Sealing The Sacred Bonds Of Holy Matrimony
Freedmen’s Bureau Marriage Records- National Archives

Scattered among the aging volumes and paper files of the Freedmen’s Bureau at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are an impressive number of marriage licenses, certificates, registers, and reports documenting the federal government’s efforts to aid in the legalization of marriages of former slave couples.

While there are other valued federal, state, private, and published sources that help document ex-slave marriages, the Freedmen’s Bureau’s marriage records are arguably some of the most important records available for the study of black family marital relations before and after the Civil War. For the increasing number of African American genealogists and family historians, this unique body of marriage records may hold the only formal proof of a slave ancestor’s marriage.

Many cases of polygamy surfaced after the war when freedmen located their spouses. Slaves frequently remarried after their spouses had been sold. Many polygamous relationships arose from attempts of freedmen to care for the two or more wives and families whom they had been reunited after the war




Strasbourg cathedral. It was a nice respite from the hot weather. The interior was significantly cooler. Walls are lined with huge stained glass windows. The main alter was enormous, with a giant cross in the middle. The cathedral was under restoration at the time. From what little French the Boy Toy was able to understand, this cathedral has been under restoration since the 1700’s.

about the confederate flag controversy

If I see someone carrying the flag on their porch or whatever, I don’t automatically assume they’re racists. I judge someone by the character they exhibit, not by a piece of cloth they carry.

Even before this, I assumed that someone who had the flag was someone prideful in their southern heritage, not because they hate blacks. I agree with them taking it off the capital to honor the victims though. But I think it’s stupid how they’re going as far as to remove the flag from museums. It’s a part of history, why would you do that???

What bothers me more is that media cares more about this (along with everyone jumping on the bandwagon) than the 9 dead victims. People seem to be more concerned about removing the flags from stores like walmart, removing memorabilia that has to do with it, vandalizing histroical places. That doesn’t do much in the long run and vandalizing places doesn’t fix shit.

Histroic Harley-Davidson of Topeka builds nationally known restoration company … - Topeka Capital Journal:
Topeka Capital Journal

Histroic Harley-Davidson of Topeka builds nationally known restoration company …
Topeka Capital Journal
Like a giant puzzle, 300 corroded and broken pieces of a Harley-Davidson lay strewn on the floor. “Somebody wanted to restore it, but they did the easy part. They just took it apart,” Mike Patterson, owner of Historic Harley-Davidson of Topeka, said …

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