hit record


Mademoiselle Noir

“A man came across this old tower one day
It was straight like from a book he once read
He lifted his head up and saw this young lady
And here’s what the lady said:

CHORUS "Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir
Et comme vous pouvez le voir
Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis
Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit”*

The man was so scared he could only run away
He ran to the town and then said:
“I just saw a lady with the longest dark hair
And I think she’s a living dead!”

The people, so scared, took their guns and their swords
They ran to the tower and then
They saw the pale lady and felt a great fear
When they heard how she said it again:


The people, they knew what this all was about
She was clearly a demon from hell
They decided to set her long hair on fire
In the end it would burn her as well

But the lady was no demon she was a lonely soul
Just like in that book they once read
Still waiting for her prince while her hair was on fire
The one last time she said:


-Original song made ppeppina on hitRECord <3


Moi, je m'apelle mademoiselle noir, et comme vous pouvez le voir je ne souris

ni ris ni vis

et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

Loose Change

She hits me with a kiss, with a fist.

She hits record.

“Is this thing on?”

Yeah, she wanders into our relationship like a drunk, looking for a fight. She scrunches her hands up into little balls of knuckled rage. She grinds her teeth down to little broken points, and she spits out white grains of sand across the morning.

She comes in burnt. She comes in broken. She asks me to make love to her, but I have to find the masking tape first. I have to wrap her up like a mislaid Xmas gift. I have to secure all her rattling cogs and spigots. 

Find Me: For I am hungry. For I am lost. For I am a foursome in a single body. I am that genius who’d ruin the world for science. I am that impetuous voice of youth, burning against the black. I am that invisible female, unknown and unseen, working in the background. I am that scarred and hideous monster, hiding a tired heart behind lumps of concrete and aggression. 

Is this thing on?

Or are we just talking in the dark, mistaking our echoes for conversation? Are we here? Are we one? Are we a group? Is this more like masturbation, or making love with a stranger?

Let me just tell you now: It’s gonna be another one of those days. We can fight it, we can kick against us, but let me just inform you of these simple facts:

We’re gonna be beautiful when we grow up into the sky, like flowers and fireworks. We’ll grow apart, disperse, and then flicker back to the earth in form of seeds and loose change.