hey everyone, so i just hit 1k followers!! i’m super excited and can’t believe how fast i’ve hit 1k, i’m beyond happy that you guys have decided to join my journey into medicine even though that won’t be happening for awhile… anyway, to celebrate, i’ll be doing blog rates for awhile!!

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overall: appendix | kidney | lungs | brain | HEART 

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studyblr introduction

So I’ve had this blog for like two months now and still haven’t introduced myself…

- My name is Emily (she/her) and I’m 18 years old.

- I’m going to 2nd year of cegep in Honours Health Science. I live in Montreal, Canada and we have this thing called cegep (because we gotta be special) and it’s two years between high school and university. It’s a mix of general education (French, English, etc) and specialized courses depending on your program.

- Starting school in two days, yikes. This semester I have:

  1. Organic Chemistry I
  2. General Biology I
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Medicine and Ethics (sooooo excited about this)
  5. Sociology - Crime and Punishment
  6. English - New Age Literature

- I want to become a doctor, specifically global/tropical medicine or pediatrics

- Addicted to coffee

- I’m bilingual in English and French, although my native language is Chinese (Mandarin), but I forgot a lot of it. I also speak Spanish and am learning German.

- Always binging on TV shows. I’m watching The Defenders rn and it’s grEAT. Also love Dr Who, all medical dramas and so many crime shows, such as, but not limited to, CSI, Law and Order SVU, Broadchurch, Sherlock, etc, etc

- Don’t read as much as I want to, but right now I’m reading Doing Right. It’s on medical ethics and it’s super interesting. Love Harry Potter (Ravenclaw for life), The Great Gatsby and Handmaid’s Tale.

- I love listening to podcasts because I can learn so much while on the bus or in the metro. My faves are Oh No! Ross and Carrie, Sawbones, The Daily, Pod Save America, Skeptics with a K and The Friendly Atheist.

- I want to post original pictures and possibly do the 100 days of productivity challenge.  This is a sideblog, by the way.

Some blogs that have inspired me so much:

@studybirb: your posts are always super useful

@studylustre: amazing pictures!!! how do you do it, please teach me

@futurecanadianmd: i relate so much to your url tbh, love the show Bones too!!

@studyfulltime: such pretty pictures and your room is soooo nice

@emmastudies: can a studyblr rec be complete without you? I feel like you’re the pillar of the studyblr community, you’re so talented, your posts are amazing and your printables are so useful

@histroical: fellow Canadian ayyy! love the pictures of Canada, especially Qc, that you post, makes me feel inspired about my own city

@studydiaryofamedstudent: med school goals, give me advice please

@studyign: how are we the same age, you seem like you have your life together??? love your youtube too

@studyblr: again, would this be complete without you? love your text posts, they always put a smile on my face

@kaiistudies: love every single one of the posts on your blog, they’re all so pretty and aesthetic

@stvdybuddies: loooveee your blog!!! such pretty postssss

@curiostudy: such a great variety of posts

@medemedemed: Canadian med student aka my DREAMMMMM

@studyquill: how are your notes soooo pretty????? mine are just illegible scribbles????

@elkstudies: really love your original posts, they’re super useful


days of productivity: 4/100

[ 2017.10.03 ] tonight’s mood is reading the handmaid’s tale and ignoring the fact that i’m going to uip tomorrow and still need to decide on a third seminar to attend…


🌞Hi studyblr community! I’m new here and I’m really excited. I hope you guys like what I post and please forgive any spelling mistakes (english as a second language) or difficulty to navigate my theme, coding is not my forte but I´m working on improving it. 

🌞I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, so here goes:

  • My name is Serena
  • I’m 17
  • I’m a wheelchair user
  • I live in Chile
  • I go to a french school
  • I’m currently in my junior year of high school
  • “Je suis Bac L”
  • I speak three languages: Spanish, English, and French
  • I’ve lived in four countries
  • I hope to study in the United States
  • I love History and literature and biology
  • I dislike maths
  • I am a heavy procrastinator (like right now)
  • I am human… I make mistakes 

🌞A few studyblrs that I love and inspire me are:

@medicalena ; @emmastudies ; @problematicprocrastinator ; @linguistics-studies ; @acdaemic ; @peachystudy ; @bookmrk ; @histroical ; @lattetudes ; @lawfulstudent ; @thatstudyblr-aesthetic

🌞So, that’s all for now (cause I can’t think of anything else :D)

Please don’t let this flop
New studyblr introduction!

Hello people of the world, I’ve had this blog for a couple of weeks but wanted to post an ‘official’ introduction post to maybe find some friends in the studyblr community! Please notice that this is a sideblog of my main blog @border-of-bitterness but don’t worry, I’ll be just as active!


- my name is Alaska but I usually by Aly so y’all can call me Aly then.

- I’m a proud Slytherin and I like girls.

- I’m vegan!

- I just turned seventeen two weeks ago and I’ll be starting year 11 on Wednesday next week.

- I am from Germany so I’m doing ‘Abitur’ and I chose History and English as advanced classes for my final exams.

- I’ve been struggling with mental illness for most of my life but I’m very desperate to get at least my grades under control and gain back the fun at learning I always had!

what I like

- writing stories. I’ve been writing my own books since I was ten years old

- playing the piano. (since nine years now!)

- bullet journaling. Been having a kinda on/off relationship with it since May 2016 I believe.

- british English.

- decoration. My room’s full of little porcelain figures, I keep it tidied up tho!

- hair colours. I dye my hair a lot and my last hair colours’ve been red, brown, black and now violet, my natural hair colour is light blonde.

- music. I always listen to music, my favourite bands are While She Sleeps, BMTH, Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Separations and Get Scared (and probably loads of others, I just love too many bands).

- woman’s rights and feminism, also ending the stigma around mental disorders.


- I am fluent in English and German and I speak a little bit of Spanish and French.

- I want to learn Norwegian, Swedish and Korean.

what I’ll post on my studyblr

- (almost) daily updates on what I studied and how it worked

- bullet journal pages

- notes mainly from History and English classes

my favourite studyblrs

@emmastudies , @potterstudy, @studyblr, @studytune, @prettynotesmakesmehappy, @problematicprocrastinator, @badasstudies, @narglestudies, @universi-tea, @hufflepuffwannabe, @tbhstudying, @estudiear, @whitepaperairplane, @histroical, @studyingpsych, @littlestudyblrblog, @abiistudies, @studyquill, @deskdays, @griffin-studies, @s-martblr, @brinumstudies

I don’t know why I’m making this post but I thought’d it be fun to introduce some youtubers to people who haven’t heard/seen them before and highly recommend them! 

Just to note, these youtubers I watch aren’t really “youtubers” like the “story-time” kinda stuff, I mostly watch people who review/analyse films, games, books, and so on for fun and educational purposes. 

1. Cinemasnob- I freaking love this man. Out of all the movie reviewer people I watch he’s my number one. In fact his whole show is kind of my aesthetic. He reviews mostly exploitation films, and just plain horrible movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, you name it. His dry and sarcastic humor also makes his reviews hilarious to watch. And he has a cute cat named Lloyd that appears in a few episodes every now and then -Stone Gremlin Productions 

2. Phelan Porteous- This guy also has a sarcastic sense of humor when reviewing shitty movies. I find his style of humor quite interesting, it’s very meme-y and derpy. He mostly reviews horrible horror movies and, even better, Disney knock-offs which are my personal favorite.My favorite thing he does is that he plays this goofy music over pointless or drawn out scenes from dumb movies where nothing is going on. He also review bootleg games and other trinkets as well. -Phelan Porteous 

3. Glamourdaze- This youtube channel is very unique as most of it is just videos or clips from different retro eras about lifestyles and fashion. There’s all kinds of videos like how women did their hair in the 40s, or how to get a date in the 60s. As a history nerd, these clips are enjoyable to watch as it truly feels like it’s a blast from the past. Plus, it’s just fun learning how people did stuff back then.-Glamourdaze 

4. Lessons From The Screenplay/Nerdwriter1- These guys were are on the same boat about analyzing movies and giving tips on story-telling. These guys go in great depth explaining and describing how and what to do with creating a story. I find these dudes helpful as I create stories myself and lowkey would like to be in the movie/TV business someday. Not only do they educate how to direct a film but they make videos about all kinds of great subjects like how to make a great antagonist, how certain movie genres are getting old, or how to tell a story through visuals instead of dialogue; fun stuff that I really love learning about. -Lessons From The Screenplay/Nerdwriter1 

5. History Buffs- Pretty sure a lot of history buffs (PA TUM PSS) watch this dude, but if you don’t I highly recommend checking him out. He reviews histroical/period drama films and sometimes TV shows. What he does is that he breaks down a historical movie to reveal the real history behind the film and I find it very entertaining and also educational. He has reviewed great period classics such as Amadeus, Dances with Wolves, Lawrence of Arabia, Braveheart and a lot more. -History Buffs

6. KrimsonRogue- This guy is a real treat and I’m honestly quite surprised people haven’t heard of him, especially book lovers. He reviews movie adaptations of books and differentiates between them. Of course many of them he reviews are horrible movies about great books; a great reminder that the Book was Better (The name of his show haha). He’s reviewed Percy Jackson, that one Mortal Instruments movie no one likes, and even Twilight. Plus he’s adorable, has a cat named Leia, AND liked my fan art I did for him that I think is currently still his Facebook’s page background. -KrimsonRogue

7. Lindsay Ellis- One of my favs, Lindsay Ellis, otherwise known as “Nostalgia Chick” makes great videos talkin’ bout movies. My favorite of her series, Loose Cannon, is a fun segment breaking down a popular character in many versions of said character. For example, there’s one about the Greek god Hades, in which Lindsay talks about the many different film adaptions of the god. Or another one where she talks about the “idea” of Marylin Monroe in many different biopics or movies about her. Lindsay is pretty laid-back, as if she is personally discussing a movie with you. -Lindsay Ellis 

8. Maven of Eventide- I just discovered her last night and I’m glad I did because I watched all of her Vampire Reviews. Yep, she reviews vampire movies, the good and the bad, and I love it. Not only does she review vampire movies but she also does a great job telling the history of the popularity of vampires as well as vampire lore. I also admire how she owns her vampire-loving attitude as she dresses the part in cute outfits every episode. She’s silly, bright, and passionate about blood-sucking demons. And she worships Interview With The Vampire for it is a great portrayal of vampires as well as being a damn good movie. -Maven of Eventide 

9. RalphTheMovieMaker- I love this kid, he is my son. Like most people I watch, he reviews movies of course and is one of the best. He is mostly popular for making fun of dumb reality TV shows such as Mystery Diners, Bigfoot and Ghost shows, and even LifeTime movies (my favorite video from him actually). He’s actually a film student, I believe, and I gotta say he is very impressive, especially at such a young age and I bet he inspires younger audiences everywhere.-Ralphthemoviermaker 

10. Drawing Tutorials Online- Finally a guy to inspire the artistic side of me, a college professor at NYU (?) who gives tips on making art AND showing off his student’s cool sketchbooks AKA The Best Part. Seeing these student’s work is SO inspiring, all of them have different styles, they’re colorful, and design really neat things. It inspires me to just let go in my sketchbooks and go crazy with colors and draw all kinds of weird shit. Especially for struggling artists out there, I highly recommend this guy’s channel to explore other people’s work and see what inspires you.-DrawingTutorialsOnline 


Thursday’s female celebrity of the day is Emma Roberts.  If there’s new Emma Roberts pics, chances are I’m going to post her because new Emma Roberts pics are always so good that I feel “yeah, I’m going to post her” after I see them.  This is the histroic fiftieth time she’s been FCOTD.

  • Rip Hunter: Sara did you just seduce the Queen of France?
  • Sara Lance: Hey. She seduced me!
  • Rip Hunter: Really? And Cleopatra?
  • Sara Lance: I was drunk and she was lonely. It's not my fault Caesar doesn't pay enough attention to his girl
  • Rip Hunter: And Elisabeth The First?
  • Sara Lance: Yeah she is definitely not a virgin anymore
  • Rip Hunter: For god's sake Sara you are a Time Master now! You have to be more responsible
  • Sara Lance: I can't help the fact that I am attractice. What am I supposed to do? Not have sex with gorgeous histroical figures?
  • Rip Hunter: YES!
  • Sara Lance: Well now you are just being unreasonable

- ̗̀  aou’s studyblr introduction post   ̖́-

hello im jackie, i’ve decided to make a intro for my studyblr now that its been almost 2 weeks since ive made it :)


+ im 18, gemini (may 24)

+ i speak 2 languages (english, spanish and a tiny bit of german)

+ i live in california and attend a uc school 

+ this is a side blog so if u see @yongs in ur notifs that is me!!!

- interests 

+ my major is in psychology!! but i love history/english….im not sure what im doing in college….just enjoying it

+ i enjoy kpop and horror movies, please talk to me if you can relate

+ i want to learn korean! i haven’t started yet but im hoping having a studyblr will help me focus!!

+ i love the studyblr community alot!!! i love stationary in general i want to have pretty notes/handwriting hopefully i find good inspiration

- classes

+ contemporary bio

+ forging of the US

+ intro to psych

+ academic writing

- extra

+ “what does aou mean?” i dont know what it stands for either!!!! but for some reason i say it as ah-ooo which is technically wrong? age of ultron? dkewjnjdk uwu? 

+ i will try my best to be active as i can! please feel free to interact with me! reblog or like this post and i will check out your blog :) 

+ please welcome me, im friendly and im looking forward to interact with others 

+ graphic design credits to @nerdastically thank u for reading this all!!!!! my current fave blogs are @moonlitseas and @histroical !