American Nightmare


“Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family that lives off the grid. The brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. “

>> [S12E3] - The Foundry
>> [S12E2] - Mamma Mia
>> [S12E1] - Keep Calm and Carry On


because this is honestly what I wish re the whole: ‘new female enemy of Cas’ dynamic. (I like the idea of rivals better.) [x]

“So, uh… who is she, again?”

Castiel narrows his eyes in the wake of Dean’s query, head tilting to the side as he takes in the vessel of his sister. She has red hair. She always has a vessel with red hair.

“Castiel,” she mutters.

Cas sniffs.

She rolls her eyes. “How long’s it been, brother?”

“1783 years Before Common Era,” Castiel says curtly. “And obviously not long enough.”

“Seriously?! Are you seriously—”

“Have I seriously not forgiven you for lying about Babylon and moving up in the ranks for a strategy I created and implemented—”

“Please, Castiel; jealously is unbecoming of you. I created that strategy, and I won that particular war against Hell’s forces. You, on the other hand, danced around like a fledgling and killed only 57 demons to my 89.”

“That is a lie,” Cas hisses. “I killed over 89 demons in that particular war, and I should have been recognized for my efforts!”

They glare at each other.

Castiel is the first to break, shoulder slumping minutely as he looks at his sister. “It’s… good to see you,” he mutters. “I missed you.”

She chews her lip. “…Me too,” she eventually says. Cautious, like this is a trick. “After everything, I’m glad you’re not dead.”

They nod at each other. 

Baffled, Dean turns to Sam:

“’The hell just happened?”


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I love you, Castiel

Blame this on @willowing-love & her angst. Tags below the cut.

I love you, Castiel

The angel took his eyes away from the surveillance photo Hannah was showing him, because he heard your voice speaking to him. His blue eyes squint, trying hard to concentrate hoping to hear your voice again. You did not sound distress, he wondered if you were sleeping and subconsciously calling to him, like you frequently did.


This time it was not your voice speaking to him, it was Dean’s. His voice was cracked and desperate.

Castiel quickly vanished from heaven, navigating through his mind, pinpointing Dean’s exact location. Within a second he was standing in an old warehouse, darkness filled the entire place.

“Cas!” Dean yelled from a room off to the left of him. Castiel ran to into the room, his eyes quickly went to Sam, who was standing in the middle of the room, head hung low. The angel peered past the tall man, his brows furrowed with anxiousness. He saw a pair of legs resting on the ground and black boots he recognized right away. His heart sank low, as he rushed toward the center of the room, pushing Sam out of the way.

It was you. Laying still, head resting on Dean’s lap. Castiel did not have to move any closer to know, he could feel it in his heart. You were gone. But the angel couldn’t see you, refused to. All he saw was Dean, looking defeated and guilty.

“Get up, Dean.” The angel commanded in a voice that even shook Sam. Dean knew what was coming, so he gently laid your head on the ground, brushing the hair from your face. He was standing only for a moment, when Castiel gripped him by the throat pushing him against the nearest wall.

“Why was she here,’ the angel growled, his fingers sinking into Dean’s skin, “She was not suppose to be here!”

“Cas!” Sam yelled, trying to pull him off Dean, but Castiel pushed him back with full angel force. Sam stumbled backwards before ripping the angel from Dean, who grasped for air. Castiel grumbled in Enochian, landing a fist on Sam’s face, who backs into a wall.

“Jesus, Cas!” Dean turned the angel around, trying to get him to relax, but the angel was not having it. His emotions were in full force and he needed to let go. Dean tried to grab ahold of the angel’s shoulder, but Cas landed a punch to Dean’s nose. He’s shocked at first, then Dean becomes angry, he cared about you too. He pushed the angel back and managed to slam his fist into Castiel’s nose. It’s then when all three men have blood on their faces, the room falls silent in pure defeat. Until the angel finally brings his eyes to your lifeless body and a feral feeling roars up Castiel’s throat.

“Dean!” Castiel screamed, “She was with child!”

The room fell silent as the angel’s words echoed in the air.Sam gulped hard, his hand moved to Castiel’s shoulder. Dean’s eyes filled with tears and the angel watched as one slips down the hunter’s face.

“With my child, Dean,” Castiel’s voice broke out in a whisper, his hands fell to his side.

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