hit em with it

Here go some pictures of my wife Khadija Shari.

Because I’m done talking about racists today.

(IG: @khadijashari)

“Bae, I need a good swimsuit catalog photo for my portfolio.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I'ma go grab a table real quick, make sure you get me one cheese and one pepperoni.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, they wasn’t ready for us!  You stay coming through with the assist!”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, you really killed it last night with that deep condition.  My hair is so on point right now.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I know you don’t swim, but thanks for coming out to the pool with me today anyway.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, you know what I’m thinking right now?”

Me: I definitely gotchu.

“Bae, let’s hit this dance class and show em what’s up.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, make sure I don’t give the ‘gram too TOO much, but just enough.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I got this temporary septum for you. Do ya hair like mine so we can match tonight.”

Me: I gotchu.


Y’all!  This ain’t my wife!  I just follow her in Instagram!  I forget that the Internet is bigger than just my lil readership who knows me and my jokes.


METALLICA - ‘KILL 'EM ALL’ (1983) - Concept Posters

created by Minimal-Pulse-Art [minimal-pulse.tumblr.com]


Some various illustrations from my twitter & instagram! I put up lots of drawings there first so feel free to check em out!! Also, I hit 50,000 followers on tumblr last week and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What a milestone! When I was 13 and started posting drawings online on deviantArt, I never thought I would get this far. Thank you so much for supporting me and my work, from the bottom of my heart! Love, Kat. 

[march study challenge] • 10/03/17

Day 10: handwriting

Today after my biology exam (and heaps of stress!) I just felt like winding down and taking a break. The past few days have been very hard on my sleep patterns (I’m thinking of Wednesday night in particular where I slept four hours and had three coffees the morning after!) and I always start to feel it at the end of a long week. As soon as I came home, I caved and took an earth-shattering nap, but I’m still so flipping tired. Complementing my lazy day is a cardigan I wore all afternoon, my chemistry notes with my handwriting on them (so I’m still passing today’s challenge!) and everything else laid out on the bed because my bed is the best friend of all. Who needs desks when you have comfy duvets and fluffy pillows?

ps. I’m re-reading this and you can hear my sleep deprivation in my awkward choice of words


Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

Once music came into the mix, Bhasker was sold. “He started playing references of what he wanted to do, which sounded like a cool rock band. I got it, and could see where if we pulled this off, it would be one of the coolest things ever. But he needed a buddy who plays guitar like he’s Keith Richards.” The insinuation being: Styles is the Mick Jagger in this scenario.

Adds Bhasker: “I’m so proud of the album itself, and also of Harry for being so brave, and committing 100%, and writing the kind of vulnerable lyrics that he wrote, and not pandering to what people thought he would do. People have no idea that this is what Harry Styles is like. Just like I didn’t know. He’s obviously very famous and beloved, but people don’t know the depths of what an amazing personality and artist he is.”

Variety spoke with Bhasker about the recording of “Harry Styles” ahead of the album’s May 12 release: 

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