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Apocalypse Theory

*explosion noise*

I know it’s kind of a moot point now, since the latest episode, but we’ve had this theory for a while now, and we’ve just been super busy. Anyway, here is all the evidence we’ve gathered over the past few months of the imminent apocalypse scheduled to hit Gravity Falls. 

In Boyz Crazy Stan is stocking meat for the apocalypse.

“Stocking meat for the apocalypse doo-de-doo" 

This seems to be classic Stan being his usual eccentric and paranoid self. But Stan does seem to know a lot about what’s going on in the town and everything behind the journals. Plus he built the portal (or rebuilt it or whatever). He has the most information of anyone on the show so far (except maybe Bill). So, he might have some insight into what the future holds. Stan has also read all the journals, and it’s interesting to note that he and the Author might be on the same page about this apocalypse thing. 

Into the Bunker shows that the Author was also stocking food. 

"It’s like he was preparing for a disaster, but what kind of disaster would need supplies for over 60 years?”

Good question Dipper. Idk… maybe… THE APOCALYPSE!!! 

Also, the bunker is decked out with all kinds of disaster preparation. Food, weapons… 

The Author is decked out with weapons… almost as if he’s prepared for the apocalypse.

It even states on the wall that it is a fall out shelter.There’s even a gas mask right there. 

Fall out shelters are used to protect people from bomb scares and other catastrophes.

And if there are any doubts as to what the Author needed the bunker for… 


In Boyz Crazy, Stan said to Robbie that the apocalypse was coming soon, and that he should:

“Bury your gold! You’ve been buying gold, right?”

“If it make’s you feel any better, the apocalypse is coming soon”

 In Dreamscapers, Bill tells Gideon to “buy gold”. 

Why does Stan want Robbie to buy gold? Because of the apocalypse. And why would Bill want Gideon to buy gold? Idk… maybe… THE APOCALYPSE!!!

“Buy gold, bye!”

It’s also very odd that Bill seems to have a connection to all of this.

“I’ve got big plans”

Bill could be orchestrating the whole thing, keeping Dipper and Stan at odds, by concealing the identity of the Author and trying to destroy the journal, hindering any advancement of  the mystery.He knows what Stan is up to and he knows the outcome, as evidenced by the images he flashed on his body in Dreamscapers.

(This has practically been confirmed in Northwest Mansion Mystery)

“Bow to me my minions!” (not an actual quote)

Also, in “Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun” a secret message says: 


And of course, our final incriminating piece of evidence: the theory has been confirmed in Northwest Mansion Mystery.

“Something’s coming. Something big.”

Why is Stan suddenly so worried about the apocalypse? Could it have something to do with that weird portal he’s been working on beneath the Mystery Shack?

Only time will tell, but it looks like time is not on the side of our heroes…