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Quite a few have been saying:”But what about laughing?”, in the comments of my ‘Weird Human Reactions to Fear: the Singing Edition’ post. My question is: do you know why humans laugh when shit gets real?

Laughter is our brain’s Blue Screen of Death.

Where a computer would throw up an error and possibly crash, our brains go:”well, shit”, and hit the big red button labelled: ‘LAUGHTER (and possibly applause, but probably not applause)’. Since we need our brains 24/7, we don’t have the luxury of error messages. So our brains buy some time to figure out what’s going on by making us laugh in the weirdest situations.

Imminent doom? Laugh.

Absolutely livid? Laugh.

Distraught? Laugh.

Pretty sure you’re gonna die? Laugh.

I mean, we can’t be sure the aliens don’t have brains that work the same way, but seeing as other animals on Planet Earth don’t really have that either… that’d probably freak them the fuck out too.

Not only do the gangly bipeds sing when they’re scared, they could just as easily start laughing.

Allergic Interaction

Inspired by @edorazzi‘s BEAUTIFUL little OCs Amun and Carter and all of their antics, Miraculous’ titular character Chat Noir AKA Adrien and his affliction with feathers, and my recent jackpot of allergies. Enjoy!

Also found on AO3.

           Amun would say his luck with the accursed food was dismal at best.

           Hazelnuts, as he learned since his revival, were not, in fact, cursed but some sort of chemical thing, as Angelo put it, caused him to have a reaction in his immune system. Since his internal organs had recently been re-growing, that meant that former hives evolved into far worse reactions when exposed to the fatal nut.

           His luck was dismal because, even after learning of this and learning enough English reading to avoid it, they were in France, and, therefore, French was written everywhere. Amun hadn’t even thought to ask someone to read it to him - he knew the language of French but not how to read it - when he’d eaten that chocolate bar offered to him by one of the clerks at the museum.

           If not for Angelo’s quick grab for the Epinephrine pen upon seeing Amun go red and begin to wobble from dizziness, this might have been his second death.

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Decline - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by itsfuckingvampire

Summary: In which Bucky betrays his best friend (Y/N) and later begs for her forgiveness.
(Request by ANON - it’s a little tweaked sorry.)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None! Yay!

Word count: 1.8K

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:
(Request will be attended to shortly! I have a lot, but I refuse to close my requests because I hate the feeling of rejecting a request. Please be patient!)

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You know, there’s sometimes this problem in fandom where people feel the need to assert their headcanons over someone else’s, on that someone else’s post.

Making your own post is really easy and a great solution to this!

I’ll even provide you with a handy guide!

Step one: Open tumblr!

Step 2: Click on the ‘text’ button by your icon, or the big pencil at the top! I’ve boxed them in red!

Step 3: Write your post!

Because you have made your post, other people who share your headcanon can talk to you about it, or say they agree!

Step 4 (optional): Tag your post!

Step 5: This is the final step, good job on making it this far! The final step is to post it! You may have seen the large blue button that says ‘post,’ but if you haven’t, I’ll box it in red for you!

Once you hit that button, good job! You’re finished! You did it! You successfully didn’t step all over somebody else’s headcanons and have shared your own!

| Rivers Of White And Gold | Kim Jongin X Reader AU | Oneshot |

CEO!Jongin X Reader

Genre: Angst & FLUFF

Synopsis: You’ve been dating Kim Jongin for four years now, but recently, he’s been distancing himself from you. When the worst is finally realized, how does he respond?

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, panic attacks, and alcohol

Word Count: 4,762

“No, it’s alright,” You forced a smile with every ounce of self control you had within you at that moment. “It’s not a big deal, promise.”

This was the fifth time that Jongin, your boyfriend, had declined to spend some quality time together with you. First, it was work, which you could understand, as being a corporate business’s CEO wasn’t exactly an easy task. Second, it was previous arrangements with the boys (his group of trusted coworkers, who were so close, they were practically brothers). But now, Jongin was straight up “forgetting” that you had scheduled time with him.

This had been a recurring pattern for three full weeks now. And after having been in this relationship for four years, it hurt. Deep.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n), I promise I’ll make it up to you, I swear I will, I just need some more time to sort some things out.” Jongin’s anxious voice sounded on the receiving end of your smartphone.

“Time…” You bit your lip to keep it from trembling. “Of course… Time. Yeah, I can do that.”

If only you could believe him. The truth was, it wasn’t just the absence of his presence.

On days that he said he had been too busy at work, staying late hours, you had decided to go out with friends of your own to relieve the stress. That was, until one night you saw him across the city street. The red and green lights reflecting off of the cars as they streamed past seemed to throw your head into a state of nausea. There was Jongin. Standing right outside of a prestigious jeweler store, he was accompanied by Sehun, his new girlfriend, and another woman. What made the dagger twist in your heart was the fact that you knew her. She was Jongin’s newest colleague; his own personal secretary, Jiwoo. You could see them inside the store together through the large glass windows, laughing and smiling. Then you saw it, happening in slow motion as your heart lept into your throat. It was Jongin, oh-so-delicately placing a thin string of pristine white gemstones around Jiwoo’s neck as she looked at the floor, blushing.

That night, you disregarded your friends’ adamant protests behind you as you ran down the city streets for the sanctuary of your apartment. That night, tears had stained your pillows. Pillows that still carried his scent.

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Blushing Danny

Summary: Imagine Danny not knowing what to do when you flirt with him

Characters: Reader, Danny Rand, Jeri Hogarth

Fandom: Marvel- Iron Fist

Imagine by: @henrymccoy 

Word Count: 271

“You’re blushing! That’s adorable!”

AN: This is more of a drabble than a one-shot but I hope you enjoy it all the same. 

Originally posted by savingchesters

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Perfect Distraction

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: idk like swearing and friendship issues? 

Word Count: 3110

Prompt: Please write one where like at the start of your too much pressure fic the reader is stressed and angry and dan tries to seduce her and it works i dont mind if theres much smut but can you make the seduction part sexy and slow building and stuff if that makes sense thank you!! _________________________

Four times. Four times this month your so called ‘best friend’ had let you down at the last minute because of a boy. A dickhead of a boy too. The first two times she had text to cancel on your dinner plans it had been a few hours before you’d agreed to meet, so you’d let it go. Though you weren’t happy. The third time, she text you to cancel as you were about to leave your apartment. Giving the poor excuse of not really feeling well enough to eat anything, and then posting an instagram of her cosied up to this guy with a pizza and ice cream. This time. This time really took the biscuit. You were actually at the restaurant when she called.

“Hello? Where are you?!” You whisper harshly, not wanting to disturb anyone else but wanting to her to know you were irritated at the fact she was 25 minutes late.

“Hi Y/N, look I’m really sorry but Kieron’s suprised me with a takeaway tonight, he’s just got here with the food a few minutes ago I had no idea he was coming over I promise I’m so sor-”

“So you aren’t coming?” You say bluntly, not needing the answer. “Are you kidding me?! You realise I’m already here don’t you?”

“Oh shit Y/N look I’ll make this up to you we can g-”

You pull your phone away from your ear and stab at the red bar with your thumb. Typical. Standing from the table, you hold down the hem of your dress and walk towards the door, trying to remember where the hell you saw the taxi’s parked. This was one time too many. You could feel people in the restaurant staring at you, as if you’d been stood up. Humiliated and angry, you shove open the door and pace towards the little black cabs.


Stabbing the key into your apartment door, you swing it open and throw your bag into the hall, making sure the door closes with a noticeably loud ‘bang’.


Your boyfriend Dan appears at the end of the hall, wearing his loose pajama bottoms and black jumper. His hair was fluffy and his face was adorably confused and a little in awe of your appearance. You’d dressed up tonight as you’d chosen to meet her in a fairly fancy restaurant. Turned out to be a wasted effort on her… maybe not him. Dan hadn’t seen you get ready or leave as he was at a meeting for Radio 1, and as far as he knew, you weren’t going to be back until late anyway.

“She cancelled again didn’t she.” You say, shoving your palm out in front of you in a gesture of annoyance as you kick away your heels.

“Oh..again?” He says, taking bare-footed slow steps towards you but not meeting your eyes. Instead they were travelling down your body.

“Yes, again, I’ve told you about all this Dan.” You say, pulling out your messy bun and letting your hair fall around your shoulders. “She’s met this fuckboy who I know is sleeping around with other girls but she’s totally in love with him and she won’t listen to a word I say about it. Every time we’ve tried to meet up she’s cancelled last minute for him, and THIS time I was actually sat at the fucking table!”

“Yeah?” He continues to make slow steps, his lips parted in a small smile.

“Yes! What are you smiling at?!” You ask, placing your hands on your hips.

“You look really hot.” He shrugs confidently, sliding both hands into his pajama pockets. You let your arms fall to your sides again, stare at his face and sigh. He never put his hands in his pockets and weirdly it made him look really attractive in that moment.

“So do you. Stop complimenting me whilst I’m mad. It’s not fair. I need you to let me complain about this situation okay?”

“I haven’t seen that dress before.” He replies, his eyes wandering down your body again as he takes another slow step towards you. He had the glimmer in his eyes you knew all too well.

“It’s new. Stop changing the subject.”

“I think you’re a better one.” His voice had dropped lower, like it always did when he was being flirty. He was now only a couple of feet away from you and he smelled beautiful. You take a breath and glance at his chest, before running your fingers through the top part of your hair, flicking it to the side.

“Are you listening to me? Did you miss the part where I said I was sat alone waiting for her?” You try not to smile at your boyfriend who you could see had bitten his bottom lip slightly.  "I want you to be mad at her with me. Stop looking at me like that.“ “I am mad at her, of course I am, I’m just more in love with you right now.” He says softly, reducing the gap between you to about an inch and gazing down at you with his dark brown eyes. He expands his chest ever so slightly and his soft lips move closer to yours. You see his arm move as he takes his hand out of his pocket and you feel his fingers graze the top of your hip.

“I’m not sure what you’re after Daniel” You lie, slowly pressing your body into his, “But I’m going to go and order a pizza, and they best have garlic bread too or else I’m going to be really mad.”

“You’re sexy when you’re mad too.” He mumbles, his eyes fixed on yours.

“Am I?” You ask, leaning your head up and touching the very edge of your lips to his, “Well, right now I just want food.” You lie again. Dan was rarely this flirty, and it was already making you feel all gooey but you knew you could drag this out. You lean back from him and you see his jaw clench and his temple move, a sure sign he was frustrated. You loved the jaw thing, and you doubted he knew that sometimes you wind him up just to see it. What could you say, frustrated Dan was hot Dan.

You brush past him and walk into the kitchen, knowing he would be watching you.

You flick you hair over to one shoulder and pull open the kitchen drawer stuffed full of takeaway menu’s and random papers you find lying around the house, normally the ones Dan has conveniently dropped or ignored, and search for anything with a pizza on it.

“Do you want anything? We could get two if there’s a deal.” You suggest, pulling out a handful and fanning them out in front of you. You hear him pad down the hall towards the doorway and you close the drawer and turn around to lean against the sideboard, still shuffling through the papers.

“Yeah, I could eat.” He replies.

You lift your head to see him leaning against the door frame, his hands back in his pockets and his hair fluffed up as if he’d just ran his fingers through it. He gazes at you as you with his dark eyes and his mouth curls at the edge as you unknowingly stare back. He was giving you little tiny butterflies and all he was doing was looking at you.

“Daniel.” You say.

“What?” He replies, his smile growing.

“Stop it.” You say sternly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop you from smiling back. He knew exactly what he was doing to you, and he knew it was working. You were still angry about the failed evening and you weren’t quite ready to let it go.

“I’m just standing here!” He laughs, grinning at you and shrugging his broad shoulders slightly in protest.

“I’m ringing Dominos. You want garlic bread too?” You grab his phone that’s lying next to the toaster and type in the number. You lift it up to your ear, listening to the rings and wait for the answer on the other end.

“I really like that dress.” He says, completely ignoring you again. He takes his hand out of his pocket and raises his thumb to his lips, gently biting down on the very top, staring at you. He walks further into the room and leans against the sideboard opposite you, so you turn away from him and face the cupboards, trying so desperately to concentrate on the phone call.

“Hi, yes, hello.” You blurt out when someone finally answers. “Can I place an order for delivery? Yeah its Y/N Y/L/N, the address should be there… Brilliant yeah that’s the one. Okay can I have a large pepperoni pizza with a crap ton of extra cheese please… yeah honestly just throw it on there don’t hold back.”

You hear Dan laugh quietly from behind you.

“And a large Texas barbecue pizza. Both with portions of garlic bread… Yeah that’s it. We’ll pay on delivery… Alright, thank you, bye.” You hit the red button and slide Dan’s phone back on to the side, finally turning round to face him. He was still watching you, his arms crossed against his chest and his head tilted slightly.

“She said delivery would be about twenty five minutes”


You let out a sigh and rub your temple, closing your eyes for a few seconds. “I’m going to have to ring her Dan. I don’t care if she’s with that twat, in fact I’m going to tell her exactly what I think of this whole thing.” You reach for his phone again when suddenly he closes the gap between you, his hand taking your wrist.

“Or maybe you ring her tomorrow, and we spend the next twenty five minutes doing something less depressing?” He suggests, moving in close to your face, gently kissing your forehead. You sigh again, this time it had a slightly different meaning.

“Like what?”, you ask, placing his phone down and grasping onto the bottom of his jumper. He moves his hands to your back and you feel him smile against your skin.

“I’ll show you.” He whispers. You breathe him in, trying to forget the stress of the evening, and you feel his hands wind round your waist. He tilts his head and parts his lips, brushing them against yours, and you exhale as he moves one hand to pull a strand of hair from your face. You can’t hold back any more, he’d been teasing you from the second you got home. To be fair, you’d been teasing him back. You force your lips against his, and your hands grip his hips, pushing his jumper up slightly with your fingers. He kisses you back strongly and you feel your stomach twist, not just because you were hungry.

Suddenly, his hands tighten on your waist and he effortlessly lifts you up onto the sideboard, standing between your thighs. You take your hands and wind them into his messy hair, pulling his head forwards as you lean back slightly, deepening your kiss. It had been a long time since you and Dan had been like this with each other, busy schedules and all that. You were going to enjoy these next twenty five minutes for all they were worth.

You take your hand from his hair and hold on to his wrist, which was still on your waist. Wanting him to hold you tighter. Instead, he slows his kisses, and you feel his fingers move to touch the end of your knee. He breathes heavy against your mouth, and his fingers glide round the side of your knee. Your heart is beating heavily in your chest, with excitement. Only 10 minutes ago it was beating heavily with anger. Dan could do amazing things to you.

He continues to give you gentle kisses, and you feel his fingers graze up your leg, towards the top of your thigh. You roll your body into his, and he moves his lips from your mouth to your jawline, and then to your neck. Managing to find the tender spot instantly. His fingers push under the material of your dress and your body tingles in anticipation. His fingertips now so close to your crotch. You encourage him by wrapping your calf round the back of his thigh, pulling his own crotch closer to you. He was however still kissing your neck, and time was ticking.

“Dan,” you mumble against his hair. He pulls his head away and looks at you questioningly with his wide eyes, his lips still close to yours.

“Get a move on.” You open your mouth and bite hold of his bottom lip. Dan grins wickedly back at you, his eyes firey and his cheeks red. His hair unbelievably even more wild than before.

“As you wish.”

He grasps hold of your waist once more and holds on to you tightly, his lips crushing yours as he carries you through the kitchen door towards the lounge. You giggle at him as he almost walks you into the door frame, both of you not really concentrating on direction. You feel the sofa against the back of your legs and he lowers you down. You wiggle upwards and your hands grab at his jumper, desperate to remove it. Dan takes the material in his hands and pulls it over his head, lowering his bare chest back down towards you and resting on his elbows, either side of your head. Your hands run up his ribs and grip at his shoulder blades, his skin warm to touch. You run your hands back down his body as he continues to kiss you, his tongue against yours and small sighs escaping both your lips. You grab at his pajama bottoms and shove them with all the strength you can muster at that angle but they barely budge, so you push at his chest and sit up, with him kneeling over you. You feel his fingers pull at the zip on your dress and a cool breeze hits your back, contrasting with your heated skin. You yank down his pajama bottoms and twist your legs round to position yourself on your knees, so your face is right against his. He runs his hands over your shoulders, pulling your dress down and leaning his head back slightly to look at your increasingly revealed skin.

“You’re being gentle with this one.” You giggle, holding the back of his neck and placing your other hand on his rising and falling chest.

“I told you, I really like it.” He grins back, pulling it down your body. You let your arms fall and he pulls the sleeves down, the dress bunching round your bent knees.

You once again hold his neck and you move your mouth against his. That’s when you feel his fingers against your crotch. Small strokes at first that make your hips wiggle and you cant help but let out a small moan into his mouth. You feel him smile again and his fingers twist your underwear tightly, pulling them down over your hips to join your dress. He lowers you back down, hovering over you but never breaking contact between your chests.

You suddenly feel him grind himself into you, and your stomach knots and your back arches in pleasure. This is what it has been building up to. His bare hot skin against yours, soft and sensitive. You feel his hard length against you, as he runs his fingers up your ribs and under your back, where he unclasps your bra in a matter of seconds (he’d gotten good at this recently) and chucks it onto the floor. You take this time to wriggle your dress further down your body and over your ankles, kicking it away. You use your foot to push at Dan’s pajama bottoms too and breathe heavily against his mouth as you enjoy the few seconds of being fully naked with him, relishing every inch of his body against yours. You open your mouth and push your crotch up against his, creating the friction you were craving.

“Don’t go out with her again. Stay with me.” He whispers. You respond with a kiss.


He slowly pushes himself into you. A warm wave of pleasure rolls through your body and he tucks his head into your neck, letting out the sexiest groan you’ve ever heard. You roll your hips up to meet his rhythm and feel the heat build slowly and surely deep within your stomach. You wrap your legs around his bum and grip tightly onto his hair. Your moans grow louder with each minute that passes, as do his, until his rhythm changes to faster, deeper thrusts and the waves are now so powerful you almost forget to breathe. Your head tilts backwards and Dan’s teeth sink gently into the soft spot of your neck. His back and chest growing damp with sweat.

You both climax together, when you squeeze his hips with your thighs and bite down on his lip, as he thrusts into you one last time. You feel your thighs quiver and you wriggle beneath him, as he grips your hip with his hand and tries to control his own spasms. You let out a loud few sighs and softly kiss his neck as he breathes against your shoulder. You felt exhausted, but so happy, and had almost forgotten about the pizza when suddenly..


“Ah shit.” You hear Dan mumble against you. “They’re early.”

“Yeah,” you grin to yourself. “There’s no way that was 25 minutes.” Dan lifts his head up and opens his mouth wide in mock offense.

“In my defense, you did rush me.”

“Go get the pizza.” You giggle, kissing him passionately on the lips one last time, before planting a single gentle one on his nose.

He smiles down at you before lifting himself away and reaching for his pajama bottoms, shoving them on backwards and stumbling towards the door. You laugh after him, and sit up yourself, finding your knickers in the pile of clothes and sliding his jumper over your head. You feel your stomach grumble in hunger and realise how differently tonight would have gone if your 'best friend’ had actually showed up. In many ways you were still mad at her, but in many more you were glad of the way things had turned out. You were also glad you hadn’t spent the entire evening being grumpy about it. Mind you, that was all down to Dan. He was the most perfect distraction.


Hope you like this one! Didn’t want to make Dan too dominant because I feel like that’s a whole seperate fic ;) Let me know what you think/any advice. Thanks for reading! x

Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
Masterlist / WIP List

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BTS Reactions - You collapse because of a condition

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers, contains bad language

The front door of your apartment slammed shut as your boyfriend had come in behind you, still yelling at you over the fact that you didn’t brush off a man asking for your number,

“I mean, it’s like you don’t even fucking care!! You spoke to him, and I was right there? Do you not want me or something? Is that it?” He shouted, throat burning from the rage that was consuming him. You had whirled round, about to shout back, but your vision went dark, and all you managed was a quiet ‘oh’ before collapsing onto the kitchen floor.

That was 3 days ago, now, and your boyfriend is replaying that over and over in his mind as he watches you. The doctors had been coming and going, talking about some condition you apparently had. He had no clue about it, and that only makes him feel worse. You still weren’t awake, and he still hadn’t left your bedside. The boys brought him food that he didn’t eat, and spare clothes that he didn’t change into. He was too busy watching your fragile face for any signs of anything other than your current comatose state. So far, he’d found nothing.

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Monster Inside


(This is an edited compilation of the asks concerning Dr. Schneeplestein returning to Ego Inc. after the Antipocalypse. I’ll have a second part out soon!)

Oliver is at the front desk of Ego Inc. as usual when he hears someone ring the bell to be let in. He doesn’t really look up from his bowl of Lucky Charms when he hits the buzzer to let whoever it is inside. He assumes that it’s another fan bearing a gift, but when Ollie looks up, he sees Dr. Henrik von Schneeplestein stumble inside, blood trailing from his right eye.

The doctor opens his mouth like he’s about to say something and then crumbles into a pile on the floor. Oliver hits the red-alert button before he rushes to the Doctor’s side and rolls him over onto his back. “Schneep? Henrik? Can you hear me?”

But the Doctor doesn’t respond.

Oliver looks him over quickly and feels a lump form in his throat. There are bruises on his neck like someone–Ollie doesn’t have to guess who–took a thin cord and tried to choke him with it. “Don’t worry, Doc. You’re in good hands now.” Oliver checks his pulse. It’s faint, but still there. “You’re so strong. Just keep holding on for me, ok?”

About that time, Dark, Dr. Iplier, and Google Blue come running into the lobby. Dark sees Henrik and stops dead. Dr. Iplier kneels down beside Oliver. “Is he still breathing?”

Oliver nods. “I was able to find a pulse, but he’s really weak.”

Dr. Iplier gives a quick once over of Schneeplestein and almost loses it when he sees the bruises on his neck. “Google, help Oliver get him to my clinic.”

“No,” Dark says suddenly.

Doc bares his teeth at the black and white Ego. “It’s my clinic, Dark. I choose who I treat, not you.”

“Don’t you realize what this is? Who else could’ve gotten the good doctor here? Only Anti.” Dark shakes his head. “Don’t do this, Doc. I don’t care about that bleeding heart of yours. This is Anti’s doing.”

Dr. Iplier knows that what Dark is telling him is true, but he doesn’t care. “He’s my friend. I won’t let him die on my watch.”


Henrik von Schneeplestein awakes in a hospital bed and immediately tries to run for the door. “Jack! I’ve got to…” Dr. Iplier grabs him and pushes him back onto the bed.

“Henrik, look at me. Do you know where you are?” Doc tries to look into the other man’s eyes, but Schneep keeps fighting him with a mad rage.

“My friend! I almost lost him once!” He weakly strikes at Dr. Iplier’s chest, but Doc finally catches his arms, holding him back.

“Schneep, listen to me!” He shakes the other doctor, his scrubs crumpled and torn. He hasn’t had time to check to see what else Anti might’ve done to him. Dr. Iplier can finally see Schneeplestein’s eyes clear of feverish anger, and he sighs in relief. “Henrik?”

“I-I couldn’t save him…” Schneep’s eyes fill with tears. “I tried. I thought I could save him…”

Dr. Iplier releases him slowly. “You did all you could, Schneep. Anti…”

But at the mention of the glitch’s name, Schneeplestein breaks into a panic again. “No, he’s still here! He’s still here!”

Dr. Iplier pins Henrik down by his shoulders. “What are you talking about? Where is Anti?”

Schneeplestein points to his head, and his eyes go wide with crazed excitement. “In here… I̱̝͡n̛͉̳ ̴̺͕̪̺̬̩m͍̹̙e̯̖̩̟̯͈ͅ.”

Chapstick Challenge// Grayson Dolan Imagine


A/N: I was trying to access my work on my laptop but the link wouldn’t work so instead here I am writing an imagine. 

REQUESTED: By anon- 

Hi, I’m Emily.

Recently I’ve been binge reading your stories and stuff so I thought I’d request one. 

I’ve never done this before so idk what to say, but here it goes.

Can you do an imagine with Grayson doing the ChapStick challenge? 

I’m not sure if you’ve done this before, if you have ignore this completely, but if not I’d really enjoy it :)))

Thank youuu 💙

I love this idea! Here ya go Emily I hope you like this one (: 

“Hello guys and welcome to my lovely channel! For today’s video, which was highly requested by a bunch of you guys, I will be doing the chapstick challenge. Now in order to do this I can’t just you know kiss my own hand. No, instead I asked my amazing boyfriend who you guys know and love,” you paused with a smile while turning your focus off the camera to look at you boyfriend who was standing by it waiting to be introduced. 

“,Grayson Bailey Dolan!” You exclaimed while throwing your hands up as he jumped into the frame making you fall over on the bed. 

“Gray!” You laughed while he pressed a kiss on your cheek before helping you up. “Now my hair’s messed up,” you laughed while trying to flatten it out once again. 

“Sorry babe couldn’t help myself,” he cheekily smiled before turning to face the camera. Shaking your head you did the same and continued with the video. 

“So today here with us in this small box we have a mixture of many different chapstick flavors.” You stated while picking up a box you had set in front of you as Grayson picked them up and dropped them back slowly into the box to show them the chapsticks.

“The chapstick challenge is basically us kissing and guessing the flavor on our lips. Which I think I’m going to win,” Grayson smirked feeling confident in his skills. 

“Oh by the way this is a video on my channel and you guys know I love having the loser do something that neither of us want to do. Babe care to tell them what the penalty is?” I asked while turning my attention to Grayson. 

“Well Y/N, the penalty is that one of us will have to drink a disgusting horrible drink made by the winner,” Grayson said while clasping his hands together making you giggle. 

“Yes so I can not lose and will not lose this challenge,” you stated while looking back at the camera. 

“Whatever you say babe. Now let’s get started,” he teased while pressing a kiss on your cheek. 

“Here put the blindfold on,” you told him while handing him one of your bandanas. 

You waited for him to tighten to bandana and made sure that he couldn’t see through it. Once you were sure he couldn’t see anything you grabbed a random chapstick and showed it to the camera. 

Putting on the Root Beer flavored chapstick you smacked your lips together before setting it on your nightstand. 

“Okay babe, ready?” You asked Grayson who was patiently waiting for your lips to meet his.

 “I’m always ready for kisses,” he stated making you giggle before pressing your lips on his. Giving him a quick kiss you pulled away and waited for him to respond. You watched as he licked his lips and his shoulders slumped down in confusion. 

“Wait let me have another taste,” he said making you press your lips back on his letting them linger on a bit more than the first time. 

“You only get to kisses now Grayson,” you laughed as he tried pulling you back down for another kiss. 

“Aww man,” he mumbled while jutting his lips out in a pout. 

“Guess the flavor you goof,” you laughed while running your hands through your messy hair. 

“Well I’m getting this licorice flavor but it could also be root beer,” he hummed while trying to figure out which one he would say as his answer. 

“Well I need one answer not two,” you said hoping he would get it wrong and say licorice. 

“Root beer?” He said with very little confidence in his voice. 

“Are you asking me or telling me?” you teased making him chuckle. 

“It’s root beer,” he said this time with a shrug. 

“Damn it your right,” you laughed while he took off his blindfold with a cheer. “Yes! See I’m good at this game. One Grayson and zero Y/N,” he smiled while handing you the blindfold. 

“We just started don’t get ahead of yourself honey,” you sassed while putting the blindfold on. Adjusting it properly on the bridge of your nose Grayson made sure you weren’t peeping through before grabbing a chapstick. 

You bit your lip nervously while waiting for him to tell you he had applied the chapstick. You couldn’t see anything so the moment you felt a pair of lips on yours you kind of jerked back in surprise. 

“Babe do you not want to kiss me,” Grayson chuckled making you blush. 

“No of course I do you just surprised me it’s all. We are supposed to warn each other,” you pouted before sitting straight and reaching out for Grayson. “Come give me kisses,” you smiled while making grabby hands to where you a with the promise ring Grayson gave you on your anniversary. 

“It’s def fruit punch,” you stated while taking the blindfold off your face. 

“Well Y/N, you are wrong! It’s cherry,” he smirked making you gasp. 

“No way! That did not taste like cherry at all,” you pouted while inspecting the chapstick tube and indeed seeing that it was Cherry flavored. 

“See babe, don’t get to cocky.” He winked while leaning down and pressing a sweet kiss on your lips. 

“So this is the last flavor and we are currently tied. Grayson didn’t get the last one right so that means if I get this one I win the game,” you explained while your eyes were covered by the blindfold. 

“Yup, I know for a fact you won’t guess this.” Grayson chuckled as he showed it to the camera. Hearing him unscrew the cap you waited nervously for him to press his lips on yours. 

Puckering your lips out when your felt his face close to yours. You gently kissed him while lightly bitting his bottom lip making a soft groan escape Grayson’s lips. Smirking you pulled away and licked your lips trying to figure out what the flavor was. 

“Hmm, well it taste kind of fruity…” you mumbled before raising a finger up and bending it in a ‘come here’ motion. 

Grayson did as told and pressed his lips back on yours. 

“That’s the last kiss,” he smiled while putting the chapstick in the plastic bag next to him. 

“Well I think this is Fruity Pebbles. I have no idea why and I don’t remember if we even got such a flavor but fuck it thats my answer,” you sighed while throwing your hand up in defeat with yourself. 

You thought you were wrong but the moment you heard a groan from Grayson you broke out in a smile. 

You had just won! 

Taking the blindfold off you stared at your sad looking boyfriend which made you wrap your arms around him. 

“I love you babe, but I’ll be right back with your disgusting drink!” You spoke in a sing-song voice while winking at the camera. 

Grabbing your phone you turned your camera on and began to film yourself making the drink. 

“So guys I think I’ll add some tuna, mayonnaise, hmmm what else……..” you trailed off while staring inside the fridge for something disgusting. “Ahhh olives and this piece of cake. Gotta throw something good in their.” you laughed while setting them all on the counter. 

Putting them all in the blender you poured water inside of it before closing it. Hitting blend you waited a minute before turning it off and pouring the disgusting drink inside a clear glass. 

“I feel so bad for this,” you laughed into the camera while walking back inside his room. 

“Oh my gosh. That looks disgusting!” Grayson exclaimed with a look of horror in his eyes. Smiling you gave him the cup and he immediately sniffed it. 

“What the fuck is in this? Y/N!” He asked while looking at you with disgust in his voice. 

“Cake, olives, mustard, mayo, and tuna. Oh and I had to add water to is to make it actually blend able,” you smiled innocently while batting your lashes at your annoyed boyfriend. 

You watched as Grayson shook his head before going right for it and taking a huge chug out of it. 

“Grayson!” You exclaimed with a gasp as you tried so hard not to laugh at him. He had his mouth open while looking for something to spit it out in. Grabbing the glass that he was shaking in-front of your face you watched as he grabbed the plastic bag filled with the used chapsticks and quickly spit it out. 

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had,” he groaned while spitting back inside the back.

“That’s it for today guys! Please give this video a big thumbs up because well I have this hunk of my boyfriend in it and still give it a like if you think he’s ugly!” You joked making your boyfriend flip you off. 

“I’m joking babe, you are a sexy human!” You yelled obnoxiously into his ear making him groan. 

“Anyways all my social media llinks are down below and I will add his down below too. Don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button for more videos like these! Love you guys, byeeeee!” You waved before reaching over to turn the camera off. 

The moment you turned the camera off you felt a pair of arms pull you back down on the bed. Gasping you looked to your side as Grayson cuddled up to you. 

“I’m so getting payback later,” he smiled as he pressed a quick kiss on your cheek. 

“We will see about that Dolan.” You laughed while snuggling closer to your boyfriend. 

Pressing a kiss under his jaw you began to trace random objects on his arm. Grayson pulled you in closer to him while he pressing a soft kiss on your head. Shutting your eyes you buried your face in his chest inhaling his strong smelling cologne that you have grown to love. Letting out a content sigh you let your eyes shutter close and sleep overtake your body while a smile rested on your face. 

Closer (Pt. 2 for ‘Far, Far Away)

This is Part 2 to ‘Far, Far Away’! If you haven’t please read that first! It is linked below!

Pt. 1 Far, Far Away

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*Previously on ‘Far, Far Away’:*

Yoongi sat in his bed, let out a sigh and dialed your number to see if you unblocked him from that as well. And it surprised him so much that he jumped when he heard a, “Hello?”




Word Count: 4325

Yoongi sat there in disbelief with the phone pressed closely to his ear, wanting to soak in more of your voice. “It’s really you.” A little chuckle escaped from your mouth. “Yeah it’s really me.” And Yoongi couldn’t help but feel anger rise in him and he didn’t know why. You removing him from your life for a year was painful but he coped with it, and yes, he deserved it. But now, you talking to him like nothing happened is what’s irritating him. So he hits the red button and hangs up on you, while throwing his phone across the room.

“Dude some people are trying to sleep.” Hoseok rolled over in bed and used a pillow to cover up his ears.

“Whatever.” Yoongi got out of the bed to retrieve his phone and just stared at it. He was hoping that you would call again, or shoot him a text, maybe even send him a snapchat that would last 4 seconds. He didn’t care, but with how he just acted, hanging up on you, there’s no way you would do any of that.

He held onto his phone, and his knuckles turned white as he opened the door to walk out to the living room. He turned on a lamp and sat down on the couch, with his elbows on his thighs and head in his hands. He let out a groan and laid back, he couldn’t believe that this was happening.

His eyes finally closed, and he finally felt relaxed, and sleep was starting to take over when a little vibration was felt in his hand, and when he looked down he saw:

Y/N: I’m sorry.


“Good morning babe.” A kissed was placed on your temple, and you slightly opened your eyes to see Yoongi. You pushed the covers away from your body and screamed, this isn’t right. What’s going on? What kind of joke was this? Two hands got placed on your shoulders, and you caught your breath finally looking at the person in front of you. “Babe, it’s me Y/B/N.”

You were both on your knees in your messy bed, and you threw your arms around his neck and his back hit the bed with your on top. You nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck and face as you heard a small laugh leave his mouth and a hand patting your back. “What’s wrong with you?” You heard the laugh in his voice and lifted your face up to look him in the eyes.

“Bad dream.” You shook your head and he put a hand on the back of your neck and put your face back where it was and drew shapes on your back to calm you down. “What brings you here so early?” You said softly.

“Just wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend on this fine Saturday morning.” You laughed and sat up in the bed pushing back your hair.

“Well let me take a quick shower and we can do something today.” You winked at him and were about to walk away when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down to him and placed a kiss on your lips. You walked to the bathroom with a smile on your face which soon faded when your phone dinged.

MY: Why are you sorry? I’m the one that should be sorry, shit, I am sorry for everything.

MY: Is it possible to talk about things Y/N? Through a call or text or in person.

Your body started to shake with nervousness, you couldn’t believe that he was still wondering about you, that he didn’t forget you. Why was he acting like this when he broke up with you? He should be happy that he doesn’t have anyone to worry about, that he can focus on him and his career. You took a deep breath and replied:

Y/N: Give some some times and days

Yoongi was smiling like a 5-year old in a candy shop, with butterflies in his stomach and his face turned pale. He hasn’t seen you in a year, and it’s like going on a first date all over again. He was nervous, he knew that you weren’t fond of him any more, and he wanted to fix that. He needed you in his life again.

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Frenemies  (part 4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Taglist: at the bottom

Description: Archie begs the reader to join his and Jugheads road trip, and then ditches last minute.

Word Count: 3184

A/N: Sorry this is so long! I wanted to wrap it up so this could be the end of Frenemies (But I can also do a part 5 of when Jughead and the reader go back home idk). 

The beach. You had been driving for two and a half days with Jughead to arrive at the beach. After the first night, you two didn’t know where you were supposed to be going or what you were supposed to be doing. Archie had only told you a little bit of information, wanting the three of you to take it day by day.

With that being said, you had secretly hoped for something with a little bit more…pizzazz. Maybe a big city, or a cheezie tourist attraction. But here you two were, on a beach, in a quiet little town with the population just hitting one thousand.

Now, you can’t deny that the past few days with Jughead had been absolutely amazing. After the initial struggle of having the two of you around each other, you both realized that the other wasn’t so bad after all.

You had ended up holding hands almost the whole drive to the beach.

In this quaint little town, the two of you had pulled into the parking lot of a tiny motel. The vacancy light was on, glowing red. You walk in, and request the double room (although, both you and Jughead had a strong feeling that one bed would go unused tonight).

When you walk in and see the window, with the view of the ocean below, you smiled softly.

“Want to go for a walk?” Jughead asks. You nod.

And there you were, the both of you walking down the small, narrow path to the unoccupied beach below. Taking your shoes off, you let your toes sink into the sand, feeling relaxed. The wind picked up, and your sundress blew around at the force of it.

He grabs your hand, a gesture that feels almost normal now, and you both begin to make your way down to the waters edge. You let the water hit your toes, loving the coolness. The both of you trek down the beach, taking a seat on a cluster of large rocks. The waves crash against the rocks, misting the both of you.

“You know,” you start out “This place is extremely beautiful. I wonder how no one knew about it before.”

It was silent for a second, and you look over at Jughead. There was a sort of sadness in his eyes. Before you have time to ask what was wrong, he explains.

“I actually did know about it,” he says, looking out at the horizon. “This would be the prime vacation spot for my family when Jellybean and I were little,” at this, you grab his hand. “We stopped coming a few years before my mom left. We actually stayed in that motel, we’d come down to this beach.”

“What else would you do?” you ask, slightly happy that he was able to confide in you.

He smiles at this, giving you a grateful look. “This is where I’d learn to love writing. I was only ten at the time but a ten-year-old has an active imagination. We’d also stop in at a little restaurant up the road, once on the way into town and once on the way out,” at this, his smile falters “I don’t even know if it’s still around, it’s been 4 years since we’ve been here. But my parents, they’d always get a slice of peach pie. They’d say it’s the best in the country. Jellybean and I would share an ice cream sundae. She hated the cherries so I’d always eat them all.”

There’s a silence between the two of you, and you assume he’s done.  You take a glance over at him, noticing his eyes becoming glassy with tears. He furiously blinks them away.

“There’s also a really cool camera shop here, we found it during our last year. I’d spent almost the whole vacation in that shop, getting the best tips from the guy that worked there. And the sweets shop, that was Jellybeans favorite. She loved their handmade gummy bears. Always would get some for the road.” He says. You nod, waiting for him to continue. When he doesn’t, you speak up.

“We could go to those places, if you want. Grab some dinner and then go look around in the shops and stuff. We could recreate it, kind of. I know it would be so much better with your family here but – “

“I am really thankful that you’re here, actually. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else. Even Archie.” He interrupts, and you blush. “Sorry for laying this on you, and sorry for not telling you what I had planned. I just felt like you wouldn’t have wanted to come. It was selfish.”

You laugh a little, “Jughead, I don’t think it’s selfish at all. I am really happy that we did this. There’s no better way I would’ve wanted to spend my road trip.” You say.

He wraps his arm around you, pulling you in for a little side hug. The both of you sit like that for a second, before he pulls away.

“So, wanna go get dinner?”

“This place is so cute,” you gush, walking into the little restaurant. You both stand at the podium, waiting to be seated.

“Well, bless my heart, its Jughead Jones in the flesh!” you hear being called across the room, and you both turn to see a short, chubby woman fast walking toward you. She had jet black hair that was pulled back in a bun, and a kind face that was void of any makeup. You look up at Jughead, to see him smiling. It was the widest you’ve ever seen on him, and it made you insanely happy.

“Pam!” he says, holding his arms out and pulling her in for a hug.

“It’s been too long! How have you been?” she asks, and then her eyes move from his and find their way to you. You blush softly. “Is this your girlfriend?” Pam asks quietly, but you could still hear her.

Jughead doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “No, we’re just friends.” He says, and quickly changes the subject. “But I’m good, how are you?”

They get into a conversation, but you can’t help but overthink things. Just friends? You thought. Maybe you were misreading signs and signals. You thought that Jughead had thought of you more than just a friend. You shouldn’t even be complaining. Three days ago you hated one another. At least it’s not hate.

“(Y/N), Jughead, lets find you a table yeah?” you hear your name being called, and snapped out of your thoughts. You nod.

Pam starts walking away, towards the corner booth. Jughead gestures for you to walk ahead of him, and when you look up at him you see him smiling at you, eyes filled with pure happiness.

Once you two sit down, Pam hands you the menus and grabs your drinks. You quietly look over the menu, scanning the items. It seems like these are the type of dinners your grandma would make, nice and warm and made with love. You decide on the pot roast and potatoes, and set the menu down. When you look up at Jughead, he’s already staring at you.

“Thank you for this.” He says quietly, a hint of a smile on his face.

“Why are you thanking me?” you ask, and he shrugs, grabbing your hand and playing with your fingers. He wouldn’t meet your eyes.

“Just for coming with me, for being so understanding. For just being there. Not many people are there for me. And today just…shows that you care.”

“I’ll always care, Jug. I mean, we may have hated each other less than a week ago,” you joke “But I’m not that heartless. I care.”

“Why didn’t we like one another, anyways?” he asks, and you gasp.

“You can’t tell me you don’t remember. You got upset at me for finding your name slightly amusing and decided to throw mud on me!” you say, jokingly.

“I threw mud on you? That seems like a stupid reason to hate me.”

“Jughead it was my absolute favorite shirt at the time! And you stained it! And embarrassed me in front of Archie!” you say in defense, and he laughs.

“And look, Archie is still your friend.” He says, and his eyes soften. “Me too?” he asks quietly.

Before you even have time to answer, Pam comes back over to take your order. You tell her what you want, and she rushes off in the back to put the order in.

You were about to answer Jughead’s question (one that you didn’t know how to answer, because your head and heart were battling against the other over your feelings), but your phone started ringing. When you looked at it, you groaned.

“It’s Archie.” You say, about to hit the red ‘decline’ button. Jughead stops you though.

“Answer it, (Y/N). You should just emphasize how great of a time we’re having without him.” He snickers, and you roll your eyes.

“You’re such a child,” you say, but hit the accept button anyways “Hello?” you say, and you can almost hear the red headed boy smiling into the phone.

“(Y/N)!” he yells, and you had to pull your phone away from your ear. “How are you? I’m so sorry about this whole situation, what did you two end up doing?”

“You’re an ass,” you say, but continue “We’re good, actually. We honestly are just hanging out. Grabbing some dinner.”

“Wait, you two didn’t kill each other yet?”

You sigh. “No, Archie. We didn’t kill each other.” Before you can hear Archie’s response, Jughead pulls the phone away from your ear.

“Yeah, we’re actually like, best friends now. Sorry man, you’ve been replaced.” He says into the phone, but after a few seconds his face turns beet red. “N-no.” he stutters, “Here’s (Y/N).”

You take the phone from him, sending him a confused look. “Hey Arch, gotta go. Our foods coming. Bye!” you make an excuse, hanging up the phone. “What did he say to you?” you snicker, motioning towards his face which was getting lighter.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He says, and you stick your tongue out at him.

By now, your food has arrived, and you both dig in, savoring every bite. There was almost no interaction between the both of you, the food too good to wait. Once you were both finished, Pam comes over, clearing the plates.

“So, any dessert for the two of you?” she asks, and you were shocked when Jughead said no.

“Actually,” you interrupt “Can we get an ice cream sundae? With two spoons?”

Pam nods and scurries away, and you look over at Jughead. He’s giving you a look, one you’ve never seen before.

“What?” you asked shyly, and he shakes his head.

“You’re great.” He says, and it’s your turn to blush. You both sit in silence, then, him still playing with your fingers, both of you staring into each others eyes.

Pam comes back, setting two spoons down and then the sundae. She gives you both a knowing look, before leaving.

The first thing Jughead does is pull the three cherries off the sundae, popping them in his mouth one by one. You watch, a small smile on your face. When he turns to look at you, his eyes widen.

“Did you want some?” he asks after swallowing “I’m sorry that was so ignorant of me. I’m just used to doing that first.”

You giggle, making him blush. “No, no. It’s fine. I’m not the biggest fan of cherries anyways.”

You both dig into the sundae, keeping your silent composure. Once you were done, Pam comes back over, handing a separate receipt to both of you. Before anything, Jughead immediately grabs yours. You frown.

“Jug, I can pay for my own dinner.” You say, and he shrugs.

“Yeah, but just let me do something nice for you, for once.” He says, and you can’t protest that. You just nod, as he grabs his wallet and stands up, walking to the front counter.

Pam walks over to you when Jughead was away, sitting down in his empty seat.

“So, (Y/N),” she begins “How long have you known Jughead?”

“Since the summer after third grade,” you say shyly, wondering where she was going with this.

“Okay, and how long have you liked him?” she asks, and you almost choked on air at the accusation.

“Sorry, what?” you ask, and she laughs.

“I can see the way you two look at each other. And you were holding hands the whole time. You can’t tell me that you two don’t feel that way for one another.”

Your face blushes red, and you can’t even think of a reply before Jughead comes back.

“What’re you two talking about?” he asks, giving each of you a look. Pam smiles, standing up.

“Oh honey, wouldn’t you like to know.” She said, patting him on the shoulder. “It was so nice to see you, Jughead. Come back soon!” she says, giving him a tight squeeze, knowing that we were ready to leave. He nods.

“Will do, Pam.” He says, and she walks off to go serve other customers. “Ready, (Y/N)?” he asks you, and you nod. He holds his hand out to you, helping you stand, but not letting go after you’re on your feet.

You both walk out of the restaurant, still hand in hand.

“So, what was Pam saying to you? Your face is still red.” He snickers, walking back in the direction of the motel.

“Wait, don’t you want to see if that camera shop is still open? We can go!” you say, avoiding the subject. After a second, Jughead sighs and turns around, walking the other direction.

“That isn’t getting you out of answering my question, nice avoidance though.” He says. You roll your eyes.

“She just thought we were in a relationship, or liked each other, or something crazy like that.” You say, trying to play it off as nothing.

“But you blushed when she said that, which means you must have to feel that way about me!” he teases, and you scoff.

“Yeah, you wish.” You say. You could’ve sworn you heard a small ‘maybe’ muttered under his breath, but you couldn’t be certain.

You walk the rest of the way in silence, the sidewalk transforming to a small board walk. There were different shops there, with a Ferris Wheel and neon lights – just like the carnival. You smile, but when you look up at Jughead he’s frowning.

You can see his reflection in the abandoned storefront window, the outline of stick-on letters spelling “New and Used Cameras!” on the dirty glass.

“Oh, Jug. I’m sorry.” You say, and he sighs.

“It’s fine, (Y/N). I wasn’t banking on it being open anyways. Just a little sad seeing it all…empty.” He says, pulling you away from it. You don’t say anything else, knowing that Jughead wouldn’t want to talk about it.

You two walk down the boardwalk, Jughead pointing to different stores and reminiscing about his memories. You don’t say anything, letting him explain every detail for you.

Suddenly, he’s pulling you in a different direction. “We didn’t get to go on the Ferris Wheel at the carnival so…” he trails off, stopping at the end of the short line for the ride.

You both wait in line, and when you’re about to get on, he asks the guy that runs the ride if our car could be stopped at the top.

“It’s one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen.” He explains, and helps you into the ride car. You were the last two on, and once the seat is checked you are lifted into the air. The ride goes around twice, before slowing down and stopping, you two sitting at top.

Jughead was right. This view is breathtaking. The sun is setting, splaying pinks, purples, and oranges all over. The water is a deep shade of blue.

“You’re right, this is gorgeous,” you say, and sit for a few seconds more. Before the ride starts to go again, you turn to him “If this is one of the prettiest, what’s the absolute prettiest view you’ve ever seen?” you ask, and he looks away shyly, before answering.

“You.” He says, and your eyes widen. You definitely weren’t expecting that answer, and as the ride makes its descent, you try to think of something to say.

 Nothing was coming to mind, though, and as you both step off the ride, you awkwardly begin walking back towards the motel.

Your heart is beating fast, still in shock from the bluntness of his words. It can’t be true can it? Does Jughead really think I’m the prettiest view? Could that even be humanly possible? What’s even going through his mind right now?

You walked yourself through the past few days, the bickering in the beginning, followed by the fully intentional cuddle session last night and earlier this morning. All the sweet words, hand holding, truthfulness. Everything coming to mind bringing butterflies to your stomach.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t realize you were already back at the motel, the sun just finished setting behind the horizon. Jughead uses the keycard to unlock the door, and you both walk in. The door shuts behind you, and he turns around.

“I’m sorry.” He said. You must’ve looked very confused, because Jughead continued “I shouldn’t have said that. I was so wrapped up in the moment, and just thinking back to the past few days, I dunno. I just don’t want my stupid, impulsive words to ruin whatever we have… or had.”

Your mouth opens and closes, almost fish-like, as you try to find the words to say. The only thing you wanted to do to the boy was kiss him.

So you did.

It was a sweet kiss, just a little peck, three seconds at most. The second your lips touched his you felt a shock, and when you pulled away its almost like your breath was pulled away too.

You both stare at each other, not making any type of sound, shocked at your bravery. And then, suddenly, Jugheads hands were on your face. They pulled you closer, his lips teasingly hovering just above yours.

When this kiss happens, it’s full of passion. It’s harsher than before, but you welcome it. Your heart was about to beat right out of your chest and your stomach wouldn’t stop doing flips. It was so blissful, so peaceful. Your heart was on Cloud Nine and you never wanted to come down.

You both pull away at the same time, the need for air a more pressing matter. He rests his forehead against yours, breathing deeply. It’s almost like this was how things were meant to be. You two, here, now.

And the rest of the night went on like that. Laying in bed watching cheezy movies, cuddling closer to one another and the occasional kiss (or make-out session) here and there. And in that moment everything felt perfect.

A/N: OK SO I can finish it here or I could make part 5, where Jughead and the reader go home & its just nothing but fluff. Let me know!! 

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A Hard Day’s Night

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Castiel, bothered by his friends because he never even kissed someone, decides he can’t handle the nagging anymore and does something he thought he’d never do.

Tags: student!cas, escort!dean, angst 

Words: 1116

A/N: Part one of a series if there’s interest, feedback is very much appreciated.  

Tagging: @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire @thedisgraced @funnycas @destielonfire @purgatoan @sunkissedsam @prettyboydean @saminzat @ducksorclowns @castielismyfavouriteangel (please let me know if you want to be tagged, or if I should get you off the list!)

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Here have some Ninja Warrior Remy headcanons

  • He practiced for every single possible obstacle EXCEPT the paddle things
  • He was so confident he was going to hit that red button he had a plan for how to do it
    • He debated doing a slow-mo victory dance but ended up deciding to dab into it
  • The producers were so sure that he was gonna finish they were gonna show “The Olympic Ninja”’s whole run and had nothing to fill the time except showing his fall over and over
  • He fell so gracefully that some people thought he bailed on purpose (he dID NOT)
  • There’s a very popular shooting star video of his fall
  • He was so shocked it took him a full two (2) minutes to get out of the water and that’s only because officials came over to make him get out because the next run was starting
  • At which point he demanded a retry because “the sun was in my eyes” (ANW is filmed at night, he knows this but its the only thing he can think of to explain his fall)
  • His slider pyramid was an attempt to be known as “slider pyramid guy” instead of “Olympic Ninja failure”
  • Please save my poor boy from his Worst Day Ever™
When Eyes Meet: Part 1

This series feature’s my OC Kit, and her family. Below are links that provide more information. Enjoy!

“He lost his shoe, Diane. His shoe. How does a certified genius lose his shoe?” Diane, the planner for the event simply smiled, before taking a piece of pastry and popping it in her mouth.

“And then there’s Aki, she’s joined the theatre club. I’ve been listening to her and Maia run lines for the past week, and to be honest, I don’t know if I can take much more.” Diane’s smile widened, and Kit took a deep breath before trudging on in her rant,

“On top of that, Seth was suspended… again. And oh, yeah he’s failing math and science.” Kit focused on her friend before asking, “Seriously? You have nothing to say?”

    Diane brushed her hands off, swallowed her bit of food, and then smirked, “Only what I’ve been saying for the past four months. You need a vacation.”

    Kit felt her face slip into a deadpan, before her mouth twisted into a scowl, “You’re not funny.”

    Diane leaned over the counter, “Just a weekend Kit. They can survive for a weekend.”

    Kit envied Diane, the woman had no clue what went into raising two teenagers and a boy genius. She was blissfully unaware of the constant teacher phone calls, the exaggerated, blown out of proportion arguments, lost shoes and books, and the nagging of a know-it-all aunt who wanted to take over. Kit could feel her hair graying by the day, and it was a damn shame. Her hair was pretty.

    “How about just a night. We both have Wednesday and Thursday off. You can get a baby sitter and we can PARTY!” Kit said nothing as she removed food from the oven. “Come on Kit you’re twenty five, not fifty two! We should have some fun.”

    Kit turned and stared at her friend, “I’m a single mother to three kids Diane. They come first, and that means putting my party days behind me.”

    Diane’s pout was on par with Aki’s, “You’re no fun anymore Kit. Come on don’t you want to relive the good old days? Central City, the clubs, the drinks?”

    Kit smiled, “That’s why they call them the good old days… they’re in the past.”

    Diane shrugged, “Fine, fine, but one of these days you and I are going out again.”

    Kit nodded, “Try me when Natsume turns eighteen. Now then, how’s the setup going?”

    Suddenly the party girl was gone, “We are right on schedule. Tables are set up, servers are arriving, the sound system is set up, and the band is unpacking as we speak.”

    Kit let out a sigh of relief. Kit had found out very quickly that restaurant hours were not great for raising kids. With the help of Anna Bailey, Kit had started a catering business. She had brought on Diane three months in, to handle the actual running of the events. A party girl who knew how to work a room, Diane was the perfect personality to mix with the high profile clientele they mixed with on a regular basis. It also allowed Kit to hide in the kitchen away from prying eyes.

    After several successes for Blair’s Flare Catering, Kit had begun to get calls from the rest of Gotham’s socialites. She stayed fairly busy, and was able to provide for her siblings. With a smile Kit watched Diane leave the kitchen in favor of overseeing the circus outside of her kitchen.

    Kit moved around the kitchen seamlessly, moving in unison with her kitchen staff. The food was well on it’s way to being ready, and Kit was feeling confident. She may not be the best mother in the world, but she was a damn good chef.

    “Miss Blair.”

    Taking a deep breath Kit turned towards her employer for the evening, giving a small smile she said, “Good evening Mr. Pennyworth.”

    The older man had a kind face, but he was a snoop. She’d kicked him out of the kitchen a number of times, and she had long figured out that this kitchen was his baby. It was pristine with all the latest gadgets. It was organized in a very specific way, and Kit could tell that it was taken care of with love.

    “Everything is going well I hope.”

    Kit smiled, “Everything is right on track. The food will be ready soon, and my event coordinator tells me that all the guests are comfortable and well taken care of.”

    “Indeed, the appetizers are going over very well. They’ve received more than a few compliments.”

    “I’m glad.”

    “Mr. Wayne in particular liked the crabcakes.”

    Kit blinked a few times before asking, “Mr. Wayne … as in Bruce Wayne.”

    The smile over the butler’s lips was kind, “Indeed. He just recently returned from traveling abroad. This function serves not only as a fundraiser for the Wayne charities, but as a welcome home party as well.”

    Kit nodded, “Well then, I’m glad he’s enjoying the party.”

    Mr. Pennyworth smiled and said, “Indeed Ms. Blair. Now then, are you sure you don’t need any help.”


    Kit was forced to hold back a smile at the way his face dropped ever so slightly, before watching him turn and walk away. With a smile she turned back to work.

    Bruce Wayne had always considered galas a necessary evil. While they allowed him to raise money for the Wayne Foundation, they were also a mix of the smarmiest people on the earth. He hadn’t missed them in the eight years he’d been gone. However, his training had left him with certain abilities, at the top were fighting and escape. However he had also learned evasive maneuvers, and misdirection.

    In the three hours since the gala had started he’d only found himself in conversations for a few minutes at a time, before he was able to pass it off to someone else. The evasive maneuvers came in hand when dealing with the hoard of socialite women looking for their perfect match.

    Bruce wanted to laugh at the number of women trying to catch his eye, to have their right eye be the same shade of brown as his left. He’d briefly considered putting in a color contact to fool people into thinking he’d found his soulmate while he was away; Alfred had quickly squashed that plan.

Grabbing another crab cake from a passing server he veered left as Lilian Evertseen peeked over the crowd searching for him. He slipped outside into the cold Gotham winter and let out a breath of relief. That woman had been after him since before he had left. He’d finally met her gave on just to make a point. It hadn’t stopped her. She was determined to get her hands on him and his family’s money. It had gotten so bad, that it had become a running joke in Gotham’s highest running social circles. She had even earned the name Lillian the Bruce-hound.

Bruce took in a deep breath of winter air, before patting the inside of his jacket for a cigar. He cut the tip, before lighting it, and taking a deep drag. It had been years since he’d had one, and Alfred has been kind enough to slip a few into his tux coat to get him through the night.

He enjoyed the peace and quiet for a moment before the hints of a one sided conversation caught his ear. He followed the sound of the voice. It was female and more than a little exasperated.

“Yes Aki, I understand that the music is loud …yes I can hear it through the phone … yes … yes … No … Because you’ve spent the last three weekends at Maia’s place … Oh really, I hadn’t realized our apartment was so much smaller, you know what … you might be better off finding that shoe box you keep talking about … yes I’m serious …go find yourself a shoe box …I take that as a compliment … Yes put Natsume on the phone … what do you mean you can’t find him? Have you checked under the sink? I’ll wait …”

Bruce took another drag of his cigar before peeking around the corner. Immediately his mind began to analyze; Asian descent, most likely Japanese, mid to late twenties, and exhausted from the way she was propping herself against the wall. He pulled back and continued to listen.

“Hey bud, is there any particular reason you’re reading under the sink … oh … I didn’t know that. That explains the shoe at the very least … yes …okay …no … after your bedtime … Well I miss you too. The good news is I have tomorrow morning off, maybe we can go for pancakes … Well I don’t think a Japanese restaurant will be open that early …OHHH you want me to cook?”

Bruce peeked around the corner to find her smiling. She was pretty when she smiled. And then as though in slow motion, Bruce watched as her head turned towards him, their eyes met, and everything went white. Everything else disappeared, she became the only thing he could see, and from the way she was looking at him, he’d bet an arm that the same was happening to her.

As the light faded, he watched her stand, and her finger hit the red button, before he heard her whisper, “Well damn.”