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Come Back •Part 1• (Jim Kirk x Reader)

In which the reader takes Jim’s place in the face of certain death.

“I don’t like this, Jim,” you stated as he headed to release Khan from his cell. Jim cast you a look of frustration as he continued to walk.

“It’s not up to you, Y/N,” he said. “We’re all doomed right now, and the only chance we have of escaping that fate is by using Khan.”

“Just… just be safe, alright?” You whispered, taking his hand in yours. He gave your hand a light squeeze, his pace slowing slightly as he turned to face you.

“I’ll be fine,” he promised before pressing his lips to yours quickly. As soon as you pulled apart, he was gone, heading to get Khan and hopefully save the ship.

You waited anxiously with Chekov throughout the whole ordeal. Your shaking hands played with the necklace Jim had given you when your relationship with him began back when he first became captain. You always worried about him, but there wasn’t much you could do, seeing as how he would never let you go on away missions with him. You were forced to sit back and watch as he put himself in danger time after time.

You couldn’t help the relief you felt when you finally found Jim dangling from Chekov’s hands on that small bridge. You knew that he was still technically in danger, but seeing him alive and well made you feel as if everything was going to be alright.

You felt alright even as you raced to the warp core, your heart racing as you heard the computer Scotty was at. The warp core needed to be realigned or else you would all fall to certain death.

“The ship’s dead, sir! She’s gone.” Scotty exclaimed, looking at Jim.

“No, she’s not,” Jim declared before racing away. You chased after Jim, Scotty hot on your heels.

“Wait! Jim, if we go in there, we’ll die!” Scotty shouted. “Do you hear me? The radiation will kill us! Will you listen to me? Look, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m opening the door,” Jim said as he typed codes into the keypad. “I’m going in.”

“The door’s there to stop us from getting irradiated! We’d be dead before making the climb!” Scotty tried to explain to him. You knew Jim, though, and you could tell that Scotty’s words were having no impact on his decision. You felt along your waist for the tranquilizer gun you had been given in case Khan had gotten out; you kept your hand on the gun, watching as Jim turned to Scotty.

“You’re not making the climb,” he mumbled quietly. As soon as he pulled his fist back to hit Scotty, you had the gun pulled out, watching as Jim caught the head engineer in his arms and lowered him to the ground. He turned around to face you, preparing to do the same when his eyes landed on your gun. “If you’re going to shoot me, you might as well let me go in there, I’ll die anyway.”

“You’re not dying,” you whispered in a shaking voice. You took a deep breath and placed your finger on the trigger. “These aren’t bullets, Jim.”

“Then what are…” he trailed off in confusion, his eyes focusing on the ground before they darted back up a moment later. Realization was clear in his eyes, and you could see him beginning to cry. “No, Y/N, you are not doing this. This is my ship and as Captain, I order you to-”

“I’m so sorry,” you sniffled as his hand shot up to his neck. He pulled out the dart, his eyes meeting yours with a shocked look as he fell to his knees. You could tell that he was attempting to fight the tranquilizer, so you raised your gun up again. “They’re not too strong, you should be up in ten minutes or under.”

“D-Don’t do this,” he stammered out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“If I didn’t, then you would,” you began, shooting the gun again. Jim fell to the floor unconscious, and you immediately went to open the door. “This ship needs you, Jim.”

He wasn’t sure how long he had been out when his eyes finally fluttered open. He heard Scotty talking into the comm, telling someone to hurry. Jim let out a small groan as he moved to stand up; his body shook as he got onto his feet, but he knew it wasn’t just from the darts. There was a cold fear spreading throughout his body, making his blood feel like ice.

“Captain,” Scotty said as he looked at Jim. His eyes flickered to something behind Jim, and the Captain immediately turned around.

“Y-Y/N,” he choked out as he saw you sitting on the ground as you leaned against the door. You were so pale, your eyelids drooping as you looked up at him with a small smile. He kneeled onto the ground in front of the door.

“Is… Is the ship alright?” You gasped out.

“You saved the crew, Lieutenant Y/L/N,” Spock’s voice replied from behind Jim.

“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?” Jim questioned, his eyes filling with tears as he watched you struggle to breathe.

“That I couldn’t let the man I love die,” you answered truthfully.

“I will forever hate that man.”

“Don’t,” you ordered. “He’s the most k-kind and loving person I’ve e-ever met. I would do it all again.”

“Y/N, please don’t leave me,” Jim pleaded as he began to sob softly. You noticed that Uhura had appeared beside Spock, both looking on with teary eyes.

“There’s just some parts of life I don’t control,” you whispered, voice becoming quieter. “I love you, Jim.”

You placed your hand against the door and watched as he slowly lifted his own up and placed it over yours. You looked into his crystal blue eyes and found the world around you becoming fuzzy. It was like going to sleep, but this time you knew that you wouldn’t be waking up.

“Y/N, don’t,” Jim pleaded as your stare became blank. Your hand slid down the door, and he was immediately banging on the glass. “You can’t do this, you promised! You promised!”

Bones heard the story from Scotty. The story of the great Captain Kirk who became nothing in a matter of seconds as he watched you die. Bones knew that Jim loved you more than anyone ever thought possible, but he had never imagined him to be so stoic as they brought your body to the medbay.

The body bag was opened slightly so that Bones could see. Your eyes were still open, looking at everything but taking in nothing.

Jim swallowed hard and left the medbay, the tears beginning to overwhelm him again. Bones glanced over to where his friend was leaving, his heart heavy. He walked slowly over to his desk and sat in the chair, allowing everyone to take a moment to mourn.

That was when the Tribble began to come back to life. Leonard shot up from his chair as readings for the Tribble began to go off and the creature made noises.

“Get me a cryotube! Now!”

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Teenagers to Toddlers [Intro/Part 1] - Derek Hale

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

Summary: When the rest of the pack turns into toddlers, you and Derek have to take care of the pack together.

Genre: Fluffy fluff

Warning: NOPE NONE

{part 1} {part 2}

A/N: So I have changed my mind on how I wanna run this series. It’ll be more of a drabble series. So instead of each chapter being like 3k words, they’ll be a little smaller. I’m terribly sorry if it’s not what you want, but I feel that I won’t write it well enough if I keep it long. Sorry. I hope you like it. My inbox is always open.

~ Admin Brooklyn


Derek just went out for coffee. That’s it. That is all he wanted and that is all he did. He went to the store, got coffee grounds and then got his own coffee from McDonald’s with something for you as well for the morning. It was supposed to be a chill morning. You were gonna sit on the couch together, watching the movie marathon playing on freeform. When Derek got back to the loft though, it was not chill. There were five toddlers crying on his floor and you were in the middle of them calming down two out of the five.

“Hey, Der! Um, wanna help?” You asked him. He sighed. And looked at you and then looked at the kids. “What happened?”

"I don’t know! I went to Scott so we can go hang out but I found him and stiles as a baby. And then I went to the Argents but Allison and Isaac are too. And I don’t know how but Lydia was just here when I got back.” You said back. Baby Allison giggled in your arms, and you smiled down at the brown haired baby. Derek looked at you, his eyebrows raised. You glared at him. “Derek Hale, do you really think that I would lie to you. Have I lied to you before?”

“Helping Scott when Gerard tried to be an alpha. When Peter was an alpha, lying to me about helping Scott, again. Right now, when you told me there was no coffee in the house.”

“THERE’S COFFEE!” You yelled. Scott whined in your arms and you smiled sympathetically at the, now literal, werepuppy. Derek gave you a small smile and nodded his head, pointing to the bag of coffee grounds barely peeking out of the pantry.

“Anyways, you know I would do anything to protect Scott and Stiles. They’re like family. Plus you Hales aren’t exactly adequate alphas.” Derek glared at you and went to the kitchen to put the groceries away and set down his food. He went back into the living room and picked up two more kids. One with barely any hair on his head and one with strawberry blonde locks that reached her shoulders.

“I think I have Stiles and Lydia.” He said. You looked over at him, ignoring the tug on your hair by Allison. You smiled as baby Stiles slapped Derek’s cheek and then giggled. Derek glared at you as you quietly laughed. “Yeah, that’s Stiles.”

“Well, I have Scott and Allison. You have Stiles and Lydia. Where’s Isaac?” You ask. Thus started a scavenger hunt, placing the kids in a makeshift playpen built out of pillows and blankets. As you built said playpen, you had found Isaac. He was cuddled up in one of your fuzzy blankets. It had seemed to be Isaac’s favorite because when you tried to take it away he would cry.

“We should tell Melissa,” Derek said. You shook your head and he frowned.

“She’s gone with Chris. I swear they have a thing going on between them.”

“Sheriff Stilinski?”

“Stuck at the station, can’t get him out.”

“Lydia’s mom?”

“She still hasn’t accepted that supernatural things happen. I don’t exactly want her sending Lydia to Eichen House again for turning into a baby.” Derek frowned, which turned into a scowl as Scott got out of the playpen and sat on Derek’s foot and held onto his leg. Derek looked up at you, who only smiled at the sight.

“Really?” He said, crossing his arms. You laughed a smile forming on your face, which quickly got one on his.

“I can’t help it. It’s cute.” You said. You went down and picked up Scott, balancing him on your hip. Holding Scott cause Stiles to whine as he motioned his arms to be held up too. Smiling sweetly you pick up Stiles as well. Although you started to struggle with the two boys and balancing them seemed to be more difficult than expected. Isaac soon started to whine, holding up his arms motioning for someone. Derek looks at you, your attention completely filled with Scott and Stiles. He sighed before going to Isaac and lifting him up.

“We’re gonna have to keep them aren’t we?” Derek asked. Isaac was more manageable than Stiles was in Derek’s arms. He noticed it when Isaac never hit him. Although Isaac refused to leave your blanket and nearly cried when Derek tried to take it away from him. You nodded your head, a smile on your face as Scotty made face.

“We missed the best part of having kids.”


something i noticed when i was watching beyond for the third time is that jim loses contact with spock and bones fairly early on in the fight against krall’s people. the last thing he knows is that spock was being chased, hunted, and then the channel goes dead. and the ship is under attack and it’s going down and jim has a thousand and one things to do in the span of about two minutes but through all that he’s got to be thinking about that terrible loss of contact, about the fact that the two most important people in his universe had charged into the fray and hadn’t come out of it, about how the ship was ripped apart around them and he has no way of knowing if they even made it to an escape pod, much less what happened to the pods that did launch.

and then his ship is gone and his crew is gone and he’s got his phaser pointed at the traitorous alien that lured them into this slaughter and his finger itches on the trigger as he thinks about the dying screams of his crew, about that cut off transmission from spock, about the fact that bones has always been so scared of dying in space and now maybe he has and jim wasn’t there to protect him. and chekov isn’t picking up a damn soul on his tricorder but jim doesn’t even let him voice the possibility that it might be because they’re the only survivors. because it’s already the thought that’s screaming through his brain and if he hears it aloud that’s it, that’s when he’ll lose it. and he’s worried for all his crew, of course he is that’s his family out there, but he’s absolutely fucking terrified for bones and spock, for the two people he doesn’t know how to live without anymore, and if they’re gone then so is he.

so there’s nothing left but to push on, and they go back to the ship, and jim looks at the bodies that line the halls, looks at the faces of his fallen crew, and he hates himself for the surge of relief that hits him every time because it’s not them, it’s still not them, he doesn’t have to relinquish the last shreds of hope from his white-knuckled grip.

and the enterprise saves them one last time and they find scotty and it’s a goddamn miracle but then scotty’s alone except for jaylah and jim can’t quite hide his disappointment.

but then, but then, they pick up that local transmission, and it’s weak and staticky and hard to make out but it’s bones. it’s bones and he’s not alone and jim’s world hasn’t completely ended and he can breathe again. and he keeps it together because he has to, because they’re so far from out of the woods that he can’t even see a break in the trees, and breaking down with relief has to wait. but it’s only when spock and bones are safely onboard the franklin that we really see jim kirk again, smiley, confident, steady jim kirk who can handle anything thrown his way and then some. the jim kirk who has the foundations of his entire world at his sides where they belong once more.

doctor!derek thing (part one)


It was supposed to be really, really good. Ridiculous amounts of good. So good that Jackson would have bitched about it, because he hadn’t dared to do it himself.  Scott would have whooped and fistbumped him, and both he and Stiles would have screamed, “In your face!” at Jackson. Isaac would have just be glad his car hadn’t been damaged.  Stiles would have bragged about that vine video that had a shitload of likes. It was supposed to be superb.

Stiles groans in pain wiping his fingers through the blood on his forehead. There’s a sharp ache cursing through his body like he hadn’t just hit his head but got a full frontal from a truck too. There are black and white blotches dancing in his vision and he’s pretty sure Scott’s speaking a language that is a weird mix of English, Russian and Afrikaans. He isn’t sure. He can’t place the accent.

“Stiles, dude, you still in there?” Scott asks. His face is hovering sideways upside down above Stiles’, and he looks panicked. He’s cradling Stiles’ head in his lap, looks up to snap at Isaac to go faster. Stiles vaguely registers Isaac bitching about red traffic lights and speed limits.

“‘m peachy,” Stiles manages, holds his hand up and stares at his bloodied fingers. There’s a weird sensation bubbling inside him, adrenaline, he tells himself. Stiles reaches up and smears a red dot on the tip of Scott’s nose, laughing. “You’re Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.”

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