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Friday Nights

A/N: Honestly, I have no excuse for this. I just felt like writing a kiss. Literally, no excuse. It’s ModernDay!Jacob btw

You felt Jacob’s lips hovering over yours, a slight and gentle brush of velvety skin as his fingertips caressed your cheeks. His fingers brushed back the loose strands of your ponytail from your face, as his other hand lowered the cups gathered in yours to the counter of the small cluttered kitchen. Your half lidded eyes searched his hazel gaze, feeling the burn in your cheeks increase as Jacob puffed softly against your face.

You listened to a soft thud coming from the upper floor followed by an outburst of laughter, which made you wonder if someone actually knew what was happening in the kitchen. Jacob smelled subtly like spicy cinnamon and clove, you marveled; even though it was coated by a sheen layer of the beer you were both drinking earlier and hints of musk.

“… Jacob.” You called him, not exactly knowing what to do with your hands. He was a bit too close to what you were used to having him and that realization made him smirk down at you, peering sheepishly at your lips before swiping his pink tongue over his own. Taken by a sudden wave of courage, you put one of your hands over his arm, clutching at it as he brushed your crimson cheeks lovingly with his thumb; cupping your face as to take a better look at it.

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hey, you seem pretty cool so could i request a HC of the RFA (+ V and Saeran please) of them play fighting with MC and who would win. i know this sounds weird but i'm curious of how the members would react. sorry if this has been done before! i'm fairly new to this but thank you for at least reading this!~ ❤️


~Love this! Play fighting is so fun it’s one of my fav things haha

◉ Yoosung

  • He was strong in LOLOL
  • But was he strong in real life????
  • You were about to find out
  • You challenged him to a duel
    • “MC, no! I-I can’t fight you!”
    • “Too SLOW!”
  • You kicked him in the shin
  • Not super hard though
    • “Hey, OW! That kinda hurt, stop!”
    • “Come on, Superman Yoosung show me what you got!”
  • You poked him in the stomach
  • He still wasn’t doing anything
    • “I won’t do it!”
    • “Aww..wittle baby Yoosung won’t fight me…”
  • OK
  • Now it was on
  • You knew that would get to him
  • Attacked you with tickles
  • Had you on your knees in a second
  • Pushed you down onto the floor and pinned you under him
    • “I give up I give up!” you laughed
    • “Well now that I won I’ll take my prize”
  • Kissed you

◉ Jumin

  • You were playfully slapping him on his arms
    • “What are you doing?”
    • “I just want to play, fight me!”
  • You laughed and kept hitting him
  • He didn’t understand this
  • He wasn’t about to fight you
  • Sighed
  • With one hand and with ease he grabbed you by the wrist and whipped you around tossing you against the wall
  • Smiled and let his finger tips trace your jawline
    • “If you want to play, I have a much better game,” he said smoothly
  • Ok
  • He wins

◉ Zen

  • You guys were both struggling to block each others smacks and pokes
  •  He was strong but you were agile and kept escaping his grip
  • Somehow you ended up on the floor
  • You were both rolling around
  • He grabbed your arm and you pulled away too hard and your arm sprung back
  • You elbowed him in the nose on accident T_T
  • Whoops!
  • He immediately gave up and rolled on the floor
  • Covered his face
    • “Omg ZEN I’m so sorry are you okay?!”
    • “NO!” he sobbed
  • His nose wasn’t even bleeding or anything -_-
  • You pat him on the back
  • Spent the rest of the night bringing him ice packs and giving him extra kisses
  • He forgave you though

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys play fought a lot
  • Of course you never won
  • She was a beast ok she’s amazing and strong
  • She always went easy on you
  • She was at the bookshelf picking out a DVD when you crept up silently behind her
  • Karate chopped her side lightly and she immediately went into defense mode
  • Dropped the DVD and grabbed your arm
  • Flipped you onto your butt on the floor
    • “Owww!” you rubbed your butt and fell on your back with a whimper
    • “OMG MC! I’m so sorry it was a reflex!”
  • Rushed to your side
  • Laughed when you started laughing
    • “No sneaking up on you…gotcha” you winced

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were fighting over the last bag of chips
  • What else is new
  • This fight was epic
  • Going all over the apartment
  • He had the chip bag and was not letting up
  • Chairs-knocked over
  • Throw pillows-thrown
  • He was standing on the couch now
    • “Ha-Ha-Ha, Defender of justice will win these chips once and for all!” he began to open the bag
  • You ran up to him and threw your arm out to grab him
  • Unfortunately he jumped into mid air at the same time
  • And you ended up punching between his legs
  • Fell to the ground in agony
    • “No! You hurt looooong cat™!” he cried
  • You dropped down and rubbed his back
    • “I’m so sorry omg!”
    • “You could kiss it and make it better,” he rolled towards you
    • “UGH!”
  • You grabbed the chips and hit him on the head

◉ V

  • Play fighting?
  • Lol
  • Play fighting to him was rolling around on the bed
  • Tickling each other
  • He was actually pretty good at blocking you
  • But he always let you win
  • You always tried to escalate it
  • But he would interrupt to kiss you
  • Will never stop kissing you and ruining the fun
  • Ends up on top of you every time so you have no choice lol

◉ Saeran

  • Who knows how these things always started between you guys
  • You guys were fighting over the remote this time and it escalated
  • He was trying to get it from you
    • “I don’t want to watch a dumb chick flick, give it here,” he groaned
    • “Never!” you laughed
  • You tried to run away but he grabbed you by the ankle and accidentally made you fall
    • “Ouch, dang…” you cried
    • “Shit, are you okay?!”
  • He didn’t mean to actually hurt you
  • Rushed over to your side
  • Really concerned
  • You were faking though
  • Caught him off guard and flipped him on his back
  • Straddled him
  • Leaned in close to his face
    • “I win,” you whispered with a grin
  • Kissed his nose
  • Saeran accepted defeat
  • He pouted but he was blushing
Taunting [Rough] - Stiles Stilinski (Smut)

Red Lips - GTA

No, no, don’t let her smile fool

Don’t let her eyes confuse

Red lips always lie

Cause her red lips have a filthy prize

That’s murder in her paradise

Warnings: nsfw, rough, angry stiles, dom stiles, guys just…stiles


❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

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The hunt for the wendigo was over, the three of you had showered, packed, and headed for the Impala.

Dean shot his brother a look that said, take the back with YN, but Sam just shrugged him off, YN a bit put off that Sam had declined.

Maybe he was having second thoughts about the whole calling dibs, being a couple, sharing a bed, heck they only pecked twice, not even on the lips yet.

Not one to overreact, YN just took her normal spot in the back, put in her earbuds, listened to OAR, and gazed longingly at the trees whizzing by as Dean put pedal to the metal.

When they stopped at a gas station to fill up and buy snacks, YN got out to stretch her legs. Sam caught her off guard, by pulling her elbow, turning her to face him.

“Mind if I join you in the backseat the rest of the way?”

“Sam,” you hesitated, “Dean was just being Dean, we don’t have to do, this, whatever it is,” YN frowned at the thought that she was about to let it end.

But Sam had other plans, pulling YN closer, he glided a palm across her cheek, kissing her sensually, smiling into her mouth,

“I’m in if you’re in,” Sam grinned ear to ear.

“Definitely in,” YN kissed Sam back passionately, “for the long haul, Sam Winchester.”

“About time,” a bag of chips hits Sam in the back of the head, disrupting the kiss, Dean grinning like an asshole.

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PRIDE || MAFIA!Seokmin [Chp 1]

BLURB: Sometimes we put on facades to seem stronger than we are, when all we need is someone to tell us they will hold our hand through it all.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, family

WORDS: 1688

PART: 1 | 2

You knew it was a bad idea the moment Wonho had brought it up in the dingy little store room that served as the gang’s “headquarters” while planning the next heist. It was still a bad idea now, three weeks later, as the four of you – Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk and yourself – entered the badly-lit convenience store on the street corner, hiding switchblades and stink bombs in deep jacket pockets with the hoods up at 7:50 in the evening.

This was enemy territory.

You knew it, Wonho knew it, hell the whole gang knew it, and yet he still insisted on carrying out the plan anyway. The knuckle head. He thought that just because he was the supposed “leader” of the gang he could do whatever he wanted. In a way he could and no one had the right to question him. But if he wanted to live his sick dream of becoming top mobster someday he couldn’t just disregard the rules like this. It would get him killed and he would be dead long before he even gets a taste of what being a mobster feels like. Not that you were sticking around to find out. You were only there temporarily. Only for some food…

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You're worth it

Request: I have a request for a Dean x Reader super fluffly fluff where reader is on her period and Dean is taking care of her? You guys are the first site I’ve ran into that has their request open haha. Thank you

Character: Dean x Reader

A/N: So let me know what you think!! It’s definitely super cute!!!

You woke up to a sick feeling in your stomach that made you want to groan, you absolutely hated being sick, but you didn’t out of fear of waking Dean. With hunting he barley go any sleep, or none of you did for that fact, but he seemed to be sleeping soundly now and you didn’t want to ruin it. So you carefully slid out from underneath his arm immediately missing the warmth it supplied you.

As you stood up the pain in your stomach became more prominent in your lower abdomen, cramps, fucking cramps!

This time your growled under your breath and stormed off to the bathroom to put on a pad, it was too damn early to put in a tampon.

When you were done and had taken about half a bottle of aspirin and gave yourself a little pep talk. You were not going to complain, you were not going to ruin this week. It was this week that you and the guys had decided to do nothing. No hunting, just relaxing. And it was this week, of course, that your uterus had decided to kill itself.

So after that decision you opened the door with your head held high to hide the pain. As you stepped out you saw Dean come out of your room and look up and down the hallway with his eyebrows drawn together. When he saw you he relaxed visibly and slowly walked towards you with a soft smile on his face.

“’Morning” He grunted, his voice especially gruff due to it be 7am.

“’Morning” You smiled as you wrapped your arms around him as he did the same.

He placed a kiss on your head and mumbled into your hair “I don’t like waking up without you by my side.”

Even after hearing things like this nearly every day it still made you blush. “Sorry I had to pee” You chuckled slightly.

Dean laughed, his whole body shaking as he held you. “You’re so romantic”

“I try” You smiled before pulling back from him and pecking him on the lips.

“So how about some breakfast.” Dean smiled as he threw an arm around your shoulder’s leading you into the kitchen.

“Sounds wonderful” You sighed secretly hoping he made pancakes, or French toast, or waffles, pretty much anything with carbs.

“Good” Dean spun you around before going over to the coffee machine and starting it.

Once it was ready he passed you the first cup before turning back to breakfast, conveniently keeping his body in the way so you couldn’t see what he was making.

“Do you want any help?” You asked from your seat at the table, secretly hoping that he said no.

“Nope” He called in an upbeat tone over his shoulder. “For once I’m going to do something for you.”

Another blush began to crawl its way up your cheeks so you brought your cup up to your face in an attempt to hide it.

“You know you’re cute when you blush.” Dean said with a slight chuckle.

“Come on you’re not even looking at me!” You exclaimed as your cheeks turned darker.

“Yes, but I know you.” Dean laughed as he turned around, a stack of pancakes in his hand. “Which means I know what you like for breakfast.”

You felt your mouth water as he set the stack in front of you. You immediately shoved a bite into your mouth, enjoying the unexpected chocolate taste that hit your tongue. “Chocolate chips?!”

Dean laughed at your reaction as he got himself a stack.

You shoved another bite in your mouth and moaned “God I love you.”

Dean walked over and placed a kiss on the top of your head “Love you too.”


You laid on the couch as you absentmindedly flipped through different TV channels. Dean had left about an hour ago, which conveniently happened to be when the aspirin wore off. And so now you sat doubled over on the couch in an attempt to dull the pain.

You heard the hinges squeak as the front door opened and a rustle of plastic bags, both of which alerted you of Dean’s arrival. You groaned as you sat up straight to create the illusion that everything was fine.

“No don’t move on the account of me.” Dean assured you as he came in, two bags clutched in his hands.

“No that’s ok.” You said as you turned to face him “So what did you get?”

“You want the fun stuff first or the not so fun stuff?”

“Fun.” You chuckled, unsure of where he was going with this.

Dean smiled and set one of the bags on the floor and began to dig through the other one. “Let’s see we’ve got chocolate” He said as he held up a bag of dove chocolates “Your favorite movies.” The stack of movies joined the chocolate on the table. “Popcorn to go with the movies, your favorite scented candle, potato chips, and this teddy bear because I thought it was cute.”

Your mouth hung slightly open as you looked at all of the things on the table “Wha-what is this all for.”

Dean’s posture relaxed slightly as he saw that you liked it. “First off, because you deserve it second there’s still one more bag.”

You watched, a small smile still evident on your face, as he pulled out a box of tampons. “I-uh-figured you’d need more so I got you some.”

Your smile grew as you watched him ramble on, he bought tampons for you without you having to ask him?

“I wasn’t sure what size so I got this pack with a bunch of different sizes and figured I could go back and buy whichever size is correct.”

“You didn’t have to-“ You started to tell him.

“But I wanted to.” He cut you off and continued before you could object further “And I know I could have asked you about the size but I wanted it to be a surprise”

“So you knew I was on my period all day?” You chuckled slightly.

“Yes.” He nodded “I could hear you opening the pad through the bathroom door.”

You laughed loudly before doubling back over “So I can sit like this and not have it look suspicious.”

“Well you could but you don’t have to.” Dean said causing you to sit up again in confusion “Because I got you these.” He pulled out a new bottle of pain pills “I asked the lady working there and she said that these not only worked better but were supposed to last longer.”

“And you did all of this for me?” You asked in disbelief.

“Of course” Dean shrugged as he slid his hands into his pockets “You’re worth it. You deserve it.”

You grinned and looked down at your feet as another blush covered your cheeks.

You felt the couch dip as Dean sat next to you. You bit your lip before looking up at him, allowing him to see your bright red cheeks. “What did I say?” He asked softly as he cupped your cheek and slowly ran his thumb over the skin “You’re cute when you blush.”

Your blush deepened as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to your forehead. Your eyes fluttered closed on their own as you leaned into him, grabbing his chin and bringing his lips to meet yours. You moved in sync as you put everything into the kiss.

When you pulled back without a second thought he pulled you into a hug. Immediately you wrapped your arms around him in response.

“I mean it, I really love you.” He whispered.

“I really love you too.” You responded and placed a kiss on his cheek. “And I still can’t bileve you did all of this for me.”

“I’ll do anything for you.”

*bangs fist on table*

Garrance AU where Garroth is a visiting prince a rather small and simple town-territory that outskirts his kingdom. The purpose of the visit is to convince the town to secede itself and join their kingdom, because there been a number of years of clashes at the border & the town unshakeable refusal on joining the kingdom. The king wants the land for one reason or another, and originally wanted to send Zane but Garroth volunteers, believing that Zane’s cruel methods of forcing the town to join would only lead to resentment.

Anyways, Garroth saddles up to the town leader/lord’s house, wanting to speak to them but instead a rather pretty guy waiting there, strumming on a lyre and looking rather bored up until Garroth steps in.

The two exchange some words, the man introducing himself as Laurance, and seems to amused when Garroth addresses him as Lord.

Little did Garroth know this was actually a trap, and soon his guards are taken out, while he’s knocked out.

He wakes to in a rather nice room, though the windows are barred and the door is reinforced. Apparently, the town was banding together with some villages/territories within Garroth’s kingdom, and now Garroth is gonna be used as a bargaining chip.

Everything hits it off from there. Garroth is rather calm, feeling a little foolish actually because this should be expected– he is the crowned prince after all. And Laurance feels a little bad, because it would’ve been easier to hate Garroth if he was some sort of self-centered prick, but he isn’t and now he has a nice guy as a hostage, which gonna have to babysit until everything blows over.


I was tagged by @hotsoccergirl1234 to post what I’ve been listening to lately so
1. Arca - Arca
2. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel
3. Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation
4. Show Me The Body - Body War
5. Capsule - PLAYER
6. Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me
7. Mike Will Made It - Ransom 2
8. Remo Drive - Greatest Hits
9. Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

I tag whoever wanna do this

Green looks good on you - Elijah Mikaelson

The sunlight filtered through into your bedroom. Opposite you with his arm around your waist was Elijah Mikaelson, snoring a little. Wanting to get out of bed and into the shower you lifted up his arm which only made him pull you closer and burrow his head into your neck.

“I need to get up”

“No, you don’t you can stay in bed with me”

“’Lijah, please. I have things to do”

Begrudgingly he lifted up his arms and let you leave the bed. You showered and did all of your womanly activities in the bathroom and came out in a towel. 

“My dear, you look absolutely perfect.”

“I know I do, you don’t need to tell me twice, but thank you anyway. Can you help me find some clothes to wear? I have to deal with supernatural business.”

Over the course of your relationship, you had learnt that Elijah’s impeccable taste in suits gave him a good fashion sense and he had helped you on more than one occasion trying to find clothes to wear out. He nodded and came behind you sifting through your wardrobe. He pulled a few things out but then put them back in once you said you didn’t feel like it. Finally, after ages, you settled on an all black ensemble with black Louboutin booties that Elijah bought you for your birthday. 

“If I may, those boots do wonders for your derriere, my love. It looks, even more, amazing than it usually does.”

You blushed a bit and smiled. 

“Oh yeah, we have dinner at Elena’s house at 7. So I’ll aim to be home by 6″

He nodded and you went downstairs and grabbed a blood bag and drank it.

“I’m leaving”

Elijah appeared out of nowhere.

“Without a goodbye kiss?”

You giggled and pecked him on the lips before leaving.


“Salvatore’s I’m here.”

“It’s actually Salvatore. Singular. My brother is out helping Elena cook for tonight dinner.”

You groaned.

“Which means I have to read through grimoires and supernatural texts with the Salvatore that I dated. Not awkward at all.”

“We’ve seen each other naked. There’s nothing awkward about that.”

“Whatever. Can you just grab what we need?”

“Well, some of the texts have been hidden in Elena’s dad/uncles practice which means we have to stop by there and grab them.”

“Yeah, OK let’s go.”

Damon took the piles of spell books and his car keys and you guys drove into the town.

You both snuck through under the yellow caution tape and went inside.

“Now Mr. Gilbert, where have you hidden our scrolls?”

“If you were a hunter, where would you hide it?”

“I don’t think logically.”

“Yeah, I know that”

“Let’s ransack the place”

You agreed and began to pull burnt wood from the walls.

“If my shoes get ruined you owe me a new pair.”

“Didn’t I buy you them?”

“No, Elijah did.”

He quietened and continued to look. The silence had an element of awkwardness but was comfortable. Ever since you and Damon had ended your relationship there was always some awkwardness. The split was agreed upon since you thought that your relationship was turning into more of a label rather than an actual feeling between two people.However, you later found out that Damon still had feelings for you and only agreed to split because he wanted you to be happy. But that was after you had broken up. You and Elijah had been dating for over 2 years so the feelings must have gone.

“Shh, we can’t be heard” You heard them running around upstairs.

“Damon. There’s someone upstairs.” you whispered.

Their footsteps began getting closer and they came down the stairs.

It was 3 teenagers, one with a camera who seemed to be goofing around. Once they saw you and Damon they stopped, frozen.

“Ugh, stupid kids!” Damon moaned

“You will return upstairs and forget that you into this building. Find a new place to shoot your film.” You deadpanned, using your compulsion.

They obliged and you continued to rip through the walls. You knocked on the wall and heard a hollow space. You punched your fist through it and began to make a huge hole then you pulled out a square chest,


Damon turned around and saw the box in your hands.

“Wait, I have the keys”

You ripped the lid of the box open anyway.

“Or you could just do what you did.”

You scanned through the scrolls.

“There are hundreds of spells and books this refers to. It’s going to take forever.”

“Well, we better go and get something to drink then.”

You both headed back up and went into the Grill.

“Lots of alcohol. And some fries” Damon said glancing at you.

You nodded and sat down, pulling a pile of texts from Gilbert’s chest.

His handwriting was neat but small. He referred to different spells and plants. But there was nothing referring to what you needed.

Two hours later you still had nothing. You felt something hit your neck. You looked up and saw Damon with an I’m-going-to-pretend-that-I-didn’t-hit-you-with-a-chip. Smirking, you picked up a chip and threw it making it fall in Damon’s hair.


He threw another one and you two went back and forth.


You saw a pissed off Matt Donovan standing behind you.

“Sorry blondie”

You laughed and shook off the chips from your person and sat back down and resumed reading.

“Thanks, I needed that break.”

He laughed a little.

“It’s fine.”

“Y/N, you have a fry”

You put your hand to your head trying to feel for it. He got up and pulled it from your hair. He was too close for comfort. You could feel his breath on your cheek.


“Guys. Have you found out anything?” Matt asked you

“No, not yet.”

“Well, I’m leaving for dinner now.”

“What?! It’s seven already?”

“No, it’s 7 30.”

You got up and began to gather up the papers.

“Where are you going?”

“To your house. I promised Elena that I would come early to help her.”

You raced over to the Salvatore’s house.

“You’re late Y/N”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You can make it up by setting the table and getting some wine.”

“And a few blood bags”

Elena gestured to the plates and the box of cutlery and some paper and a pen. You picked them up with ease and began to set the table. Once you were done, you wrote out everyone’s names and set them in the correct place, making Elijah sit next to you and placing Damon on the opposite side of the table and furthest away from you.

An hour later everyone was present and you all had been called to sit and eat. You sat down at your seat and waited for Elijah. 

“Elijah, come, your seat is”

“Next to me.” Bonnie piped up.

You were confused. you looked at the name card to your right and saw it had Damon’s name.

Stefan sat at the head of the table with Elena opposite him. Damon sat down and pushed his chair closer to yours so that your thighs were touching. He rested his hand on his thigh and over the course of the meal his hand kept moving closer towards your thigh.

“Y/N you’ve done a great job of setting the table,” Caroline remarked.

“Yes, she has always had an eye for detail. The seating, however, not to offend you ms. Bennett is much to be desired.” Elijah replied, wiping the corners of his mouth.

“Well, I for one love my seat,” Damon said leaning back in his chair and resting his arm on the back of yours.

The table went quiet and everyone finished eating. You had lost your appetite after the awkward encounter and got up from the table and took your dishes into the kitchen, loading up the dishwasher. 

As if it were fate, Damon was the next person to leave the table. However, he was coming in while you were leaving causing the blood bag that you had mixed with some wine to spill all over you.

“Damon! Watch where you’re going.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N”

“It’s fine.”

The liquid had caused your top to become skin tight and you could see the lace detailing of your bra through your shirt. 

“Go and grab a t-shirt from my room” Elena offered.

You went up to her bedroom and got another top. It was a huge t-shirt of Elijah’s that you left by accident before.

Once you came down you saw Elijah’s eyes light up. 

“Even in a huge baggy t-shirt, you still look beautiful.” Damon whispered, probably knowing that all of the vampires in the room could hear.

That was the last straw for Elijah and he got up from his seat and put his hand to Damon’s neck.

“I have seen you shamelessly flirt with my girlfriend on more than one occasion. I saw you in the Grill. I saw the look in her eye when you were the one who was sitting next to her, she didn’t place you next to her did she? If you come near her, I promise you I will rip your eyes out of their sockets and feed them to birds over and over again until it is ingrained in your head to stay away from Y/N“

His jaw was clenched and you could see the anger raging.

“Y/N tell him to stop” Elena called out.

You kept quiet. Elijah responded by snapping his neck. 

He fixed his tie and spoke

“Thank you for the meal, however, we must leave. Come Y/N”

You got up and got your coat and said goodbye to everyone and left. 

The car journey was silent however Elijah still had his hand resting on your thigh. 

Once you had gone back into your house you both headed to your bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. You decided to break the silence. 

“Are you mad at me?” You huffed falling onto the bed.

 "At you my love, no. At Damon, yes I am very mad. You can’t be blamed for his behaviour”

 "It was stupid of me thinking I could work with him alone"

 "No, you were just giving him a chance.“

 He lifted you up into a hug.

 "It was stupid trying to be friends when he clearly has feelings for me”

 "You just wanted to see the best in Damon. Even though I know you have no feelings for him, the more human part of you believes that he has redeemable qualities. Which is one of the very many reasons why I love you.”

You pulled away slightly and smiled up at Elijah.

“Now, let’s get into bed.”

He kissed your forehead and you laid down on your side of the bed. Elijah stripped off his trousers and slid in next to you, he placed one arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

“Goodnight, my love”

“Good night, Elijah”

Mom: *picks up chocolate chip bag* Oh! I didn’t see these! I’ll make cookies!

Me: *hears the sound of hundreds of chocolate chips hit the floor.*

Mom:… I guess i won’t make cookies then.

Hey if you don't mind writing some smutty smut smut😏but if you don't mind writing that kind if stuff can you please do one with Jack Barakat where Y/N is a virgin and she finally admits to Jack and confesses to him that she doesn't want to be one anymore. So basically she gets nervous and starts crying during it but Jack tries calming her down and helps her through the "process"? Thank you!!

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Toxic | Pt.2

Warning:  Language

Requested: Nope

Word count: 2,474 

A/N: It’s short, but I’m just building it up to make more parts. Not sure where I’m going with it yet, but we shall seeee. Hope you like it xo 

Part One 

Originally posted by 2k15luke

You’re toxic. 

You hadn’t given it much thought as you stumbled through the streets, looking for a cab home; Squeezing the little card in your hand as though it needed to be kept secure. You hadn’t seen Cora since earlier in the night, just before your encounter with Luke. You hadn’t even considered telling her what just happened, it’s not like she’d believe it anyway. You’re not even sure if you believe it.

Finally managing to get ahold of a cab, you headed home in desperate need of your bed. Your eyes flickered down to the card once more, staring at the number long enough that you would master memorizing it. Fuck.

“There you are!” A high pitched squeal bounced through the quiet streets as you headed up the steps to your shared flat with Cora. You watched amusingly as Cora stumbled up to her feet, almost tackling the wall head on. “Hello, Bambi.” you joked, as you threw her arm around your shoulder to support her body weight. “I lost you, and like came home so here I am.” She grinned, the smell of stale chips hitting your senses as she breathed through words. 

“Lets just get you to bed.” You laughed, struggling to even unlock the door with Cora leaning on your left side. 

“Where did you even go?” 

Propping Cora up on the couch, you made her a glass of water before she fell asleep on you. Her eyes followed you as you swiftly moved around the furniture, her brows furrowing from your lack of answers.

“You were at the bar, then poof. you were gone.” She pushed on, taking a large gulp of water. 

“I had a few more drinks, then headed home.” Shrugging, as you lied, hoping she’d believe you. Her eyes narrowed at you, as she slowly brought the glass up to her lips to take another gulp of water. “You know I know when you’re lying, Y/N.” 

“I know.” You smiled, meeting her glare with a confused expression. “But I’m not lying.” 

Humming to herself, Cora finished off the last drop of water; Her eyes remained locked on you as she pushed herself up from the couch, almost ready to fall. Throwing your hands up to catch her, she politely rejected and laughed to herself. “I’ve got this.” 

“Night, Cora.” 

Waving you off as she headed into her room, Cora turned and stopped as she reached her door. “I will find out, Miss Y/L/N. I always find out.” She winked, giggling on her way into the room. “Nighttt!” 

Exhaling loudly, you fell back onto the couch, covering your face with your hands, the pressure of hiding things from Cora really took a toll on you; Especially something as big as hooking up with Luke Hemmings

“What is this?!” 

Snapping awake from your slumber, your eyes found Cora standing in front of you holding the white card. 

“I don’t know.” You yawned, rubbing your eyes before pushing yourself up in bed. Her eyes narrowed down at you once again, as she folded her arms across her torso. “Call me, we’ll finish this. L.H” 

Your eyes widened as you caught on to what she had found, immediately snatching it out of her hands, you shoved it in your bedside drawer. “it’s just a number.” You lied. 

“Yeah, but who’s L.H? And what are you going to finish?” Cora pushed on, not ready to drop any of this. You processed words for a moment, mentally preparing yourself for yet another lie. 

“I met a guy, last night.” 

Cora’s arms dropped as her mouth gaped, jumping onto the end of your bed she pushed you backwards. “Who? What do you need to finish? What’s he like?” 

“Just some guy, we got talking and he had to leave. So, he gave me his card and told me to call him.” You shrugged as though it was less of a big deal than it actually was. “You’re gonna call him, right?” 

“I doubt it.” You chuckled, climbing out of bed and heading out of the room. Following you into the kitchen, Cora refused to let the conversation go, her enthusiasm to find out more about the mystery guy was too overwhelming for the morning. “Why not?” 

Pouring yourself a glass of water, you turned on your heel and shot her a smile. “He’s not my type.” Swallowing the water, you headed into the bathroom, preparing yourself for a long hot bath. “Bu-” 

“There’s nothing else to it, Cora.” You hushed her, receiving a pursed lip smile in return. “Okay then.” 

Soaking in the bath was exactly what you needed, something to help cleanse you as well as your mind was well deserved. You had no intention in calling Luke nor did you want to ‘finish’ what happened; It was a one time thing, that you were still trying to process yourself. 

“So L.H, let’s find out who you really are.” Cora whispered, as she searched your drawer for the card. Holding it up to the light, she called the number and waited ring after ring. 

Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail for Luke Hemmings.

I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message

I’ll get back to you, thanks!

Cora immediately hung up, throwing her phone to the bed, while her lips parted forming an O shape. Staring down at the card, her heart almost dropped to her feet all whilst you were clueless in the bathroom. 

“No, fucking way.” 

“Cora, fancy ordering in tonight?” You called from inside the bathroom, shoving the card back in your drawer, Cora rushed back into the living room before you got out. 

“Um, sure.”

“Great.” You smiled, as you walked out in your towel. Cora stared at her hands, while you got dressed in your bedroom, a wave of mixed emotions fell over Cora as she tried to piece it all together. So far she’s figured that you were with Luke, but the rest was still unclear. 

You pulled the card out of your drawer, ripping it up on the spot and scattering it out of your window. Oblivious to what Cora already knew, you went along with keeping it a secret, as far as you were concerned, there was no hookup. 

Luke had another concert in your town tonight, your Twitter feed was full of updates from fans and the boys themselves; It probably didn’t help that Cora was retweeting every single one, as well as tweeting about it herself. Every so often, her eyes would flicker up to catch a glimpse of your expression, your sighing was tell tale to her. 

“I still can’t believe we saw 5sos live.” She beamed, enthusiastically. Your eyes rolled, as you nodded in agreement. “Me neither.” You sighed. 

“They’re so much fitter in person.” She winked, nudging your leg with her foot to get a reaction from you. Forcefully chuckling, you nodded in agreement once more, less interested in this conversation by the minute. 

“But you would already know that, seen as you was with Luke last night.” 

Your eyes widened, as you swallowed harshly and stared down at your feet. Shit. Slowly lifting your head to face Cora, she cocked her brow and tilted her head. “Right, Y/N?” 

“Cora..” You trailed off, unable to grasp any words to form together. Rolling her eyes, she laughed loudly. “It’s not like I’m mad, I mean I’m mad you didn’t tell me. But whatever.” 

“I wanted to tell you.” 

Shrugging it off, Cora wrapped her arms around your neck, bringing you in for a hug. “It’s cool! But you have to tell me everything.” 

“There isn’t much to tell, besides the fact that he’s definitely more arrogant in person just as much as he is in general.” 

“I just can’t believe that you, got to speak with Luke! That’s a big deal, Y/N. I’d be so starstruck.” 

Laughing, you leaned back onto the couch, sighing dramatically. “Trust me, he’s not worth the credit.” 

“I called his number.” Cora blurted out, biting her tongue after the reveal. Shooting her a wide eyed expression, you sat up immediately. “Cora..” Covering her face with her hands, she mumbled an apology into her cupped hands. 

“Did he answer?” 

Shaking her head, she removed her hands and looked you back in the eyes. “Just went straight to his voicemail.” 

“Thank god.” 

“Would it be such a bad thing if he did answer? We could be hanging out with 5sos. I don’t think that’s a problem.” 

Raising your brows, you glared at Cora. You cringed at the thought of having to sit around them with their possible groupies. Wait, what if you’re his groupie too? No, that can’t be possible; It was just a random one time thing. 


Falling out of your mind for a moment as you looked back to Cora, her phone in her hand facing you. “He text me.” 

“Oh my god, I’m his groupie.” You blurted out. 

Tonight wasn’t how you’d expected it to be, your plan was to relax at home eating takeaway with your best friend; But now you were on your way to some club that Luke had told you to meet up at, Cora being Cora accepted the invite and some how persuaded you to go too. After finding out the truth about you and Luke, she insisted you put him straight and politely reject his groupie status. 

“This is a bad idea.” 

Cora linked her arm with yours, guiding you into the club, her eyes immediately searched for his face through the sea of people in the dimmed lights. “Cora, seriously this is the worst idea, ever.” You repeated once more, dragging her to a halt by the dance floor. Rolling her eyes at you, Cora sighed in exasperation. 

“Y/N, the plan is simple. You get a drink, wait by the bar for Luke and just tell him to fuck himself and we can have some real fun. Okay?” 

Biting your lip, you shook your head. “You make it sound easier than it is.” 

“Babe, it’s just Luke Hemmings..” 

Laughing sarcastically, you watched as Cora headed off to find him while you got a drink. Downing your first shot of the night, you turned back to look for Cora, but was unable to find her anywhere. You figured she had found him and was now giving him the one over before sending him in your direction. But, you were wrong. 

“So you gave my number to your friend. Nice one.” 

Wrinkling your nose, you slowly turned to face Luke, his hand tightly grasped around the glass in his hand just like the first night you met him. His words sounded soft, but his expression told another story. 

“I don’t know what kind of guy you think I am, but I don’t hookup with everyone.”

Opening your mouth to speak, you was quickly paused by Luke as he raised his hand to shush you. “Look, I’m not some guy that sleeps with random girls. I have standards.” 

Scoffing at his words, you turned your face from him and focused on the dancing bodies. 

“You don’t know me.” He continued, before downing the rest of his drink. 

“You have nothing to prove to me, rock star. I’m just another girl to add to your list.” 

“There you go again, presuming I sleep with a bunch of different girls and forget about them later on.” Frowning at you, he ran a hand through his hair that looked damp with sweat. 

“Am I supposed to feel special that you dragged me into a closet and hooked up with me?”

Laughing, he shook his head at you. “It was your idea to go into that closet.” He spoke in a low tone, leaning in closer to you. “And if I remember correctly, you was screaming my name.” 

Pushing him away furiously, you glared at him. “Fuck you.” You pushed past him, only to feel his hand grasp your wrist, pulling you back. “No, fuck you.” He smirked, releasing you from him. Your eyes traveled up and down his figure, stopping at his lips while he chewed on them. Feeling your breathing pick up a pace, you backed away from him to prevent you from tearing his clothes off right there. 

His eyes darkened, full of lust and need he stepped in closer to you again, this time cupping your ass in his hand squeezing it appreciatively all while moving in to kiss you softly. The kiss deepened, bringing Luke’s hands up to cup your face, your hands traveled to his waist, gripping onto his shirt in your hands. 

Finding your neck, he allowed his lips to trail down, marking you with his kiss. Finding it hard to concentrate, your eyes fluttered shut as your head fell to one side, allowing him more access to you. Between light moans and breaths, you found the strength to back away from him. 

“I’m not your fucking next groupie.” You yelled, throwing your hands up in defense to keep him away from you. Your eyes flickered back to the dance floor, hoping you could find Cora. Feeling offended, Luke rubbed his forehead with his hand, sighing. “I never said you were a fucking groupie.” 

“Yeah? You don’t even know my name.” 

Stopping in his tracks, his lips parted ready to defend himself before he realised you were right. Running a hand through your hair, you scoffed and headed for the dance floor to find Cora. Luke left stunned by the bar watched you walk away, with desperation in his eyes. 

“Thank god. Cora, come on. I want to go home.” 

Turning to you, Cora squealed and pulled you into her embrace. “Y/N, look! I’m sitting with ¾ 5sos!” Looking over her shoulder, you met the boys smiles, giving them a faint wave before looking back to Cora. “That’s great, babe. But come on, let’s go home.” 

Tugging on her arm, she pulled back and refused to leave. “Stayyyy.” Exhaling loudly, you shook your head and headed off in the opposite direction, leaving Cora to find her own way home. 

Half way out the door, you felt a hand pull you back causing you to stumble into their arms. “Wait.” Looking up to their eyes, you pulled back when you noticed it was Luke. “I’m going home. My best friend is with your boys, can you make sure she gets home safe. Thanks.” 

Luke followed you out of the club, hot on your tracks as you stormed down the street towards the taxis. His arm kept reaching out to pull you back, but you snapped your arm back each time, shaking him off. “Can you just hear me out!” He yelled, stopping on the spot. 

Turning on your heel, you looked him directly in the eyes, a faceless expression and cold vibes.

 “You’re toxic.”