Happy Black History Month! Introducing... Shirley Chisholm!

Shirley Chisholm(1924–2005)- was “a black woman who lived in the 20th century and dared to be herself,” Shirley Chisholm. Those are the words that she asked to be remembered by. Let us not forget that she was a U.S Representative, the first (African American) women to run for presidency, and the first black woman to be elected into congress.


Chisholm grew up in a predominately black neighborhood, authoring two books Unbought and Unbossed (1970) and The Good Fight (1973), to extend her legacy. I won’t go too much into her personal life, because you can research that yourself, but what I will say, is that she is and was a legend that can never be Unbought or Unbossed. She spoke volumes and refused to let her background and color be her setback. She has several messages that she left behind, I will share them in video links. 

Her advice for young African Americans:


Her persistence and humor:


Please remember that black history goes deep, don’t let the American history books confuse you. We are a powerful people. We can all be Unbought and Unbossed if we want to.

 Please read further into her legacy through sites like, 


Did you know about Shirley Chisholm?