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Black Cats and Croissants

Here is the commission I did for the wonderfully amazing  @squirrellygirlart !!!!

You have her to thank for this lovely piece!!! This was honestly so much fun to write I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have ^_^

WARNING: There is some SIN- but I will warn you beforehand and mark where it ends as well.

Chat’s week wasn’t going very well. The boy had been run ragged with photo shoots and akuma attacks. And with the new diet his father had him on he was absolutely starving! ‘It’s almost swimsuit season Adrien,’ His father had said. Hungry and exhausted Chat was not up for another akuma attack, let alone one against Marinette.

It had all started with Chloe (didn’t it always?) Marinette, sweet, kind Marinette who’s parents made the best pastries Adrien had ever tasted, had brought croissants to school for her friends. She looked about as tired as he felt but despite that she smiled as she went to give her friends the sweet buttery gift. Adrien was certain he could hear his own heart break when Chloe came barreling in, knocking Marinette and the delicate pastries to the ground. Chloe smirked down at Marinette as she made a point of walking across the breaded treats, squashing them beneath her feet. Marinette’s face flushed red with anger as she stood with her hands in shaking fists at her sides. Marinette opened her mouth and a loud long irritating noise covered her words from Adrien’s ears. The long drawn out noise was Nino making a constant high pitched hum as he covered Adrien’s ears with his hands. Marinette’s words weren’t for innocent ears, he had told Adrien later on. Whatever Marinette had said landed her in the headmaster’s office where she was sent home from school suspended from the rest of the day’s classes. From then on Adrien had been traipsing across the city as Chat Noir chasing after a very angry akumatized Marinette.

“Princess I know you’ve had a crumby day but you’re batter than this,” Chat chuckled to himself as he dodged another croissant heading towards his head.

“Enough with the puns!” Marinette shouted in irritation sending more croissants sailing his way.

“Aw Princess I know you don’t knead that,” Chat snickered before a buttery croissant landed smack dab in the middle of his mouth. Chat hummed in delight his stomach growling in response.

“And stop calling me Princess!” Marinette hissed. She was dressed in a black and purple apron wielding a large purple spoon in her hands, purple cake batter splattered across one of her cheeks. She was the least intimidating akuma Chat had ever seen.

“Well you didn’t like muffin or cupcake, I’m running out of nicknames here,” Chat complained taking the croissant reluctantly from his mouth.

“Stop with the nicknames,” Marinette shouted throwing another croissant his way. This time Chat snatched the breaded delicacy out of the air and began stuffing it in the slim pockets of his suit.

You’re pathetic, Plagg’s voice sighed in his head.

Hey, don’t judge me I’m starving here! Adrien snapped back.

“You need a name sweet stuff.” Chat smirked. A croissant bounced off his head. “Okay you don’t like that one, how about…” Chat snapped his fingers a cheshire grin spreading across his face. “Pastry Princess!” Chat purred.

Marinette gave him a deadpan look. Chat opened his mouth to say something else but before the words fell past his lips a cupcake the size of a car landed on top of him. Chat popped his head out the top. Sticky frosting slid down his face and clumped in his hair.

“I take it you like your new name,” Chat cooed. Marinette gave him an irritated look as she hopped over to the next rooftop leaving Chat in his cupcake prison. It was surprisingly difficult to move within the dense cake. Worried Marinette might get away, and with no Ladybug in sight to come to his aid, Chat summoned his cataclysm and let the cupcake disintegrate around his feet. It was a shame he lacked the time to eat through the sweet instead. His stomach grumbled in agreement.

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Little Spider Boy

Peter Parker X Reader // Fluff

Warnings: Maybe a few cuss words.

Requested: Yes!

A/N: This might be bad since i wrote it in 10 minutes at 5AM, but i still wanted to publish it.

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“Hey, Parker, Could you let me in?” you yelled from outside his apartment window, knocking loudly on the thin glass to make sure he knew you were there.  

“Y/n? What’re you doing here this late?” He opened it, letting you through. Stepping into the familiar small room of his, you quickly glanced around. The smell of scrap metal and aunt Mays horrible cookies hit you like a wave. You wondered why it still smelled like sweets that late at night.

“To give you some advice.” you sat down on his bed, making yourself comfortable. Peter looked at you like you were crazy, but you didn’t care. You wanted to help him, since it was painfully obvious he had been struggling to get through the past few weeks more than ever. And it hurt you to see him that way.  He looked bad. Tired, unkempt. And it wasn’t letting up in the slightest.

“You don’t have to carry the world on your shoulders.”  you said, sighing quietly. You tired to gather the right words to say, but suddenly they were hard to put together, even though you had been planning to say something for days.  "Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re only human. Peter you can’t do everything and expect to not loose things on the way. You’re harming yourself,“

"You understand I can’t just back awa-”

“You listen to me, okay!?!” you cut him off, knowing what he was going to say, and knowing you wouldn’t like it.

“I won’t stand back and watch you suffer. It pains me more than you can ever imagine. Every time you come to me needing help patching you up tears my heart. I’m not asking you to quit. The world needs you. Queens needs you, hell, I need you. But all I’m asking is that there will never be a day you show up at my door with too many cuts, too many bruises, too many sprained bones to get you up and walking again. Okay?” Tears were welling in your eyes, but you quickly wiped them away. You had already said too much. You just knew it. You crossed a line.

“Okay.” He said, voice slightly shaky. His breath pattern turned longer and deeper, his eyes not managing to look at you. Instead they were planted at the wall. 

“What would I do without you?” He muttered, sitting down right next to you and lying his head in your lap. You smiled down at him, starting to brush through his messy hair. Something you had always done to get him to unwind a bit.

“Probably die,”

“You’re completely right.” After that silence fell upon you two. For a little while you thought he was asleep, but you saw that he’d been gazing at you for what seemed like a long time, since as soon as your eyes met he glanced away, his face flushing a light pink.

“I have never loved myself, but I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Peter I,” you were completely speechless. you stared at him to see if he was lying. Or joking. Anything. But no. He was serious. And he just admitted he loved you. He love you.

“Jesus  Christ, you sappy spider, get your ass up and give me a damn hug before I force you to.” You felt his arms wrap around you, his head buried in your neck. As soon as he pulled away, you hastily pressed your lips to his before you could change your mind. It was sloppy and fast, but it felt right. Like you had been waiting for that moment for years.  

‘I love you. God i love you so much,”

“Really?” He asked, like everything that just happened didn’t. Which made you giggle. He could be so damn cute.

"Of course,” You gave a reassuring smile, putting your hand on his jaw. Another thing that tended to calmed him down. Closing his eyes, he sighed, murmuring a ‘thank god’ under his breath. 

“My little Spider boy.”

I said I wouldn’t but the hits keep coming, so here is a (hopefully) short bitch list.

* My dog locked me out of my house this weekend and I had to spend an hour and a half in the Florida sun getting burned

* My pipes were backing sewage up into my bathtub every time I washed the dishes

* I stepped on a bee, stinging myself and, tragically, killing the bee

* Have an infection that will not go away and has so far cost me over $400 in appointments and meds that haven’t worked

* The post office lost hundreds of bucks worth of Snap Crackle Pop books I’d printed from my last convention, so I’ll have to spend hundreds more if I want to have any to sell at my next convention

* UPS lost a package that my friend spent almost a year putting together for me

* My car is shaking and making funny sounds, and I just spent over $500 on that bitch to get it Florida legal, not to mention $550 insurance

* My water heater just broke

* My ex just called to tell me that my cat died

I will add that I am still awesome, Pretzel is totally keeping me in a good mood, and I still look gorgeous.  But you know.  Not ridiculously good luck.


i re-made it

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Ok guys, here me out for a sec. Remember how pointless Cookie Cat seemed in ep1 and later we realized it hinted at the origin of the CG? Well I think it might have hinted at more than that… “A refugee of an interstellar war, but now he’s at your local grocery store” - that’s Rose and the CGs, obviously, but then… “Cookie cat, he left his family behind!” Guys, gems don’t have a concept of family in their culture, so why include a random line like this? The CGs didn’t leave their family - but Steven did

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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #4

Spideypool x Reader, fluff.

Peter and Wade make you Christmas cookies.

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Cookies. The smell of cookies had hit your nose strongly, waking you up from a much needed nap. You get out of the large bed and realized you were still naked from earlier. Quickly, you put on a pair of black shorts and ‘Frankie Says Relax’ shirt. You walked quietly out the bedroom door and walked into the kitchen.

“Wade! The cookies are going to burn!” Peter groaned.

“Listen Betty Crocker, I know what I’m doing,” Wade snapped back with a smirk. He opened the oven door with his Hello Kitty oven mitts and took out the sheet of cookies. “See, baby boy. Delicious.”

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I’m late asf… 

But da homie Jordyn pulled up on me yesterday with my favorite Girl Scout cookies, and she was lookin’ swaggy. ‘Preciate that ma! 

Y’all need some Girl Scout cookies? Hit her up, she da plug. lol

Oh and my employee caught me scratchin’ my back while snappin’ the pic. Haha