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Please tell me just one little theory.

Rihanna is my beauty icon — she’s just so dope. If you look at her, it’s like nothing can break her. I’ll ask her for advice about things and she’ll have the answers for them. She’s the kind of person that you think, Oh, she’s not real, but she’s kind, giving, generous, and so smart, too. And she just got honored for that [Havard Humanitarian] incredible award? She hits all the marks.
—  Bella Hadid talks about receiving advice from Rihanna
the fall

Sirius Black knew what stunning felt like. He had been stunned several times by the likes of Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and even James Potter when he didn’t behave as he should. He knew what it felt like ever since he was 9 years old because sometimes he just didn’t know when to shut up. So when Bellatrix’ spell hit him, he felt that familiar tingle all over his body, soon he’d fall to the marble floors of the Department of Mysteries, he would feel the cold of the marble all over his skin and Harry would continue duelling for him, he was as good as James was, he could handle that git Malfoy himself.

When he lost his balance, he heard familiar voices that didn’t belong to anyone in the room with him, calling his name, telling him to be careful. They sounded like.. James? 

Sirius felt his body become weightless as he fell backwards, the last thing he heard was Harry’s piercing scream and Bellatrix’ chanting.

I killed Sirius Black. I killed Sirius Black. I killed Sirius Black.

He was falling like you would fall in your nightmares and wake up suddenly from the pull but this time he didn’t wake up. He kept falling like he threw himself from a tall building, it was like the time stood still but he kept falling. When he finally reached the ground he didn’t crash as he should have but he landed gracefully, which didn’t sound very much like him. Sirius felt hard ground behind his back but it wasn’t cold like the marble would have been. He couldn’t really be dead, could he? Bella liked to exaggerate things and Harry could have screamed about something else. Sirius was almost completely sure Bella hit him with a stunning curse, was he weak enough to die from a stunning curse?

Sirius didn’t dare open his eyes as the reality settled in, he didn’t hear Harry or the others in the room, not Moody’s orders nor Tonks’ rapid duelling, he didn’t hear Remus’ strong curses either. For the first time in his life, or his existence was a better choice of words now, he wanted to hear Bella’s screeching voice.


Sirius felt like he was shot in the head. His eyes flew open as he heard the familiar voice of his little brother. Regulus was extending a hand for Sirius to take but Sirius ignored it and pushed himself up. Second shot, this time through his heart. James Potter was standing right there, in flesh and blood. Was this his heaven? As he was thinking about what was going on, Sirius saw the taller boy running to him as his wife slowly walked behind him.

James looked the same as Sirius had left him on the floor that October night, his hair perfectly messy and glasses still crooked. Lily glowed the way she did before the war, the beauty of her heart somehow always reached the surface. They were as Sirius had left them and they were not real. How could they be? When had Sirius been that lucky?

James threw himself at Sirius and Sirius felt himself melt because the way James hugged him hadn’t changed in all those years either and Sirius could feel the warmth radiating from him. If this was a dream, how did he feel that? James kept mumbling “I’m sorry” quietly as he held Sirius tighter. He had replayed James’ hugs millions of times in his head when he was locked up, they always made him feel safe and of all the things that could have happened to him, he never expected this. When James finally pulled back, Sirius could see the warm honey eyes of his brother looking back at him glistening with the tears he was trying to hold back.

“I’m sorry,” whispered James once more. “I’m so sorry you had to live like that and it’s all because of us.”

Sirius didn’t know what to say, did it even matter if he was a part of his imagination? He then stared at Lily who had his hand on her mouth as she always did when she was about to cry, he could see her chin trembling as she tried to keep it in.

“You should see this,” she murmured and pulled Sirius by the hand and now Sirius was looking at Harry who was running after an ecstatic Bellatrix for revenge leaving Remus behind. “I don’t know how he will heal after this.”

“He will Lils, he has so much of you in him.”

Sirius had no idea what was going on, if this was real or not but seeing Harry like that was the second most hardest thing he had to endure. He was so broken, almost as broken as his Moony was, Sirius could feel it from wherever he was. He could hear the way is heart shattered into sand sized pieces but he knew, he knew Harry would get better. He knew his godson. In the two short years he got to share with him, he had seen him grow more and more like James with a heart of gold and he was sure, Harry was strong enough to get over him, too. 

Sirius finally looked away from his godson, seeing that Dumbledore was there and he would be alright, he fixed his gaze on James who was standing right next to him.

“Are you real?” asked Sirius, he couldn’t help but touch James’ face and shoulders and all of them a proof that his brother was standing right in front of him after all these years.


It was Sirius’ time to hold on tight, it could be a lie but he didn’t care, he might be dead but he didn’t give a shit because he had his Prongs back. As stupid as it may sound, Sirius didn’t feel like he was dead, he even felt alive because he had already died on 31st of October fifteen years ago when he had seen James lying on the floor life drained from his eyes. 

“I tried so hard to take him, Lils,” said Sirius as he was staring at Lily Evans’ green eyes and smiling at the thought of how they were the exact same of the boy downstairs. “I never wanted him to be taken to Petunia’s and I’m so–”

Lily hugged Sirius so genuinely, Sirius knew it was her way of telling him that it wasn’t his fault. 

“We should be the ones apologising to you,” said Lily in between her hiccups.

“For what exactly?” challenged Sirius because he really couldn’t see any reason for them to be sorry for. It was all his fault.

“You had to live in Azkaban for twelve years because of us Pads, you lived with those creatures and I watched you, how you lost your senses and your soul–” James began but Sirius raised his hand to shut him up.

“What are you on about?” asked Sirius angrily. “I am the reason you two are– are- are here.” He wouldn’t say the other word, it had been almost fifteen years and Sirius never used that word when it came to James.

“But you were-”

“Nothing makes up for the fact that I was a coward for backing out of being the Secret Keeper,” confessed Sirius as he took a deep breath, he had never said that out loud before. He was a coward and he got his brother and his wife killed because he couldn’t just step up for once. “It should have been me and I should have died for you after all the things you had done for me.”

“I didn’t do those things for you to die for me Pads, I did them because you deserved them. Just like you deserved a happy life, with or without us,” argued James as he pushed his glasses up to rub his eyes softly. James Potter didn’t like crying, Sirius remembered clearly.

“We can play the blame game forever Jamie, just for once in your life, let me take the fall for you because this time, I need to,” begged Sirius. “Also we forget who the real culprit is because we are like that, we never let another take the fall.”

James smiled warmly at him and Sirius tipped his head to the right to look at Regulus who was now hiding behind Lily, there was no point in avoiding him anymore.

“And may I ask what the hell you are doing here, Reggie?” demanded Sirius angrily. Regulus didn’t belong where James and Lily were, he didn’t deserve to be in the same place as them.

All three of them went silent, Lily and James were most possibly communicating telepathically and Regulus was just staring at his pale hands.

“He died so maybe someday someone might defeat Voldemort,” said Lily quietly and Sirius felt his world come crashing down around him, Lily wouldn’t have lied to make him better but how was that possible? The last time he checked Regulus was a Death Eater. He walked straight to Regulus to look into the identical grey eyes as his, it was almost like looking in a mirror.

“You did what?”

“I never planned it to be a suicide mission Siri but it was. He had-– I still can’t say his fucking name.” Regulus steadied his breathing and picked up from where he left off. “Voldemort had tortured Kreacher and left him to die. I just– I couldn’t find you anywhere so I took the matter in my own hands and ended up here.”

Sirius just gaped at his little brother. The boy he had blamed for being a pawn to his mother had died because of the small possibility that someday someone might defeat Voldemort and Sirius just assumed he died miserably.

“I am so proud of you, Reggie.”

Sirius saw the smile on Regulus’ face widen as he smiled back at him but he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“I am sorry because I wasn’t there for you and because I didn’t protect you from them,” apologised Sirius. “I wasn’t a good brother to you because I was busy being a good brother to Jamie. It never occurred to me that I could do both and I am sorry for that.”

“You were what kept me here Siri, you were the reason I never moved on because I wanted you to know that I didn’t disappoint you,” babbled Regulus as he played with the loose strings of his clothes. “I did that to make you proud and to make up for all the things I did.”

“You are not leaving, are you?”

“No, I won’t leave before I see that man defeated,” replied Regulus with disgust in his voice.

Sirius pulled his brother in to bone crushing hug like he did when they were around 10 years old Walburga was having a particularly cruel day, Sirius hadn’t hugged Regulus like that since he was 12 and Merlin, it felt good.


Sirius could hear the panic in Lily’s voice, not a lot of people knew that but Sirius knew Lily like the back of his hand, okay maybe his left hand but he did nevertheless. Sirius walked with James and Regulus to where Lily was standing rigidly and he saw Harry was now in the Headmaster’s room. Sirius and James had spent considerable time in that place.

Sirius looked down at his godson, he was wreaking havoc in Dumbledore’s room and yelling at the Headmaster with so much anger that Sirius felt like Harry got his temper from him, Sirius had never been subtle about showing his anger however this was different. Harry was yelling because of him and how he had had enough because apparently Sirius’ absence was the last drop for him and Sirius felt his heart drop to his stomach, he still had his heart after all, albeit not beating.

“Can I, um, see Moony from here?”

One question was all it took and before others could reply, Sirius could see Remus, Merlin knows where, with a good supply of Firewhiskey by his side as he stared into oblivion. Sirius slowly realised he was in the room where he kept Buckbeak, why would he shut himself up in that miserable place? Remus was rocking back and forth, Sirius hadn’t seen him do that since he was thirteen, he did that when he couldn’t handle everything going on around him.

He’s gone, he’s gone again. He’s gone.

It felt like all Sirius did was disappoint. The black sheep of the family, the coward that got James and Lily killed, the useless brother and constantly absent lover. Sirius hadn’t realised up until now that being with James meant that he would be without Remus. He had disappointed the man who loved him yet again, he never could do right by Remus and he had left him alone, again


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“Bella Barnes-Teenage Rebel”                             Part 1

Summary: Teenager (noun) a male or female between the ages of 13 and 19. Bucky and his wife defines teenager as a venom spewing, head spinning young lady named Isabella Marie Barnes!

When a situation arises at home, Bella lashes out at her parents and brother, Steven.

Bucky and Y/N are taken aback by this sudden change in Bella’s attitude.  The incident that ensues afterwards rocks the Barnes family

Words: 1,549

Warnings: Swearing and angst

Characters: Bucky x Reader, OFC Isabella Marie and Steven Barnes, Tony, Steve, Nat, Wanda and Detective Theodore Scarborough

A/N: I’m having so much fun writing Bucky as a father, as he tries to handle the ups and downs of raising kids. Bella, now 14, has become a menace. Please enjoy part 1 of “Bella Barnes-Teenage Rebel.” And as always, thank you for reading!

You were sure if rebellious teen were in the dictionary, Isabella Marie Barnes’ picture was next to it.  At 14 years old, Bella’s favorite sayings are: “I’m not a baby anymore; I wanna hang out with my friends; You just don’t understand; I hate you; Get away from me, ya little pest. Dad, come get your son!”

What happens next will shake Bucky and his family beyond belief. How will they deal with the potentially dangerous situation?

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firstclassfaker  asked:

what do you think is gonna happen when it really hits bella that shes a vampire and nothing is ever going to be the same? like, in Twilight, she says she's more of a phoenix type person. she likes the sun and warmth, but now, she can't even go into sunlight anymore without turning into a disco ball. and, when charlie and renee die, what would happen then, you know? do you think shes gonna have some sort of crisis? like "im trapped here until the sun blows up" and "everything i like is now gone"

Obviously, in terms of the books, it seems the idea is that now that she has Edward forever none of that other stuff matters. That’s the fantasy romance aspect of it. With real people, it would probably be more complicated. She could be blissfully in love and still kind of frustrated about having to live in cold, cloudy places because she does like the sun and warmth. I don’t think it’s going to be a major issue, but there may be an Isle Bella in the future so she can soak up the sun, and there may be some Edwardian angst about ‘taking’ the desert from her. 

Charlie and Renee’s deaths will also be tough, but it’s something most people will eventually have to deal with (the death of their parents) albeit they’ll having been aging along with them. So that will be rough but I don’t know if it will be a total wake-up call either. 

I sort of headcanon that most vampires have a sort of “mid”-life crisis (”mid” in quotes because when you’re immortal you don’t know when the middle will be, or if there even is one) around the time they outlive their max possible human lifespan. I think this might have played into Edward’s issues in the series–I’m sure he’s always been kind of melancholy and guilt-ridden, but in 2005 he’d be 104. While some humans live that long, most don’t, so he’d be dealing with the “if I had lived out a normal human life I’d almost certainly be dead by now” which is probably a weird thing to wrap your head around, and weirder still for vampires who live so closely with humans. I think this is a time where big upheavals can often happen in vampire life. Going by the dates in the guide, Carlisle left the Volturi when he was about 80–which, given the time period, might have felt like the “I have outlived my normal lifespan” thing. And while the whole Jasper/Peter/Charlotte timeline is confusing, it seems like he was around that point when he finally left Maria, too. 

(Esme might have already had hers in the 1990s? But she’s generally a more optimistic character.  Rosalie and Emmett are due for theirs soon.  Alice might not have one because she has no connection to her human life or the sense of the “natural” lifespan)

So 2087 or thereabouts might lead to some weird feelings and soul searching for Bella.  Pretty much all the humans who were on earth when she was born would be dead by then. That’s probably when the “Whoa I might be here until the sun blows up” stuff really starts to hit her.  

(Assuming there hasn’t been a run-in with the Volturi by then). 

Bella wasn’t one to drive. Post crash, all it reminded her of was hitting the guardrail. She could still feel the impact. If she could, she would have much preferred to bike or walk. Much better for the environment… although the crates of books she had to transport weren’t going to walk themselves to the library donation fund. Nope, desperate times called for desperate measures. Glancing at a passing car as she rolled to a stop at a stop sign, she was lurched out of her dreamy reverie by the slight thump at the hood of the car. A person. SCREEECH. Slamming her foot on the brake, she hopped out of the car in two seconds flat, running to the person’s side. Resting her hand on their arm, she checked for any external damage. They seemed fine. “Oh my god, I am so sorry– are you bleeding? Are you hurt? Did I just hit you…?!” Opening up her purse, she pulled out a handful of entirely unhelpful things. “Jesus, here take this twinky, you might need it. Are you okay?” she said, her eyes wide with concern.

anonymous asked:

Request : Luciano (2P!Italy) x reader? Maybe where you've been kidnapped by his mafia and in order to live have to be his wife?

The light coming in from the window seered through your closed eyelids, creating a kaladascope of colors. Funny, you thought you’d closed the drapes before going to bed. You’d beeen tiered more so than usual, but then agian, the food you’d eaten at that italian reasturant /had/ tasted funny. 

You sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Your yawn died in your throat as you saw the room surrounding you. This isn’t my room, you thought.

The sheets were a deep ruby red, and softer than anything you could ever have afforded. The vanity across from you was laden with designer make up labels. I don’t wear makeup you thought as you climbed out of bed. The world dipped and swayed, pinpricks of light dotting your vision.

When did my face get o close to the floor. You shiver, feeling your stomach lurch.

You tried to reach for the nightstand, hoping to get up and make a dash for the bathroom. The small table seemed to tripple, then double before coming up to meet you.


When you woke up agian, a hand was holding yours. It was larger than your own, and gently rubbing circles on your knuckles. Fighting the throbbing headache, you opened your eyes.

?Why is the waiter here? Is this a dream?/

“Bella, you’re awake! If you weren’t feeling well, you should have called for one of the servants. We found you with a nasty gash on your head, next to a plie of vomit.”

The voice seemed concerned. Squinting, you tried to examine the boy. He looked to be a few years older than you, with a slender roman nose and high cast cheek bones, tan skin and auburn hair. /It was the waiter from last night!/

He moved his unoccupied hand to stroke your forehead, murmuring something as he did so.

“At least your fever has gone down. You should spend the week in bed. The wedding is next week and we can’t have the bride looking like a limp fiore.” (Flower)

You jolted, yanking your hand out of his.

“Wedding? I’m not getting married! You must be confused!” You exclaimed.

The man smiled tenderly at you. He tucked an errant peice of hair behind your ear as he did so.

“You must have hit your head hard, bella. I’ll go get you a cold compress. Why don’t you lie back down.” He pressed a kiss to your head and left the room. Now was your chance to escape!

Throwing back the covers, you leapt out of bed only to fall face first a few feet from the bed. You groaned, feeling something warm rundown your face. Gathering your arms under you, you pushed, and fell agian.

The sound of a door opening and closing made you look towards it. 

“Bella? Where did you go?” The man called out. He came around to the side of the bed where you lay. Smiling down at you he put the compress on the nightstand.

“Did you need something? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

You blushed. Then, remembering what he wanted you scooted back, pressing your back into the side of the bed. He tilted his head at you.

“Here, let’s get you back in  bed.”He said before scooping you up.

“Who are you?” You ask, trying to make your voice sound feirce. You felt your voice crack. He chuckled at you, ruffling your hair.

“I’m your husband.”

You felt the blood leave your face. 

“I don’t have a husband, I’m single.” He grinned at you before reaching behind you and taking a few of the pillows and pushing your shoulders down.

“Lie back. I’ll put the compress on your forehead.” You sawtted his hands away.

“Awnser my question! Who are you!? And don’t say my husband! I’m not going to marry someone when I don’t even know their name and they’ve kidnapped me!”

He looked a little offended at your outburst.

“My name is Luciano. I brought you here to be my wife. I’m the head of the italian mafia. You should consider yourself lucky.” He explained with a self satisfied smirk.

You glared at him before responding.

“Luciano, as in ‘Lucky Luciano’, the godfather of the American mafia and organasied crime? I don’t believe you. You’re just some wannabe gang banger who thinks he’s cool enough to pass himself off as mafia. No real mafia member would admit to being in the mafia. And as for ‘lucky’, I don’t think so! I’m too young to be married. Certianly not to you! I won’t pick up after your self entitled ass!”

This seemed to make him angry. His smile twitched, before his face split into a grin.

“You’ll change your mind once you see how much I can offer you, bella. Every woman, no matter what her attitude is, loves being safe and secure. You’ll love me.” He kissed your cheek before putting the compress on your head and walking out the door.

You screamed, ignoring the searing pain it brought, and threw the compress at the door.

Like hell you were going to be that spoilt brat’s wife! 


The day of the wedding arrived and The Spolit Little Bitch as you’ve nicknamed him in your head, actually left you alone. ‘Thankfully’ his flamboyant brother, Flavio came to keep watch over you.

“You must be really amazing to have mio fratellino fawning over you.” He said while primpling your hair. 

“I’ve never met him before today. He durgged my food.” You didn’t blink, daring him to challange you.

He grinned at you.

“I did the same to my wife. God she’s a spitfire. But she’ll calm down when the baby’s born though.” He sighed. /Why does he make it sound like a good thing?/

“You’ll be the same way! Luci can’t wait to get started on a family of his own. He hasn’t stopped asking my opinion on baby names and picking a saint for the bambina.”

Your eyebrows shot up.

“I’m not catholic! And I’m not even italian! Last time I checked, those are the only people that most Italian’s marry!” You exclaimed. Flavio laughed. 

“We Italian’s are a passionate people! We love who we love! And my brother loves you. You’re a lucky woman. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you.”

“Then would he let me go? Marriage is supposed to be between people that love each other! I don’t love him! No amount of money is going to change that!”

The blonde smiled at you, taking a pin from his collar and sticking it in your hair.

“You’ll change your mind. One day you’ll even be grateful for the money, even if it is covered in blood. Let’s get you into your dress! We don’t want to keep your groom waiting!”

The dress was snug, outlining your curves and emphasizing them. You wobbled in the four inch, nude heels like bambi. The isle seemed a millian miles long. The black suited gaurds on either side of the door seemed to be preventing you leaving as much as for the security.

Luciano stood, lips parted, face lit in awe as you walked in time with the bridal march, Flavio on your arm. 

“I hope you don’t plan on running, /sorrella/. My brother loves you, and You wouldn’t get far. He’d hunt you down to the ends of the earth.”

You nodded, forcing a smile. 


“I do.”


The next few years were spent storing money in a private bank account in both switzerland and seycheles.  It was Luciano’s and your anneversiry. Like every year before you went to a high end shop to pick out a small box of chocolates and a new setof langeire.

A strange noise from the nearby alley made you turn your head. you went in to investigate it. A hard object slammed into the side of your head. You fell to the dirty cobblestone, watching through blurry eyes as a figure in dark clothing leaned down.


You woke up in a dingey apartment. The sounds of traffic echoing lightly  through the open window.

“You are awake, Da?” Viktor’s thick russian accent washed over your ears like a lullaby.

You lept up, wrapping your arms around his neck. After a minute of breathing in the scent of expensive cigars and vodka, you let go.

“Vik…. Spasibo.” (Thanks)

Viktor Braginsky was the man you’d met at one of Luciano’s  parties. He specialized in making people dissapear. 

“in the bag you’ll find a bottle of hair dye, a set of clothes, a new ID, social security card, and 1 million rubles. After you are done, put everything in the bag and leave it outside. One of my men will be around later to pick it up.”

He left after that. You got up, picking up the bag and taking it with you to the bathroom. 


After an hour scrubbing yourself clean, you set to work. The person in the mirror was compleatly different. She was blonde, blue eyed, and dressed like a model straight off the runway. 

“Anya Von iensburn.” You said it until it sounded natural on your tounge. Shaking your teresses out of your face, you walked out of the bathroom, bag in hand. Opening the door, you dropped the bag on the floor outside.

A moment later a knock sounded at the door.

“Miss Iensburn, your car is here.”

Hypocrites (Part 1)

(A/N: This is a LeoJi fanfic based on the headcanons by @guanghongvoice and @leodelaiglesia-skates. I hope you enjoy part one!)

“Shizi,” I said, pouting. Leo was scarfing down a leftover Egg McMuffin, which I wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t have practice today. I chose to spend the night at his house, where we locked ourselves in each other’s arms and drowned out the noise from the television with our kissing.

“How are you going to ‘finally land some quads’ with that in your system?” I asked. Never mind the time I ate jianbing the night before last year’s Cup of China.

“Sorry, baby. I just didn’t want it to go to waste,” he said. He crumpled the yellow wrapper into a ball and tossed it in the trash can by their table, nearly hitting his little sister Bella. She yanked out her right earbud and shot a nasty glare.

“Hey, watch it! I’m trying to watch Phichit’s eyeliner tutorial.” Leo got up, throwing his gym bag over his shoulder.

“I’m gonna tell him to block you until you finish your history report.” Bella nibbled on the teeth of her fork and stared off in mock innocence.

“I’m almost done,” she said like she was trying to convince even herself. Leo rolled his eyes, then turned to me.

“Anyways, I’m just fighting off the munchies. I should be fine, cariño.”

“Then eat some fruit or something!” I said. I hoped that if I nagged hard enough, the thoughts of my own shortcomings would subside.

“The Munchies didn’t want fruit right now,” he chucked, “the Munchies wanted that McMuffin. And right now they want some Guang Hong.” He scooped me in his arms and before he could ravish my face, I built a wall with my hand between our lips.

“You don’t get to kiss me until you land a quad today.” With that, I slipped out of his embrace and walked out the door without looking back.

At the ice rink, I sat on the bench, taking swigs of my water while I watched Leo practice. There was something so impeccably sexy about the way Leo skated. From the sway of his hips to the furrowing of his brows, Leo looked as focused as he did collected. Whatever he planned on wearing for this year’s competition had better show off the outline of his backside. Leo bit his lower lip and casted this newfound look of determination. Was he finally aiming for that quad? He propelled himself into the air, making time to spin before landing.

“Oof!” He plummeted to the ice, his arm breaking his fall. He wasn’t getting up.

“Shizi?!” I leaped from my seat and glided across the ice towards him.

“Are you okay?!” I asked, kneeling down. Leo sat up almost instantly. His chestnut hair draped over his eye, making him look unkept in the most appealing way.

“I’m fine,” he said and leaned for me, “I’ll be even better once I get that ki-”

“With that landing? I don’t think so. How does that McMuffin feel now?” I poked the tip of his nose and laughed. Leo only stared at me with the usual warmth in his eyes completely absent. My smile faded. I was always one to frown in the face of judgement over other people’s actions and yet here I was bullying my boyfriend over his eating habits. At the time, it didn’t dawn on me that Leo had every fast food restaurant known to America on each block of his neighborhood and how hard it was for him to stay in shape while being surrounded by so many temptations.

“Leo, wait, I-I didn’t mean…” Leo waved his hand and got up.

“Look, I gotta go finish my practice.” he mumbled before skating away. The look of determination he wore earlier left in favor of a look of uneasiness. Reluctantly, I left the rink and saw my way towards my seat. I noticed that my water bottle was empty and left for the nearest fountain without glancing at Leo.

“Stupid stupid stupid,” played in my mind on repeat. As I waited for the fountain to fill my bottle to the brim, I rehearsed an apology. I got so caught up in my teasing that I disregarded Leo’s feelings. It was a careless move for someone who had feelings for him upon meeting him. I spent years of littering my bedroom floor with empty pints of ice cream and soggy tissues from crying over how “a guy like him would never go for me”. Between all of that, I confided in my friend Jean Jacques Leroy, or “JJ” as people would call him. I didn’t know how, but his methods of comforting me soon became sexual experiments. He wasn’t my first, but there was some form of safety in exploring each other’s bodies and being completely open with one another. Though, it wasn’t what we did that hung on my shoulders like bricks. It was the fact that Leo doesn’t even know that we went beyond kissing. The sudden wetness of my hand prompted me to notice my bottle overflowing.

“Aiyah…” I said before pouring out the excess. When I returned to rink, I saw Leo standing in front of a tall, muscular guy who looked around our age. The sight of him being within kissing distance with Leo made my heart slam. I fought the weights that kept me from moving and walked towards them until I was close enough to make out what he was saying.

Someone explain me how Elena is supposed to be a strong woman?

 She basically was more than willingly to forget about her own mortals in order to be with a man. She committed suicide in order to be with a man.  Not once did she had the slightest doubt or did she question the entire relationship that she had with a man whom, wait for it,  killed her own brother, sexual harassed her best friend, brought danger and torment upon many of her friends multiple times. And not once did she question this?  And now that the man in case is gone she is willing to get on drugs in order to see him? She is out of control and killing innocent people for no good reason?   Not one tear is she wasting on the fact that Bonnie, the girl who went through so much to save her over and over time after time.  

This is not a strong female. This is a girl who lacks personality and shows us that her life is only of a importance whenever the man is with her. Without him it is pointless to carry on.   

The endless glamorizing and romanticizing of such serious things as rape, abuse, manipulation, suicide and now even drugs is sickening. This has nothing to do with being a vampire or not. This is just gathering up serious subjects and sizing them in to fit with the entire drama soap. 

Congratulations to the modern vampire literature.  I didn’t though that it would be possible but you have managed to ruin vampires for the most of us.  Since when are love triangles the main importance of vampires? Where are the actual dark  moments? Their moralities, the endless struggle with eternal life? Yes I am well aware that abuse and unhealthy relation ships can occur when dealing with vampires, however, if they ( the writers)  chose to bring these plots into the show they should not romanticize it and call it ‘legendary love’.  

Not to forgot, that you have managed to ruin strong female leads as well. May I remind you about this girl called Buffy?  Yes she had her flaws but not once did she value a vampire above the lives of innocent people.  Family was everything for her, friends and family.  When her mother died, did you see her trying to murder everyone around her? No.

This is the year 2014 and still are we supposed to  believe that Bella, Elena and also for this matter Hayley are supposed to be strong and flawless  females? 

I don’t think so. 

walk away now and you’re gonna start a war

So I’ve been on a roll with writing riarkle fics? this is more of a drabble, but still fun to write. so here it is!!

[the title comes from the song “start a war” by the national]


Farkle’s not one for much fighting, but debate? Yeah, he can do that.

In fact, he loves to debate. He loves the rush he gets from causing his opponent’s blood boil, loves to prove himself right in any way he can. Because he’s Farkle Minkus, and Farkle Minkus is a winner. But there are some aspects of debate that he absolutely despises.

Namely, Riley Matthews.

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That one time my friend my friend was Black Widow

Okay, this is a story about my Best Friend Bella. Bella is pretty awesome. She loves marvel and has read tons of comic books. She has curly shoulder length red hair and resembles Natasha Romanoff often. She even went to comic con as Black Widow. In fact, I usually call her Nat just for fun.

So here is an interesting story of what happened what happened to my friend Bella when she was at the mall.

So we went to the mall one time, just walking around. Bella was in her sneakers, jeans, green army jacket with a hoodie underneath with the hood up. She had straightened her hair because that day it was particularly red and looked awesome. We were walking with our friends Grace and Alice when Alice knocked over a metal poll. Seconds, and I mean SECONDS before it hit the ground, Bella spun around and caught it.
Then her hood fell off as she remained in a cool fighting stance. We then looked up to see a group of guys staring at her in amazement. We heard one of the boys whisper “black widow” and she winked.

And that my friends is the story of when my best friend became Black Widow.

The Twilight Saga Challenge:

5 Scenes - Post Car Crash

“I winced as Alice, Jasper and Rosalie’s thoughts came into focus. There would be hell to pay tonight.”