hit hat

Trump supporter: “The gays wouldn’t be “oppressed” or harmed if they didn’t shove their sexuality in everyone’s face and make it obvious they’re gay”
Same Trump supporter: *wears “Make America Great Again” hat, gets hit and treated badly and cries about how people have the right to dress and live how they want*

is there a post somewhere that deals with the fact that molly and john both had sherlock commenting on their appearance (lipstick / moustache) ?

how both of them


changed back to what they felt sherlock liked more

they both get to say

“it wasnt working for me”

in the literally exact same situation

but while molly gets a “really? i thought it was a big improvement. your mouth’s too… small now”

it’s john “i dont shave for sherlock holmes” watson that meets this whole different reaction - “i prefer my doctors clean shaven” etc etc…….

why all this? seriously???

(sorry if i wrote those quotes wrong, my memory sucks and im too tired to research the proper wording but yknow what i mean right?)

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1/? i think Lance could be any house tbh, BUTTTT, here me out... hufflepunk. The langst would be so REAL Like, Lance getting pumped at the sorting ceremony, wanting to be a brave gryfindor, bragging to everyone how brave he is, but as soon as the hat hits his head it shouts hufflepuff Not only does the boy have an inferiority complex a mile wide, imagine how he feels when he's told hufflepuff is the 'misc house' for people with no 'real talent'.

2/? Like, not only does Lance think he doesn’t have a thing, even the hat thinks he’s not ambitious, brave or smart. The occasional ribbing from his friends, about how lance would annoy gryfindors too much to be one of them. Lance try’s to brush it off but it still bothers him that he’s not seen as GOOD enough. But damn does lance he works hard, always joking that the hat made a mistake but still trying to prove himself to everyone that he’s useful

3/? If you couldn’t do something, lance would be there in a flash. Need help understanding charms? Lance is gonna stay up all night with you tryna learn it, even if he’s got his own essays. Someone throws a jinx at you in the hall? Bam, lance has jumped in front of it, no questions asked. Need a wingman? Lance has already made up 17 cheesy pickup lines ready and waiting.

4/? Its not until he sees the hat again in his 4th year, for doing something too reckless or getting into 1 too many fights and gets pulled into the headmasters office that he finally asks why the hell the hat put him in hufflepuff. It’s when the hat tells him that he could have been in any house that he becomes more confused and angry. Then why NOT put him gryfindor? Why make him put up with all the damn teasing? Why make him feel more useless than he already was?

5/? But the hat tells him that all his hard work, his loyalty to his friends, his self sacrifice is what makes lance /lance/. Why place him in one house that only allows one thing about him to flourish, when he has so much more to offer to the world. His bravery, his ambition, his intelligence, his unwavering dedication to his friends. Lance mebe has to sneak of the have a little cry afterwards. (prefect shiro pretends not to see him go)

6/6 After that, lance throws himself into his work, and in his 7th year, as a prefect, he overhears a new hufflepuff complaining about not feeling like he had anything to offer. Lance gently steers him around the corridors until he’s in the headmasters room, looking up at the old hat. He smiles at him as he closes the door. The hat is never wrong. 

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Fucking make me cry why don’t you?

But honestly, I love this so much; it’s super thought out, and I think you’ve got his character on point! This is actually perfect, I love this.

hey again

If you aren’t ace, you dont have a say in what is and is not rude or mean towards ace people.
T hats like hitting someone with a bat and then saying it doesn’t hurt when they’re crying out in pain.

You ever think of all of the circumstances that brought you and another person together? How intricate each of the events that led up to you meeting were? Every moment had to be exactly how it was for you two to be exactly how you are together.

Okay though, SERIOUS NOTE,
She’s like ready to pounce on him, and he’s kind of ginger with her and he’s like “baby are you sure you’re ready for this?” And she’s like “yes ” or something along those lines and here are my questions

Is this the first time that they you know, were about to do adult activities since she’s been better!?!?!?

Because I get two vibes from the question like yes this could be the first time since she’s been healed and finally gotten a good night sleep and she’s in the mood and she’s just feeling like herself and Deeks just wants to make sure all their Ts are crossed and their is are dotted

Or is he just being funny when he’s like “you ready for this” like a playful are you ready for all the Deeks you’re about to get

WoT Women

So over on /r/books Wheel of Time made it to the top post the other day. I was reading through the comments when the inevitable hit.  Some ass hat pulls out the tired statement of all the women being the same.  Which is just bullshit.  I’m sorry, but if you think that every woman character in the Wheel of Time series is the same then the problem is with you.

Ask five fans who their favorite character in the Wheel of Time series is and you’ll get five different answers.  This says something about the writing.  The characters are all distinct individuals, both the men and the women.  Yes, Robert Jordan had some issues with making a lot of the women sniff in distaste/annoyance/whatever and as much as I love Nynaeve she does tug on her braid a lot.  But those are two really superficial things.  I mean hell, Nynaeve is the only one that tugs on her braid so fuck you.  Also Robert Jordan was a boob man, that much is very clear.

Let’s make a (short) list of the main woman characters.  

Nynaeve, Egwene, Min, Elayne, Aviendha, Moiraine, Faile, and Tuon.  (I said short and yes I’m missing so many people that could be considered main characters, but I can’t list them all or we’d do nothing else today.) Someone, please, tell me how any two of these awesome women are “the same”.  

Let’s take the two who are arguably the most similar, Faile and Min.  They both support their love interest more than they drive their own storyline, they both love knives, they both are ready and willing to get down and fight, and I love Min and hate Faile (I’m making an effort to re-evaluate her on this read through).  

Min is straightforward in her approach to life, supports and protects Rand with a gentle teasing manner, and will fucking cut an Aes Sedai trying to cause him harm.  Min has a love of dense as fuck philosophy books, accidentally starts a fashion trend, and can see the future. And she sure as shit can’t embroider worth a damn.

Faile pushes Perrin to take the leadership role that he is actually really fucking good at, accepts his wolfbrotherness without hesitation, and has a jealous streak a mile wide.  Faile is a great spymaster, can run an army camp like no one’s business, and knows how to use gossip to her advantage.  She sure as shit can embroider, not that she’ll ever admit to that fact.

You could do the same comparison with Nynaeve and Egwene and Elayne and Tuon.  Arguably characters with similar set up, but widely different executions.  They share traits, both small village girls thrust into a scary big world or both next in line for their respective kingdoms thrones.  But you have to admit they are widely different characters.  

I’m just tired after all these years of stupid fuckers ignoring all of the amazingly different women characters Wheel of Time has.  

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Not wearing the beanie isn't about being happy. It's about being vulnerable, something Jug chose to do with Betty. (he did not choose to have his beanie off in that scene with Archie; Archie surprised him after he had just showered...he chose to take off hit hat with Betty because even though it's scary to be intimate and vulnerable with someone, she matters to him and their relationship matters to him enough to face his fears)

ummmmm i know that not wearing his hate is supposed to be him being vulnerable. however, like just about every lice scene it felt like jug was just doing it for betty’s sake. 

i mean, in this episode in general it’s obvious that betty doesn’t really know jughead or cares about what he wants/feels (this is also something we see in the scene in 1x08 where jug says he’s ashamed of himself and betty’s p much like ‘… lmao k.’). she has know idea when his birthday is, throws him a party even though he hates them, invites fp (his deadbeat dad who has caused a lot of problems for him), etc. she made him feel bad about what he wanted to do. 

meanwhile, archie wasn’t a total saint, he did end up going through with the party; but i think thats bc of his parents divorce. he still thought it wasn’t a good idea and knew that jughead didn’t want this (he warned betty like 1000000 times). besides, the whole ‘i don’t wanna be a third wheel’ and ‘she’s your girlfriend now jug’ was giving me a huge jealous vibe- he’s not in a very good place. 

so in that scene where jughead is fighting with betty, i think we finally see how he truly feels about the relationship. he feels like some pet project to betty, that she’s trying to change him in an unhealthy way. he was fucking pissed and i think that’s super valid, and he had no intentions of fixing it after chuck exposed betty (which yeah was a shitty thing to do but betty literally almost murdered him i dont feel too bad). to me, it seemed like he only talked to betty bc fp told him to. and then, betty made the whole thing about her and her dark sided shit. sure, he was vulnerable, but betty didn’t respect that or try to help/understand.

so yes, archie stumbled upon jug when he was in a vulnerable state (physically, as in w/out his hat and shirtless, and mentally, as in he’s homeless and feels alone– which is a lot more vulnerable than his scene w/ betty) but jughead doesn’t seem uncomfortable at all. in fact, he’s smiling and even seems relieved. jughead isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or himself around archie (or ‘weird’ as he told betty).  and then he goes on to tell him the shit that’s been going on in his life and archie actually listens and tries to help, unlike betty who made it about her.

so yeah, he was vulnerable around both betty and archie. but with betty it was reluctant, jughead was doing it so that he didn’t lose her bc everyone keeps saying shes good for him even though she doesn’t consider his feelings– and when he is vulnerable around her she doesn’t seem to care. archie cares that jughead was vulnerable, that he told archie his problems and actually tries to help. jughead is at ease around archie, being himself. meanwhile jughead feels ashamed of who he is around betty and is always supporting betty or doing things for her without getting any support back.

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Five for a Tenner

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Climbing the Spaghetti Ladder

Since your protagonist likely isn’t the child of a super famous chef that also has a rat under hit hat guiding his every move like this guy

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Early One Piece in a Nutshell

Five unruly kids (plus a reindeer) traveling the world in a boat and raising hell and making the grown-ups shake their heads until finally they get some adult supervision…but that only just encourages the craziness because these “adults” are the furthest thing from sane or mature.

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can you write au were as a new baby tom was thrown out of hell by his father and stent to earth and found by the the diaz's and raised with marco in a loving home.

Awwww! Of course I can! I hope you don’t mind, but I made Tom four in this. I didn’t know how to write it as him as a baby, because I felt like how would a baby find his way to earth? I’m a bad writer lol, I can’t do much haha. I hope it’s still okay though! Enjoy!

“Angie, come look at these.” Raphael smiled and showed his wife the other stand with handmade knick-knacks. Angie smiled and the two looked at the table. “They don’t have so many shops in Echo Creek.” Raphael tolds her. Angie laughed.

“Well New York is a big city, I still can’t believe you’ve lived in America for this long and haven’t traveled to these places.” She mused. Her husband laughed.

“Angie, not everyone travels the whole nation.” He told her.

“I know that, I just find it odd. When I first moved here you seemed like you knew everything. So I guess I still find it odd when I remember you’re just as clueless as we all are.” She teased, hitting him with a hat that said ‘The Big Apple’. She smiled and peeked over, as she was doing every few seconds, to check on her son who was only a few feet away. “Marco is very interested in those snow globes.” She smiled. Raphael did as well.

“It’s his first time so far from home, should we get him one?” He asked, gushing at his cute four-year-old son. Angie rolled her eyes.

“He has enough tourist junk, we’ll get him a real keepsake by the end of the week.” She assured, laughing at his excitement. The coupled kept looking at the tourist type objects set on the table and Angie looked up, she gasped when Marco was gone. “Raphael! Where did Marco go?!” She cried. He husband jumped.

“He was two feet away a minute ago!” He cried. The couple looked around and called Marco’s name frantically. They both sighed in relief when the little boy poked his head out of the alleyway that was so close all this time.

“Mommy, daddy!” He called, with a big smile. The couple went over and Angie picked up her son.

“Marco, I told you not to wander like that.” Angie scolded. Marco frowned.

“I’m sorry mommy.” He said.

“What were you looking for?” She asked. Marco didn’t answer, she then saw that Marco had something in his hands. It was a raggedy and soiled stuffed rabbit. It looked like it may have been pink at one time, but it was filthy. “Marco! Put that down.” Angie cried, tossing the gross stuffed animal aside. She assumed her son found it discarded in the alleyway. “I told you not to pick up trash.” She reminded.

“It’s not trash mommy, he gave it to me to hold.” Marco explained. Raphael took his son from Angie.

“Who gave it to you Marco?” He asked, placing the boy on his shoulders. Hi tone was a teasing one, like he assumed his son had made an imaginary friend.

“The three-eyed purple boy!” Marco giggled. Angie smiled.

“Did you make friends with the three-eyed purple boy?” She asked, teasiung her son and patting his head. Marco nodded brilliantly.

“Yeah! He’s my new best friend!” Marco giggled. “Can he come over for dinner tonight?” Marco asked. Angie and Raphael laughed, and he placed the toddler down.

“Of course, son. Go invite you friend.” He gave permission. Marco beamed and ran into the alleyway. The married couple laughed at the little boy and watched him talk to a trash can. Marco smiled at them and left the alleyway.

The couple looked up at their son and gasped in shock. Exiting the alleyway, Marco was followed by a three-eyed purple child. He was real. Standing there, a real living thing. Holding the tarnished pink rabbit. Angie stood there with her mouth hanging wide open while Raphael tried to stutter out a coherent sentence.

“His name is Tom!” Marco exclaimed. Tom waved and whispered something to Marco. “He doesn’t like talking.” Marco explained. “He says he doesn’t like adults.” Marco finished. He looked over at the raggedy boy and smiled. “Don’t worry, my mom and dad are nice.” He assured. He took the creature’s hand and brought him forward.

The married couple still were both at a loss for words. They couldn’t comprehend the demonic looking child in front of them. And how could they? They stood there for a long time until Tom began to feel nervous under their gaze and his eyes watered up. Angie gasped and ducked next to the little boy.

“Dear are you okay?” She asked. Tom mumbled something and nodded. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” She assured. He seemed very scared, and very lost. Angie looked up at her husband. “Raphael, we’re bringing this child home.” She told him.

“Are you crazy?” He asked. “I don’t even know if he’s a child. He’s most certainly not human! What sparked this?” He asked.

“He’s a little boy and he’s scared.” Angie said, pushing her disbelief and shock aside. “He’s clearly homeless and clearly going to die if he stays out here alone in the rain and snow.” She declared. “And as a mother, I’m not going to let that happen to a child.” She continued. Raphael thought for a moment and then knelt down next to the child.

“Do you have a mom and dad?” He asked. Tom played with the ears on the stuffed rabbit.

“He lives here.” Marco explained. “He said so.”

Raphael sighed and looked at his wife, nodding. “We aren’t leaving him here, bring him along.” He told his wife. “I have Marco.” He picked his son up and Angie smiled. She took her coat off and put it over the little demon child like a cloak, so humans wouldn’t see him and freak out. She scooped the boy up and the Diaz’s made their way to the hotel they were vacationing in.