him her name, a name so ethereal it seemed to float off of his lips like the wisps of a cloud on a windy day. It rolled so easily as if made solely for his own lips to savor.

He fell for her the same way she did for him, lost in the quiet stares and the fleeting moments. The happiness that seemed to be lost and unattainable now seemed to shine so brightly that he was forced to center himself constantly. The change did not go unnoticed by those closest to him as they silently cheered at the fact their friend was no longer drowning in waves of sorrow. Instead he seemed to be floating along blissfully, allowing the current to rock him towards the shore.

He found solace in her silent adoration, buried deep beneath the brown irises of her eyes that seemed to stare straight at you and past you all at once. As if looking at his past, his present, and his future self. The man he had been, the man he was, and the man he would be. And just for a moment he felt too vulnerable, as if he wore all of the pain and death he had seen on his face, open for her to judge. For a moment his mind was sent into panic as he pictured her bright eyes fading as she decided he was too broken for her to love. But the thought was only entertained for a flicker of a second before being dashed away, chased off by the way her lips pulled back in a glorious smile.

She needed him just as badly as he had needed her. Their pasts plagued by the demons that haunted their dreams. But he found that with her next to him, her soft ivory skin against his, his nightmares faded into static. They were distant memories of dark times that his mind wouldn’t recall anymore as it focused on the beautiful angel that laid in his arms, as if she had descended from heaven to be his salvation.

He found himself uttering that four letter word to her, his heart beating out of his chest as she spoke it back to him with ease that could only come from sincerity. So they loved the way lovers do, with passionate caresses as their bodies shook at the burning emotions felt under their skin. And he would allow himself to graze her skin, the sheer image of her enough to convince him that he was merely dreaming.

She would smile at him as their bodies cooled down, the warm flush of her cheeks making her glow as they basked in the love they had built. And it was then, when the chaos of his body finally died down that he touched her in a way that men touch things they are afraid of breaking, with just the ghosts of his fingers. It was as if he feared his skin would go straight through her and reveal that she wasn’t ever real to begin with. But his feathered strokes were never enough for her as she would take hold of his hands and push them into every curve of her body as a reminder that she was real. That they were real.