Open Pantry- By teanmoon

This set of shelves functions like a refridgerator. It is unbreakable, since repairing them would be a little weird.

All of the slots are usable, so you can create a realistic looking open pantry shelf. This is intended for the various history and decades challenge to simulate more realistic food storage.

Mesh edited from plasticbox’s Wide RAW Shelf

Inspiration from @budgie2budgie‘s history challenge

Please do not claim as your own

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Sealing The Sacred Bonds Of Holy Matrimony
Freedmen’s Bureau Marriage Records- National Archives

Scattered among the aging volumes and paper files of the Freedmen’s Bureau at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are an impressive number of marriage licenses, certificates, registers, and reports documenting the federal government’s efforts to aid in the legalization of marriages of former slave couples.

While there are other valued federal, state, private, and published sources that help document ex-slave marriages, the Freedmen’s Bureau’s marriage records are arguably some of the most important records available for the study of black family marital relations before and after the Civil War. For the increasing number of African American genealogists and family historians, this unique body of marriage records may hold the only formal proof of a slave ancestor’s marriage.

Many cases of polygamy surfaced after the war when freedmen located their spouses. Slaves frequently remarried after their spouses had been sold. Many polygamous relationships arose from attempts of freedmen to care for the two or more wives and families whom they had been reunited after the war



anonymous asked:

Hi. I've read somewhere that Vegvisir and other Icelandic "magical" staves were made by Christians in the 19th century. Yet they seem to always be associated with the Vikings and the Viking Age. Can you confirm this, or do you have any other information about it? Thanks!


This is quite complicated a subject, but I am more than happy to provide some insight. Before you asked this question, I was not entirely familiar with the vegvísir, to be honest. That in itself should say something, since out of all my classes and studies it has not once come up unless within the “popular” sphere (I will explain that in a moment). Still, I have done some research and attempted to find reasonable sources (which, I must say, can be hard to find with this subject). Hopefully my answer is helpful, I will provide some direct links to other readings if you wish to discover more.

My answer has become a bit of an “essay”, so I am going to attach a “keep reading” for those who may not wish this to overtake their dashboard. However, I will include a “summarized” version of my answer for those who want to know without reading my explanations:

(From my Conclusion below)

The Vegvísir and other magical staves possibly have an origin in Viking Age magic, but did not likely exist in the form presented in the nineteenth-century manuscripts. Icelanders have always had a passion for their past and even converting to Christianity did not cause their interest to fade. Instead, their interests merged. These symbols are possibly a later, more “advanced” rendition of an old tradition. Though, that is assuming the “line” was never broken. It is equally likely to be a revival of an old tradition, making it “new” in a sense. I would say the confusion with associating these symbols with nineteenth-century Christians and the Viking Age is due to this blur between old tradition and new revival.

It may not be satisfying, but my say is that the Vegvísir and other magical staves have an old, complicated history that we simply lost track of. The Vegvísir and other magical staves that we know today are a product of many years of change. They are part of a “new” Viking-type identity.

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Story-working title

It feels weird coming back her after all these months, I have been living in New Orleans with my husband David, our fabulous 6 bedroom plantation mansion, I have to say receiving a invitation from Elizabeth to attend her husband’s mayoral election success party was a shocker. We have always been rivals in everything from collage to boyfriends we always have to outdo each other. So having not heard from her the best of a year I knew that this was big, she had won whatever competition we are still playing. so here I was driving into mobile, Alabama all dressed up just to prove yet another point. “ You do know it is not compulsory to go right” my husband asked looking at me as we drive though the old neighbourhood. “ David I have told you that this is not a friendly call, it’s about who’s doing better” “ It’s just since we moved you have been trying to do all you can to establish a name for yourself and..” “ And what David, you don’t understand nothing” I turned away from not wanting to feel guilty for arguing after he drove me up here. we pulled up the long oaked tree path to Elizabeth’s house there were lots of cars parked around her grand house. Elizabeth has had this house in here family for 6 generations and she always host parties in her grand ballroom. I remember when we where little and I used to sleepover she always used to tease me about how important her family is and how one day she will own this house and I will be stuck in Montgomery in my two story house. I grabbed the wine bottle from the car and grabbed David’s arm “ I am sorry” I said as he rang the doorbell he looked at me and smiled


Strasbourg cathedral. It was a nice respite from the hot weather. The interior was significantly cooler. Walls are lined with huge stained glass windows. The main alter was enormous, with a giant cross in the middle. The cathedral was under restoration at the time. From what little French the Boy Toy was able to understand, this cathedral has been under restoration since the 1700’s.

Checked out the lovely amazing #OlvestonHouse yesterday #DunedinNZ the inside was amazing, wasnt able to take photos of the inside #HeritageFestival #OpenCity #TourismNZ #NZMustDo #Nzmustsee #NewZealand #dunnerstunner #dunedin #History #Heritage #Histroical #OldBuildings #travel #Adventure #learn #see #discover #TheominFamily (at Olveston (house))

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