hit rewind


let’s hit rewind, shall we? ⏪


What is it?

I need to travel several days into the past to avert a terrible calamity!

I get it. Say no more.

Have you been getting a lot of these with the election?

I have.

So you can help? You can send me back to stop this?

Well, maybe. I know we’ve messed around with time travel before.

Also this time.

One of my favorites. But in those cases, we kind of glossed over just how scientifically improbable time travel actually is.

Come on. People travel through time all the … time.

In fiction, sure. But that’s because writers are astounding hacks. If you actually look at the way time travel is presented in most stories, you can see how ridiculous it is. People accelerating unpopular cars up to a modestly high speed. Falling down clock-lined wormholes. Haunted fortune-telling machines. All preposterous. You might as well mash some plutonium into a VCR and hit rewind.

Where the fuck is someone supposed to get a VCR?

So You Want To Go Back In Time And Fix History

Take Me With You

Leaving became left and you became a temporary, a song I used to listen to over and over. 

But now, I can’t stand to listen to you anymore. 

You reminded me of warm nights and saying goodbye and tasting your laughter as a chaser to the overwhelming feeling that something so perfect could shatter. 

Time was something that paused us. 

The distance hit rewind. 

We grew up. 

You stopped loving yourself and I stopped loving you too. 

I wrote letters but it got harder and harder to remember how to write the words to pretend I felt something I didn’t. 

I listened to your voicemails and every time they sounded farther and farther away. 

You got farther and farther away. 

I stopped chasing you.

Replaying Outlast and having a blast being a jackass

“Miles maybe the seemingly abandoned militia vehicles should clue you in this is a bad idea?”

“Sorry did I interrupt your poop schedule? Dem feels man”

“Hi! Miles Upshur Investigative reporter for Channel 5! If it ain’t dead it ain’t on air! Oh you’re dead now…How do you feel about the 11 o’clock time slot?”

“Hi! Miles Upshur Investigative reporter for Channel 5! If it ain’t dead it ain’t on air! If I may I’d like to ask-Oh you’re throwing me out the window? I think we need a new motto for the station, I’m hitting a few walls here.”

“Excuse me Father, for I have sinned….Just don’t hit rewind on that there camera.”

Re-watching the 12-Step Job

Things I loved!

  • I looked up the opening song and Can’t Go Home Again was written specifically for this ep. I was genuinely surprised, it nails the sound of classic Boston Celtic punk perfectly. I had just assumed it was from one of the local bands.
  • Eliot and Hardison moving in perfect unison when they go looking for Hurley, OMG! I hit rewind on this scene a half-dozen times I swear, shut up I’m not fixated don’t look at me.
  • The conversation between Hardison and Eliot about dancers, “Eliot: Ever notice every bad guy knows at least one stripper. Hardion: You must know a hundred strippers, what does that say about you? Eliot: I’m a bad guy.” Oh Eliot.
  • Marcy. I was Marcy as a teenager. I’m pretty sure I’ve known a dozen Marcys over the years. Stay strong Marcy, one day you will get away from your controlling mother and you will be able to be your badass dour goth Wednesday Adams self.
  • Nate and Sophie arguing during group. Given that they are supposedly the senior members of the team, they have the worst work ethic.
  • Hardison’s “I am with him.” Poor Eliot has no idea what to do with his face.
  • Parker figuring out the dynamics of one of her foster families with Hurley. And then refusing to leave the centre because it’s helping her. I am kinda skeeved about how it’s implied that she was pressured into the drug therapy, but at the same time I can’t help thinking that being in a place where everybody is dysfunctional to various degrees and everybody has stories about crappy childhoods must have been a really big thing for her. She can talk about her shitty foster parents and people help her figure out what’s wrong with them and not with her for a change.
  • Hardison is a stone genius and probably knows more physics than any ten PhDs in the subject put together. But he can not hit a target with a gun to save his life.
  • Eliot being so observant that he figures out somebody has tampered with the car based on the position of the seat.
  • Hardison defusing the bomb in under two minutes. And then joking about it. “I’m gonna freshen up. Maybe cry a little bit.” I would not be able to form words, and dude can make jokes about how scary it was.
  • Eliot pretending he wouldn’t have pulled Alec under the truck with him when he threatened the gangs with the car bomb. Dude, you had your hands all over him when you were pulling him away from the first encounter with the gangs, you are not fooling anybody.
  • Hardison wouldn’t hug Hurley when he was leaving. That’s like the worst condemnation I can even think of. If Hardison won’t hug you, you are a failure as a human being.
  • Parker leaping on Eliot and Hardision when they pick her up! And they walk away together arms around each other! I clearly remember the first time I saw this episode and I was all I WANT THOSE THREE TO END UP TOGETHER. GIMME GIMME THEY BELONG TOGETHER

It seems like the real point of this episode (apart from giving me a heart attack with all the Eliot/Hardison/Parker hinting) is to emphasize Nate’s alcoholism.  letsgostealaleverageblog kindly gave me the correct order of the first season, so this ep was intended to be immediately prior to The First David Job. I’m guessing that’s why there is so much emphasis showing how Nate’s drinking is really non-functional. and how much of a train wreck he still is over his son’s death. He is so emotionally vulnerable he won’t be able to turn down the chance to go after Blackpoole.


That yearly walk down memory lane, shall we? It’s always fun looking at all of these together. It’s sorta like hitting the rewind button.

I always have to throw my yearly art summary together at the beginning/mid of December, otherwise it’s just never going to get done if I wait too late in the month. 

Rewinding (also written in a workshop with Neil Hilborn)

If we were on VHS, through all the horizontal lines on the screen, you could see us.

If I hit rewind, you would sail back to California.

I would still fly across the country four times, but this time I would be convincing you to come home.

You would take a ring off my finger and we’d go back to Walmart and put the Lego Millennium Falcon back on the shelf.

I would dye my hair from blue to green to blonde to purple to brown, like I was trying to remember myself, not forget.

I would close the scars on my skin with razor blades and remember what it felt like to feel anything.

You would move from San Diego to South Carolina to New York

You would go through A School and boot camp backwards. They would shave your hair back on. You would send back my letters and I would remember that you were what I wanted.

You would change back into the person I fell in love with.

You would come home.

Sometimes I imagine us on rewind. Because thinking of you on the exact opposite side of the world makes me wonder if turning back time could save the part of you that I lost.

Maybe I could tape over the last time we talked and you asked me if I still loved you. Like maybe I could remember your voice like a song I only heard once instead of hearing you break over a burn phone and your minutes ran out before I could say “I don’t know.”

Being in the pjo/hoo fandom is really frustrating because all the other books (Hunger Games/Divergent/ect) are all still waiting for their movies to be made. And the TV show fans all have more episodes to watch. Like their fandom is “Active”. Yes I know the Harry Potter fandom has no more movies or books left to make, but at least a they GOT movies.
But the pjo fandom doesn’t get anymore books. And the movies got screwed up so badly, they didn’t want to continue making them. So we’re just frozen. Stuck in limbo. Stewing in our emotion.
I for one, am not very happy about it.

Taylor Swift scores a new #1 Hit…on the country chart

Posted on 2/22/2017 6:00 PM

Taylor Swift’s been out of the country music game for a while, but she’s still got the magic touch when it comes to penning country hits.

Better Man,” a song written by Taylor and recorded by Little Big Town, has just reached #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart. “Thanks to Taylor Swift for sending us this beautiful song,” the group’s Karen Fairchild tells Billboard.

The last 12 months have seen many pop stars crossing over to the country charts, either as performers or writers.  Meghan Trainor co-wrote the hit “Rewind” for Rascal Flatts, for example, and scored another hit with Brett Eldredge with the Christmas duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”


Take a trip to the ‘90s through Owl City’s newly released animated music video for ‘Unbelievable’ feat. Hanson

The 90s-inspired animated music video takes you back to a time when you could spend hours playing with a Tiger handheld and stop at a gas station to get a Wonder Ball. The video perfectly fits the playful song and it’s nostalgic lyrics done with none other than Hanson, the band who released ‘90s hits like MMMBop.

Here are a few lyrics:

When I was a kid I dreamed of power wheels
Stayed up late watching action films
And I won’t lie, my friends and I
Were too legit to quit

When I was a kid I lived for climbing trees
Ate Dr. Pepper jelly beans
My favorite part of Jurassic Park
Was how real the raptors looked

When I was a kid I still had VHS
Watched Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff
Zack Morris owned the first cell phone
And it was off the hook

With an adorable, peppy VHS tape as the main protagonist, this video can’t go wrong. I can’t stop hitting the rewind button – oh, wait I mean replay.

What was your favorite part of the video? What was your favorite part of the ‘90s?


let’s hit rewind, shall we? ⏪

Cue the clouds and the heavenly overture, we’re heading for Springfield! This week we’re hitting rewind on 25 years to when Newsweek writer Harry F. Waters was looking into why we all loved this family so much.

“Perhaps the weirdest part is that these five rather crudely drawn characters—basically, bug-eyed squiggles with hideous overbites—embody a genuine Sociological Force. If you buy the argument that television mirrors us more than it molds us, then suddenly it’s sending out an intriguing message about ourselves. We’re beginning to revolt against the tube’s idealized images of domestic life—and, at the same time, lovingly embracing messed-up families with collars of blue.”