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“Put Da Money Down My Pants!” Here’s Big Dipper’s video for “Da Money.”

“Basically, when I see a donut, I have to eat it,” says Big Dipper, digging in. I’ve brought him to possibly the least trendy diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one of the self-consciously trendiest enclaves in the world. The juxtaposition of tacky, acrylic-taloned waitresses carrying carbs-on-carbs, as stick-thin 20-somethings stroll by our window in Hood By Air feels like the perfect setting. As a Brooklyn-via-Chicago transplant, Big Dipper sits comfortably between the world of ultra-chic Manhattan and the truer, less serious side of New York. He prefers Daisy Dukes to baggy jeans, raps more like Nicki than Wayne, and jokes about being broke rather than bragging about rolling in it. And like any of life’s great juxtapositions, Big Dipper is fucking fascinating.

For someone who’s not working with a ton of bank, the queer, big boy rapper sure likes to be generous. He hands out free bacon, donuts, and French fries at his shows, not to mention he posts all his music (and videos) online for free. Once you start following him on socials, scrolling through his Instagram, or hitting up his performances and DJ sets, you’ll want to become part of the eccentric and whimsically fun world of Big Dipper—an ongoing party full of pigtails, cute outfits, fierce rhymes, and eating candy behind DJ booths. He puts in a shit-ton of hard work.

Today, Big Dipper is releasing his Free Money EP (below), as well as the music video for the lead single “Da Money,” both premiering here. We talk to Big Dipper about queer hip-hop, fashion, fat shaming, FOMO, hate-watching, and shitloads more. It’s #2015, and Big Dipper’s coming out to fuck shit up/make it really cute.

Read the interview and watch the video here.