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The Myth of Apple's Great Design
The company’s new “spaceship” headquarters shows how its beauty has always been skin deep.
By Ian Bogost

I’m not particularly for-or-against Apple; I was raised using PCs at home and Apples at school, so I’m reasonably familiar with both, though using PCs for work has tipped those scales a little. 

But what I do love is a really well executed hit piece, and The Myth Of Apple’s Great Design is an amazing screed against Apple and its tech philosophy. Well worth a read for the sheer satisfaction of watching someone dismantle an icon so thoroughly. 

have some winter sasodei


FFXV | Overdressed in the Crestholm Channels  

(Or, I felt IMMENSELY guilty about making Noctis splash around the Crestholm Channel sewer water in his tailored three piece Royal Raiment.)

It still amazes me how some of the Columbine victims survived their wounds. Just to name a few: Patrick Ireland was shot twice in the head and still has a bullet lodged in his brain. Nicole Nowlen was under the table with John Tomlin and was hit with nine pieces of buckshot in her abdomen with five pieces still lodged in her stomach. Mark Kintgen was hit in the left side of the neck and head. Mark Taylor was shot five times in the back and two in the chest by Eric, and two bullets just barely missed his aorta. Valeen Schnurr suffered nine gunshot wounds to her arm, chest and abdomen. Lance Kirklin was shot point blank in the face by Dylan among other wounds to the foot, leg, and chest.

One of the Wall Street Journalists who helped write the hit piece on Pewdiepie tweeted this joke about Jews “frying” back in 2009. Looks like people have discovered it in 2017. Also worth noting the South Park profile image, a show that notoriously pushes boundaries with its “anti semitic” jokes. (x)

Artist Imagines Realistic One Piece

Considering how cartoony Eiichiro Oda’s mega-hit One Piece is, it can be more difficult to imagine in a realistic style than most. Thankfully Chinese artist Zhong Zhengxiang did the hard work for us, depicting Ace, Gol D. Roger, and Garp with some painstakingly crafted CG art.

Zhengxiang’s art was created using a mix of Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, and Photoshop. See the results below, along with some detailed close-ups, 3D models, and a message from the artist on what the image is attempting to convey.

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There is no way the Wall Street Journal is so stupid they would release a hit piece on Pewdiepie without expecting hate. This has to be a calculated move where there was some clear advantage for them for cherry picking his videos and promoting a clearly false message. They know that it will get a lot of hits and that it would receive a huge backlash. Perhaps Wall Street Fake News Journal is in cahoots with YouTube and Disney and received some sort of compensation for this. I just refuse to believe that this was an uncalculated move from one of the largest news companies. What do you think?

Hello everyone! I have gotten a bunch of questions about coloring, so here are some things to think about!!!

A. One thing I have noticed that helps give your shapes a little pop is to give it super saturated lines where there are plane changes. On ledges and corners, experiment with how saturated your colors are! 
B/C. If you want to journey into changing your hues as you shade (please do!) think about which direction you are pulling your highlights and shadows in. They should be opposites! Highlights are warm- make your shadows cooler, and vice versa. 
D. Try to vary your saturation and value! Unless you have specific intent when making everything saturated, it can look very gaudy, and cause all the other colors on your page to loose their vibrancy. 
Try covering up “D” on your screen and notice how the other forms on the page become much brighter. 
E.  What kind of lights are hitting your piece, and how does that change it? Be careful of how it affects your form. Notice how putting these specific colored lights on the form almost make it transparent, making it seem like a different material. 
F. What material is your object? Does it have dimples, textures, etc? Try to give your forms intentional materials and notice how light reacts to it! 

More to come!