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7 minutes in heaven with Park Jihoon

Requested by anon  ♡ I write it in bullet points because I find it easier for me. |NO SMUT| 

  • “(y/n) it’s time! Can we go?” Your father shouted from outside
  • you looked outside the house and you saw that he was already in the car
  • you put your shoes and your jacket on and add a little bit of lipstick on your lips
  • you hurriedly got into your car
  • your friend oragnized a party at her place and she invited you
  • you said yes even tought you didn’t know who will be there and you are introvert so it’s a bit awkward for you to meet new people
  • you knocked at the door and waved at your father
  • “Hey you’re here! Come in” you hugged your friend and entered the house
  • the living room was crowded with people
  • you just waved at them but nobody saw you
  • you found the kitchen where there wasn’t much people and sat on a chair
  • “Oh hello (y/n)” you immediately froze when you recognized the owner of this voice
  • “Hi…” you gave him a fake smile
  • “I’ll be back in a while” he winked at you before going out the room
  • you hit your friend who was next to you talking with some strangers
  • “why is he here!!” you whispered
  • “who?” she replied
  • “my crush! PARK JIHOON” you whispered in her ear
  • “Ohh that’s a secret between him and me” she winked
  • you gasped and sat normally when you saw Jihoon coming towards you
  • “Do you want one?” he offered you a cocktail
  • “Yes thank you” you took it off his hand
  • Jihoon sat next to you and you talked for about 20 minutes
  • “Hey Jihoon come play 7 minutes in heaven!”
  • you turned and you saw Bae Jinyoung, a student in your school
  • you knew him because he’s very popular among girls
  • “Come play with me!” Jihoon grabbed your wrist before you could say anything
  • “Today’s MC is the brilliant, perfect Yoo Seonho!” everyone clapped
  • “turn turn turn turn…” he turned the bottle
  • “PARK JIHOOOOON” everyone cheered for the guy standing up shyly
  • “Now we are going to blindfold Jihoon and he will hug the person who will go with him in the closet” Seonho said
  • “Spin spin spin” Jihoon spinned 3 turns
  • “Go!” You friend said
  • Jihoon hesitated and decided to go towards you
  • shit shit shit you tried to change places with someone but your friend grabbed your shoulders “Trust me” she whispered in your ear
  • You closed your eyes and felt arms grabbing your shoulders
  • when you opened your eyes you saw Jihoon’s handsome face just a few centimeters from yours
  • “Park Jihoon and (y/n) for 7 minutes in heaven!” your friend litteraly screamed in your ear
  • Jihoon took off the blindfold and brightly smiled at you
  • you didn’t know what’s going on
  • you just felt a lot of arms pushing you towards the closet and cheerings
  • “7 minutes start now!” someone locked the door
  • you felt your heart skip a beat when you finally realized where you are
  • “so…I have something to tell you” Jihoon lokked at you with red cheeks
  • “me too” you replied trying to avid his gaze
  • “let’s say him at the same time ok?” he suggested
  • you nodded and gathered all your confidence
  • “3…2…1″ he counted with a sweet voice
  • “You’re handsome” “I like you” you said in sync
  • “oh I- nevermind” Jihoon mumbled
  • “3 minutes left!”
  • you couldn’t believe that you said to your crush that he is handsome
  • “I’m sorry what did you say?” you opened your eyes wide
  • “Nothing important” Jihoon replied
  • you tried to figure out if Jihoon really said that he likes you or if it’s just your imagination
  • “I can’t wait anymore” Jihoon said, breaking the silence
  • You felt his soft lips on yours
  • Both of you breaths were heavier
  • you close your eyes, enjoying the moment
  • “2 minutes left” Jihoon pulled away
  • You looked at him in shock
  • “do- do you like me?”
  • “yeah…that’s what I was trying to say earlier”
  • “I didn’t know my crush likes me back” you chuckled
  • “what? you like me too?” he asked
  • “Since the day I saw you I fell in love with you” you said shyly and looked down
  • Jihoon lifted your chin up and kissed your lips again
  • “Time’s up” Seonho opened the door
  • You heard everyone screaming and then you realized what is going on
  • you removed your lips from his
  • trying your best to hide your red face on Jihoon’s neck
  • Jihoon laughed at your embarassed face (his was also so red tbh)
  • he closed the door once again and started to kiss you again
  • “Your lips are sweeter than what I thought. Please be mine” he whispered onto your lips

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anonymous asked:

Hi can you do a bf jongin and a nsfw ver of it pls

Of course! Here you go, hope you like it :) -Mary

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Dating Kim Jongin would include

  • Okey dokey
  • Let’s begin
  • The two of you being best friends before he got the courage to ask you out
  • Him being super awkward while asking you out

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Boyfriend Nakamoto Yuta
  • My fave minion humper 
  • Would probably rather confess than be confessed to but either is fine with him as long as the end result is the same
  • Tries very hard to please you at the start of your relationship, to the point that it might be a bit over the top
  • Gets more relaxed and honest with you as your relationship progresses
  • Loves your smile as much as you love his
  • Tries his best to make you smile just so he can see your smile
  • Roasts you out of love
  • Sometimes he says something cheesy after roasting you to try and make up for it but then he roasts you again 5 seconds later, the cycle could repeat but he’d usually make sure to end it with something cheesy
  • Randomly super cheesy 
  • Likes making you flustered
  • Spontaneous dates that aren’t always actually spontaneous
  • He plans some of the “spontaneous” dates beforehand then acts like he didn’t
  • Lots of outdoor dates, especially to the mountains
  • Brings Winwin along to hang out with you sometimes
  • Guess who’s the third wheel spoiler: it’s you
  • Lots of subconscious skinship, he’ll reach out to hold your hand without even realising he’s doing it
  • Sometimes gets embarrassed when he realises he’s subconsciously initiated skinship in situations where he usually wouldn’t
  • Almost always touching you in some way when you’re together, even if it’s only lightly
  • Can be a bit possessive and gets jealous quite easily but trusts you enough not to act on it too much
  • Sends you lots of pictures of himself and anything around him that he thinks is pretty
  • Would want you to go to concerts with him
  • Loves showing you the music he likes and would want you to show him your favourite songs as well
  • Steals your phone to take a picture of himself then sets it as your wallpaper
  • Though he’s a bit teasing he’d overall always be super nice to you

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BIGBANG Reactions to Being Asked about You in an Interview


  • gets flustered
  • small smile on his face once he starts thinking about you
  • ignores the questions and starts zoning out a lot
  • starts laughing to himself when he thinks of something silly that you’ve done

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  • gets shy
  • tries to answer question with as little information as possible and only when he has to
  • starts blushing
  • keeps looking down at the floor and biting his lip

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  • would get annoyed that they’re prying into his private life
  • but secretly enjoys the fact that people know that you’re his
  • tries to laugh his way through the questions so he doesn’t have to answer
  • gets a bit defensive when he’s forced to answer because he wants to keep you out of the media’s eyes

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  • tries to avoid the questions for the sake of privacy 
  • but accidentally slips up sometimes and mentions you
  • gets embarrassed and flustered once he realizes his mistake
  • tries to change the subject

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  • professes his love to you on national television
  • constantly comments on how cute and amazing you are
  • gossips about his own relationship
  • biggest derp smile on his face

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I finished another reaction for you all! I hope you all enjoy it!

~Admin K(antaloupe)

Clinging Daemon

Amber eyes flash with pain, pain turns to grief turns to rage. A hero to the people a healer to the people.

Turned from him turned against him, now he hides behind lace and quips behind smirks and blackness.

Hides the clinging daemon in his soul bound to pain. I see the pain and feel the hurt, the clinging daemon in my soul.

Hide behind a smile hide behind the jokes, cant stop the pain cant stop the hurt. Dark eyes hide a secret hurt dark eyes hide truth. Amber eyes hide the pain Amber eyes hide the a past.

A truth the world has forgotten a truth the world does scorn, forgotten to the histry books the world does scorn.

Can anyone see the hurt, behind amber eyes and behind brown eyes. Can anyone understand the hurt behind those eyes and in the hearts curled by daemons

Dating John Murphy Would Include:
  • him being super protective over you
  • being there for each other through everything 
  • sneaking out of camp together to have alone time 
  • lots and lots of neck kisses!!
  • murphy getting jealous when other people talk to you so he comes behind you and wraps his arms around you to let them know that you’re his
  • trying to get him to stay out of trouble
    • failing at times but you still love him 
  • him always trying to keep you in his range of sight so he can make sure you’re safe
  • you being the only person that he cares deeply about 
  • having different nicknames for each other, some that you each love and some that you hate
  • comforting each other whenever hard times come around
  • a lot of sex. he’d probably be super gentle and passionate some times and rough other times, but he’d still be really careful with you bc you’re his sunshine and he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • tickling him a lot bc he’s reALLY TICKLISH OKAY (i’m sorry for bringing my head canons into this)
  • making sure you were staying hydrated and well fed because he wants you to stay healthy
  • not letting you go out of camp without him
  • randomly walking up to each other and pecking each other on the lips
    • and by randomly i mean every 5 minutes tbh
  • him threatening anyone that did so much as look at you the wrong way
  • braiding his hair all the time
  • giving each other really big and cuddly bear hugs!!
  • him literally loving you so much and everyone in camp always jokes at him about it but he doesn’t care
  • he’d be the best boyfriend in the world, don’t even start with me. bye
why we don’t deserve glenn rhee
  • worked as a pizza deliveryman and is now an expert at surviving
  • always sees the best in people
  • believes in second chances
  • when he first killed a living human, he started to cry
  • put’s peoples needs before his
  • tries to save people even tho they could be dangerous for him
  • he would do anything to protect his family
  • he loves maggie more than any thing in this world and would rather die than seeing her get hurt + he is going to be a fantastic father
  • his whole family is dead but he found a new family all by himself
  • almost died at least 10 times and always survived (binch you can’t kill him)
  • he didn’t let this cruel world poisen him 

in conclusion: don’t kill off glenn rhee @ twd writers