Top 12 Bleach characters I would like to have as students

As requested by anon. :)

For those of you unaware, I am a grad student who teaches. So now it time for me to reveal which 12 Bleach characters I would most enjoy having as my students!

#12: Sasakibe

I assume, of course, that Sasakibe the student would show the sort of devotion to his studies that canon Sasakibe shows to his commander.

Sasakibe: H-here is my homework…

BLG: Um are you okay? You seem pale.

Sasakibe: Pretty sure my appendix just burst. Wanted to turn in my homework anyway, though.

Sasakibe: I mostly crawled to school. 


#11: Komamura

Friendly and kind students who like to help their fellow students are wonderful to have in class. I think Komamura would be one of those students.

Komamura: You appear to be doing that problem incorrectly!

Komamura: Allow me to help!

#10: Kaien

Kaien and Ulquiorra were both obsessed with the heart; the difference is, whereas Ulquiorra just kept asking what the heart was, Kaien had a ready answer. Which means that Kaien is a guy who understands metaphors! I bet he’d write great essays.

Kaien: Here is my paper about how Romeo and Juliet basically survived because their friends survived to preserve their hearts.


BLG: Um okay

#9: Ishida

To be honest, I hesitate to include any of Ichigo’s gang because, well, they leave class a lot. Suddenly and without explanation. That would drive me crazy. But still, Ishida would make a damn good student. Smart, responsible, dedicated, probably better at German than me…

Ishida: Definitely better.


BLG: No being snarky with your teacher.

#8: Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya is also a hardworking guy, which as you may have figured out is a quality I treasure in my students. Although I would be a little afraid of Hitsugaya, given that I’m kinda bad at names and he takes that very seriously.

BLG: Yes, Captain um…..um…..um…..shit!

Hitsugaya: It’s okay at least you got the important part.

#7: Iba

Iba cares a lot about being well-rounded, which means that he works hard at everything. That’s pretty cool! It means that even if my class wasn’t his *highest* priority, he’d still devote attention to it.

Iba: Your class is my fifth priority, after drinking.


Iba: Too honest?

#6: Hisagi

Hisagi isn’t just a hard worker; he’s also really earnest about it. A big dork, really. He’d probably be fun as a student.

BLG: So what did you get, um…..


Hisagi: You can’t remember my name because you can’t stop thinking of my as ‘69 Guy’, right?


#5: Hinamori

Hinamori is smart and genuinely likes reading and she works really hard. Plus, she cares a lot about doing the best she can for authority figures. N-not that she’d become obsessed with me like she did with Aizen, but I think she’d at least take my words seriously.

BLG: You did the optional reading???

Hinamori: Is that weird?

#4: Nanao

Nanao is so organized! I assume. Mostly because she carries that folder around. But organized is a great trait for a student to have. I mean, I bet she’d outline her papers before writing them, and maybe even write a couple of drafts. And she’d care a lot about the work! I assume.

Nanao: Can you look at my paper outline?



BLG: I mean 'yes.’

#3: Rukia

Rukia ended up in the non-accelerated shinigami class, but that only made her work twice as hard. Now she’s a lieutenant with bankai, who trains teenagers on her free days. And although smart is good, I like students who just work really hard the best.

BLG: N-not that you’re not smart!


Rukia: The awkwardness is palpable. 

#2: Grimmjow

…………..a weird one, maybe. But I’m assuming that in my class is some human analogue of Grimmjow, not espada Grimmjow ripped from Bleach and plopped down into a classroom. Because if that happened, I would pull the fire alarm and run. But see, what I like about Grimmjow is how persistent he is. If he doesn’t get something right away, he just works at it and works at it until he gets it, getting help when he needs it. Now, in Bleach he uses that tendency for the rather horrifying goal of “killing Ichigo,” but I’m assuming that student Grimmjow will just keep doggedly coming to office hours until he understands.

Grimmjow: I still don’t get it.

BLG: Um these aren’t my office hours?

Grimmjow: Yeah but I’m here.

#1: Renji

One of the most horrifying experiences a TA can face (aside from “powerpoint doesn’t work” or “sudden mind blank”) is when you ask the class a question, and there is….ringing silence. Suddenly you wonder, “Was that question too hard? Was it too easy and they are being silent in protest? Am I so boring that they literally all zoned out? Am I terrible teacher? Maybe a terrible person? Did I just imagine that I asked the question?” And so on. All you want is for somebody to talk! And that guy would be Renji. He volunteered information in a classroom. In canon! With his eager little face. I want him in my classroom.

BLG: But um maybe don’t actually interrupt my lectures. I lose my place easily.

Renji: You’re cramping my style.