hit like a champ

HELLLOOOO. This is Mitchell “Mitch” Marner. Nicknames include but are not limited to Mitch, Marns, and Bitchell. He is a (apparently) 6 foot tall, 19-year-old rookie Canadian forward who wears #16 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was drafted 4th overall in the 2015 draft to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mitch has represented Canada in a few international tournaments, one of them being the IIHF World Junior Championships in 2016 where Canada placed 6th in the tournament.

Mitch is Very Good at this hockey stuff, and before a recent injury, he led rookies in points. Throughout minors and major minors, Marns won a lot of MVP-type awards and awards for scoring. He captained his OHL team, London Knights, to the league championship in 2016 eventually winning the Memorial Cup.

Marns grew up a huge Leafs fan, so it’s a big deal for him to play for the team that he has always loved the most. This kid is so full of light and is always happy and bouncing around. He’s had bromances with like everyone because he’s such a happy kid and is confirmed to love cuddling. People who he’s has bromances with are Dylan Strome (Arizona Coyotes prospect), Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers captain), and current Leafs teammates Auston Matthews and Matt Martin.

Mitch is so tiny compared to all the other NHL players especially on the Leafs and compared to Auston (one of the other numerous rookies on the Leafs and who is taller and heavier than Jamie Benn). When he stands next to his teammates, it’s questionable if he really is 6 foot because he looks so little compared to everyone else. People have doubted how good of a player he would be because of his size, and he has proven them wrong and has taken some hits like a champ. He has even tried to fight/distract a guy who is 6’4” and 203 lbs to get him away from Auston.

He is also very meme-y and kind of a troll sometimes, and he loves to bounce around and tease his teammates, especially Auston Matthews. They ride to the rink and games together and do pretty much everything else together. He and Auston sing on the bench and during warmups, Marns likes to sing/mouth the words to the songs. Auston and Marns even coordinate their outfits. It’s ridiculous. He’s very silly and 100% a dweeb who literally does not give two craps about toxic masculinity, and he’s destroying that shit one teammate cuddle at a time. He’s very loyal and loving to his friends though and would probably be an A+ friend to have in your life.

Until Now- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could you make an imagine of Daryl hating her since the beginning of the apocalypse and she gets killed by Negan with Lucille but Daryl never knew how much she meant to him until now?”

Word count:

Warnings: mentions of death (obviously??)

 got a lil carried away whoOps! 



The bat lingered in front of your face, your expression one of fearlessness. You stared straight down the middle of the wooden weapon. With a brave composer, you straightened your back, lifting your body from off the ground, weight on your knees.

Negan gave you a small laugh, nodding at your valour. He grew a small amount of respect for your actions, but that was quickly disregarded as he spoke again.

“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll start.” He threatened, readying the bat in his somewhat sweaty palms. The weapon taunted you, twirling in all it’s glory.

Negan gave a quick glance to Rick, a smirk marking his face as he saw the realization sink into Rick. The terror he was inflicting. “You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.”

And the bat smashed you down. Screams erupted from all around you, mostly from Maggie as she was directly to your right. You felt the cold dirt hit your cheek, warm blood oozing from the wound on your head. When he pulled back the bat, you could feel some of your hair ripping out– caught on the barbed wire.

You whimpered, blinking hard as you tried to compose yourself. With shaky hands, you raised again, facing your fate with a stoic passion.

“Ho! Ho! Look at that.” Your murderer leant in closer, taking a good look at the fatal wound he’d inflicted. “Shit, girl. You’re taking it like a champ!” Negan chuckled, hitting you back down once again. You felt your hand twitch and you knew it was over. “Damn!”


A week later, the sobs hadn’t stopped. Your name had been painted on the wall, your grave dug and reburied– a headless body along with it.

The others had mourned you, they were still mourning you. You couldn’t just leave them, not after everything you’d gone through with the group. Not after all the lives you saved.

But for Daryl, it wasn’t until the once irritating voice that nagged him every day disappeared, did he realize the wisdom it held. It wasn’t until your soft (Y/H/C) hair couldn’t be spotted from across Alexandra that he remembered how sweet it smelt. It wasn’t until your big (Y/E/C) eyes stopped staring into his that he registered just how much he loved the twinkle they held. 

It wasn’t until you were gone, buried six-feet under, that Daryl became conscious of his feelings. How he loved how stubborn you were, somewhat like him. He saw the differences you had with the others, but also the effect you passed on. Like a stone being tossed into a lake, your character rippled through the group. 

The humanity you still held on to, that was the biggest aspect. You’d managed to keep your kill count low, and often grieved over the lives you’d taken. Even the worst people, you tried to help. You recognized your feelings, and tried to display them for the world to see. Something Daryl never found himself doing– until now.

Daryl hadn’t ever been good with his emotions, but he wished in this moment that he could’ve been. That he could’ve looked past his anger and have been aware of how much you really meant to him, before you were gone.

Until now, Daryl had been oblivious. But now he knew, and he wouldn’t let it happen again.

Martial Arts?(Reader x Matt Murdock)

Word Count: 1172

Summary: Reader has been hiding a big secret from their best friends, and it takes a terrible injury for the secret to slightly come out.

A/N: I’m slightly indifferent about this, but I hope that you enjoy. I just need a Foggy in my life, ngl. 

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It's Okay ;; Carl Grimes

Summary ; you’re picked in Negan’s line-up

Warnings ; death, violence, crude profanity

“Eeny, meeny, miney, mo…”

You tried to swallow your fear, but it wasn’t working. The daunting rhyme drummed into your ears, as if marking your time of death with each crudely-spoken stanza.

“Catch a tiger by his toes…”

You chanced a glance upwards; Negan was continuing his slow pace around the group, indicating them with his bat at each word. You shuddered. That bat. The size of your leg and wrapped in barbed wire, you didn’t like the think of the bloody mess it’d leave a person in.

“If he hollers-” you inhaled sharply as the blunt tip of the bat came to hover between your eyes, before disappearing to your left, “-let him go. Eeny, meeny, miney mo…”

Looking straight ahead, you edged your fingers along the woody floor until you came into contact with another hand. Instinctively, their fingers wrapped around yours, and you looked to your right at Carl Grimes. He wasn’t shaking, or crying, as you felt like doing, but rather there lingered a freezing fury in his one cool, blue eye.


Your fingers squeezed around his, the boy you loved, who had given you so much. Happiness, strife, a love so passionate you felt as if you’d leave Romeo and Juliet coughing in the dust behind you.

“My mother said to pick the very best one…”

Your could feel your heart beating a tattoo against your ribcage, so viciously you could hear it. It pounded behind your eyes, in your ears, the fear was like poison in your blood, forcing tears out your eyes. Your heartbeat had an erratic rhythm. Boom. Boom. Boom.

“And you-”






And before you could react, the blunt tip of the bat was swimming before your vision again.


His voice brought you back, so wrought with terror that it slapped you back to reality. And quite suddenly, you didn’t feel scared any more. You didn’t feel anything.

You swallowed, blinking away the last of your tears, pressing your shaking lips into a firm line as you met the eyes of the man above you. Except “man” wasn’t the right word. He was a monster, a monster preying on the sick snd injured and weak. You met his gaze in a glare.

“I seem to have struck a nerve,” he chuckled, his dark, poisonous eyes flicking between you and Carl. “This your bitch, little serial killer?”

“I’m no one’s bitch,” you spat, your glare boring holes in Negan’s face, “bitch.”

“O-ho,” he drawled. “She’s almost as tough as you. Bring her up.”

“No, no! Y/n!”

His screams felt distant, as though he were yelling down a long tunnel. You felt two pairs of hands grip your upper arms and haul you harshly forwards at Negan’s feet. Spitting mouldy leaves out of your mouth, you stumbled to your knees.

“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut out the boy’s other eye and feed it to his father,” he called to his men. You glanced backwards at Carl, who was clutching fistfuls of the ground in his hands, his face screwed up. His father’s arms were the only thing stopping him leaping to you and getting himself killed. He writhed relentlessly in his grip, his raw sobs echoing dimly in the silent canopy.

“I love you,” you called softly to him, and he stilled.

Sucking in a shaking breath, he whispered brokenly, “I - I love you too.”

“Well, ain’t that cute,” Negan smirked. “Remember, you can breathe, you can blink, you can cry - hell, you’re gonna be doing all of that.”

And with that, he raised Lucille above his head and smashed it down on to your skull.

Your scream was lost, jammed in your throat. You were choking on your agony, feeling the brutal momentum of the wood and barbed wire smash with full force onto the top of your head. It drove you forward onto your feet, and as Negan calmly detached Lucille from your head, it yanked chunks of hair and clumps of your scalp. The tears of sheer agony came rolling down your face, out your mouth. You couldn’t move.

“Damn, she’s takin’ it like a champ!”

Another hit, this one across the face. You felt the skin tear, layers of painfully-thin flesh all rip out together, creating a bloody wound that gaped horrifyingly. This time, you screamed, and you heard a shuffle and thud in the leaves as Carl tried to get to you again.

The third hit brought you to the floor. It was on the back, and as your clothing and skin were ripped to shreds with Lucille’s metal teeth, you felt the blood rain down your skin. It trickled over your head, creeping in tendrils to obscure your vision. You rolled over, gritting your teeth. You saw that Carl had fallen limp, clutching at Rick. For the briefest moment your eyes locked with his one, and you mouthed,

“It’s okay.”

Your vision slid in and out of blackness. You turned your head, seeking the night sky scattered with stars, something beautiful to take with you to death. The pain was slowly ebbing now, down to a throbbing agony. Your body filled with a gentle warmth, and a single tear trickled down your cheek as Negan delivered the final, mortal blow to your forehead.

You almost felt your skull shatter and crumble. Your last breath left your lungs in a hiss, the pain was back and all too real, the coldness of the night tore at you with sharp teeth.

You looked up again, desperately seeking something, anything beautiful to take with you to death.

Just before the blackness took you, you found a star.

Glenn grinned at the lovesick young boy, who was smiling as he raked the soil. The sun was beating down, and gardening was heavy work, certainly not something in which a young boy would be grinning.

It probably helped that you were standing with him, at his feet, digging in the soft earth for weeds with dirt-blackened fingertips.

“You have to get them at the roots,” you explained to Carl, who was watching you with soft awe. “Otherwise they just grow back.”

“Why don’t we let them?” he inquired, leaning on his rake as he talked.

“Because we can use the space for crops, food. Besides,” you added, brushing off your pants as you stood. “They look ugly.”

Carl laughed; it was a sound not often heard by anyone but you any more, and as Carol called you over to help with the laundry, he watched you go with disappointment.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Glenn grinned. Carl shrugged, smiling as he continued his raking.

“She’s my everything.”

Blast !

so a whole ten minutes into the party and cole got hit by val which was a surprise considering i thought the fist fight was going to happen between alfie and cole. cole took the hit like a champ though and he should probably refrain from calling dirtbags dogs… a little bird just told me that they saw luca, alfie and sofia sneaking off upstairs into alfie’s room and what they’re going to do up there is… well who knows what they’re going to do up there.

Possibilities ~Negan Imagine

Originally posted by breakingdemons

Part 2

The ground was more interesting then his voice, you were on your knees as he talked. “ I just can’t decide.” 

Shivering in fear, you didn’t want to look up at him to show how scared you really were. You looked over to Daryl, your brother, he was badly hurt with a blanket around him. Negan’s boots turned as he made his way to Carl. 

“ I have an idea” He laughed. Shifting your gaze from the ground to whom they call Negan as he tapped the bat that was wrapped with barb wire on Carl. “ Eenie, meeny, minny, moe..” 

He went along, “ Catch the tiger..” 

He made his way over to you, “ by the toe.” He paused as he looked down at you. He made his way over to Daryl, you’re body tensed up right away seeing the bat in front of his face. “ If he hollers..” 

He moved to Michonee, “ Let him go..” 

You just wanted to stand up to him but your body was shaking with fear. “ My mother.. told me..” He made his way closer, chuckling seeing the look on our faces. “ to.. pick.. the..very..best..one.. and.. you..are.. “Shaking, you’re head looked over seeing where he stopped,gasping seeing the bat pointing to Glenn.

Oh not Glenn, he was going to be a father. And Maggie, Maggie looked wide eyed scared, crying shaking her head. Glenn was someone you’ve grown full trust in besides your brother Daryl. 

“ You can breathe.. you can blink.. you can cry…” He lifted the bat up in the air. “ Hell you’ll be all doing that” The bat went smashing onto Glenn’s head, hearing a crack as he fell to the ground. Maggie and you screaming from him to stop. Negan chuckled, looking over his work seeing Glenn still ready for anything. 

“ He’s taking it like a champ!” He hit him again with the bat cracking his skull opened. You looked away, tears streaming down your cheeks. This amusement Negan as he continued to laugh. Everyone was screaming and crying. You looked over to Maggie seeing her in her own mess of tears. 

“ I am not done yet, you pussies”He looked down at his bat, admiring the blood on it. “ This is Lucille” 

You looked away hearing him smash “ Lucille” onto what was left off Glenn. After everything with Glenn, you couldn’t stop Negan from letting Glenn being the one chosen to die. Glenn had done so much for you and here you were staring, weeping. Glenn had died. Maggie was still crying and screaming staring at what was left of Glenn. 

“ You work for me now and if anyone has any objections. You’ll be next to the Korean boy!” 

No one said anything, everyone was in shock with tears streaming down their faces. You had to accept it.

Boots stood in front of you, “ You know sweetheart, I’d like to be look at when I’m talking.” He kneeled before you, his bat by his side as he forcefully picked up your chin with his hand. 

“ My..My.. My.. you’re a pretty one..” you rolled your eyes at him, “ What’s your name sweetheart?” Remaining silent,glaring at him, he sighed gritting his teeth using Lucille to hold up your chin instead. “ Don’t make me angry. I won’t ask again” He gritted his teeth, his voice made all the hair stand up. 

“ Y/N” He chuckled cupping your face with his large hand, stroking it patting it softly. “ You and I are going to be good friend Y/N” you wanted to pull away from his touch, he was disgusting but if you did he might make you his next target.

“ I can’t wait to fuck you… “ He mumbled,but you heard him. Standing up, he chuckled seeing everyone still kneeling. He looked down at you. “ She’s coming with me. No one intervenes or I’ll kill someone else.” 

“ You can’t!” Daryl shouted. Negan threw his head back laughing, “ I can and I will.” 

“ Bring her.. “ He told Dwight, you struggled against his grasp trying to get free but not before looking at Daryl who wanted to reach out to you but he kneeled in fear, tears running down his cheeks. He was losing another person he cared about. 


all of you are making fun of Spark

but let’s face it.

because of the teams, maybe they all own the legendary bird representing their teams.

Wanna know what that means?

Blanche and Candela better lube up because ZAPDOS CAN FUCK YOUR SHIT UP

Zapdos is heavily onesided in a fight against Moltres and Articuno. Wanna know why?

Well considering that Zapdos is Electric type and can learn moves like Thunderbolt, Thunder, Discharge, and Thundershock, Let’s just say that Zapdos is in for some easy pickings.

Let’s do some calculations.

According to Smogon Calculations, A Zapdos can have a guaranteed 2 hit KO on a Moltres with thunderbolt, and a guaranteed OHKO with thunder. The fun doesn’t stop there. Moltres, with Fire Blast, would not be able to even get a guaranteed 2HKO on Zapdos. Sure, it’s a 95.7% chance, but even then, a slim chance of not happening is still a slime chance.

Now onto Articuno. Articuno has one big advantage. And that’s Ice Beam! With Ice Beam it has a guaranteed 2HKO on Zapdos!

…Is what I would say, if Zapdos weren’t faster and get the 2HKO in before Articuno. Articuno can take more hits, but it’s slow and not really powerful. Zapdos is faster, and can also take hits like a champ. On top of that, Hidden Power ROCK, Heat Wave, Thunder, and Thunderbolt all have the same 2HKO guarantee.

And guess what else? Zapdos can also tank a BLIZZARD from Articuno. Still a 2HKO guarantee, but still too slow to get it anyways.


Stealth Rocks is a move where the user puts stones at its opposing team’s entrance. What is known as an entry hazard, Stealth Rocks has anyswitch in take damage based on their resistance to rock. Neutral resist will do 1/8. Resist will do 1/16. Double Resist (types like ground/steel would get this) will do 1/32. But if it’s weak to rock, like a Bug type, it will take ¼ of its damage away. And hey! Guess what? better get that lube again and this time for Moltres and Articuno. because they’re gonna get fucked really hard. Stealth rock will do a whopping 50% of their max health upon switching in. Meaning if they’re forced out and swapped back in, they’re dead. Bye bye birdy. Except for Zapdos, it gets to stay there. Because it was probably fast enough to take out the Pebblefucked Phoenix with Thunderbolt.

Now let’s get into smogon sets.

Smogon set for Zapdos makes it specially defensive, having more, well, special defense. Meaning it is going to take a good amount of hits.

Fire Blast has a 50/50 chance to do a 2HKO and thanks to the leftovers, Zapdos could possibly live.

Since Zapdos is slower in this set, it’s obvious that it could be at a disadvantage. Of course, there is also one more thing I should mention.

Fire Blast is inaccurate. It can miss. Meaning that Moltres just might faint. With a guaranteed 2HKO from Thunderbolt against a 50/50 2HKO chance with an innacurate move, it’s surely Zapdos coming out on top.

But we’re not done with Moltres yet. We’re gonna make this thing for Thanksgiving.

If Zapdos were made to be full on Speed and Special Attack with a nature that gives it more speed, Zapdos can one hit Moltres. And let’s face it, who makes bulky moltres?

Now we can move onto making ice cream–I mean Articuno sets.

Zapdos is faster in this set, and it can also get a 2HKO. The same will happen if Articuno uses Ice Beam, but since Zapdos is faster, Zapdos wins.

So if anything. Team Instinct is the best team. Because of Zapdos.