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Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - March 24th, 2017

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Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! Click on the titles to get the links! They are posted in the order I read them.

Was it Ever Real? multi-chapter by mindramblings ARGUS Agent Oliver Queen is given one last mission. He has to go undercover and get close to a member of the Bratva’s daughter: Felicity Smoak. Complications arise, however, when he finds himself falling for her. Will he be able to stay focused on the job or blur the lines?

Finally Home by @wherethereissmoak - Oliver is rescued from Prometheus, but discovers Felicity’s chair in the bunker is suspiciously empty. So Awesome!!

The White Queen by @felicityollies - How do you break a man that is already so very broken? You break the love of his life, of course.

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

A Day in the Life multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity Smoak is an MIT graduate and assistant to Oliver Queen.   Suddenly she is his pretend girlfriend and in the spotlight.  Oliver Queen needs a girlfriend to get rid of an obsessive former lover and to please his parents. Fluffy, funny, happiness!

Calculated Chaos multi-chapter @stygian-omada-fan - Sequel to The Nightmare, I don’t care if you’re 4, or 40 you don’t hit people

Running Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4 multi-chapter by @geneshaven - Oliver and Felicity are on the run from the authorities

Our Version of Events multi-chapter by @machawicket and @geneeste - Action star Ollie Queen is trying to clean up his image and land parts that require him to do more than appear shirtless while fighting stuntmen. Pop star Felicity Smoak wants to be seen as an adult in time for the release of her new, grittier album. And talent manager John Diggle’s got an idea about what coverage of Oliver and Felicity’s brand new (and totally fake) romance could do for them both.

In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

Untitled by @dettiot - a prompt… Oliver and Felicity at the grocery store, Oliver and Felicity hosting a team dinner, or both :)

You are my Strength by @alanna-the-lionheart - 5x17 spec fic - As Prometheus tortures him, Oliver holds on tight to hope. His team, his friends, his family…they are his strength, and they will find him. He trusts them; he trusts all of them. But more than anything, he trusts her.

A Soul Lost at Sea multi-chapter by @tinaday3w - MAGNIFICENT regency romance where Oliver is a pirate who had returned to his previous life.

Untitled by @alexiablackbriar13 - Prompt: Allergy -  So sweet!

Untitled by @dmichellewrites - Prompt a story with Felicity and Lyla

Untitled by @dmichellewrites - Felicity takes a turn dressing up as the Green Arrow

Prompts and Drabbles by @wherethereissmoak - Chapter 1: The prompts were “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…” and  “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”Chapter 2: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Untitled by @dmichellewrites - Prompt: Cake - Olicity wedding cake!

Trust Me multi-chapter by @felicityollies - When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard - Delightful!

Tumbleweeds multi-chapter by zarrati - Set post “What we Leave Behind”. Instead of going to Susan’s, Oliver finds himself at Felicity’s apartment to check on her. What starts out as Oliver trying to be a supportive friend soon sets them on the path of growing back together.

When Locksley Met… multi-chapter by @emmilynestill - A collection of one-shots wherein Oliver and Felicity’s fierce (and fluffy) guard dog meets their friends and family. Also, an Olicity-observed-from-a-third-party collection. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes by @wherethereissmoak - Prompt -“How long have you been standing there?” Set early in Season 3

Olicity - He’s going to be okay. He’s safe. multi-chapter by @marytagus - A fanfic on Felicity Smoak dealings to get Oliver safe from Prometheus torture.

In My Daughter’s Eyes multi-chapter by @smkkbert - Oliver and Felicity are parents following a teenage pregnancy, they balance family life with school and I love it!

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

Deceive, Inveigle and Obfuscate multi-chapter by @machawicket - AWESOME story about a pretend marriage between Oliver and Felicity for reasons

Snowfall multi-chapter by sentencefragments - With her car stuck in the snow and the only thing slightly warm her best friend’s wedding dress in her backseat, Felicity chooses  to take a leap of faith and venture into the snowstorm to find some help. or at least shelter. She slips and tumbles into a deep ditch. Lucky for her, someone finds her and carries her to his cabin and crackling fireplace.

Red Red Wine multi-chapter by @lynslogic - Felicity’s mother meets Oliver Queen who owns a winery and gives him her number

Bound to You multi-chapter by @bindy417 - Felicity is an ARGUS agent and Oliver with the Bratva but they met long before that! This story gives the past and the present. 

Domestic Disagreement by @wherethereissmoak - Oliver and Felicity are back together in a new home, and he’s mad at her for something. Domestic Olicity fluffiness.

Every Life Has a Moment multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - The Queen family took Felicity in and raised her from age 7, Felicity and Oliver became bestfriends until they realized they could be more

Am I Going Alone multi-chapter by @abadspellr - AU. What would happen if Ivo killed Sarah instead of Shado? How does Oliver’s life change? Can he still be The Hood? Can he still find Felicity? Can he learn what it means to be a hero? A re-imagining of Arrow with old faces in new roles.

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens. You do not need to have read FiCoN to enjoy this, but it will spoil the end. Really love these stories!!

One Plus One Equals Three multi-chapter by @perfectlittlesoul - a glimpse into the happy married life of Olicity - super sweet

I did for this for you by @callistawolf for Olicity Valentine’s Smut-a-thon - Oliver and Felicity have just reunited and things are getting hot and heavy between them as they celebrate their return to each other. And then Oliver discovers something…

Intermezzo by @nodecaff4me for Olicity Valentine’s Smut-a-thon - Oliver hates the opera, prompt “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear…”

Untitled by @deadlybingo - post 5x17 fic what happens after the credits

Olicity Drabble 5x17 - Holding by @laurabelle2930 - Post 5x17 fic An Olicity moment.

A Home for Shadows by @olicitykaramel - Post 5x17 fic Dealing with the aftermath

Picture Perfect multi-chapter by @thebookjumper - She’s not really sure what prompted her to do it.   Okay, that might be a bit of a lie.  Sure, she’s not completely positive of her reasoning, but she would bet Oliver’s fortune that it had quite a bit to do with the four empty bottles of wine littering her counter top and the three other women lounging around her apartment in various states of undress.She doesn’t want to be cute anymore.  She’s sexy and she’s going to prove it. SO AWESOME!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (And Other True Sayings) multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated - All-in-all, it’s the best kidnapping experience Felicity’s had so far by a lot. So, it’s kind of an epic surprise when the fallout from it is so, so much worse.

Revelations and Confessions by @geniewithwifi - Post 5x17 Olicity moment

Gather Your Darkness by @imusuallyobsessed - What happened right after Oliver came into the bunker and said, “I’m shutting everything down.” The bunker is quiet, Oliver’s asleep, but Felicity and Digg can’t just leave him.

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Futzing around as a warm-up.

This man has the Terrifying Presence perk and has actually used it. ಠ_ಠ

the dream we dream together here (Zutara Week 2017: Soulmates)

*shows up late with Starbucks* Anyway, this is my very late submission for ZK Week 2017, under the Day 6 ‘Soulmates’ prompt (namely: the idea that you see your soulmate as a ghost after s/he dies, which is… admittedly just a very flimsy excuse for me to write my two favourite things: snow and angst, but oh well)

A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We shall not mind the pain;
The throbbing crimson tide of life
Will not have left a stain.
The song we sing together, dear,
The dream we dream together here,
Will mean no more than means a tear
Amid a summer rain.

- John Bennett, In a Rose Garden

A List of Things You Learn Growing Up in the South Pole

1. Things disappear.            

Amongst the glaciers, transience is a concept everyone learns from childhood. Nothing ever stays. Snowflakes melt the moment you tip your face up to them, there and gone in a blink as they catch on your eyelashes. You wake up one morning to find half the village’s meat supplies gone, dragged by wolves into the tundra sometime in the night. Every year when the worst of the blizzards hit, there are always people who go missing, caught in the storm and unable to find their way home, their cries indistinguishable from the screaming of the winds outside the heavy folds of the tents.            

Things disappear. Mothers are alive one moment, and gone the next. Fathers kiss you goodbye and vanish over the waves, bringing all the men of the village with him as they sail into war.            

You dumb-dumb, Sokka says to her once when she is six years old, when he jumps triumphantly out at her from where she is hiding, giggling, behind the alcove where the Southern Water Tribe stores their firewood. That’s gotta be the easiest game of Hide-and-Seek anyone’s ever played. You gotta learn to hide your footprints, Katara. I followed them all the way here.            

She sticks her tongue out at him. I hate snow! If we didn’t live in the South Pole, you wouldn’t have been able to find me.            

Maybe, Sokka says. But I like it. I like seeing where people go, or where they come from. I like that people know where I am. He jumps away from her, sending a spray of snow in the air, his boots leaving a perfect imprint in the white. It’s like a stamp, see? I am here!         

Yeah, I guess snow isn’t so bad, Katara says. If we didn’t live here, I couldn’t do this.             

Sokka turns just in time for the snowball to hit him in the face.

(2. How to run from your brother.)           

Later, they walk home, Sokka keeping a firm grip on his sister’s hand as dusk begins to fall, as the Southern Water Tribe begin to light their lanterns. Katara looks over her shoulder behind them to see the trail of their footprints already vanishing under the falling snow. 

I am here, Sokka had declared, a wild and defiant clarion call. I am here! But Katara looks at her footprints which are already beginning to fill in, and thinks instead, I am disappearing.  

3. Things reappear.            

But the sea never takes without giving back. Amongst the glaciers, return is also a concept everyone learns from childhood. Driftwood you hurl into the ocean one summer washes up on the black shores the next. Star-flowers survive the ice and the hail to push their weary heads out into the weak sunlight every spring.    

The Avatar, a hundred years later, turns up in an iceberg.           

 And three months after his funeral, Katara wakes up one night to see Zuko sitting on her bed. 

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Ways Tintin's Almost Died:

(In chronological order)

In the Land of the Soviets:

  • Bomb (happened in 6 different adventures).
  • Being held at gunpoint and/or shot at (I lost count of how many times this has happened throughout his adventures).
  • Getting hit by a train (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death (too many to count).
  • Assassination attempt: Getting shot in his sleep.
  • Trapped in a sewer.
  • Car explosion.
  • Being tortured to death.
  • Firing squad (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Freezing to death (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Bear attack.
  • Falling through ice into a frozen lake.
  • Sentenced to death (unspecified how he’ll die).
  • Getting locked in a room full of dynamite.
  • Plane crash (happened in 5 adventures).
  • Death by tiger (happened in 2 adventures).

In the Congo:

  • Shark attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Crocodile attack.
  • Lion attack.
  • Shot at with arrows (has happened on 2 adventures).
  • Python attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Tied up and left to be eaten by crocodiles.
  • Death by leopard (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Enraged elephant.
  • Falling down a waterfall (has happened on 4 adventures).
  • Falling off a cliff (has happened on 3 adventures).
  • Attacked with spears.
  • Trampled by buffalo.

In America:

  • Car crash (happened on 3 adventures).
  • Falling off a skyscraper building.
  • Assassination attempt: Knocked out and thrown into the sea.
  • Assassination attempt: Machine gun through window.
  • Sentenced to death by throwing axe.
  • Buried alive.
  • Train accident that ends with the train exploding.
  • Hanged.
  • Forest fire.
  • Tied to train tracks with a train approaching.
  • Getting crushed by a giant rolling rock (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Getting pushed into a cow meat-grinder.
  • Stabbed in a sword fight.
  • Tied to a weight and thrown into the sea.

Cigars of the Pharaoh:

  • Stranded at sea (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Grenade.
  • Stranded in the desert (happened in 3 adventures).
  • In a plane, getting shot at (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Attacked with a ceremonial punch dagger.
  • Stranded in the jungle, caught in a rope trap.

The Blue Lotus:

  • Poison dart (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Drive-by shooting (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death in prison.
  • Drugged/poisoned tea.
  • Having his head chopped off with a sword (happened twice).
  • Poison injection.
  • Assassination attempt: Hidden gun.
  • Sentenced to death by beheading.

The Broken Ear:

  • Getting purposefully run-over (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Hit by lightning ball (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Dynamite next to building.
  • Attacked with a throwing knife.
  • Sentenced to death: Firing squad at dawn.
  • Driving off a cliff (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Jumping off a bridge into a river.
  • Being used as a human sacrifice.
  • Piranha attack.
  • Drowning (happened in 2 adventures).

The Black Island:

  • Bullet wound (chest area).
  • Forcing Tintin to fake his suicide by jumping off a cliff.
  • Attacked by a Great Dane (happened in 2 adventures)
  • Leg cut off in a man trap (in the some publications, it’s made of rubber instead of metal, and therefore, wouldn’t be lethal).
  • Being taken to an asylum where he’d be “accidentally” killed during “special treatment”.
  • Trapped in burning building.
  • Getting hit by a train tunnel (while standing on the roof of a moving train).
  • Killed by plane’s propeller.
  • Death by gorilla.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre:

  • Thrown out of a plane.
  • 2 different assassination attempts.
  • Attacked with swords and knives.
  • Accidentally hit by a car.
  • Plane he’s flying is shot down.

The Crab with the Golden Claws:

  • Death by falling crate of sardine tins.
  • Assassination attempt: Being tied to a lead weight and thrown overboard.
  • Death by drunken Captain Haddock (happened multiple times in this adventure).
  • Shot at by plane (happens in 2 adventures).
  • Raider attack.
  • Falling chandelier.

The Shooting Star:

  • Earthquake.
  • Thrown overboard during a storm.
  • Getting stranded on an island/meteor sinking into the ocean.
  • Falling giant apples.
  • Attacked by giant spider.

The Secret of the Unicorn & Red Rackham’s Treasure:

  • Stabbed by sword.
  • Almost accidentally run over by a car.
  • Getting accidentally shot by monkeys playing with a rifle.
  • Running out of oxygen for his scuba gear.

The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun:

  • Falling out of a tree (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Jumping off a moving train into a river.
  • Attacked by a condor/vulture.
  • In an avalanche (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Alligator attack.
  • Sentenced to death by being burnt at the stake.

Land of Black Gold:

  • In a jeep that crashes through a building.
  • Trapped in a room filled with lit fireworks.

Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon:

  • Death by mother and papa bear.
  • Bullet wound (in head area).
  • Killed by the pressure of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Pulled into a meteor’s gravitational pull.
  • Hit by a meteorite.
  • Driving a tank off a cliff.
  • Jumping off a cliff whilst shouting, “Into the hands of fate!”
  • Dying in space from lack of oxygen.

The Calculus Affair:

  • Flying a helicopter while being shot at.
  • Multiple vehicle collision.
  • Driving off a steep hill.
  • Shot by an anti-tank gun.
  • Driving over mines.
  • Trapped in a tank with a crate of lit thunderflashes.

The Red Sea Sharks:

  • Burning airline plane belly lands.
  • Attacked by bomber planes and tanks.
  • Trapped in a ship on fire (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Hit by a torpedo.
  • Ship mine.

In Tibet:

  • Getting stranded in a blizzard.
  • Falling into a crevasse.
  • Death by True Friendship. (“Either we’re both saved, or we die together!”)
  • Being pulled off a cliff.
  • Strangled by his scarf.
  • Death by yeti.

Flight 174:

  • In an airline plane that almost hits a ship.
  • Lava.
  • Giant whirlpool.
  • More lava.
  • Lot’s of lava.

The Castafiore Emerald:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Picaros:

  • Getting shot “by accident” in the middle of faked rebel attack.
  • Attacked by a tank.
  • Death by crocodile and python.


  • Having liquid polyester poured onto him until it’s hardened.

Every Character I LoveMax Black (2 Broke Girls)

“Anything new? Let’s see, well… Facebook went public and Edward Snowden went private. Kim and Kanye had a baby, so now there’s another Kardashian to not keep up with. Paula Deen is out, gay marriage is in, and a teacher in California’s out for letting her students get it in. Justin Bieber got a hit and run, Chris Brown got a hit and run, Rihanna got hit and still didn’t run. Oprah gave Lindsey $2 million. Cunnilingus gave Michael Douglas throat cancer. Michael Douglas gave guys everywhere another excuse not to do that. Egypt went crazy, Amanda Bynes went crazier, and the NSA checks our phones like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Oh, and Texas hates women, Florida hates blacks, and everyone hates everything with the exception of Angelina Jolie who is totally awesome.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know if anyone of the Phantoms have had to change half way through the show due to illness? I've only ever heard about this happening to Christine's! Many thanks

Yes, and I actually have an audio of it: on September 27, 2014, Dmitri Ermak called out sick after Act 1 and was replaced with Ivan Ozhogin.

Also, Hong Kwang Ho was replaced as the Phantom during intermission with Yoon Young Seok. However, I don’t believe it was due to illness; from what I remember, it was one of his first performances as the Phantom (he had previously been Raoul) and so I think it had something to do with being unready or vocal issues.

While not part of the question, there’s definitely cases of Raouls dropping out as well, such as Gary Mauer and Davis Gaines, who essentially abandoned their Christines during the rooftop scenes to throw up.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning some close calls. Anthony Warlow went one while battling the flu, with standby Simon Pryce in costume - partly I think to learn the blocking, but probably also just in case he needed to jump in if Warlow couldn’t make up. (I remember reading from a fan page somewhere that Warlow would basically go backstage as soon as his scene was over to be sick.)

And less of a close call, but still entertaining, was an incident on the Lamentable Mess site, where Hugh Panaro in one day: 1) got hit by a car walking to work, 2) nearly got run over by the boat in the title song, 3) got smacked in the back by his own boat pole, and 4) almost fell when he stumbled over his own mask (which Christine had accidentally dropped during the first unmasking). According to the fan, “we were convinced he’d get killed by the end of the show.”

Hit and Run Chapter 2

Welp. I know I’m very late in posting. I’m really sorry. I’m very slow at writing orz

Thanks to @gays-on-ice​ for letting me bounce ideas for this chapter off of you!

For those of you who haven’t read chapter 1…

AO3 (I’ll post this on AO3 tomorrow!)


This is unbeta’d by the way. Feel free to point out any mistakes you may find!


Chapter 2…

Victor slowly came into awareness, rising towards consciousness slowly, but surely.

“…sorry… couldn’t… save… too severe…”

The figure skater’s brows furrowed, as he tested those words out in his mind.

Couldn’t… save? …who…?

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Oofuri ch134 text translations

Author’s note: It’s been a long time. I’m glad to see you all again!! Thank you very much for the letters you sent while I was on break!! We now have 2 daughters. Even though it was a long break, I don’t feel like I had any rest. Raising kids is so much work, but a 1st grade elementary student and a baby are cute to the max! The other day I brought my older kid to watch baseball for the first time. She said, “It’s hot and boring, but I don’t mind coming again.” I was very happy! So then, please support Oofuri once again!

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niallisdramafree 1k follow forever

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So I just hit 1k followers and I’m so happy, I’ve been running this blog for 2 years now and this is a big accomplishment. Thank you to every one that read my stories, I appreciate every single read, like and reblog I’ve ever gotten. I know I’m the shittiest updater ever, but I just want to be sure all of my stories are good quality, so thank you for sticking up with me. Also thank you to all my mutuals who support me, you guys mean so much to me. 

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Spoilers for this week’s Daiya…
And in the 9th inning, Sawamura closes out the game by catching the pitch Ouno hits and getting him out at first base. Seiou wins 3-1, with Hakuryuu scoring one run in the 8th inning due to a screw up during a double-play. Ouno shakes hands with Sawamura at the end and Mima keeps staring at Miyuki. The audience is surprised by how well Seidou played with Miyuki at the center of the team and acknowledge Sawamura’s pitching. At the end, Furuya tells Sawamura, “Nice pitching,” only to have Sawamura reply that he wasn’t satisfied with it since he allowed too many runners to advance to third base and he had to rely on the other players to get the outs many times. Furuya replies, “That’s good… Then we can compete.” That surprises the team.

Furuya thinks now that it doesn’t matter how well he pitches if they end up losing. If their opponents pitch better, they can’t win, and it all ends once they lose. That’s why he refuses to let them score and forces them down with overwhelming strength. The ace is the one who lets the team win, who allows the team to continue winning. For him, the mission he wants to accomplish is to not let things end.

The second match held shortly after the Hakuryuu match is against Hanazawa from Tochigi. With mainly third years playing (the first years got a little bit of match time but did nothing significant), Kaneda started off as the pitcher but was substituted for Kawashima. Hanazawa scored 4 runs in the first inning, but Seidou put the pressure on them and won 8-6 after Takatsu had a 2 run RBI-hit in the 8th inning. With that, Seidou won 4 games consecutively during Golden Week, and we see Mima finally going up to Miyuki and asking if he has a LINE account at the end.

Source: Public raws