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Would You Be So Kind?

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Lee Jihoon x Reader
Word Count: 1.1k
Synopsis: Roommate AU; Would you be so kind as to fall in love with me?

It was cold, and emotional and physical exhaustion overtook you, but you still decided to walk home. Dealing with your quiet, emotionally stiff roommate was not preferred in the current moment. As your feet hits the pavement, small shops and apartment buildings illuminating the sidewalk, you tried not to think too hard. 

How were you going to face him on Monday? The date had been a complete disaster. Your sweet office crush; the person who had always made sure you were heard during meetings, and who stuck up for you when you were singled out by managers, had ended the date by describing how horrible it had been, saying that it’d probably be better if you didn’t see each other again. Ever. 

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So I write this one-shot and I’ve never posted fanfic on tumblr before so yeah (like I’ve written it before, just never have I posted any on Tumblr). So here’s a thing I wrote. Enjoy!

(I was inspired by the idea of different colored roses and what they mean :) )

“But does Alex even like flowers?”

“Magnus, this is the fifth time you’ve asked that. She…is it a ‘she’ or a ‘he’ day?”


“Cool, thanks. And yeah, she likes flowers. I mean, sometimes she draws them on her pottery, and now she’ll have something to do with her pots instead of throwing them at the wall.”

Magnus and Sam were walking towards Alex’s room at around noon, and Magnus was carrying a bundle of five roses, each a different color (red, pink, orange, lavender, and green). Magnus held on tightly to the flowers, worried that his einherji strength might crush the stems.

When they finally reached the door, Sam smiled.

“Good luck, Magnus.”

She flew away to do whatever top secret business she had to do for Odin, and Magnus was left alone in front of Alex’s door. Magnus took a deep breath and knocked.

Alex Fierro swiftly opened the door moments later. Clay was caked everywhere on her. Her black and white “Down with cis” shirt was stained gray and brown in some parts. The scent of clay hit Magnus like a sword: sharply and abruptly.
Alex immediately eyed the flowers, then Magnus, then the flowers again. Magnus could feel the heat rising to his face so much he almost thought he was in Muspellheim.

“What’s the occasion, Maggie?” Alex asked, propping up her elbow against the doorframe and leaning on it, smirking at Magnus.

Magnus gave the bouquet to Alex, who—after studying each flower—smelled them, and smiled a little.

“I…” Magnus started, stumbling over his words as he found himself staring into Alex’s eyes.

Alex raised a single eyebrow.


Magnus coughed as he was brought back to reality.

“I…um…I…Alex, would you like to go out with me?”

The straightforwardness of the question surprised both people.

To Magnus’s surprise, Alex’s cheeks flushed a little bit.

“Why?” Alex asked, still holding the flowers. She motioned for Magnus to sit down. He cautiously entered the room, and the smell of clay became stronger. Clay was splattered everywhere. Alex found a clay vase and put the roses in it, then set the vase on the coffee table in front of the couch. Alex sat down.

“Having a rough time molding the clay?” he asked.

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Fair enough.”

Magnus sat on the couch next to Alex, who looked at him as if she was trying to figure out a puzzle. Magnus stared down at his hands, his heart beating so loudly and quickly he was surprised it didn’t burst out of his chest.

“I…uh…I guess…I…”

“Spit it out Magnus.” Alex nudged Magnus’s arm.

“I really like you a lot.”

Both Alex’s and Magnus’s eyes grew almost twice as wide as their normal size. Magnus was sure his heart was going to beat out of his chest sometime soon.
Then, Magnus spotted the flowers.

“Well,” he began, picking up the orange rose first. “Orange roses represent passion and energy, like a fiery blaze. Kind of like you when you’re angry. Or all of the time.”

Alex gently took the rose from Magnus, their fingers brushing only for an instant. Magnus was surprised that his heart didn’t explode, because the touch made his hands feel like fireworks. He never wanted to wash his hand again.

“What about the green one?” Alex asked.

Magnus gently lifted the green rose out of the vase and stared at it. Alex took the rose and held it up against her head.

Oh gods, she’s beautiful. It matches her hair, Magnus thought. He barely successfully restrained himself from sighing like a lovesick teenager (even though that’s exactly what he was).

“How well does it match my hair?” Alex asked, smiling a bit.

Magnus laughed. “A perfect match.”

Alex’s smile grew a bit bigger. Magnus’s face grew a bit redder.

“Anyways,” Magnus continued, “the green ones represent peace and tranquility, along with representing best wishes for a prosperous new life. I thought, you know, since you’re new to Valhalla, I’d add in these green ones.”

“What about the ‘peace and tranquility’ part?” Alex smirked.

“I’m telling you to calm the Hel down.”

Alex giggled for a second, which could be taken as a literal ROFL. Magnus’s heart fluttered.

“You still haven’t answered why you want to go out with me,” Alex remarked.
“What about the rest of the flowers?”

“I know what they mean. I’m an artist, Magnus. This is basic stuff.”

“It is?”

“No.” Alex chuckled a bit.

“You didn’t know what the orange or green ones meant!”

“I was testing you!”

“Testing me? Why?”

“To see if you knew what they meant, or if you just picked them out because they look pretty.”

Magnus sighed, then the realization hit him.

“Pink roses,” Alex said, “convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude.”

Magnus’s face might have been the color of a pink rose.

“Lavender ones represent ‘love at first sight.’”

Magnus could barely see the color rising to Alex’s face, although he knew it was there. He looked at Alex as she tired her head from the rose to Magnus.

“And red roses…” Alex didn’t finish the sentence. She stared at his lips.

Magnus stared at hers. “Red roses represent lo—”

He was cut off by Alex squeezing her eyes shut and grabbing the back of Magnus’s head and pulling him forward. Their mouths met in such a satisfying moment of jubilation, it’s a wonder that neither Magnus or Alex exploded on the spot. Magnus placed his hands behind Alex’s headband stroked his fingers through her soft, black and green hair.

They broke apart only to take a much-needed breath.

Their faces still inches away from each other, they stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily.

“Magnus, I—”

This time, it was Magnus interrupting Alex as he pulled Alex forward again and kissed even harder.

When they broke apart, all Magnus saw were Alex’s eyes. He stared them for so long, and she stared back, that he was surprised he didn’t get punched in the face.

“Don’t say it,” Alex whispered, taking Magnus’s hand.

“Don’t say what?” he asked, gently taking Alex’s other hand.

“The L word. Don’t say it until you really mean it, okay?”

Magnus leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against Alex’s.

“Okay, but only if you do the same.” Magnus smiled. Alex had such pretty eyes, the brown one glowed while the hazel one shined.



Alex leaned forward and kissed Magnus again.

“I like you a lot,” Alex said. “Let’s use the word like until we’re ready for the L word, okay?”

“Sounds Frey-tastic.”

Alex narrowed her eyebrows.

“What the fuck kind of pun was that?”

Magnus couldn’t help but laugh.

“So is that a yes, or…?”

Alex merely smiled.


Magnus kissed her quickly again before taking her hand and leading her to the door.

“Come on, the rest of our hall mates will be waiting. They’ll love to hear about this”

When Magnus and Alex came out of the room, flustered and holding hands with red faces, Mallory cackled as TJ and Halfborn both handed her some red gold coins.

Birthday surprise // Minghao

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1408

Pairing: Reader x Minghao (The8)

Description: You have had a childhood crush on Minghao, and you spend all day cooking his favourite food on his birthday, but once again he fails to acknowledge your feelings…

Y/N’s POV //
You were in bed watching videos on your phone, and as soon as it hit midnight you immediately text Minghao:
‘Happy Birthday chinguuu~’

You felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside thinking about him, you two had been friends since you were very young, you loved everything about him, his amazing sense of humour, and how he was so cute but elegant all at the same time. You thought about how he had changed so much over the past few years, how he had gone from being a carefree teenager, to extremely sophisticated, helping his father run their family business. All these years you had secretly liked him, but you were too scared to tell him, you felt almost as if he didn’t care…

The next day you got ready super early, and made your way to Minghao’s apartment, and as expected he had already left for work, early. You both had the keys to each other’s apartments, as you both spent a lot of time together, but all your attempts for making Minghao accept your feelings for him had failed, and so today you were going to try yet again.

You wanted to decorate his apartment, and make his favourite meal to surprise him when he came home from work, you imagined how perfect the evening would be, just you and him, and maybe you would gain the courage to blatantly tell him your feelings after him seeing the effort you had put in for him.

After decorating the lounge in various birthday decorations; banners, balloons, and other ceiling hanging decorations, you finally collapsed on his sofa, worn out. After a short break, watching some youtube videos , you set to work making his favourite food, and it took a really long time, you felt yourself aching from standing in the kitchen too long, and the heat certainly wasn’t helping. You eventually set the table, for the two of you, and then went to the local bakery to collect his birthday cake. Once you arrived at his apartment again, you took the cute cake out of the box and set it in the middle of the table, and put his favourite wine on the table also, as well as some cute flowers which you had picked up from the florist on the way.

After everything was done, you stopped and admired all of your hard work, you couldn’t help but smile, you were so excited to see his reaction, he told you that as soon as work had finished up, he would be straight home, you sat on the dining table chair, and looked up at the clock. It was 8pm, and he was going to be here any second now, you felt the adrenaline rush through your body, goose bumps appearing on your skin.

You rushed upstairs to the spare bedroom you always stayed in when you slept over, and put on a velvet blue dress, some heels, and a bit of perfume. After fixing your hair in the mirror, you looked at the small cute necklace around your neck, and held it smiling; it was the one Minghao had given you for your last birthday. You thought about the present you had got him, a new watch, and you wondered if he’d like it, if he would always wear it, and think about you?

Another hour had passed, and you slumped in your chair, your eyes feeling heavy, he shouldn’t be this long you thought. You decided to call him, and after the phone ringing for so long, he didn’t even answer. Maybe he was still driving you thought; you didn’t want to disturb him so you continued to wait, in silence.
You hadn’t realised that you’d fallen asleep waiting, but when you heard the door abruptly open, you quickly picked your head up off the table, and looked at the clock, your eyes still adjusting to the light. It was 10pm, you felt your heart sink a little, but it was better late than never you thought. Maybe he had been to see his family, after all you hadn’t told him that you had made him dinner and was waiting, you wanted it to be a surprise.

You ran out of the dining room, your heels quickly clicking on the shiny white tiles, “Happy b-” you began, but then your heart stopped at what you saw. Minghao, still looking striking in his suit, was stumbling, drunk, giggling, and his hand was around the waist of a girl, her face full of makeup, her lipstick smudged, she too was giggling. You felt your heart break at the sight, your throat went dry, the back of your eyes were stinging so much, and several tears stained your cheeks involuntarily. They both just walked straight past you as if you were a ghost, and as you watched them walk up the stairs together, speechless, you failed to believe that once again Minghao had failed to acknowledge your feelings and your efforts, despite everything you had done for him, all the times you had spent together he just wasn’t interested. You hadn’t felt so hurt before in your life, were you not enough for him?
The next morning you woke to your phone ringing, you opened your eyes groaning in frustration, but when you hastily picked your phone up off your bedside table, you saw that it was Minghao, and you instantly rolled your eyes in frustration, ignoring him, slamming your phone back down, but like the stubborn pabo he was he just kept calling. You left your phone there and decided to have a shower and get dressed, once you had done you put your hair up into a messy bun, and went downstairs to do some studying.
You felt so frustrated and claustrophobic indoors, and so decided to go to the local coffee shop that was around 10 minutes away from your apartment, you needed the fresh air after all. After putting your shoes and coat on, you left, and the cold morning air hit you, finally waking you up properly, and as you were walking, your hands in your pockets, you heard someone call your name, stopping you in your tracks. You hesitantly turned around knowing exactly whose voice that belonged to, it was Minghao.

“y/n!” he shouted running towards you, you hated to admit that he looked so extremely handsome, but you were still so angry and hurt from yesterday, you were really not in the mood for talking to him at the moment. “y/n” he repeated, but you looked at the ground, not replying.
“Erm…I saw everything you did for me, thanks y/n you really didn’t have to, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend time with you yesterday..” he slightly slurred, obviously still not fully recovered from last night, you looked up to meet his eyes, he ran a hand through his soft hair. “Do you want to do something today?” he asked, as though nothing had happened.

“No Minghao, I don’t” you let out, rather bluntly, he furrowed his eyebrows, shocked at your unusual tone of voice. “I just want to be left alone, I’m sick and tired of showering you with my love, but do you not think it hurts when you just walk through me like a ghost? I’m fed up of waiting on you, for expecting things that I’m never going to get, for loving you with all my heart, but getting absolutely nothing back”, your voice was trembling, hands shaking like crazy. His height was towering over you, and just stared wide eyed and shocked. As you slowly turned around to walk away, a huge lump in your throat, you let out a huge sigh of frustration, but you suddenly felt someone grab you by the arm and turn you around.

You were so taken aback, Minghao looked deep into your eyes, his eyes slightly red, “y/n I’ve known you all my life, do you not think I know about your feelings for me? I feel the same way, you’re everything I could wish for, I just never want to hurt you that’s all, you deserve so much more than me” his voice was so placid, and you froze, unable to process what he had just said, “but you said-” he cut you off by crashing his lips into yours, and although you wanted to push him off you, you felt yourself kissing him back…

pastelxpunk (2) Masterlist

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part one

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A Twisted Turn of Events - plantboy-howell

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Drifted Off into Space - howlter-fiction

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Hint Of Lace - danisonamazingphil

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That Warm Feeling In Their Chests - thephandemonium

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The Wrong Twin -  pasteldanhowells

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You’re Welcome - versacephan

Summary: abused!pastel!dan and punk!phil, Dan gets badly hurt and flees his abusers’ house only to run into scary Phil, but it’s okay because Phil is nice to Dan and makes Dan feel safe.

You Say You’re A Rude Boy, Show Me What You Got (ao3) - punkphil

Summary: In London, England, it’s illegal to have sex on a parked motorbike. pastel!dan and punk!phil break the law on phil’s motorbike one day.

Always Mine - Chapter 2


A/N: Hey guys. Just wanted to thank everyone again for the amount of love chapter one of this story got. I truly means the world to me. I’m not entirely happy with this chapter but  I hope you guys like it none the less. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

This isn’t right, Negan. Y-you’re wife is sick and she needs you. She deserves to have you by her side.”

Now you sound like you’re fucking saying goodbye, Doll.” His gaze never left hers as he took a sip of his beer. Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat. She saw the way his eyes had darken when she brought up the topic of them stopping their affair and she just wanted to get it over with and leave. It was what was for the best.

I-I am.” She hated the way her voice shook but Negan had that effect on her. The look he would give her whenever she brought something up he didn’t like, was enough to send her back into her shell. But not today. No. She was going to stand her ground. “I’m sorry Negan. But we’re over.”

The room became quiet. To quiet. Negan just sat on the couch of her apartment and stared at her. Katherine tried not to squirm under his intense gaze. His eyes ran all over her body. Time seemed to drag on before he finally spoke.

No we’re not.”

The RV jerking brought her out of her day dream. She heard Negan laughing about how he had just ran over a walker. She slightly shifted, pulling her knees to her chest again. She hadn’t moved since Negan had gotten into the RV. She didn’t even move when her father had picked up the ax after Negan had egged him on. Katherine felt numb. She couldn’t believe he was back.

She could feel her father’s eyes on her but she didn’t meet them. She knew he’d want answers and he deserved them. He deserved to know the past she shared with the man who had just killed two of their friends. But she couldn’t find it in her to say anything. They were already in so big of a mess. She knew if her father found out, he’d want to kill Negan even more. But she wasn’t going to put them in any more danger than they were already in.

Katherine jerked forward slightly when Negan hit the breaks. He shut the RV off before standing up. He winked at Katherine as he passed her. She watched as he pulled the ax out of the table and walked over to squat next to her father. She could hear walkers groaning and growling outside but they were the least of her worries right now.

“You are mine. The people back there, they are mine. She, she is very much mine,” he said, pointing at Katherine. Rick looked over at her but Katherine just kept her eyes on the ground. “And this, this is mine.” He finished, showing Rick the ax. He grinned and stood up before opening the RV door. Katherine looked up. She heard hit him a few walkers with his bat before looking at Rick and throwing the ax outside.

“Hey, Rick go get my ax. Let’s be friends.” Katherine’s eyes widened. When Rick didn’t answer or move, Negan scowled and bent down again. “Go get my ax.” He growled. She let out a scream when he picked her father up and threw him outside.

“Dad!” She immediately got up and ran over but Negan blocked her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and crushed her against his chest.

“Oh no you fucking don’t. You and I are gonna have a nice fucking chat while your dad is busy.” He chuckled, walking over and pushing her down into the bench seat at the table. He immediately sat next to her so she couldn’t run.

Katherine moved as far away from him as she could which only made him laugh.

“Come on Kitty Kat, I don’t bite. Unless you want me to but you already know that.” Katherine didn’t answer him, instead her eyes focused on Lucille who was now on the table in front of them. She was still covered in blood and it made Katherine’s stomach roll. That was her friend’s blood. She heard Negan laugh again but her eyes remained focused on the barb wired bat.

“Don’t worry Doll, Lucille doesn’t bite either unless someone deserves it. And let me tell you, your friends fucking deserved it. That red head though took it like a champ.”

Katherine blinked as tears filled her eyes.

“His name was Abraham.” She found herself saying before she could stop herself. Negan smirked at her.

“I seem to have hit a nerve. Was he someone special to you, Doll? Because I think we both know how jealous I can get.” Katherine saw the way his eyes darkened and recognized the look immediately. She had seen it before when she had first tried to break up with him. She had gone out that night with some friends to a bar. She had met a cute guy and was talking to him at the bar when Negan appeared out of nowhere and shoved the guy away from her and pulled her out of the bar.

“H-he was my friend. Same with Glenn.” Negan just shrugged.

“Well now the Asian one wasn’t planned but that redneck didn’t listen. So I guess we know who to fucking blame.” He chuckled and Katherine just shook her head.

“I thought you were dead.” She admitted. Negan laughed again.

“I bet you fucking did. But here I fucking am and looks like fate brought us back together.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s and pulled her into his side. She heard him sigh. “Feels just like old times.” He laughed before they both heard a thump on top of the RV. Katherine jumped as Negan groaned.

“We were just getting fucking cozy, Rick!” He unwrapped his arm from her shoulder’s and stood up.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked when she watched him pick the machine gun up.

“Get me my ax!” Katherine covered her ears when he started shooting the roof of the RV.

“No stop!” She jumped up and tried to knock the gun out of his hands but Negan wrapped his arm around hers, pinning her arms to her side.

“You’re in enough fucking trouble, Doll. Don’t add onto it.” He growled, letting her go and walked to the back of the RV. She watched as he opened the window and started shooting walkers. Her heart was pounding when she saw her father hanging from one. She didn’t want to be negative, she couldn’t afford to be. She had to believe her father would get out of this.

“Clock is ticking, Rick! Think about what can still happen.” With that, he shut the window and turned back around. He sauntered up to Katherine and grinned. “See? I was just lending a helping hand.” He walked past her and sat back down at the table. He crooked his finger in a come here motion. Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat and went back over, sitting opposite of him.

They sat there waiting. Negan kept whistling while Katherine looked down at the table. After what seemed liked forever, they heard the door of the RV trying to open. Katherine immediately perked up as Negan stood up, still whistling, and grabbed his gun before walking over.

She watched as he just stood there.

“W-what are you doing?”

He turned his head, stopping his whistling to smirk at her but not answering her. She jumped when he suddenly kicked the door open and started firing his gun again. Negan reached down and grabbed Rick by the collar of his jacket and threw him back inside.

Katherine immediately jumped up and ran over, sinking down on her knees next to him. Rick pulled his daughter to him.

“You okay?” Katherine nodded and looked him over.

“Are you?” Before Rick could open his mouth, Negan answered.

“He’s fucking fine Doll. I’m sure that was the fairest game he’s ever played. Right Rick?” Rick just glared at him as he walked back over and started the RV back up. Katherine and her father stood before sitting down at the table.

“H-how do you know him?” Her father asked, keeping his eyes on Negan. Katherine felt her throat tighten.

“I-It’s a long story.”

“Now it’s not that long, Kitty Kat.” Negan lifted his eyes to meet Rick’s in the mirror. He grinned, showing off his teeth. “I used to fuck your daughter, Rick.”

Katherine’s eyes closed as Rick’s widened. He turned to look at her, but she refused to look at him. Embarrasment and shame filled her.

Shortly after, they pulled back into the clearing where the rest of their group was. Negan turned the engine off and took the keys out before standing up and clapping his hands.

“We’re here, prick.” Rick didn’t answer him. “This must be hard on you, right? I mean, you have been fucking  King Shit for so long.” He started looking through the cabinet’s of the RV. “Losin’ two of your own like that.” He snapped his fingers and grinned. “Gettin’ ‘em clipped like that, one nut, then the other. And in front of your fucking kids? Now that is some fucking screwed up shit.” He kept looking through the cabinet’s until he found some rubbing alcohol.

“Ah, goody!” He walked over and sat down across from them. He unscrewed the top and took a rag before pouring the rubbing alcohol on and cleaning the blood of the ax. “You were in charge. Hell you were probably fucking addicted to it. And now, well, clip, clip…”

Katherine tuned him out. She just wanted all of this to be over. She wanted to leave, go back to Alexandria and hold Judith before going to bed. But deep in the back of her brain, she knew she wasn’t going to be going back to Alexandria anytime soon.

She hadn’t realized just how long she had zoned out for until a hand roughly gripped her arm and pulled her up. Her blue eyes flew open and she saw Dwight again.

“Get up.” He ordered. He pulled her up and out of the RV. She immediately shut her eyes as the bright light hit them. She then slowly opened them. She saw all her group still on their knees. Her eyes immediately locked on Carl who was looking at her with concern. All she could do was shake her head,a silent plea with him not to do anything stupid.

“Dwighty boy, easy with my fucking girl. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

Dwight bowed his head.

“Sorry.” Negan nodded and winked at Katherine and turned back to the group.

“What you do next, Rick, will decide whether your crap day becomes everyone’s last fucking crap day or just another cray day. Get some guns to the back of their heads, except hers.” He pointed to Katherine. Katherine squrimed in Dwights hold, only yelping when his grip tightened.

“Don’t.” He hissed. She stopped when she heard all the guns cocking.

“Good. Now level with their noses so if you have to fire,” he smirked, “it’ll be a real mess. Kid, right here.” Katherine’s heart stopped when Negan motioned for Carl. Carl didn’t move. “Kid, now.” Carl stood up and slowly walked over.

What was he going to do?

“You a southpaw?” She heard Negan ask.

“Am I a what?”

“You a lefty?” Carl just stared at him.


Negan smirked.

“Good.” Katherine watched as he took off one of his belts and took Carl’s left arm. He tightened it around Carl’s left forearm. “That hurt?”

Carl kept a straight face.

“No.” Negan smirked again.

“Should. It’s supposed to.” He finished tying it off. “All right. Get down on the ground, kid. Next to daddy. Spread them wings. Simon, you got a pen?”

Katherine watched as a guy with a handlebar mustache pulled a marker out of his pocket and tossed it to Negan. Negan took the cap off with his teeth and bent down, drawing a line on Carl’s arm.

It suddenly hit Katherine what he was gonna do. She wasn’t the only one as Rick started pleading.

“Please. Please. Please. Don’t.” Negan laughed.

“Me? I ain’t doing shit. Rick, I want you to take your ax and cut your son’s left arm off, right on that line.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as she started to struggle against Dwight again.

“No! Negan please don’t make him do this! I-I’ll do anything. Please don’t make him do this.”

Negan turned to look at Katherine and kept the same, villainous grin on his face.

“That’s a very fucking tempting offer, Doll. But it’ll have to fucking wait.”

Katherine felt her world crumbling as Negan went on. It got to the point where he started counting.

“Three!” Katherine started crying, seeing her father crying as well.

“Please.” He sobbed. “It can be me. Please!”


“Please, don’t-.”

“This is it!”

Rick just kept sobbing as Carl looked at him

“Dad just do it. Just do it.”

Rick sobbed and picked up the ax. Katherine clenched her eyes shut as tears streamed down her face.

Just as Rick was about to drop the ax on Carl’s arm, he heard Negan say his name.

Katherine cracked her eyes open and saw Negan squating next to her father.

“You answer to me. You provide for me. You belong to me. Right?” Rick just shook with fear. Negan growled and gabbed his face. “Speak when you’re spoken to! You answer to me. You provide for me.”

“Provide for you.” Rick repeated.

“You belong to me, right?! Right?”

Rick nodded.

“Right.” Negan nodded and stood up. “Dwight.” He waved Dwight over. Dwight dragged Katherine over and pushed her into Negan who immediately wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her to his side.

“And she, she belongs to me Rick. She’s mine.” He lifted Katherine’s face up and planted a rough, possessive kiss on her lips. His lips roughly brushed over hers as his beard scratched her face. Katherine stood frozen, not knowing what to do. If she pushed him away, he would surely get mad and she just wanted this day to end with no more deaths.

Negan finally pulled away and grinned down at her.

“Now that is something I have fucking missed.” He turned back to the group and nodded his head approvingly.

“We did it all of us, together. Fuck, even the dead guys on the ground. Hell, they get the spirit award for sure. Today was a fukcing productive damn day! Now, I hope, for all your sake that you get it now. That you fucking understand how things work. Things have changed. Whatever you had going for you that is over now.” He started laughing.

“Ah ,Dwight, load him up.” Katherine watched as Dwight grabbed Daryl and loaded him into the back of one of the trucks before shutting the door. Why was he taking him? Negan looked back down at Rick. “He’s got guts. Not a fucking little bitch like someone I know. I like him. He’s mine now. But you still want to try something? I will cut pieces off of…hell’s his name Kitty Kat?” Katherine looked up, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“Daryl.” She whispered. Negan laughed.

“Wow. That actually sounds right. I will cut pieces off of Darly and put them on your doorstep. Or better yet, I will bring him to you and have you do it for me.” Negan laughed again and tightened his grip on Katherine. “Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits! I’m gonna leave you a truck. Keep it. Use it to cart all the crap you’re gonna find me. We’ll be back for our first offering in one week. Until then ta-ta.”

Negan turned and started walking, dragging Katherine along with him. When they got to a black pick up truck, he opened the passenger side door and pushed her inside before getting in after her. Before she could move away from him, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s and lifted her chin up so their eyes met.

“I hope  you like your new fucking home, Doll. Cause you’re going to be there for a very, very long fucking time.”

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Rain pt.4

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Well, finally the end xD not proofread but you already know that 

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Jungkook came into the room with a wet towel on one hand, a glass of water in the other hand and a concerned stare.

“ It’s normal, Kookie. You don’t have to panic every time it happens ” You coughed, nausea taking over once more.

“ But you haven’t even eaten anything since morning ” You reached for the towel that he brought but he moved your hand away to wipe your face for you instead. He always seemed apologetic while doing things like this.

“ I know. ” You closed your eyes sinking back into the bed “Just lay with me okay ?”

The first four months had been the hardest for you since you constantly felt sick upon inhaling any sort of scent. Pleasant or not. And the hardest on Jungkook since you did quit – got fired – from your job. Though he would never admit it. Jungkook joked about it, teasing you every chance he got with remixed versions of “ You should’ve quit when I told you to ”

You were now half-way through your sixth month and still having occasional drawbacks that sent you over the toilet again. But it was less frequent and you were able to eat comfortably again. Your belly had also grown considerably which meant that most your clothes and half your shoes couldn’t fit anymore.

It always made you frown when something didn’t look as great as before but your husband was always quick to brush away those insecurities, like he always does, with random compliments and sweet kisses of adoration.

You had just came back home from another appointment with the doctor, where you were given the chance to know the baby’s gender which you refused. Jungkook had been on and on about it ever since you left Seokjin’s office and didn’t shut up about until you started feeling sick. Thankfully.

Jungkook made you rest your head on his arm when you couldn’t even move up to the pillows, laying down next to you. It was still the middle of the day but it was also his day off and you were technically unemployed so it didn’t matter. He gave you enough room to breathe but was also close enough for you to feel his warmth.

His hand sneaked up under your shirt, a new habit he discovered recently, fingers tracing random patterns on your swollen belly. You sighed in response, relaxing against him.

“ Squid just moved !” Jungkook shot up, abruptly moving you just when you got comfortable, with a smile and twinkly eyes. You groaned in frustration, reminding him that he was your personal pillow for now “ Sorry, I got excited ”

“ I can see that ” You laughed this time resting your head on his chest to let the familiar, soothing, heartbeat reach your ears. “ It happens more frequently when the baby hears your voice. I’m getting jealous of the two of you. Bonding without me, already ” You snorted jokingly.

“ You’re cute ” His hand was back again on your stomach. This time his open palm massaging the underside.

“ Don’t call me cute ” You hit his arm and he shrugged “ Have you thought of any names ?”

“ I was waiting to know the gender first ” He pouted and you rolled your eyes. There he goes again.

“ I want it to be a surprise. And it doesn’t really matter what gender it is ”

“ But it’s hard to-” He stopped, laughing, when you glared up at him “ Okay, okay. How about … Junghye for a girl and Junghyun for a boy ?”

“ Hmm …” You nodded as he stilled his movements. It calmed you, his touch, and you somehow knew that your baby liked it as well. Jin had told you that it could distinguish voices now so you let Jungkook go on and on about the different names he liked. All in hopes that squid would recognize his father’s voice just as much as he did yours. It made your heart flutter just thinking about it.

“ How about Jimin ?” You finally cut off the stream of names, your eyes feeling heavy again with sleep even though you had woken up just four hours prior.

“ For ?”

“ Both … It’s unisex ”

“ Jimin … Jeon Jimin … Sounds nice ” Jungkook kissed your head, carding his free hand through your hair in a way he knew you liked “ Jimin it is ”

“ Now are you going to stop calling our Jimin squid ?” You looked up at him, optimistic.

“ Nope ” Jungkook chuckled and you couldn’t help but laugh as well.

You fell back into silence as you enjoyed each other’s breathing and Jungkook’s hand on your bare skin. He knew you would be tired, you were always tired, so he let you sleep in peace. He understood that it was hard, in every aspect, and felt sorry. Especially that he couldn’t really do anything to make it easier.

However, to you, his presence was more than enough.


“ Let’s do something. I’m tired of just staying home all the time ” You stood up, as fast as your body allowed, stretching a little.

“ Jin told us to be careful in these last two months so nothing would go wrong ” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows since last time you said that and you both got out for a stroll you ended up getting too tired and breathless. Which scared him to death.

“ I know but I’m bored. Let’s go shopping then ? We still need to buy some stuff for the baby ” You looked through your bag for a white envelope “ Guess who just, finally, got the payment for that internship I did a year ago and has money to blow ”. Jungkook just laughed saying he’ll be ready in a moment then disappearing into the bedroom then had to wait a whole hour for you to be ready as well. With no complaints.

It was more fun, and a lot more interesting, to shop for things with no knowledge of the baby’s gender. Jungkook soon learned to enjoy the mystery as well, even making bets on which it will be. Him saying that it’s a girl while you went for the other option. There wasn’t much time left before you would find out.

“ You think squid would love cars ?” He joked as you passed by one of the big toy cars that could probably fit three toddlers in one go.

“ I think that it will be very long before  Jimin would ride those. Move it.” You playfully hit his back turning him away before locking arms with him again. Channeling some of your weight on him. He was always giddy when you did. Most your discussions about it would just be :

“ It’s like I’m carrying the baby with you ”

“ No jungkook-ah, it’s not even close ”

“ But still ”

“ Put me down ! You’re making me dizzy ”

“ Jungkook ? ” A sweet and soft female voice called from behind you. Unfamiliar to you but apparently not to Jungkook, who froze immediately.

She was tall, pretty, and very attractive. All your insecurities came crushing down. More skin shown than covered, she walked towards the two of you. Her eyes scanned over the two of you with a mockingly offensive grin and you knew that it was her.

“ What are you doing here ?” He asked, his voice was stern and emotionless, cold even which came to a surprise to her and she paused.

“ I work here. If you had payed more attention to that instead of just fu-”

“ I guess I wasn’t that interested after all ” The flustered look on her face should have made you feel better but both their words cut deeper than you thought and you hand fell from Jungkook’s, who looked down at you with worried eyes.

“ You’re the wife. I don’t think we officially met ” She sheepishly smiled at you like some innocent angel. Something inside of you wanted to strangle her right there and then.

“ Do they allow you to dress like that around children ?” You returned the mocking stare, speaking like the mother you were going to be, it has somehow became a part of you. To speak like a mom.

“ It attracts the dads so they don’t mind. I sell more.” The way she spoke the words, her eyes fluttering over to jungkook who was stiff besides you, his eyes fixed on you. You clenched your fists but relaxed again. You weren’t able to do anything to her, it’s not like it’s her fault alone. It was the both of them, deep down you hated Jungkook a little again. You now had a face to go along with the nightmares and you could feel a slight ache in the pit of your stomach. You wanted out.  

“ Jungkook-ah ” You looked up at him and smiled, forced of course, “ Have a nice chat, I’ll wait by the car. I don’t want to get anything for our baby here ”

“ Y/N, w-wait …” He laced his fingers with yours halting you and turned to look at her for the first time “ I was out of my mind then. Sorry to have left like that but I’ve never loved you.” I got more important things now His eyes found yours again.

What if he goes back to her ? You looked down at your pregnant belly, already too big for comfort and a tear made its way down your face. Jungkook was focused on driving but his mind was racing with a million thing he should be saying. None of them seemed completely appropriate.

“ Jungkook-ah ” You hated how your voice came out broken so you wiped away the tears away and cleared your throat “ Do you regret it ?”

“ Don’t say that ” Jungkook was glad you spoke out, but was rather unhappy with the words themselves “ Don’t ever think for a second that I’d prefer be with her than you ”

“ You-”

“ Never. I love you so much and you’ve given me so much ” He reached for your hand holding it tightly  while he pulled over to put all his attention back on you “ Even now, you even gave up a big portion of your life to grant me … us … Jimin. Which I can never repay even if I tried for the rest of my life ”

“ I … you just seem very tired lately and sometimes unhappy ” You finally confessed what had been worrying for the most time in the past few months of him constantly working and taking care of you at the same time. You felt like he would grow tired of you.

“ I have never been happier in my life than this moment, with you and with our Jiminie, and work … ” He paused, unsure if he should say this already or wait “ I’ve been working harder for our future, to compensate you for everything, not that I can and not that it would ever be enough ”

“ What ?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“ I’ll show you tomorrow. Let’s go home for now, you’ve been walking around for quite sometime ” He started the car again “ You need to rest and forget about what happened … I’ll help you forget ”. Jungkook smirked nodging your shoulder.

“ you do realize I’m almost nine months pregnant right ?”

“ And your point ?”

“ Pervert ” You snorted.

“ You’re still as gorgeous as ever ”


You woke up to a rustling sound of metal falling to the ground and judging by the sunlight eagerly spilling into the room; it was morning. You opened the window to let out the weird smell that accumulated in the room. It was similar to a burning scent. It was weird because you kept no food in the house because of your morning sickness then it turned into not keeping it there so you would have to spend that time together.

You heard the rustling once more and slowly made your way out. Jungkook goes to work early these days so you didn’t know what to think of the sudden noise. However, there he was, only in his sweatpants on while his shirt had been abandoned on the floor, shuffling through the kitchen like a lost puppy. You lost count already of how many time he burned his fingers just from the moment you stood by the door watching him, oblivious of your presence.

“ Why are you awake babe ? ” Jungkook sat next to you on the couch as you were watching the T.V, peacefully until now, later that night. “ Are you still upset about what happened in the shop ?”

“ No, kookie, I’m not. I knew I would meet her one day ” You sighed switching the volume down even more so the two voices wouldn’t mix in your head and turn into a headache you didn’t need.

“ I’m sorry ”

“ Stop apologizing” inching a little to rest your head on his shoulder.

“ Today was supposed to be special but I ruined it ”

“ I still enjoyed it so it’s okay ” You were mad, that much was obvious, but you couldn’t let it spoil it for you. You had been mad for too long, now you need to be happy.

“ I’ll make it right ! How about a late night snack ?” He shot up with overflowing energy and a bunny smile.

“ How about you stop moving every time I find a comfortable position ?” You glared but it quickly turned into a failed one when he giggled.

“ Sorry, love ” Jungkook moved the biggest pillow back where he sat before to let you lean on it “ Are you craving anything ? ”

“ I do … but you can’t make it. I don’t trust you enough. ” You chuckled.

“ Try me !”

“ Seaweed soup ” He suddenly looked drained with hunched shoulders and a frown.

“ Okay maybe I can’t ” Jungkook pouted as he slowly sat back down.

“ Y/N, why are you crying ?” Jungkook’s soft tone brought you back from your thoughts and you wiped away the tears you didn’t know were falling until he pointed it out “ Are you that touched by this ?” He smugly smirked.

“ It’s the hormones okay ?” You sniffled walking to him, he just shrugged turning around with a whisper “ yeah right ”.

“ You’ll get fired if you keep taking days off continuously ” You mumbled feeling the unfairness of it all, in fact Jungkook couldn’t get fired since he was the owner of his own company so he could just take how many days off he wanted, unlike you who was fired for throwing up on the job. Okay maybe you threw up on an important client but still.

You stopped behind him trying to backhug him but your pregnant self had other thoughts. You couldn’t even reach around past your belly to him.

“ I can’t even do this ” you sighed frowning “ Sorry ”

“ But I can ” Jungkook turned to look at you after turning off the fire and smiled. He would’ve called you cute if he knew you wouldn’t hit him for it so he just settled for changing positions with you and hugging you closely. “ You smell so nice ” Jungkook breathed out against your shoulder sealing his lips into deep kisses to your neck. You relaxed against him, leaning your head on his shoulder and sighing.

“ What happened to your shirt ?”

“ I spilled soup on it, it burned me so I threw it off ” He sounded like he was angry at the shirt more than at himself for spilling.

“ You really made seaweed soup ?” You arched an eyebrow, suspicious.

“ Well … hmm … I tried ?” That didn’t sound so convincing you thought as you broke away from him. “ Sit down, I’ll bring it to you ”

You moved to the table waiting with wide eyes, and a worried heart, for whatever poison he was about to feed you.

“ Okay this looks normal ” You spoke as you twirled your spoon around the suspicious liquid. Jungkook smiled widely with anticipation gesturing you to taste. You hesitantly did so, with caution because counting ramyun out jungkook was not to be trusted in the kitchen.

“ So ?” He impatiently said.

“ Maybe it only looks good ” You put your spoon down, fighting back a gag, and pushing the bowl to him “ Taste it ”

“ That’s so salty !” He screamed scrunching his face in disgust “ how could you eat that so normally ?”

“ I couldn’t hurt my baby’s feeling after all that effort, could I ?” You smiled and he stood up reaching over the table to capture your lips into a kiss.

“ You taste salty, go away ” You pushed him away licking your lips

“ You do too so shut up and kiss me ”

“ Forget about that, you told me you would show me why you’ve been so busy today ”

“ Right, I did ” His face lit up in a proud expression you haven’t seen since he got his last promotion to CEO “ Get ready, this will be good ”


“ We’re here !” Jungkook yelled out opening the large but short wooden door that lead to a big garden.

“ And what is here ?” You asked following right behind him.

“ Our home ” He said with an air of utter proudness.

“ What ?” You stopped him to turn and look at you.

“ I wasn’t busy because it became hard to take care of you but ” he hooked his arm around your shoulder leading you towards the way-too-big-for-two-people-and-and-a-baby house “ It was because I was trying to get my hand on this

“ You … Jungkook-ah …” Tears gathered in your ears and your voice was caught in your throat.

“ You don’t need to say anything. It wasn’t really that hard. And I wanted to do something for you ” He kissed you temple rubbing his hand over your belly “ For us ”

“ The second floor is ours, to live in but most importantly, the first floor ” He pointed at it and the space around it “ Can be turned into a coffee shop, if you want to ”

The walls were mostly made out of reflecting glass and opened onto the back garden. You followed Jungkook to tour it as he spoke about the many plans that he had in mind. Dogs, mainly dogs. You felt the swelling in your heart grow with each word as you kept your eyes on him wondering what you did to deserve it.

Jungkook stopped in front of the front door and glanced down at you with a witty expression.

“ Let me carry you in ” He giggled “ Like in the movies ”

“ Babe, I need to tell you this again, but I’m nine months pregnant ” You rolled your eyes at him “ I’m too heavy for you and I still need you in one peace ”

“ Please ”

“ Jungkook, no ”

“ Just one step ”

“ Jungko-ahh” His name turned into a painful gasp when you felt like your insides just did a full flip, then it just turned plain painful.

“ What ? What happened ?” He gripped both your arms in his firm hands, coming down to eye-level with you “ Does it hurt ?”

“ I … call Jin … ”

“ Why- ohmygodokayokay” Jungkook’s hand trembled as he saw that your water broke. He was prepared for this moment, well, he thought. When confronted with the reality that you were indeed about to give birth he panicked.

You took his arm, gripping it so hard that you were sure it will bruise but you couldn’t find it in you to really care as another wave of pain spread across you.

“ Car, now ” He said as he helped you down the stairs, slow enough for you not to hurt but fast enough so Jimin would be born in the garden of your house.

“ It hurts ” You chanted as he repeated for you to breath and that everything will be alright, you swore if he told you to bre-

“ Y/N, just breathe ”

“ I’m fucking breathing ! ” You screamed at him at full force unable to control your volume.

“ Okay but Jin told me to ”

“ I don’t care what he said, you better shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you ” You didn’t calm down until you were on the bed with everyone moving around quickly to get your prepared since in the words of your doctor “ The little one is eager to come out ” and Jungkook reappeared again, dressed in the same outfit as the other nurses.

“ Jungkook-ah, I’m scared ” You stuttered through heavy breath and excessive sweating.

“ I’m right here, everything is going to be okay ” He let you hold his hand as tightly as you wanted while he whispered words of encouragement with concern. Avoiding whatever was happening down there because he found himself lightheaded every time he glanced down.


The sound of loud crying tore you both apart from the deep sleep you were in, just a few hours after you put Jimin to sleep, just when you could finally catch a glimpse of sleep. You groaned turning in the bed to meet Jungkook’s, just as frustrated as you, glance. You silently nodded before sitting up, both eyes half shut with exhaustion.

“ I’ll go ” Jungkook stood up removing the sheets from himself and making you lean back “ I’ll go ”

“ I can … ” He hushed you with his lips, cupping your face in the dark and shaking his head.

“ Go back to sleep, love.” He pat your head and smiled as you closed your eyes again.

“ I love you, kookie.” You said quietly as he walked out the room but he suddenly stopped and peeking back through the door.

“ I heard that. ”

“ I said it to be heard ” You laughed “ Go check on Jimin before he drowns himself in tears ”

“ I love you too ” He called back while hurrying to the other room.

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and thank you !

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I have a crush on a girl at school and today we were playing basketball and she accidentally hit me in the face and she immediately starting cupping my face and apologizing and I just kind of held her hands and said I was fine while I combusted inside,later I accidentally ran into her chest cause she's super tall and she just started laughing it was so cute.After class she came up to me and like touched my shoulder to say sorry again and I somehow kept my cool then but now I'm literally shaking

oh wow gay love ONLY!! this wig off love story truly has me shook, i hope u date her pls tell her “maria lenacorp told me we should date” y’all truly have my full support

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"I’m angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me" + older!Damian Wayne for a prompt? I know he isn't listed as someone you can write for, but I've seen you do older! damian headcanons on your other blog so i was hoping you would be open to it. If not, I understand, and you can use zatanna or wally for the same prompt. 2nd person, preferrably "she" if pronouns are needed but anything will do, human.

gotcha gotcha (yes i can do damian- i haven’t gotten around to updating the canon page)

“That makes absolutely no sense.” Damian speaks around an ice-pop, leaning back against the cushions. The entertainment room was pitch-black, outside of the TV’s reflecting light against the both of you. He bites down and pulls the plastic tube from his mouth, turning towards you with his eyebrows raised. “You should have a crush on me. It’d be in your favor.”

“How so?” You finish your’s and stand up, stretching with your arms over your head. “I mean, you’re my best guy friend. I don’t really think of you like that.” You toss your empty popsicle into the trash, shrugging at him. 

“I am not only good-looking- I am also wealthy, strong, and the son of a founding member of the Justice League. I am also a technical superhero.” He sucks at the remaining juice at the bottom, looking at you as you sit down beside him again, crossing your ankles and leaning on him. “I am prime crush material.” 

“Woops, sorry, I can’t hear you over all of that bragging.” You poke him in the chest jokingly, but hit solid muscle, and you return your stubbed finger back into your fist, mouthing a small ‘ouch’. He raises an eyebrow, as if reinforcing his point, a smirk pulling at his mouth. “Fine, okay, I admit it- you’re an attractive individual. I’m just not attracted to you like that, Damian.” 

His smirk immediately drops, becoming a purse of his lips. “To be honest, I’m angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me.” He leaned back against the couch, pushing you into his shoulder, huffing. “You could’ve at least pretended.”

Day 2: Can’t Sleep

Haha what even is this, I don’t know, it got away from me. Welcome to the “Soul is a secret anonymous street artist” AU. It’s long. It’s also unbeta’d, so. Yeah.

Maka couldn’t sleep. The sputtering radiator in the apartment was on the fritz, making all nature of hellish whistling and rattling. Her room would get stuffy as the armpit of hell until she kicked off her mountain of quilts, then plunge in temperature until her teeth chattered and she bundled up again. Rinse, repeat, flail in fury.

It didn’t help at all that Kim’s girlfriend was spending the night again. Jackie did her very best to be courteous and quiet, but Kim always took it as a personal challenge, and the walls were paper thin.

The piercing glow of her phone’s screen told her it was 1:36am and she gave up. Sleep would not come. But god damn it, if she couldn’t have sleep, she would have ice cream. It might be close to freezing outside, but that never stopped her. Sweet treats should be cold.

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Part 1: Basic Movement and Attacks, and Introductory Information

Metal Slug is a run and gun shooter, and that’s the easiest description any genre name has had to make. 

pictured: running and gunning

Originally released by SNK beginning in 1996, the franchise has since spanned multiple generations of hardware and offers gameplay that’s easy to understand but hard to get perfect. Along with The King of Fighters, this is the posterchild for SNK Playmore and the Neo Geo.

Chances are you’ve at least played one that’s a similar style (think Contra! Or some older Treasure games like Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier) but Metal Slug is at a completely different tone and pace. If you haven’t played any run and gun before, you’ve picked a good series to start out with: each games’ first levels are designed to help newcomers get used to the systems in place. Afterward, it stops holding your hand and starts to beat you in progressing degrees of pain.

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Wrong Mail

“You’re the one that chose to move to New York, you could be here with me laying by the pool.”

“Shut up, Piper.” Annabeth does her best to get her keys out of her purse without dropping her phone or her bags or her mail. She manages to get the key into the lock without letting the phone slip from between her shoulder and cheek and twists it open. She gives the door a hard shove with her shoulder and hears it scrape past the frame.

The apartment is full of the little issues like this but the rent is as cheap as it gets and it’s nothing she can’t live with. Annabeth is actually glad the door binds, it means no one can just get it without an effort.

“And there were some very nice looking guys on the beach today, you seriously missed out.” Piper says a little dreamily.

“Uh, huh.” Annabeth mutters into the phone. “I’m sure I did.”

“Not like it would matter, you wouldn’t notice if they dropped a box of condoms on your desk.”

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Proper kiss Luke imagine

Luke has always had a crush on you. He’s been trying to get your attention. He already had your attention. He was just being really cute. “Luke give me back my phoneee!” you whined.

“Not until you give me a hug,” he smiled. You rolled your eyes and gave him a hug. He gave your phone back. “You’re so mean,” I pouted.

“And you’re so cute,” he smiled. “No you are,” I smiled. “R-Really?” he blushed. “Well duh,” I giggled. He blushed. “LUKE HAS A CRUSH ON-” Luke immediately covered Calum’s mouth. “Shut up!” He said. 

“Calum you weirdo,” you said. He was trying to talk, but Luke’s hands was still on his mouth. He licked his hand and Luke wiped his hand on his pants. “Gross!” Luke whined. “Thats what gonna happen if you do it again!” Calum said all victorious.

“You guys are so random,” you laughed. “Y/N HELP ME!” Ashton yelled. You turned around and ran to Ashton.

“Dude!” Luke hit Calum’s arm. “What?” Calum began smirking. “Why were you gonna say I have a crush on her?!” Luke yelled.

“She needs to know! I’m telling her soon,” Calum said. “No way! She’s gonna reject me. She doesn’t even like me,” he frowned. “Yes he does mate, she told me,” Calum said. “No she didn’t!” Luke groaned. “She said, I like Luke don’t tell him okay?” he laughed. “Sure she did,” Luke said.

“Ashton?” you yelled out. You saw him struggling. He had that banana balloon that was given to the band. “Ashton what the hell are you doing?” you laughed. “I got stuck to it,” he pouted. "How?“ you laughed. "Well static you know? It just sticked on me when I was walking,” he smiled.

“Ah jeez,” you sighed. You took the balloon banana off him. “You’re addicted to bananas!” you yelled. “Thats Harry!” Ashton denied. “Sure!!” I yelled. I put their banana inside a room. You saw Calum going to you, but then got pulled away.

Then you saw Michael in front of you. “Hey Mikey,” you smiled. “I want to tell you something,” he said. “Sure what is it?” I asked. “Luke likes you,” he giggled. “W-What no he doesn’t!” you blushed. He nodded. “Uh yeah he does he always talks to you and won’t shut up too!” he groaned.

“He doesn’t like me!” you yelled. “Yes he does!” he yelled back. He grabbed your arm and dragged you to Luke. “LUKE TELL HER!!!” Michael whined. “Is it true Luke?” you asked. He nodded.

“Y-Yeah I really do like you,” he blushed. “Well.. I really like you too Luke,” you smiled and blushed. Calum was pushing Luke and Michael was pushing you. Then you guys hit each other lips. He lips were super soft. You felt his lip ring too. You just want to play with it with your lips. You heard Calum and Michael giggling. You both broke the kiss, even though you guys weren’t even kissing.

You and Luke blushed. He laughed and you cocked and eyebrow up. “Maybe we could do a proper kiss,” he smiled. You nodded and you both leaned in. You both kissed and then felt some sparks. His lips were so soft. you played with his lip ring and he chuckled a bit. You both went back kissing. It was a passionate.

He tangled one of hands in your hair. You wrapped your arms around his neck. It was a long session. Then you both broke the kiss, catching your breath. “Jeez Luke Y-You’re a good kisser I guess,” I blushed. “Y-You too,” he blushed. “So will you finally be my girlfriend?” he grabbed your hands and intertwined with his. 

“I’ve been waiting all these years for you to say that,” you smiled and kissed his nose. “THAT WAS A LONG KISSING TIME!” Calum accidently yelled out. You turned around. “Calum were you watching me and Luke?” you asked. “No..” he lied. “CALUM!” you and Luke yelled. You both looked at each other and laughed. “Lets get him,” you said and Luke nodded. You both so were gonna get revenge on him.

-Kelly :) xx

You fall in love with your older brothers friend- 4/4 Imagine

A/N: Hii I’m so so sorry this took so long. I put this up two days ago but since I uploaded it on my phone, it looked pretty crappy and I only had two of them finished so I deleted it again and here is the full, edited version! I really hope you guys like this, I had so much fun writing this. Feedback and requests are welcome xx 

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind, a part 2 to the accidental proposal? Your writing is so good, I am so glad you write and post fenhawke stuff!

Oh, thank you so much, anon! This is a follow up to this post, though there would have been some time between the two.


Hawke caught the telltale flash of blue and the familiar hint of ozone he associated with lyrium just moments before his back hit the wall, knocking the breath out of him.

“Whatever happened to ‘I won’t get jealous’?”


Hawke’s world was narrowed down to a very few, very specific details. Fury in Fenris’s green eyes. His hands, tight fists in Hawke’s shirt. His mouth, a hard, demanding press against Hawke’s own.

When he tried to ask another question, he only got a warning growl in response, a leg shoved between his own, a fist in his hair.

“Maker help me, but I love it when you’re feeling possessive,” Hawke breathed when he could. He reached to place his hands on Fenris’s hips, only to have them immediately swatted away.

“Do you think this is a joke?” the elf snarled. Hawke’s back hit the wall again.

“Mostly I’m just hoping I’ve gotten my point across so we can both stop making fools of ourselves, actually…”

Fenris growled again. He shoved up on his toes, and crushed his mouth against the mage’s.

“I’m still angry at you,” Fenris told him, later. They lay on the floor, a tangle of sheets and limbs, having fallen from the bed at some indeterminate point in their frenzied lovemaking. Hawke had no doubt that tomorrow morning all of Chateau Haine would be having fits over the very visible love bites the Champion of Kirkwall would very proudly come to breakfast sporting.

Hawke said, “Be angry, then. I was an ass.”

He was rewarded for the admission by a series of grumbles. Fenris made himself more comfortable against his chest.

“I suppose you’re ready to tell me how you told me so,” Fenris spat bitterly. “Rut it in my face, as if were – if I cannot endure watching you flirt with someone else, how can I expect to watch you marry?”

“That was the thought, yes,” Hawke said.

Fenris grunted. “You’ll end up in the Gallows,” he said. “The moment the nobles decide to turn on you. Do you truly believe that day will fail to come?”

“No,” Hawke admitted. “I just hope it will.”

They were quiet for a time. Hawke’s hands moved slowly over Fenris’s skin – his arms, his back, his hair. He kissed his temple and his forehead, watched his brows knit.

Tallis though,” the elf growled, and Hawke couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I don’t even like women,” he reminded him.

“No, but you like elves.”

“I like one elf,” Hawke said. When Fenis only grunted, he added, “And maybe tomorrow, he’ll decide he likes me back.”

At last he saw it, that slight upturn to Fenris’s mouth, that subtle hint of amusement.

“Feeling lucky, are we?” Fenris mused, and Hawke smiled to himself, and rolled them, pinning the smaller man on his back.

“Let’s find out.”

This month’s SM summary, courtesy of Coronis!

At Kukui’s Science Lab, Moon is shocked that the professor is someone who bares his chest and gets thrown out of houses with his Pokemon. Kukui approaches Sun about his great product, and it appears that Sun is collecting the slime from Pyukumuku and selling them as cosmetic products to the women on Melemele, proving to be a big hit. Kukui orders 20 bottles for his own wife, and while Sun is exhilarated for more money, Moon is annoyed. Before Sun could explain Moon’s identity, Kukui and Rowlet get sent floating in bubbles made by Popplio, and Moon immediately freaks out. She hurriedly pierces Kukui’s balloon with her arrow, but the man simply cheers at how great Popplio’s skills are, chimed in by Sun. Moon demands to know what is going on, and Kukui finally asks who she is. Sun reveals her to be the item he delivers, and Moon formally introduces herself. Kukui breaks into tears of joy upon seeing Rotom, since it is rare in Alola, and Sun only wants his receipt signed as soon as possible. He activates his Ride Pager, and we learn that Tauros vanishes instantly because the Pager apparently has some sort of remote transfer system that sends Tauros back to the ranch.

Kukui gets Sun and Moon into his lab, and Sun doesn’t understand why he is still needed. Kukui starts explaining about Rotom and its formes (which Moon is aware of), and Sun wonders if it could become Abacus Rotom or Piggy-bank Rotom. Kukui reveals that there are only 5 known formes of Rotom so far, but some genius young inventor in Kalos (Clemont?) has invented the Pokedex Sun currently holds, which can be assimilated by Rotom. Since Rotoms are not found in Alola, Kukui sent a request to the whole nation for one. Moon reveals that Rotom isn’t really her Pokemon, but was bestowed upon it because the Rotom is said to be weaker than normal and would not tolerate an electronic transfer. Thus, as a pharmacist, she delivered it personally and also optimized its condition. They finally get Rotom to try entering the Dex, but upon touching it, Rotom speeds away in disgust and anger. Kukui wonders what is wrong, and discovers that the Dex is kinda of sticky and smelly. Sun only then reveals that he has not only dropped it in the excreta of Mudsdale but also dropped it in the sea and river and also touched it when his hands were slimy with Pyukumuku’s slime. Kukui breaks into a fury, and attacks him with Flying Press, Dynamic Punch and Double Kick, while Moon watches with an annoyed look.

At Iki Town, Olivia and Nanu get into a match with Hala as the referee, and we see Lycanroc (night) vs Alolan Persian. Nanu has the upper hand, and Olivia calls him tricky, but Nanu says she has so much to learn, whether it is battles or with love. The remark quickly ticks off Olivia, and as Hala watches in horror, she releases the Z move Continental Crush, while Nanu retaliates with Black Hole Eclipse. Hala cuts in to stop them and gets hit (surprised how it didn’t kill him), and his Bewear catches him from his fall. Olivia apologizes immediately, and Hala thinks this at least means their stage can stand powerful moves. Nanu snickers again, and thinks the stage is certainly sturdy since it can take Olivia’s rampage, causing Olivia to cry out in fury. The Kahunas then reveal that they shall fight some of the young Alolan trainers tomorrow, being their new hope, at the Z Festival. Whoever emerged victorious shall take on the Island challenges as a means to pacify the Tapus. Hala mentions that all the Kahunas and Captains all possess the Z ring and have fought the Tapu. However, since the Tapus are clearly no ordinary opponent, it soon became the Festival Battle which is a fight dedicated to the Tapus serving a similar purpose. Hala thinks the Tapus must be pacified in order for the residents to feel safe, but Nanu wonders if they can really be pacified this way since they don’t even know why they are angry in the first place. Hala agrees, and reveals that he’s going to call upon Kahili, since they would probably need foreign support as well.

Meanwhile, back at Kukui’s, Sun emerges from the lab in torn clothes and a bruised eye, and informs Moon that he has finally retrieved Rotom after falling off cliffs and trees. Moon heals his wounds without charging him, and Sun wonders if she plans to go back to her region. Suddenly, Rowlet intercepts them, and seems rather acquainted with Moon. Earlier, after Sun chased after Rotom, they realized Rowlet was still trapped in Popplio’s bubble, and after rescuing Rowlet, Moon healed it with medicine since it became cold after staying in the bubble for so long. She also learned from Kukui that it is mostly nocturnal, which is similar to her. Sun laughs that Moon is certainly ‘dark’, and Moon hits him in the face with a handful of sand. They then notice the fire torches in Iki Town from afar, and Sun tells Moon about the Z Festival, though he has no idea what is is exactly.

The next morning, Sun is in the middle of the delivery and stops by Kukui’s. Kukui apparently hasn’t slept the whole night because he was fixing the Dex and demands to know if Sun actually encountered Tapu Koko (he shows him a printed paper with its picture). Apparently, the Dex would not have identified it since it doesn’t have its info, and Kukui angrily reminds Sun that he was supposed to speak up when he sees an unidentifiable Pokemon, which Sun obviously forgot. Kukui talks about the festival and Hala, whom Sun doesn’t know again, and Kukui appoints Sun as one of the challengers who shall take place in the Festival Battle, despite Sun’s protest that he still has work to do. At Iki, the Kahunas look through the challengers’ photos, including Sun, Lillie, Hau, the Masked Royal, the male Skull Grunt (and someone else since they said there would be 6, appears to be Gladion)…

recently i remembered that when i was younger, maybe 12 or so, my mother finally let me get magazines written for “teenage girls” - they were full of great sexual health information and i learnt a lot from them, but something that hit me recently was how often they’d get in messages like “im sexually attracted to my friend i think i love her am i gay?” and the person answering who usually had perfect advice would always be like “oh your hormones are haywire youre not gay its pretty normal :)” 

and it just hit me how horrible that is. like instead of reassuring the feelings as normal and it not mattering whether theyre gay bi or straight, it was immediately like oh yea its just a GIRL CRUSH haha it’ll pass youll be Normal again soon