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Open for Requests

Refer to THIS prompt list for what to send. Please send any requests to me in an ask, otherwise I may not see them!!


  • Prompt (as in directly copy the prompt you want)
  • Fandom
  • Character
  • Other specifics (otherwise I will surprise you by writing whatever the hell I want)

Filled request fics will likely only be a few hundred words and may take some time for me to write.

I will fill requests at random and some prompts might take longer than others. 

If your request falls outside of what I want to/am comfortable writing, I will decline to fill it. Bear in mind this is something I’m doing purely because I feel like it and these will open and close basically depending on my motivation.

This post is meant as a guideline for what I will and will not write. PLEASE follow it. Below is a list of fandoms that I may change at will (i.e. something that’s there now might not be there in the future because I lose interest or whatever, or I will add to the list as I change/get into more fandoms). I’ve also included the specific characters I’ll write for, so y’know. Read that. I will feel super bad if someone requests I write a character or fandom that I don’t know/don’t like, but I will still decline the request in that case.

Things I will write:

  • Sneeze (including sickfic or allergyfic)
  • Whump
  • Hurt/comfort
  • AUs (with some exceptions, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it)
  • I tend to write m/m (or just dudes in general) so just…be aware…

Things I will NOT write:

  • Emeto/anything stomach-related (please don’t even ask.)
  • Life-threatening illness/injury
  • Underage characters (If you ask for an underage character, they will be aged up.)

Fandoms/Characters I will write for**:

  • My OCs (I am ALWAYS up for writing them) - Liam, Elliott, Will
  • Yuri!!! On Ice - mostly just Yuuri and Victor or Yurio if you’re cool with aging up
  • Voltron (I will try.) - preferably Keith, Lance, Shiro, maybe Pidge idk??? (sorry Hunk)
  • Avatar: TLA - Zuko, Sokka…uhh…yeah….
  • Free! - preferably Makoto or Haru
  • D.Gray-Man - Kanda, Lavi, Allen
  • Servamp - Licht, Hyde/Lawless

**This list is incomplete and I’m sure I’m forgetting fandoms, so feel free to ask for whatever. I prefer to write for anime fandoms, so just keep that in mind, as well as the fact that I may not have heard of what you request if it’s not on this list.

I sometimes tend to lose motivation. While I will absolutely do my best to fill every single request, I’m doing this because I want to and not to make obligations for myself.

sometimes, people have coping mechanisms for their own mental health issues where they make their depression/anxiety into a joke. This is something I do, this is something my friends do, and this is something I see Dan do. It is okay to make fun of yourself to feel better. It’s okay to laugh about it and be relatable and connect with others who have the same struggles through humor. That’s okay. It allows you to talk about it, it allows you to feel better about yourself, it even allows you to make friends. 

However, it’s also okay to not laugh about it. Just because certain people find joking about these things humorous doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes its okay to not find anything funny about laying in bed for 14 hours per day or forgetting to eat breakfast. It’s fine if you don’t feel like hitting the like button and laughing about that relatable depression post.

Both things are reasonable responses to that kind of content. However, just because one person doesn’t agree with your mindset doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. Respect each other and accept that there are different coping mechanisms to mental illness, and while one person makes jokes about it, someone else doesn’t want to laugh about it.

Am I back? 
I am back.

Am I back?
I am back.


*don’t mind me, I am just trying to convincemyself of that*

Wow gosh this feels so… weird? I mean I have been around for like two weeks now, writing a couple stories *cough* angsty *cough* and with love triangles *cough* and that too felt a little weird. For a few days I would just try to find my way around my keyboard again, trying to gain the same ease I had with it in the past. I am close, but still not entire familiar.However, this- getting to actually post something, gosh it feels so…. weird? I don’t know, it feels like I’ve been gone for centuries man! And it was only a few months!

Now my exams’ results came out yesterday- yes just yterday!- and I don’t know if I should be happy or not. I guess we will know by the end of this summer when it will be announced what university we’ll get to be in. But until then I am not going to thinkabout it. I will focus on my stories and what I love doing, so just let me torture you a little bit more this summer- I have a lot of build up stress and pain that I will just let off through my stories!

Alright, so lemme give you a masterlist of what I have already uploaded (which by the way needs updating too!) because there are so many new ones coming!:

Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. So I’ve split it up:

Stories Masterlist 1#
Stories Masterlist 2#

My imagines are a little bit shorter stories, not just gifs, and there are a couple mini-series too! (All links are working trust me!)

Imagines Masterlist #1
Imagines Masterlist #2

So heads up everyone there is… a storm coming and I’d like to say I am not responsible for that but- I can’t help the angst, sorry not sorry!

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also… Dean and the rest of the SPN characters might not be the only ones to get some love these days…

What? Not my fault Hiddles looks so good in Kong or the new Thor trailer! 

Wait- how long has it been since I did a weird crossover au? Oh~! ;)

gothiethefairy  asked:

for your prompts, how about eggsy and harry having some nice quiet down time and eggsy asks harry if he could remove harry's eye patch?

Things were quiet. They always seemed to be quiet those days.

Eggsy supposed he didn’t mind. Harry’s presence had been something big and bold, taking up and over whatever room he had happened to be in. It wasn’t like that anymore, but that didn’t mean that what it was now was bad.

“You’re staring,” Harry said.

The words broke Eggsy out of his thoughts and he realized that he had, in fact, been watching Harry for the past couple of minutes instead of reading his book. “Sorry. Guess I ain’t quite used to this,” he fluttered his fingers next to his left eye, “yet.”

Sighing, Harry tugged at the eyepatch’s string. “You certainly aren’t the only one.”

Eggsy propped his head up on one fist, head tilted curiously to one side. “How’s it look?” he asked. “Underneath.”

Harry grimaced. “I try not to think about that,” he said. He returned to his own book, a clear signal that the conversation was over.

Not in Eggsy’s opinion. “Can I see?”

Harry’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t respond beyond that.

“I guess I don’t have to. I just wanna know. My imagination’s probably makin’ it worse than it is.” Eggsy had imagined all sorts of scarring, disfiguration, a blank, empty socket staring back at him. He suppressed a shiver.

Harry slammed the book shut and tossed it to the other side of the sofa. “If you insist.”

Eggsy heaved himself off his chair and ambled over to the sofa. He dropped down next to Harry, chewed on his bottom lip, and rested his fingers on the bottom seam of the patch. He traced along the edge of it, fingers brushing the black fabric almost reverently.

“Eggsy. There are many situations where anticipation is desirable. This isn’t one of them,” Harry gritted through his teeth.

“Right,” Eggsy breathed. “Sorry.” He lifted the patch away completely, breath caught in his chest.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as Eggsy had feared. A milky white eye stared sightlessly back at him, jagged scar running from Harry’s eyebrow to just above his cheekbone.

Eggsy couldn’t resist touching it, the puckered skin quivering beneath his fingertips. He moved to run them along the red indentation left behind by the patch’s strap. “It don’t look so bad,” he said quietly.

Harry curled his fingers around Eggsy’s wrist and pulled it away. “Love is blind,” he said blithely.

“Only half-blind, in your case,” Eggsy teased gently.

One corner of Harry’s mouth ticked upwards. “That’s enough. I didn’t let you see so you could make jokes.”

Eggsy scoffed. “This is me we’re talkin’ about, bruv.” But he settled the patch back over Harry’s eye anyway. He didn’t move from his position, collapsing against Harry’s side instead.

They sat like that for a long moment, Harry’s arm finding its way around Eggsy’s waist after a bit.

Eventually, Eggsy broke the silence. “Thank you. For lettin’ me look, and all.”

Harry pressed a kiss to the top of Eggsy’s head. It was all the reply Eggsy needed.


porkbunnns  asked:

Okay, but Damian accidentally outing his feelings for Jon by calling him beloved once on accident...

HECK!!!!!!!! And Damian either realizing what he said immediately and getting FLUSTERED AS SHIT or NOT realizing it and Jon being like “Um. What’d you call me?” And Damian’s just. Mortified. 

“I called you Jon. It’s your name, idiot.” 

“No, I think you just called me…beloved?” 


But then Jon just smiles and holds his hand and Damian’s never been more beside himself in his life.


TWIN ANDREWS | juggie x reader

A/N: im hoping to turn this into a short series and i hope yous enjoy it!! please hit the follow button to be updated with my blog posts! this is my first time as a solo blogger so i hope you enjoy my writing!! im also looking for a co-owner that loves to write/edit!! enjoy my lil nugs - R🌹

part 2: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158896154168/twin-andrews-part-2-jughead-x-reader

“arch im kinda nervous”

i admit as we near the familiar diner

“you’ll be fine, it’s just Betty we’ve known her since we were in diapers don’t stress sis”

i huff my stomach turning as the neon sign comes into view

“i don’t know about this I haven’t been home for a really long time i think id rather just go home and rest”.

we pull into the parking lot and i turn to beg to my brother but he pulls the keys out of the ignition

“come (y/n) they are excited to see you, it’s been years at least come in for something to eat then I promise ill drive you home whenever you want”

i sit back and think it over before my brother starts again “dad wants me to help you ease back into it- it’s your first day back at school and wouldn’t you rather have people to talk with tomorrow so it’s not so-” he pauses

“terrifying” i finish

“i was going to say daunting but yeah terrifying works too” i huff
“fine but you owe me Archie big time” a smile spreads across his face as he gets out of his truck. “what have i gotten myself into” i think aloud copying my brothers actions and following him toward the entrance.

“oh and heads up I kinda didn’t tell them you were in town-”

i spin on my heels but he grabs my shoulders “it was supposed to be a surprise” he whines i run my hand over my face “fine- you’re so annoying you know that right”.

he sighs throwing his arm over me and walking me toward our normal booth we’re a spot Betty, Kevin & an unfamiliar raven headed girl.

“arch who’s the other girl-”

“(y/n)” i hear Betty call looking shell shocked

“i-i- I can’t believe your here I-” she chokes on her words.
things didn’t exactly end well between Betty & our friends when I left, after my parents divorce i went into a downward spiral and i was forced to leave with my mother no note no explanation to any of my friends as to where i was going or why and let’s just say i was terrified that they hated me.

“betts” i smile tears welling up

she looked so much older from when I last saw her the more I looked the more she looked different yet entirely the same. she stand from the booth her blonde hair swishing in her ponytail as she rushes over to wrap her arms around me pulling me into her warm embrace

“i thought you were never coming back” she whispers as she held me “me either” i whisper back crying slightly.

i pull away and wipe my eyes glancing to Kevin who’s jaw was lying on the ground “you going to close your mouth and come give me a hug or?”

he glances to me shocked with no movement as if he’s too scared to move in case I run “Kev!” i joke

I spread my arms as he climbs over the raven haired stranger and leap into my arms causing me to stumble back slightly.

“wow” he breathes pulling me at arms length examining me

“girl you got hot” he blurts

I laugh tearing up at the sight of my best friends “you finally grew your hair out im obsessed you look so so so good Chicago treated you well”

i run my fingers through my long red hair “thanks kev, it did it really did” “oh and you look so much thinner!”

I freeze at the comment catching my brothers gaze.

he senses my reaction and laughs stiffly

” I mean you look great, seriously” i breathe a sigh of relief laughing to cover my awkwardness.

“thank you i decided to loose a few pounds and well it worked!”

they smile at me “well have a seat we’ll order and we can catch up!” Archie offers and i nod slipping into the booth opposite Betty Kevin and the other girl.

“you going to introduce me to your pretty friend?”

i ask glancing at Betty

“oh of course this is Veronica Lodge-”

“Ronnie works” she smiles at me

“im (y/n) Andrews im-” “Archie’s twin?”

i nod “obvious?” i mentally face palm “yeah the red hairs a bit of a giveaway” i nod my brother sliding into the seat next to me.

“so you’ve met my sister ronnie” she nods sipping her milkshake “I sure have, will you be going to school this semester”

i nod “i sure am, now both the crazy red headed twins will be attending Riverdale hey arch” i nudge my brother.

it falls silent at my comment and i shift uncomfortably

“oh my god- what did I say?” i glance around Veronica looking equally confused.

“what other twins” she askes confused

“the blossoms..” i finish

“(y/n) I thought I told you about Jason in the car” i furrow my eyebrows at him “I just came from the airport arch i was half asleep and jet lagged i don’t think I was really paying all too much attention to you” i laugh.

“god please don’t tell me their dead- i was going to ask Cheryl for my spot back on the vixens, I miss cheer the girls in Chicago were awful”

still silence

“Jesus will someone tell me what’s going on” my brother touches my shoulder gently

“Jason was killed a few months ago- it was the Fourth of July weekend-” i zone out my breathe catching in my throat.

this is why mum didn’t want me to return home, there’s a murder running around. everything makes sense now while it seemed so eerie when I first got back and how mum refused to let me contact anyone from back home including Archie the past month.

“wow” i exhale “i had no idea- but polly oh my god Betty your sister must be devastated” she nods inhaling sharply let i said something wrong.

I glance down to my food not feeling hungry at all “um arch can we go home im not feel so hot I think I need some rest before tomorrow”

he nods “of course” “ill see you guys tomorrow” i smile waving goodbye to my friends before following my brother out of Pops and into his truck

“you okay?” i nod my attention slipping away “yeah just a lot to process that’s all” he nods pulling out of the parking lot driving toward home.

and you couldn’t help but think something was off something was missing or maybe it wasn’t a something it was a someone


LouiseBrealey: Filming Back, a comedy with @arobertwebb and @RealDMitchell, who are princes among men. Here’s Cass… #LooTheRiveter #BackC4

This is my edit, so PLEASE DO NOT RE-POST IT here or elsewhere - just hit the Reblog button, thank you! Original picture/tweet here. [My Edit on Twitter]

Daddy’s Sorry

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,392

Warnings: Daddy!Jared feels (yes that is a warning), little child getting hurt, language, tiny bit of angst 

Requested by @icatfinated: Hey I’d love to get some parent Sam/Jared. Gen has been posting him with the kids on Instagram and I’m craving daddy stories.

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated!!! Beta’d by @mamapeterson :* and shout-out to @katymacsupernatural for editing the pictures for me!!! 

Your son Shep had seen you putting your hair into a ponytail earlier and decided that he wanted to be like mommy, asking if you could put one right on the top of his head for him. You giggled but obliged to your sons silly request. Moments after you finished his, Jared had walked into the bedroom and Shep jumped in his arms telling him that he needed to be like mommy too and get his hair in a pony tail. He threw his head back in laughter but nodded his head, setting Shep back down on the bed as he moved to sit in front of you on the floor while you pulled his hair into a ponytail on the top of his head to match the one Shep was sporting.

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Shutter Speed Ch.1

Amature Photographer in Need of Model for Experiemental Career Starter

Are you looking to get a jump into a modeling career? Or do you just like having pictures taken of you? If either of these apply to you, this listing is perfect for you!

I am an “amature photographer” looking to build up a portfolio, and I am in need of the perfect model for it.

You don’t need to have experience with modeling for this gig. I am not looking for a runway model or anything. You just need to be able to sit still and listen to any directions I may give you.

Dress and makeup will be left to your discretion. Details on that will be further discussed when chosen, as well as details on payment.

All I need from you right now is to reply to this with a sample picture (nothing fancy, just need to see how you look on camera), your first name and email address, and 3 facts about yourself.

Excited to meet you all through this lovely website.


“Is this stupid? This has to be stupid, right?”

Archie doesn’t even look up from his spot on the couch, eyes trained on his phone. “No, Jughead. This is not stupid.”

“Do people even go on Craigslist anymore? Will people even answer? I probably sound creepy, honestly. Arch, this is stupid, why did you talk me into doing this? I’m horrid at photography!” Jughead throws his head down onto the desk, groaning loudly. Archie sighs heavily and gets up, walking over to his best friend and reading the ad over his shoulder.

“Jug, this sounds just fine. Yes, people still use Craigslist and no, you are a great photographer. You won the county fair’s photography contest three years in a row. You beat the photographer for the daily paper!” Archie slaps his friend’s back enthusiastically, eliciting yet another groan from him. He rolls his eyes and moves his finger to the mousepad on the laptop, hitting the post button before Jughead rethinks anything. “There – the replies will come in in no time!”

Jughead lifts his head to look at the screen, groaning once more and slamming the laptop shut. He looks up at the tall redhead, shooting his best evil glare. “Have I ever told you that I hate you?”

Archie grins down at him, swiping the beanie off his head and ruffling his hair, earning a very manly squeal from Jughead. “You love me and can’t live without me. Now how about we order a pizza and play video games for the rest of the night?” He laughs as Jughead steals the hat back, already walking to the kitchen for the takeout menus they keep stashed in a drawer.

“Only if you’re buying!”

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