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Im Sorry - Part Twelve

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Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Crowley, Lisa

Warning: Language 

Word count: 1764

Black was all you could see, hate was all you could feel. The memories of being torn apart by hellhounds were still fresh in your memory but honestly you didn’t care. You felt like a new you, a better you. This, what you were… a demon, you sure the hell were liking it.

You still had no clue where you popped up, and how the hell you still had your own body even after being torn to shreds by hellhounds, but once again you did not give a single fuck. You were admiring yourself in the mirror, something the old you would have never done, this new wave of confidence you had was amazing, taking your hair out of the ponytail it was in and wiping it back and forth till it fell naturally in place “Damn, i’m hot” you laughed out. Turning around swaying your hips back and forth out the motels bathroom.

You flopped back down onto the bed, your mind wandering to Dean and Sam, trying to find the emotions, any old feeling you once had for either of the brothers but you didn’t find a single one, with a shrug you jumped up, leaving the hotel room, making your way to the front desk to find out where the hell you were. You flew the door open without even touching it, seductively working your way to the guy at the front desk “By chance, could you tell me where we are?”

He gave you a dumbfounded look “A motel” he scoffed

You adjusted all your weight to your right foot, crossing your arms over your chest “What state” you spoke gritting your teeth.

He placed the magazine he was reading on the desk, standing up “Look lady, i don’t have time for these games”

You took a step closer “Looks like you have lots of time..”  You paused taking a closer look at his name tag “Bill, now let’s not have this get messy, we wouldn’t want that now would we?”

“Are you threatening me?”

Twirling a strand of hair between your fingers “That depends if you prolong what i asked you any longer”

“Im calling the cops” He spat out, reaching towards the phone a smirk taking over you face, just what you wanted to test this demon juice out, using your fingers to motion towards the wall behind him you flung him over, gesturing towards the blinds, they closed and then the lock on the door, locking it shut.

“W-what are you” He stammered out

You took long slow paces towards him before getting close, placing your hand on his chest and slowly dragging it down slowly, standing on your tippy toes, leaning in towards closer till you were face to face, flashing your now gorgeous black eyes “You worst nightmare hunny” watching a looking of shock and fear take over his face before snapping his neck.

Spinning on your heel making your way towards the front desk, looking through stuff before finding a piece of paper with the location, starting to laugh when you realised you were in Kansas “There’s no place like home” you chuckled out before deciding who was going to be your next play toy, and only one name came to mind, Lisa.


“Y/n!!!” Dean yelled, banging on the bunker’s door trying to get to budge, which was hard considering there was a vehicle and not just any vehicle but baby in front of it, Dean knew there was no way the door was going to open, there was too much pressure on it from baby being driven down the stairs of the front on a slant, but he still kept trying, praying for a miracle, something else he knew wasn’t going to happen.

“Dean, it’s not gonna open!” Sam yelled in frustration

Dean wiped around, throwing his hands up “Well, what the hell do you suppose we do? Just sit here playing with our thumbs, well y/n is out there about to get ripped to shreds by freaking hellhounds?!”

Sam hung his head after his brother’s outburst knowing he was right, they couldn’t just sit here while you were out there, they lost way too many people as it is. Sam jump out of his thoughts when he heard a loud bang, roaming the area trying to find where it came from, finally landing on the source, seeing Dean throwing and smashing chairs on the door. Pausing when they could start to hear your screams, Dean yelled out your name one last time before Sam yelled “The garage!”

Dean and Sam ran as fast as they could towards the garage, Sam could hear Dean cursing under his breath to why the hell he didn’t think of this before. Reaching the garage they ran to the overhead door, Dean hitting the button to open it repeatedly, until it finally did. It was barely open when Dean ducked under, followed by Sam. The both of them pulling their guns out of there hollisters, removing the safety than cocking them. Turning the last corner before reaching you, you were on the ground whimpering, Sam and Dean started to shot aimlessly around you, hearing a few cries from the hellhound, before hearing them retreat. Dean threw his gun on the ground, and slid on his knees towards you.

“Y/n…” Dean sobbed out, holding your bloody, torn apart, lifeless body in his arms “I’m so sorry, this is all my fault”

“Dean..” Sam softly spoke placing his hands on his brother’s shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Cas!!!!! You son of a bitch, Cas please!!!!” Dean screamed towards the sky “p-please..”

Hearing footsteps making it  their way towards them, Dean questioned “Cas?” before turning his head around, still holding you in his arms.

“Not quite, Hello boys”

“Crowley” Sam spat “What are you doing here!?”

Crowley circled around so he was now the opposite from Sam and Dean, on the other side of your body “I’ve come to take what is mine”

“This wasn’t part of your deal!” Sam yelled, Dean was too broken to speak.

“Well all’s fair in love and war, now if you don’t mind” Crowley spoke reaching down to collect your body.

“Back off” Dean seethed through his gritted teeth, taking Sam’s gun and raising it to the king of hell.

Crowley snickered “What are you gonna do shoot me?” He continued to reach down, taking your dead cold hand in his, when Dean pulled the trigger causing Crowley to let go “Bloody hell you shot me!” Crowley using his powers through both the brothers back against some tree’s “Always making me do things the hard way” he spoke under his breath. Taking your limp body in his arms “No hard feelings right boys?” not waiting for an answer Crowley poofed out. Leaving a sobbing Dean on his knees, and an angry Sam trying his best to comfort his older broken brother.

Taking a few days off to master your now found powers to the best of theirs and your ability before finding the number one person on your hit list, Lisa.

Finding where she lived wasn’t hard, it was still the same place it was last time when you were suppose to watch her only to get jumped by demons. Your combat boots made loud thuds walking up her front steps, straightening your clothes out before knocking three loud times. A minute or two passed by before that ever so familiar face was in front of yours “Lisa!” You exclaimed putting on your best nice girl act to try and seem like the old you, you pulled her into a hug but when she didn’t hug back you pulled back. She had an awkward smile on her face “Uh, do i know you?” She questioned, a little to bitchy for your liking.

“Its me, y/n? Dean’s friend?”

You seen her face twist trying to think of whatever the hell you were talking about, “Im sorry, i don’t know who you or Dean is..” She spoke giving you a sad smile

“Of course he would have your memory erased” You chuckled, letting your eyes flash black for a moment. Shock and confusion took over her face before she gave you a fake polite smile “Well, I hope you find who your looking for, goodbye!”

You stuck your foot in the door, letting your eyes stay black “Not so fast, Lisa” you seethed, letting yourself in her house. She was slowly backing up, reaching for her phone “Nuh huh uhhh” You laughed, throwing her against the wall

“What are you!” She cried out

You shrugged your shoulders “A demon, you know you are the reason im like this”

“I dont even know you!” She screamed

Taking a step towards her “Well maybe we should fix that” You spoke, placing your hand on her head, refreshing her memories. Once you pulled back you could see her pupils dilate.

Sorrow and guilt took over her face “Y/n…”

“Thats my name dont wear it out” You laughed

“What happen to you…?”

“Well you see, Dean was in love with you and i loved Dean, but Dean hated me so i knew i had to do something, so i made a deal, brought your stupid little ass back, had a week to be human, tie lose ends, before becoming the king of hell’s new bitch, and well here we are”

“Dean wouldn’t want this y/n, this isnt you!”

“Oh hunny, this is me, just new and improved” Laughing you looked at the pictures on the desk in the hallway, before throwing them everywhere picking up one of the pieces of shattered glass, taking it to the side of Lisa’s cheek sliding it down as you spoke “Now, your gonna do everything i say or im gonna slit your little throat but not before i snap your sons in front of your eyes, okay?”

She nodded, tears forming in her eyes, you reached down grabbing her home phone, telling her what you wanted her to say, than handing it to her to dial his number “Put it on speaker” she did as she was told, it rang three times before he answered “Lisa…?”

“Dean…” She cried out

“How, you weren’t suppose to? Whats going on?” He stuttered out

“Is Sam there?” Lisa steadied her voice

“Yeah” He softly spoke

“Get him and put me on speaker”

You could hear shuffling and two voices quietly conversing before Deans came in loud and clear “Okay, done. Now whats wrong Lisa?”

You smirked ripping the phone out of her hands “Hello boys”

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Swim (with Eric Michael Krop): Hit List at 54 Below (x)

I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (with Jeremy Jordan) (he has speaking parts here) (x)


The Last Goodbye (x

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For The First Time (with Michael Arden) (x)

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One Day More (with the company of Les Miserables): Good Morning America 2014 (x)

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Valley High (with Blake Daniel and Gabe Violet) (x)

The Dark I Know Well (with Ben Moss) (x)

Runaways (with Elysia Jordan) (x)

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This One Time In Junior High (with Chris Carlisle, Matthew Roscoe, and Wilson Bridges) (x)

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