Oliver’s childhood: Oliver was raised by Britania and lived mostly in the forest. She taught him how to survive and was very strict, but Oliver adored her.  She then left and Oliver had to fend for himself for awhile before deciding to actually join society

Timothy’s childhood: Timothy lived in the North American continent in Indian tribes before and during the British colonization.  He fought often with Oliver and he found comfort in being around Alfred who had willingly decided to live in the colonies unlike him.  Things started getting bad what with the Indian land being taken over and ruined.  Eventually, he was forced to live like a standard American during both the British rule and afterward by white Americans much to his dismay.

My dear father ( re-submitted , colored version ).

—- Argentina Provinciano as a child, pre-colonial times, with his ,ancestor? Tsoneka ( the way the tehuelches called themselves pre-colonial times ) looking at a baby, recently funded Village of Buenos Aires ( Porteño ). 

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