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Innocence (M)

WARNING: graphic smut, oral, jealousy, strong language, idk it’s smut.

Summary: You’re Hoseok’s, and no one else’s.

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I’m sorry if some of you didn’t want to see this but this DISGUSTS me! Please don’t ever mob any idols like this. This is the only video I’ve seen and Doyoung gets pushed in it and I heard Yuta got hit during the mob :( How can you yell, “Doyoung I love you!” and physically hurt him? If you loved the boys you would give them space and be respectful. Even the other day Taeyeon got hit by a fan’s camera and looked visibly uncomfortable; the boys have been mobbed before in other countries too. This breaks my heart I hope some of you learn from this and get some manners (I know that sounds harsh but this treatment was harsh towards the boys don’t you think?) I’m just so done with rude fans who try to grab at their idols like they’re an object instead of human beings with actual feelings who deserve to be treated with respect and basic human decency 

La Douleur Exquise Pt 2 | Incubus!Yoongi AU

summary: in which you accidentally summon an incubus in the middle of your shitty apartment and he won’t leave until you agree to have sex with him. until then, min yoongi, incubus extraordinaire, is now your sexually promiscuous and grumpy roommate. aka, the incubus au no one fucking asked for.

warnings: lots of swearing, and some bondage and dom/sub!tones (uhh but not really? you’ll get it when you read it hhhh)

genre: fluff, angst, humor, smut

words: 5.8K

a/n: since it’s my 18th bday, i decided to upload this because it has my very first smut scene hhhh ok but it’s not really a smut scene (you’ll understand when you read) and i wanted to celebrate by posting this today!! hope you enjoy~

Yoongi supposed, for all intents and purposes, that tonight could not have gone any better in his opinion.

He never took you for the type who would be into bondage and orgasm denial, but who was he to deny a lovely lady’s request? Even more so, a beautiful lady who was currently begging for his touch, or so at least that was what he assumed you were saying through the mouth gag he had placed on you.

“What was that, princess? You want me to touch you?” He smirked, his long fingers barely grazing the top of your soaked white panties. You only groaned through the gag; your hips jerked up reflexively, attempting to chase the touch of his fleeing fingers. Your eyes were teary from pent up arousal, having been denied your orgasm at least three times in the last two hours. But oh, did you love it.

Who would have thought that the fiery, sarcastic girl who summoned him two weeks ago could be such a fine submissive?

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Eliza! :D Do a mini story of Kara meeting Lena in the train to London! If you would like? Or like, something with Kara and Lena in the UK, in a place you like? If you're not inspired then no worries, I wish you a good day <3

there’s a distractingly athletic girl walking down the train, counting seats. lena lets herself watch until the girl is five rows away and then she returns her eyes to her computer screen.

“thirty six, thirty five, thirty four, thirty three, god this train goes on forever,” she mutters and lena smiles down at an email in which she’s referred to as incompetent twice. the girl has a nice voice, american accent obvious but it’s light like it’s learned and the way she speaks the numbers is odd. lena can’t quite pinpoint what it is, exactly, and when the girl speaks again, right at lena’s side, she looks up and into unexpectedly blue eyes. “twenty seven! and a friend, hello!”

“hello,” lena returns, and the girl pulls off her hiking pack and lifts it effortlessly up into the roof racks. her shirt lifts slightly and lena looks out the window, face hot.

“would you like me to lift your bag up?”

lena knows she hadn’t brought a bag with her so the girl isn’t speaking to her - she turns, curious, and there’s the tiniest old lady lena has ever seen chatting away with lena’s “friend” in what she’s pretty sure is welsh. the suitcase is as big as the lady and the girl lifts it like it weighs nothing, tucking it neatly into place. she speaks with her for a little longer, checks the ticket and walks her to seat “thirty four!” as the girl happily announces.

finally, only a few minutes before the train is set to depart, the girl takes her own seat. she looks around for a minute for a seatbelt, grins sheepishly to lena when there isn’t one.

“hi again. i’m kara.”

she doesn’t hold her hand out or anything like that, not at first. when lena nods and says, “lena,” back, kara jumps like she’d forgotten and she holds out her hand, which lena takes. she wouldn’t normally, perhaps, but she’s nineteen and terribly gay and kara has really nice hands. they’re warm and dry and soft and wrap gently around her hand, a bit larger than lena’s own. her nails are short and broad and very clean without a hint of paint and lena looks a little abashedly at the faintly chipping purple on her own nails.

“i like the purple,” kara says, hesitating over the word purple, and lena is entranced and allows herself to be swayed away from her momentary shame. “i don’t really paint my nails, i never seem to have time for it. sometimes i paint my toes with my sister but not very often.” there’s something wistful in that and lena looks to her email and closes the top of her computer. “oh, you don’t have to do that!”

“it’s work,” lena tells her, which is as much again as she’s already said to this stranger. “i appreciate the distraction, if i’m honest.”

“in that case,” kara grins - so happily and prettily lena suspects she doesn’t realise how absolutely right she is when she says, “i am an Excellent distraction.”

kara is eighteen and taking some time off university, she tells lena exactly two minutes into their journey. she loves learning and the whole university experience, but there were so many people and sometimes, she confesses, it’s very nice to be around people you won’t see ever again.

lena nods. she can understand that.

kara doesn’t seem to mind that for every seven things she tells lena about herself, lena says one. maybe one. she just carries on, big gestures and big smiles and big stories.

“okay, okay,” kara laughs, hands up. “that’s enough from me,” she insists. lena’s sides hurt from laughing - at kara, technically, but since she was laughing too it didn’t feel mean, and really what other response to kara being dragged on stage with an improvisation crew was there? “i need to recover,”

“no please, go on,” lena teases, and she’s certain this time that kara’s eyes dip down to her lips. she’s been almost certain five times now but this time, this time she’s truly certain. her smile grows and kara flushes a light pink.

“no,” kara tells her, a little weakly. she clears her throat. “i’m, um, mortified.”

“with good reason,” lena tells her, and then dread freezes her gut because that was too mean, kara has been nothing but nice, that was nasty - but kara is laughing and nodding and lena sips at her terrible coffee, trying to unthaw. “i’m sorry,”

“no, honestly, i don’t know how i managed to get in so much trouble,” kara laughs. she drinks her coffee and makes a face.

“we can order you something else, you know,” lena offers, and relief wrecks kara’s displeased expression.


“of course,” lena says smoothly, though this is one more in a now significantly long list of Slightly Odd Things kara has done. she can’t quite figure out how they’re connected but she can’t help noting them.

“great. it’s just, they came past with the tray and i didn’t know what they said so when you said coffee and i just copied you.” kara flushes again but it’s a miserable kind of embarrassment and lena finds herself reaching across the little table and taking kara’s hand. she rubs her thumb over the sharp knobs of her knuckles and smiles.

“i had a dreadfully boring trip,” she tells kara, ignoring her embarrassment. “i was working the entire time and the only good part so far has been you.” the words come out without planning and lena wants to snatch them back out of the air where they hang for a frozen moment but it’s too late.

kara is smiling again, a little shyly but so pleased, and lena decides she’ll just have to leave it if it makes kara smile like that.

“what are you working on?”

“wind turbines, for my brothers company. we’re looking at prototypes we can use here since they already use them.”

“that’s very cool,” kara compliments, which lena shrugs away. “smart is sexy,” she tells lena like she’s repeating it from someone, and then she flushes absolutely red and pulls her hand gently away. “i mean, that’s what i’ve heard!”

“right.” lena tries not to laugh at her, she really does, but kara lifts both hands up to hide her face and it’s so endearing lena laughs - once, loudly, and surprised by the volume she stops but can’t entirely halt the quiet laughs. she lifts one hand to cover her mouth and kara peeks over at her, the corner of her mouth tilted up in, lena examines her for a moment, perhaps the softest smile lena has ever been treated to. “kara,” lena begins, making sure that there are plenty of free seats to move to if necessary, “do you want to make out with me?”

kara stares at her for a moment, hands dropping to her lap. she licks her lips. “uh,”

lena tilts her head invitingly to the seats near them, side by side, and kara stands so quickly her head hits the roof racks above.

lena hisses sympathetically and kara is a touch slow to lift a hand, to grimace at the pain. there’s a strange creaking sound when lena stands, but she can’t be certain where it’s coming from, so she ignores it. very easily indeed when kara slides into the seat next to her and she’s warm and lena can put her hand on her thigh and the other around her neck and tug her in for a surprisingly gentle kiss. and quick.


“sorry i’m just,” kara grins, waves a hand very vaguely. “this is really nice and you’re so soft and you smell really good and i’m really enjoying this, it’s just really new.”

“oh.” lena pauses. “do you want to stop?”

“no! i have a great learning curve, don’t even worry!” kara reassures her about something lena hadn’t been worried about, and it has the incredible benefit of making lena think about other things kara might pick up very quickly.

“right,” she says, mostly to herself but a little to kara who is examining her like she’s something precious to memorise, and she returns the favour for a moment before leaning in slowly and pressing her lips to kara’s again, shivering when she feels kara respond, press closer, slip her hand into her thick hair and cradle the back of her head - like she’s precious, lena thinks again, and she introduces a little teeth.

it’s ridiculous how much kara likes that, and how hot she sounds when she sighs happily or moans when lena first kisses her neck, and lena finds herself abruptly furious at the thought that this might end as soon as the train pulls into london.

“what are you doing tonight?” she asks kara, who doesn’t mind that they’ve stopped, just leans back against the armrest with her mussed hair and a happy smile.

“um, going to my hostel. but nothing else. why?”

“stay with me,” lena suggests.

kara blinks. then, before lena can explain or reassure her that she’s not a serial killer, she nods. “sure. i would love that.”

lena stares at her. then, not wanting to point out all the reasons why that probably shouldn’t have been her answer, she pulls kara into another kiss.

she’s the strangest girl lena has ever met, and for maybe the first time this is someone lena wants to…to be around. not just someone to annoy her mother or to get away from home for a night or because she hasn’t spoken to someone for a week and she’s recognising the signs of loneliness, but genuine connection. and lena knows her own faults: she knows her voracity, and her wants, and her rather embarrassing desperation for someone’s entire attention, and her tendency to build relationships with the least amount of interaction as possible so she cut people very sharply out of her life with very little difficulty. but this time, she thinks, it feels different.

The Serpent & The Saint

“I’m tired B! We’ve been at this for an hour, can’t we take a break?” Veronica Lodge panted desperately, the boxing gloves on her hands nearly weighing her down to the floor, she was covered in sweat, no a feminine glow, a dripping warm sweat.

“Do you think the Serpents take breaks? Do you think they sat down and took a breather before they sliced our tires and beat up Kevin and Moose? I don’t think so. We need to be ready Veronica, we don’t know what they’re capable of and we don’t know when they’re going to attack.” Betty was relentless, pounding into the punching bag with a force Veronica didn’t even know her best friend was capable of.

“Well, I’m no Serpent and I’m taking a break. Leave it to the guys Betty, Reggie and chuck and Adam would never let anything happen to us, you know that.”

The beautiful blonde snorted aloud
“I’m not going to depend on anyone to protect me. I can take care of myself. You forget Veronica but we’re part of the Northside Saints too, not just the boys, I’ll meet you tomorrow. I’m gonna be here for a bit.”

Veronica hesitated, her eyes nervous

“I’ve got this Ronnie. Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.”

Clamping her pearls around her neck Veronica sighed,
“Well if you come across any trouble. You call me or call Reggie, it’s not safe to walk home at night alone.”

Betty rolled her eyes and adjusted the tight black sports bra around her heaving chest, popping her earphones in her ears and waving flippantly at the raven haired princess as she sauntered out of the gym leaving Betty entirely alone.

Perfect, just how she liked it.

Two hours later and bruised knuckles and aching muscles, Betty was heading down the dimly lit streets of Riverdale, her head tucked into her chest as she counted her steps


“You make a habit of walking home on your own at midnight.”

Betty’s head snapped forward, crossing her arms over her chest she felt for the ground, don’t let him see, don’t let him know.

“Get out of here. You know you’re not welcome on this side of town. Go fuck with someone else, I’m not in the mood for Serpent Trash tonight.”

He was in front of her now, towering, intimidating, dangerous.

But no, he was a coward, a traitor.

“I said get the fuck out of here Jughead.” She hissed, palms fisting, nails digging into the soft skin sharply as she bit down hard on her teeth.

“Now is that anyway to talk to an old friend Betts?” His hand reached out to touch her but she was faster, jumping back.

“You’re no friend of mine, snake.”

Something shifted in The dark haired boys eyes as he pulled on the lapels of his heavy black leather jacket.

“Oh yeah? You weren’t saying that last year, when you had me in your…”

The stinging sound of the slap echoed through the empty streets, Jugheads shock was quickly replaced when he looked into the watery green eyes filled with hatred and tears

“Fuck you Jughead Jones.”

And then she was walking away, leaving him with the view of her messy blonde ponytail and the glaring NS symbol on her own leather jacket.

“Betty!” He called after her “shit, I didn’t mean that, you know I didn’t mean that.. I just..”

The stunning young gang member whipped around
“You just what? You just like to follow me around every day, you think I don’t see you? You think I don’t know you follow me home every night. I fucking know you Jughead.” The way she spoke the venom in her words, she hated the fact that she knew him so well “I can feel you, every damn time. Maybe those two years meant nothing to you but I learned a lot about you. Waiting to hear your footsteps come into my room at night, I know what you sound like. I slept with you every night you think I can’t smell your damn cologne? Why are you doing this to me? what do you want from me?! You left me, you left us all. If they find out I’m even talking to you.. a gang jumper.. god.. just leave me alone.”

He gripped her wrist almost painfully
“You know it meant something to me. It meant everything to me.”

Grey eyes met green for only a split second, but in that moment it was all there, laid out in front of her, that spark, that connection that thing that made them so uniquely perfect for each other.


No, not this time.

Betty snatched her hand away
“Ya know, I used to wait for your excuse. I’d dream every night that you’d come back, back to the Saints, back to the Northside… back to me. that you’d tell me it was all some stupid prank. But I’m done waiting, I don’t care what you want Jughead. You’re a Serpent now, that’s what you chose, enjoy it. I hope it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ll see you at the fight tomorrow. Tell your girlfriend Toni I’m ready.”

He didn’t even have a chance to blink, to ask her what she was talking about before she was gone, pounding the sidewalk. Running away from him.

The civil war between the North and South was the most dangerous war to hit the small town, the pain it had caused both sides was crippling. It tore people apart, it tore Jughead apart.

Things were changing, people were changing.
His beautiful Betty was a prime example, she was hardened and bitter, pain evident over every feature, looking at her was like looking into a mirror.

A Serpent and a Saint, so vastly different. Or were they? he could still remember the feel of Betty’s arms wrapped around his Saints jacket, her kisses against his skin, her kisses everywhere.

He loved her. Fuck it, he loved her more than anything, there was no sense in denying it, she had his heart, he would die for her. But he couldn’t have her, she was the forbidden fruit, he would die to protect her and that was exactly what he was going to do.

Archie had made sure of it.

Something is off- part 13

A/N: Part 13 of something is off! lol this isn’t really good, so please remember that this is not my first Language. Tell me what you think! Requests are open!

Part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12

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The morning sun fell through the window and hit the two lovers tangled in each other arms as a reminder of what was to come. Y/N and Hoseok laid close as they enjoyed the peaceful moment before their mind would truly wake up from slumber. Hoseok pulled y/n even tighter to his chest.

Today was the day he was going to confess his faults, therefore he cherished every second. He knew very well that this may be the last time he gets to hold her like this. With this thought in mind he opened his eyes to really look at the girl he loved. At first glance she wasn’t the most typical pretty girl, but on a second glance she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on.

Y/n slowly unlocked her eyes and popped up on her elbows, a smile was lazily plastered on her face. A sweet peck was given before she fell down into the sheets, not wanting to wake up. Hoesok let out a chuckle and attacked her face with lovely little kisses. The kisses quickly turned into a tickle fight between the two. The quiet room filled with laughter and it was as if they were just as in love as the first few months of their relationship.

The fight calmed down and the lovebirds starred in each other eyes. Y/n smile turned into a more serious frown as she remembered the talk that was bound to happen. Y/n and Hoseok never had a serious fight before or any fight for that matter. They were always able to communicate calmly, but this time she feared it may take a different turn.

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So i have read this post from @drvcomalfxy about the Butterfly Effect Theory which makes so much sense and totally enlightening. However the post did mention that the story of Jihope is still a big question, so i tried my best to figure it out. And here is my take on the story! So @drvcomalfxy, if you are reading this hope it helps you connect the dots.

I have read a few post saying that all the girls are not real/ just the boys conscience, but with Jin’s time-travelling ability theory, which is the most reliable right now, said thing bout the girls is just kinda unecessary.

HOWEVER, we all know that in HYYH, Jimin, and Hoseok are the two dealing with mental illness, and they have been through alot together, so if they share an imaginery girl, it would only make sense. So i start looking at the story from this point of view.

As far as i know, when someone creates an imaginery friend is because they are in need of someone, or something in their life. Hoseok’s mom left him, so maybe the girl acts as such a role by taking care of him, like how she bought him the cake. Jimin is insecured, so maybe she makes him feel loved and included.

This happy part is easy to tell, but what is it that makes me think of Black Swan? It is this scene, which i dont know if it’s just a mistake (since Jimin is no actor) or it’s really something important!

Okay, first, let’s talk about Black Swan. If you haven’t seen the film (i don’t know why you haven’t), it’s a story about a ballet dancer who is obsessed over a role, to the point that she is mentally ill. In the movie, there are many scenes where the dancer sees her body being injured/bleeding although it’s actually not.

And look at the picture above, what do you see? Jimin forearm is covered with sleeve. So even if he fell, many of you said that on a nail , i don’t think he would have bled that much (as a person who has been cut serveral times, i guess i would know), at least not to the point of this much blood. And Jimin looks so scared, it must be really terrible in his eyes.

Also looks at this shot. Seems like the cut is on his forearm ,which again, was covered by sleeve. So the question is, is there any cut at all?

This leads to another question. If Jimin is truely ill mentally like the Black Swan (which by the way is also about dancing so i guess there is a connection there :))) ), he must be obsessed over something, right? So what is he obsessed about?

At first i think maybe it’s the girl, but i don’t think because he is secretly in love with her, since that will be kinda illogical. I mean think about it, you might hurt yourself for love but only to get the other’s attention. But Jimin fell at the same time as the girl, so wouldn’t he be ignoring his wound to carry her? Why let Hoseok do it? 

Then it hit me,  what if he wants to be like her? That would explain why he practices by himself in the dark, so determined to perfect the moves.

And to why he wants to be like her, maybe his insecurity hits again. I mean she is beautiful, she is talented, and maybe  (this might be just the inner fangirl me) because Hoseok seems to like her. Maybe he is afraid of loosing Hoseok, his only real friend (or his love i dont know)

Thinking Jimin wound is only in his mind would actually add more sense to why Hoseok carrys the girl to the hospital alone, since if the wound was real, he would have dragged Jimin with him. (He doesn’t call the ambulance because common she is not real) The girl used to be Jimin source of joy, and she faints means Jimin is loosing his happy self again, that’s why Hoseok has to save her - it’s saving his conscience and Jimin as well. 

By the way Hoseok is wet under the rain so stop questioning it!

Okay, down to the last scene and also the most questionable thing ever!! Why is Jimin still wet even with an umbrella? This is the part im most uncertain about so don’t jump at me!

So i’m guessing….

After washing off the wound, Jimin comes running after Hoseok and the girl. It was rainning hard, and as we have seen in HYYH, Jimin has the tendency to drown himself. So maybe, even though he brings an umbrella for the two, he refuses to use it himself. Almost like he tries to drown himself again, in the heavy rain.

And when he sees the girl and Hoseok, something hits him real hard that he just gives up, on trying to be the girl, on Hoseok, on himself. 

Because Jimin’s problem has always been about insecurity. Like it said in his poster:

“I lied because there’s no reason to love someone like me”

The Captain and The Recruit - Part 2.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.
Warnings:Language, Impure thoughts, Masturbation (female), Slow Burn.
Word Count: 1k.

A/N: Let me if you want to be tagged in future parts. Part 1.



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Someone : Shepards cannon height is 5'4’’ according to the scale ratio of her figurine when taking into account that the sun hits her at this angle, creating a 4 inch shadow and at the approximate date and time the Reapers hit Earth in ME3 along with the perfect hint of blue Liara radiates along with the pitch of Garrus’ voice at 1hr 25 min. 

Me: I WILL fight you. 

What's the worst thing a man has ever told you in an attempt to hit on you?

My boyfriend was killed in a car wreck by a drunk driver one year ago. He had to be cremated. I am in college, and at the time I was walking across campus when his mother texted me that the cremation had been done. I fell to the ground in tears. A guy came up to me, picked me up off the ground and hugged me. I just cried into his shoulder and told him what had just happened, saying something like “my boyfriend died..”. He said “well, do you want a new one?”

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NurseyDex High School Musical Au?

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my gay, musical theater trash heart for this prompt. 

_/\_  _/\_

Derek Nurse had exactly 20 minutes until midnight. 20 minutes until he could go back to his hotel room. 20 minutes until he was out of this loud, annoying New Years Party. 

When he first arrived at the party, Derek sat down on a chair in the farthest corner of the room and pressed his nose into the new anthology he got as a secret santa gift. Unfortunately even Countee Cullen wasn’t enough to distract him from the loud, obnoxious partiers littered around him. His plan was to ignore any attempt at contact by the strangers around him, read his book, and run upstairs the second Auld Lang Syne started playing. 

Derek’s plan was completely ruined when a huge, blinding spotlight found its way to him. 

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Life With the Schuylers -Chapter One (Angelica)

a/n: and here we go here’s the first chapter! I wanna quickly give a shoutout to @serkewen12 @secretschuylersister @parksxo @anthonyramosobc and @god-damn-it-miranda for proofreading and giving me the confidence in this series to continue! Please don’t forget to let me know what you think!! Enjoy! 

warnings: alcohol mentions, I think that’s it? 

word count: 3153

tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails @legendaryapplesauce @turtlenecks-coffee 

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Standing in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, Angelica Schuyler looks over her outfit for the night.

It was almost 3 weeks ago when she bought the dress for tonight, truth be told she almost forgot about the dress after she slipped it into her closet and went about her life.

She wishes she could forget about the party, or even get out of going and spend New Year’s Eve with her parents instead. But Eliza and Peggy want to go tonight, just like they do every year and so she takes a breath and smooths her hands over her dress.

She can’t deny she looks good, the cut of the dress is classy but still cute at the same time. The high neckline of the dress doesn’t make her feel like she’s got everything on show, the knee length skirt twirls when she spins around and the light pink color feels cute and a little girly.

She might not want to go to this particular party tonight, but she’s for sure not going to show up looking anything less than incredible.

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Go Wild - Sirius Black x Reader (smut)

1. What about a sirius black one shot based on the song “there’s nothing holding me back ” by shawn mendes?
2. Okay, so.. do you know that thing JKR said about how Lupin has large genitalia because he’s a werewolf?… I just thought, what if Sirius had an extremely talented tongue because he’s a dog?… I’d really like a fanfic for that… thank you!
3. sitting on sirius’ lap and he gets a BONER
Warnings: So, guys, my inspiration, and imagination have run out… so, um, this isn’t as great as I wanted it to be but, oh well. Also, my English and smutty. It’s not all the way, though. [Lyrics in Italic]. Image/Gif aren’t mine/Credits to their original owners.
Word Count ≈1.7k

I wanna follow where she goes/I think about her and she knows it/I wanna let her take control/‘Cause everytime that she gets close/She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing/And maybe I should stop and start confessing

You were playing this game with Sirius. You were always keeping him on his toes; you flirted with him shamelessly, you sassed him and messed with his ego. Someone had to do it. He was hitting on every girl but you knew that he never really liked it when he actually got them. He liked the chase. He enjoyed the flirting and the game. So, that was exactly what you did. Played his game. On your terms.
And it seemed to work because his cheesy pickup lines were all towards you. He had stopped sleeping around. He actually had one girl on his mind, as Remus had told you. You were good friends with Remus; you were friends before you developed a crush on his friend. It was only natural. He was gorgeous and he knew it, he was smart, witty and sarcastic while at the same time he was an amazing friend to Remus-as all of them- and he was a kind soul, caring and… well, something about his eyes. They were honest and trustworthy. You had it bad for the ‘bad-boy’. You knew he wasn’t the ‘bad-boy’ he liked to think he was. You knew about his so-called family. Remus had trusted you with that information and of course, you weren’t going to say a thing.
Whenever you two spotted each other in the room, you felt like he was the magnet and you were the metal. Like, now. You were in the common room, talking to Lily, who was in the middle of a crisis about James. She liked him but she didn’t want to admit it. He waltzed over to you and plopped down next to you with an arm around your shoulders.
You arched an eyebrow in question. His eyes were so stormy and so dark. Darker than their usual gray. Like he was provoking you to do something.
“Do you have a map cause I got lost in your eyes” he said seductively. You leaned closer, your eyes drifting from his to his full and perfectly shaped mouth and back.
“No, but you do… Pads” you softly whispered, your breath falling hot on his lips, making him want to drag you all the way to his room and kiss the hell out of you. And his imagination didn’t stop there. He knew that you knew just as you knew that he was aware that you knew. He wasn’t surprised that you knew about the Marauders Map-you were friends with Remus. He was surprised though at his body reaction when you called him by his nickname. Like you had control over him. And boy, did he like that.

She says that she’s never afraid/Just picture everybody naked/She really doesn’t like to wait/Not really into hesitation/Pulls me in enough to keep me guessing/And maybe I should stop and start confessing

“I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?” he continued like nothing had just happened. You were aware of all the stares you had gained. Lily was smirking along with James, Remus was smiling to himself-he knew this was bound to happen since you both held feelings for each other- and Peter was just feeling uncomfortable. You, on the other hand, didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Actually, you had to admit to yourself, you liked this but you wanted more. You wanted him and even though the chase was fun and the playful remarks were nice, you wanted him on a different level.
“Sure” you simply answered, throwing him off. He gasped at your response, not being able to think. He blinked several times as they all did. You held back the urge to laugh and batted your eyelashes too innocent to mean it.  It was your time to make a move; your time to be the predator; your time to let him know how you felt and what you wanted.
“I want to taste something sweet…could I taste your lips?” you asked him, nonchalantly. He choked on his breath. Lily glared at you-she would have to say yes to James now. You had this bet-if you were ever revealed your feeling to Sirius, she would have to go out with James.
You stood up for a bit, tilting your head to the left, thinking if this was a clever idea. If it ended badly, you wouldn’t dare to talk to him again but what if?
You sat down on his lap, a shy but sexy smile slowly making its way to your lips. His arms were instantly wrapped around your waist and he rested his head in the crook of your neck. Your back was pressed against his toned torso and you could feel every single muscle- and they were plenty. His scent was intoxicating; smoke, sugar and sin. That boy was the death of you. You didn’t know but he was already too drunk on you and your ways.
You were shifting and moving to make yourself comfortable but you stopped abruptly when you felt… it.

Oh, I’ve been shaking/I love it when you go crazy/You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions/Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/There’s nothing holding me back/There’s nothing holding me back

He got a boner. Sirius Orion Black. The famous Casanova. You felt him going hard and you heard him whining so softly that it was almost inaudible. He had a reputation to uphold but he couldn’t care less; he needed you and he made sure to tell you.
“What are you doing there, love?” he husked. His voice was low and deep and Merlin, the things you wanted to do to that man.
“Just making myself comfortable, love” you answered him like you had no idea what he was talking about. He didn’t buy it and he arched his eyebrow. You arched your body slightly.
“I love it when I catch you looking at me and you bite your lip” you purred. All innocence was gone. And you didn’t want it back. You wanted him. Now. He actually whined again.
“I don’t do one-night stands, Siri. I want the whole thing” you said deadly serious (no pun intended). He squeezed your waist as his mouth was too close to your neck.
“Glad we are on the same page” he cooed. You stood up and grabbed his hand. You ignored all the looks your friends gave you as you were making your way to his dorm.

'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright

The moment you were inside his room, your clothes were off and you were trapped beneath him. Not that you didn’t want to be trapped there. His hands began roaming your body. He gently caressed the soft skin of your breasts, as you arched into him. He cupped you firmly, his thumb running over your nipple causing a low moan to escape your mouth. He slowly worked his talented mouth down your stomach, leaving open-mouthed kisses and moving on to your core. You could only watch him as he smirked when he saw how wet you were. Gulping I watched him moved down my form until he was facing my…my womanhood. You were so overwhelmed with feelings and sensations that you didn’t even notice the whimpers escaping your lips.
“Oh, doll” he praised you but you could see that he was in hard place himself.  His fingers brushed against your clit and you jolted out with pleasure, sending shivers down your spine. Seeing you like that Sirius felt like he had never felt before. He had plenty of experiences before you but none of them really matter-all of them faded from his mind as he carved your image to his mind. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and the moment his tongue touched you… you gasped and tried to contain yourself. Needless to say, you couldn’t stop panting. He was so talented that your back arched off of the bed. He was taking his time because well, he was a tease but he also loved you in that state, moaning and begging for more.
He moved his hands to your hips, keeping them apart and leaving bruises as his tongue drew designs of all kinds onto your clit. A cry tore from your lips as his mouth covered your and he took in all your juices. He was the biggest and worst of your mistakes, but for him, you would walk through hell. He was sin; and you loved it. He made those thoughts go away as he brought his skillful fingers back to your heat, separating your lips gently. You closed your eyes, a loud moan leaving-again.
Once you felt his fingers inside you, your mouth formed an open shape. Your whimpers rose when he pulled his fingers out before pushing them inside again and twisting them. He was hitting harder and harder your sweet spot and you couldn’t help but moan and whimper and scream. With his tongue on your clit, his teeth tugging it occasionally and his fingers pumping in and out of you, you came harder than you had ever experienced. And he gladly licked you clean. You opened your eyes and watched him with awe as he licked his lips with his tongue. You wanted more of him, more of… everything.
“So sweet and so spicy, doll” he praised you and Merlin… the things he was doing to you.
“Let me return the favor, love” you said, suddenly regaining your confidence and grabbing him by his shoulders as you crashed your lips to his into a passionate kiss. Once you broke apart, you flipped him over. You were in control now.
And boy it was going to be one hell of a night.

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Question! (again)

But this time a bit different because I’m just curious:

What would you like to see me draw (in the near future)? Any special ideas or wishes?

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could recommend me the Monsta X songs you think I should hear first to get into them? I really wanna stan!

ayyeee, right decision anon, very right decision. i’m gonna list songs with videos so you can also get a feel of the kind of concepts they do.

upbeat songs (mostly title songs tbh)

slower songs

  • need u | watch here
  • honestly | watch here
  • perfect girl | watch here
  • gravity (doesn’t have a mv but highly recommend regardless)

one year of holly-plumbob and 250 followers gift!!!

so today a year ago i officially started this tumblr plus a few days ago i reached 250 followers; which is crazy thank you to everyone!

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love you all <3

She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike. The old man had squeezed three fingers out between the bars. “Water,” he said, “water.”

Arya swung down from her horse. They can’t hurt me, they’re dying. She took her cup from her bedroll and went to the fountain. “What do you think you’re doing, boy?” the townsman snapped. “They’re no concern o’ yours.” She raised the cup to the fish’s mouth. The water splashed across her fingers and down her sleeve, but Arya did not move until the cup was brimming over. When she turned back toward the cages, the townsman moved to stop her. “You get away from them, boy—”

“She’s a girl,” said Harwin. “Leave her be.”

“Aye,” said Lem. “Lord Beric don’t hold with caging men to die of thirst. Why don’t you hang them decent?”

“There was nothing decent ‘bout them things they did at Tumbler’s Falls,” the townsman growled right back at him.

The bars were too narrow to pass a cup through, but Harwin and Gendry offered her a leg up. She planted a foot in Harwin’s cupped hands, vaulted onto Gendry’s shoulders, and grabbed the bars on top of the cage. The fat man turned his face up and pressed his cheek to the iron, and Arya poured the water over him. He sucked at it eagerly and let it run down over his head and cheeks and hands, and then he licked the dampness off the bars. He would have licked Arya’s fingers if she hadn’t snatched them back. By the time she served the other two the same, a crowd had gathered to watch her.


THIS is Arya. She’s not Lady Stoneheart or some other harbinger of blind vengeance. Arya knows who’s wronged her and her family, and it’s those she seeks vengeance on. THIS is a perfect canon example of Arya’s kindness and mercy and even ability to be humble. She knows these men are going to die anyway, that they even deserve to, but she isn’t happy to let them suffer as they die. She uses her very own water cup to serve them. These are men, soldiers, beneath her rank as Princess of Winterfell, but she uses her own water cup to personally serve these dirty, bloody, fly ridden men in defiance of those around her, none of whom stepped up to provide this same mercy.

I always remember this part when I think of book Arya and it’s one of the many reasons I love canon Arya so much.

hi guys!! so i hit 800 followers and it might not be much for some, but it is for me and i love every single one of you (except all pornbots that follow me which is like half of my followers but whatever). so since i really like making moodboards i decided to do that to celebrate my 800 followers. (sorry for the terrible banner i made it lmao)

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So i finally reached 1k followers and I wanted to do something to celebrate by appreciating you all for following me. I never thought I’d hit this milestone especially since moving my blog over from a sideblog to a main blog so thank you so much!! To celebrate I’m opening edit/gif/colouring requests that will be dedicated to you my wonderful followers!!


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