hit 1million

Cat’s not forcing money out of anyone. you literally can wait a week for the video. Like we all did last year??? She posted her VidCon vlogs a few days after VidCon.

Cat started using vessel a week ago or so. Like many YTers lately, Cat has been having a bit of an identity crisis over who the hell Catrific and who the hell Cat is. In her new video she mentioned wanting to do more interesting things and talk about better topics in her videos. She mentioned exotic animals among other things. She said she’s going to be using vessel to use those funds to help with her new endeavours. Not some fucking ploy to get money out of the phandom. Are you kidding me. Cat has never been anything less than sweet and nice to us. She’s a consistent convention vlogger and really good friends with Dan and Phil. It’s a win for us.

Cat is a considerably smaller YTer than Connor (who also uses Vessel, has a book, a new record label, nearly 5mil subs, and 3 Spotify Playlists disguised as iTunes albums for purchase) You know who also uses Vessel? Good Mythical Morning. Marcus Butler and his Gaming channel. Glozell. Weezy Waiter…

Cat hasn’t even hit 1million subs yet, and hardly does sponsorships on her main channel. She isn’t even sponsored by audible. She lives in one of the most expensive cities in the country and world and YouTube is her job. Stop shitting on her for using a service specifically to help growing content creators. She’s going to continue to use vessel. This isn’t just some one-time thing bc Dan and Phil are in this video. Why would you ever think Cat would be that shallow? Also! Vessel offers your first month free. So i literally can sign up now, watch the vlog a few times and then cancel my subscription before i get charged. Besides between Vessel and my student discount for Spotify, I’d paying less than a Netflix subscription. So i might keep it tbh.

I met Cat twice this weekend at VidCon and she was the sweetest person I met besides Megan Tonjes. She is a very personable woman whom I look up to a lot. Like many of us, I found her channel through DnP but i love her and her videos. So lets all chill and stop giving her shit. Ty