hit batters

  • *group text*
  • baekhyun: have any of you Losers ever even been to 2nd base
  • sehun: yes!!!! many times!!!
  • yixing: no lying sehun i've seen you play baseball you can't even hit the ball with a bat??
  • baekhyun: oh...that's not...
  • minseok: shut up baekhyun that time you held hands with someone romantically you snapchatted about it and put it on your story the real question is: have YOU ever even been to 2nd base?
  • yixing: hey!!!! baekhyun's an excellent batter he hit a home run once!!!

Intro: So this monster of a fic I wrote literally in the past 24 hours in response to @whatif-animagineblog ‘s post about Leonard’s laugh.  Read it here.

I do still have drabbles to write and my Kirk series to finish but of course I needed to write this first.  The fic doesn’t necessarily focus on the laugh, but it is in there and did make me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 2870

Summary: So basically the reader and Bones end up making a mess in the kitchen, the reader ending up making Bones laugh (wheeze and snort) after he has had a stressful day.  A little sweet love at the end.  Very fluffy.  Much fluff. 


The bottom line was that you wanted to bake a cake.  That’s literally all you wanted to do and unfortunately being on a starship in the middle of space made it extremely difficult.  So you snuck into the kitchens after hours and were ecstatic to find the ingredients you needed.  

The truth was, you weren’t very good at baking, but when you set your mind to something, it got done, whether or not it was a complete disaster.  

So you gathered your ingredients and started pouring, using a recipe that you pulled up on your PADD.  You put on some music, letting the upbeat tunes fill the small room, making you unbelievably happy. 

“What are you doing?" 

You jumped 10 feet up in the air, knocking the flour bag over, spilling it all over the counter-top and onto the floor.  You had not expected anyone to find you in here. 

You spun around, your heart beating so hard you thought it was going to jump out of your chest and you now saw the source of the voice was the Chief Medical Officer, and your best friend, Leonard McCoy.  

"Len!  Fuck!  You scared me.” You set the spoon in the bowl and tried to catch your breath, shutting off the music.  

Leonard walked over to you, chuckling lowly, “Sorry, darlin’, I thought you heard me come in.”

He neared you, pulling your adrenaline-filled form to his chest briefly, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head before releasing you and inspecting the mess you were making. 

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Intent is not Magick

Any experienced practicioner knows when the magick is strong and on target a key aspect of the working is clear intent. This breeds a sort of confusion that leads to statements like, “Intent is the power behind magick.” or “Intent is the most important ingredient of magick.”

Intent is neither power nor ingredient. To explain, let’s borrow an analogy from the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience. We may have heard that a key aspect of a team doing well is team spirit. We can look at a baseball team and understand the roles of each of the players. The pitcher throws the ball such that it is difficult to hit. The batter tries to hit it. etc. We can study all of their duties and how well they perform them and still not find anyone responsible for adding this key ingredient of “team spirit.” That’s because team spirit is not actually part of what they are doing, but a sum description of how well they are doing it.

To continue the sports analogy, you can look at a team and ask if they’re “playing to win.” Have they all got their “heads in the game.” Are they distracted? or are they focused? A kid playing in little league may be out in the outfield picking dandelions and not notice when a ball is finally hit their way. Clearly that kid wasn’t focused on the game. The team wasn’t playing unified with the intent to win.

That’s what our minds can be like when we sit to do a spell. Parts of our minds may be off picking dandelions while only a few parts of us are doing the magick. To the conscious mind it may feel like we’re all there, but the unconscious is a mess.

Clear intent can begin with a statement of intent. We put that down into a sigil to relay the message to the outfields of our minds. Dramatic ritual, sexual imagery, pain, the sight of blood… these all draw focus. When all the parts are paying attention and pulling in the same direction, the state of gnosis, from there we can do powerful magick. The intent is just the rallying cry that gets all the parts pointed in the same direction. Intent is important, but it is not in itself really a thing and it isn’t really what is doing the work.

The Magnus Effect

Alec felt a little nervous. It was his first time flying on a plane. His whole childhood he’d never flown anywhere. He’d grown up in the Bronx, and his parents weren’t rich enough for expensive flights to foreign places.

Alec had worked the whole summer and throughout his first semester of college to save enough money to visit his best friend, Jace, during Spring Break. Jace had gone off to study at Caltech, a university at the other side of the country after graduation, while Alec stayed in New York. He studied literature at Columbia. He was a baseball player and he’d gotten into the Ivy League university on a sports scholarship. Measuring in at six feet, his long legs and cat-like swiftness were further augmented by his skills as a pitcher. Spinning the ball, causing it to curve into any direction he’d want it to.

It’s called the Magnus Effect. The Magnus Effect causes a spinning ball to curve away from its principal flight path. Alec had perfected his pitches, using this technique, making it almost impossible for the batter to hit any ball he pitched. He’d gotten the scholarship because of it.

His sport of preference was archery, though. But there was no scholarship for that. Jace and he had done archery together. He outshone Jace on it. It was practically the only thing he was better at than Jace . Jace was smarter, faster, better at getting girls, and beautiful besides.

Alec didn’t care about the getting girls part. He’d known for a long time now that girls didn’t interest him. He was sixteen when he realized it was Jace who got his heart beating faster every time he entered the room. To have a crush on your best friend who’s straight. That was a tough break. On top of it, no one knew he was gay, except for his sister Isabelle. He was raised a good Catholic and in the Bronx being gay wasn’t accepted. Not even in 2017. At least not around the block where his parents lived.

He’d lived in the dorms now, and Columbia was different than the Bronx. But still, a gay baseball player, it didn’t earn him any points. He knew that. So he lived a closeted life. It was okay, really. He’d only ever felt attracted to Jace, and, with him living at the other side of the country, it was easier for Alec somehow.

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Injured - Sebastian Aho

Originally posted by faulker

Ok so I really don’t know much about softball so please forgive me if there are any mistakes!  I hope you like how this turned out, I think I do! And hopefully you enjoy it!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 875

Warnings: a couple swear words but all fluff

Request: “Can I have a Sebastian Aho imagine where the reader is a softball player and gets hurt during the game and he’s there & I can’t think of anything else ??”- @sportsxnetflix

Up next: Zach Werenski


You looked out at the stands from the dugout and made eye contact with your boyfriend Sebastian.  He held up a cheesy sign that said “Go Y/N Go!” and flashed you a goofy grin.

You smiled back at him, giggling to yourself at how adorable he was.  You focused back on the softball game, getting ready for your turn at bat.

“Let’s go Y/N!”, “you got this!!” you heard as you made your way to home plate.  You swung the bat once, getting a feel for it then took a deep breath and got into position.

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anonymous asked:

hi !! can i request poly!hamilsquad x reader headcanons where she's like… innocent/naive?? thanks so much!!

boss’ memo : i like my growing reputation as the person you come to when you need poly hcs,,, v good,,,,, also!! you are v welcome, my friend !! =)

(it was a bit difficult to think of ideas for these hcs–!)

  • which one of them likes to play the joke where they say something bordering on dirty that you don’t quite get and the others scramble to shield your ears, you ask?
    • it’s john, it’s always john–he has a certain grin when he comes in the room and he never usually gets to say anything before hercules is sliding across the room on his socks to whisk you away, similar to a batter hitting a home plate,,,
      • herc’s crashed into you, a few times, but he’s always laughing as he does it, plus he cushions the blow (you’re never getting hurt on his watch, have no fear !!)
      • you, maintaining eye contact with hercules as he cradles you in his arms and slides away : “i feel this is extra,”
        hercules, holding you bridal style : “extra, you say,”
  • laf is very protective of you !! since he gets worried that someone might take advantage of you, he usually has you call or text him when you’re done from work or school so he can walk you home !
    • he likes to hold your hand when the two of you go out, actually !
    • but he really does have a lot of concern when you’re out past dark or in a dangerous area, since you have a tendency to not notice certain things,,, please text this boy–or rather, he’s already texting you, so i think it’s fine,,
  • laf’s nickname for you is, “mon ange”, or “my angel”
    • herc decided to go with a similar theme, and sometimes calls you, “feathers”.
  • they can get a bit overbearing !
    • so don’t forget to tell them if they should back off–they will !
  • if you’re not really the type for cursing, alex takes it upon himself to go, “language !” whenever someone curses,,
    • (he is a hypocrite ! he curses more than anyone else–well, maybe herc curses a little bit more–but still ! his are the most creative and also, somehow, the most brutal–)
    • laf always gives him the One Look whenever he says it,
    • saying “language!” is now more of an inside joke amongst all of you !
  • alex also takes it upon himself to explain (calmly, without joking) things that you might not understand, be it a joke or something else!
    • he already sometimes does this for herc, so doing it for you is also fine with him !
  • john likes to rest his head in your lap and quietly ask, “hey. what’re you thinking?”
    • (he needs a bit of positivity in his life.)
    • (so if you’re an optimist, as well, then he’s really glad.)
    • (he just likes to hear whatever’s going on.)
kids and pups | alfie solomons

anon requested alfie/reader babysitting johns kids and the dog

“It’s just overnight, I’ll have ‘em back on the afternoon train at the latest”

“It could be for exactly 2 hours and 8 seconds, Johnny, but I can’t”

“Is this because of that fluff ball of your-“

You swung around from the hob, extending your arm in front of you.

“Take that back before I stab you with this fucking ladle”

“How you gonna stab me with a ladle?”

“I’ve done more damage with less. You wanna test my creativity? I could still bash you about the head with it just fine – shall we try that instead?”

“Stop threatening your cousin”

“Polly, he badmouthed my baby”

She sighed, grabbing the ladle from your hand and plopping it back into the soup.

“It’s a dog. The both of you grow up”

“I can’t have the kids, Johnny. You’re gonna have to find someone else”

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You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Prompt: I love a good Rick’s daughter x Negan imagine, so I guess that’s my imagine request? Maybe have Rick or Carl catch them or at least catch an awkward scene idk. Feel free to play around with the idea! – Via Anon 

Ships: Negan x Ricks Daughter!Reader
Words: 1,103
Warnings: Curses, not smut but graphic making out?, suggestive language
Category: Angst/Smut


Negan and you had been seeing each other -of you could call it that- for about two months. Each time Negan would come to Alexandria he would choose you to show him around, though he knew his way around Alexandria almost perfectly. It was you he wanted to map out perfectly in his mind.

He would take you into a new house each time he arrived and he would claim your body on the closest surface he could find. Occasionally that surface would be the floor when he was desperate for a good fuck.

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sawamura eijun is...

Sawamura Eijun is passionate

“I will be fine. Because if you have a ball and a bat you can play baseball.” -Eijun in Chapter 1

Sawamura Eijun is determined.

I’m here to become the ace!-Eijun to Kataoka in Episode 3

I won’t lose to the rain! I won’t lose to the wind! I won’t lose to the storm! I won’t lose to Teitou! I won’t lose to Furuya! I won’t lose to myself!- Eijun in Chapter 247

“He is ready to learn new things despite his inability to analyze his potential faster than what is expected him and he is a pitcher who throws with his feelings, and is never ashamed to show everyone what’s on his mind.” - Eijun’s development in Seidou

If he didn’t have the will to advance forward, he wouldn’t have raised his head. After all his own determination is what matters the most” - Kataoka about Eijun in Chapter 221

“Although Sawamura was only allowed to run until now, after a chance meeting with the coach at the bath, where he speaks openly about his feelings (he proclaimed that he never wants to see another person on the mound. He betrayed his junior high friends to play here, so how can he cheer on another pitcher?), he is allowed to participate in that match.”

Sawamura Eijun is repentful

“Afterwards, after a run in with an infuriated Miyuki who overheard Sawamura complaining about Chris to Takashima, Sawamura is informed about Chris’ injury and his strong will to recover. Sawamura - who didn’t know that Chris went to physiotherapy every day after practice - is stunned and immediately regrets his harsh words. Suddenly the line “Don’t end up like me” bears much more meaning: Chris was saying “Don’t get hurt like me.” Because an injury can ruin a player’s career. Sawamura confronts Chris and bows his head to apologize, and asks for another chance.” - Eijun about Chris

Sawamura Eijun is influential

“After the first years showed their resolution to the coach, he allows Sawamura to pitch. The upperclassmen have problems to grasp his pitching style. Miyuki keeps saying that once Sawamura figures out what his pitch is, he’ll be a true ace. The first years start to get lively again, because if a nice play is done on the field, the whole team gets excited. The one who created this mood is undoubtedly Sawamura, who gets not dejected after facing his roommate, Masuko in a battle of power and loses. Rei says that the way he pumped up his team (composed of amateurs) in junior high, was the mark of a true ace.” - Eijun during a match with the first years v.s the upperclassmen

The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. With such a kid on the team, the team is bound to get stronger.” - Ugai Kazuyoshi’s (Coach of the Sensen Academy Baseball team) thoughts about Eijun

Sawamura Eijun is supportive

I told you, didn’t I? That baseball is not that easy! You planned to pitch the whole game, but a monkey wrench got thrown into your plans. If the coach let me, I’d want to go to the mound and pitch right away. But unfortunately, he hasn’t! You know what that means, Furuya? It means he believes in you! So don’t get so damn flustered over a one point difference! If you have the ace number on your back, then take that one out and get back to the dugout! -Eijun to Furuya in Chapter 285

“Inashiro is making Furuya pitch as many as they can. After the third inning Furuya’s pitch count is 56. At the dugout, Sawamura offers Furuya water and tells him "Nice Pitch”, to Furuya and Miyuki’s surprise.” - Eijun in the Summer Finals

“Sawamura who notices that Chris is in a bind, wants to ease the tension and just says (with a big grin on his face): “Let’s focus on the batter.” Chris can’t believe that Sawamura is calmer in this situation than he is, and is focused again. Sawamura returns to his old pitching form unconsciously and after six walks and no runs allowed, he gets the strikeout.”

Sawamura Eijun is skillful

“Sawamura has extremely erratic throwing motions. His body is naturally flexible with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch’s direction. Due to having played baseball for so long without proper instruction, Sawamura’s pitches change direction right before the batter hits the ball. However, this makes catching the ball difficult, as most catchers cannot predict where the ball will end up.” - Eijun’s pitches

“After enrolling at Seidou and finding that he has much to learn, he develops a new pitching form with the help of Coach Kataoka and Chris. By being conscious of his right hand creating a wall, his body becomes closed, thus concealing the ball’s trajectory, and increasing his speed. This form causes his throwing arm to come out much later and causes the ball to move more. He soon learns to point his leading foot towards home-base improving his form. After combining his original form of raising his knee high and his new wall form,he was finally able to complete his new style.” - Eijun’s pitching skill

“Dubbed as the “Bunting Master” by his teammates, Sawamura is a gifted bunter, being able to effortlessly bunt any pitch, even that with a speed of 150 km/h. Kawakami has said that it’s probably because he’s not afraid of the pitch that he’s so good at it.” -Eijun’s bunting skill

Sawamura Eijun is hardworking

“He is ready to learn new things despite his inability to analyze his potential faster than what is expected him.” 

“Sawamura’s selection in the first string was a devastating blow rather than a happy surprise. The person he hoped to be in the first string has not been chosen. It’s Yuuki who tells a crying Sawamura that he shouldn’t feel sorry for the guys who weren’t chosen, but instead become stronger. Sawamura takes these words very much to heart and starts to push himself in everything he does.”

Sawamura Eijun is not just a relief pitcher, not just a loud-mouthed, boisterous individual. He’s not just noisy, not someone who should be brushed aside. Sawamura Eijun is amazing.

an leabharlann | pt 2 | finn shelby

(part one)


The last few weeks had been heaven and hell mingled together. 

Heaven was found in Florence’s arms. Once he’d worked up to actually kissing her, he couldn’t tear himself away and they spent time they should have been studying lent up against stacks of tax law in the back of the library. She had a habit of giggling against his lips and at first he’d thought she was laughing at how bad he was but she’d assured him it was just the situation they found themselves in. Tucked up in dusty aisles stealing kisses on a Sunday afternoon with a boy from a big family was not where she’d seen herself when she’d applied for the librarian job. She was having a whale of a time.

Hell came when he had to step back out through those big blue doors, do a double look around the street like he was crawling out her window, and scuttle home, a book for Polly tucked under his arm as cover and another for himself hidden in his pocket. John still took the piss, Tommy had ruffled his hair with a smirk and told him he was a good boy, like he was still a child, and the rest of them had all laughed at his expense.

He felt like blurting it out, that he wasn’t just Polly’s runner boy, that there was a pretty girl with a pretty smile waiting for him there. That she’d taught him his letters, that he could write his name and hers now. That she’d swiped a little notebook for him and wrapped a clumsy bow on it with a pen poked through. “For you to practice with”. He swiped the papers for himself, before Polly chucked them in the fire, and he had a little stack tucked under his bed. He’d copy words out of the articles and whisper the sounds to himself and then read the list back to Florence at the end of the week.

She’d tilt her head to him, nodding along, mouthing the sounds to herself as he did. When he finished she’d smile, grasp his arm, and plant a big kiss on his cheek with a giggle. She never thought he was stupid when he struggled, she was patient, and kind. And by God, was she pretty.

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Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 1,094
Warnings: None.  
Request: ( Anonymous ) Hello! You are amazing and a very talented writing your just awesome! Could I request a Gabriel one? That he starts pranking the reader and they get all into it but get Dean and Sam in the cross hairs? Sorry if you did something already like this?? :)
Challenge:  This was written for @plaidstiel-wormstache’s Writing Challenge. My quote was “He can’t hit, he can’t hit, he can’t hit, sa-wing batter!” and my song was ‘Escape (The Pina Colada Song)’ by Rupert Holmes

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Voltron (+ Klance) Baseball AU

-this is like a DnA Au who am I kidding this is a DnA AU

-Keith is Ace Pitcher obviously, he is pretty well-rounded as a pitcher, good power, good control, good at everything it is almost unfair (but he gets heated so easily and doesn’t know how to hold back that they find the need to switch him out for lance) lots of difficult balls (1)

- and Lance he is a relief pitcher and still holds the self-proclaimed rival thing he is more of a power pitcher (like Jun-senpai) but zero control is pretty loud in the bullpen also his default position is left fielder because power throws kapow! balls always seem to fly right to his mitt when fielding i kid u not it happens so many times that they call him fielding lord or something (7)

-Shiro is catcher, captain and clean up because he can, trusts in keith a lot but also want lance to improve because if he gets all these raw power to good use it is gonna be a big help to the team plus default fix for all problems if not fixable refer to allura also everyone’s senpai even the senpai’s senpai (2)

-1st to bat and short stop pidge, always has this cool analytical baseball tactics that the team relies heavily on plus killer baseball notes probably the nerd that watches all the game records and has data on each team and their attacks and styles practically anything he could get his hands on (6)

-pidge here is transboy if anyone calls pidge a girl or asks why he is in the men’s baseball team shouldn’t pidge be doing soft ball they aren’t just facing the evil koala but the entire team so get ready get wrecked

-Hunk would be relief catcher, when not on the field, he busies himself with taking notes for Pidge’s data or when lance is also not on the field, he forces Hunk to the bullpen hunk secretly enjoys this but hey better having lance not know

-Coach Allura, yes, she is the coach, and every year she squeezes lemons with her bare hands to show her dominance to overbearing first years and god was that lemonade good usually chill but when the kids are fighting the beast is released probably teaches science or math

-Assistance Coach Coran, A++ for boy problem advice (since Allura is a lady and can’t ask her about puberty problems), just don’t take them literally pls you might die teaches literature so sometimes he goes into detail when giving advice so there is that too

-In practice, bullpen team ups are Keith-Shiro and Lance-Hunk but Shiro looks into Lance from time to time because one Lance is pushy and two Lance has a lot if potential but Shiro is kinda afraid to tell lance that because it might give him a lot of pressure

-Hunk secretly happy for Lance when Shiro helps out because Shiro is an amazing catcher and Hunk looks up to me but also kinda jelly because Lance is kinda like his pitcher but he is too nice to let them on

-they are all on dorms except for Pidge again room assignments are Lance-Hunk and Keith-Shiro

-pidge lives with his fam, Matt is Shiro’s senpai

-Shiro is a 3rd year, all the others are 2nd years, Keith is supposed to be a 3rd year too but he got held back a year

Now for the Klance

-they fight about everything like everything who wakes up first, who runs better on warm up runs WARM UP RUNS wtf, who eats more bowls of rice, who gets to class first, who gets to practice first, who has bigger tires on evening runs (where do they even get the tires)

-in the middle of the 3rd inning of their semi-final match, bases were loaded, the batter hit it and Keith all fired up made a miscalculation and caught it but at the expense of his foot not really a serious injury (will heal in like a few days) but serious enough that he can’t play for today

-spotlight is for sure on Lance because he is playing and for like the 1st time Lance is not happy because yeah sure he wants the mound but not like this and he is somehow in distraught even more so when Keith is brought to the coach’s box

-but goddamn Keith who was to be goddamn mad because Lance is taking the mound instead smiles the prettiest smile Lance has ever seen and says “Go get them, Lance!” and then gesturing for a brofist A BROFIST and of course Lance’s stomach is churning because he is playing pitcher for the semis he has never played pitcher for the semis but really it was so much more than that lance slayed that day

-Lance was at the top of his game but luck wasn’t siding with him so the batter ends up batting wrong and it hits Lance’s head hard and I kid u not Keith ran to the field and cradled Lance in his arms

-of fucking course Keith had to finish the game and god after what happened to Lance he just flipped a switch and the game was over in 5 innings (shutout!!) so after it he rushes to the hospital

-thankfully lance just has a minor concussion nothing serious but when Keith saw him he just ran in for a hug even Lance was surprised and lance was like “Dude!!!” even though he is secretly happy about it and the iconic Keith lines “We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms.”

-Keith realizes he has the hots for Lance first but since Lance is flirting with girl in class 24/7 if he wasn’t training, Keith was pretty much afraid

-Pidge and Hunk are the wingmen because omg they have not seen so much UST in people until these two

-because Keith didn’t know how to deal with his feelings, he started talking to Shiro about how gay he is for Lance

-by that time, Pidge and Hunk have already bullied Lance into admitting that he is full on bi but Keith FUCKING KEITH

-but like Keith is always talking to Shiro about Lance but Lance doesn’t know that and he thinks that something is up so he chickens out despite Hunk and Pidge’s insistence that it will all work out like Lance has seen enough baseball anime to know that the strongest ship is the pitcher-catcher ship everyone ships it the hints are obvious how can he top that

-and one time Lance was making rounds giving everyone biscuits because his mom dropped by awhile back and brought this huge box of biscuits

-and while walking there, he suddenly hears from Keith-Shiro room “I really don’t know what to do, Shiro. It is actually physically painful to keep everything I feel for Lance bottled up.” And lance drops the biscuits drops them like fuck because why the fuck not

-Keith opens the door to see Lance still kinda stoned because of everything and Keith is kinda dying too because how much of his bad love rants to Shiro did Lance hear

-And Shiro kinda just tries not to laugh and gives them both a pat on the shoulder before forcing them into the room and taking the biscuits away to Lance-Hunk room

-first it is awkward silence, then confessions that somehow turned to a fight how did these kids turn a confession into a fight really???? and then they kiss and make out probably before cuddling in Keith’s bed