So I guess it’s not a secret anymore I’ve been filming a New TV series for #HistoryChannel for the last 6 months. It picks up where #jessejames Blacksmith left off Showing some Legendary Craftsmen and Amazing Craftsmanship. I so happy to be finally doing the show I want to do & doing it with one of my best friends in life Hildie Katibah @BattleMaiden She has been a pilar in my life for the last 12 years Producing Monster Garage and running Pay Up Sucker Productions. Her & 1 have made some amazing TV together but we know it’s mostly Her 😉👍 #HistoryOfTheChopper #IraqConfidential #JesseJamesisaDeadman #OutlawGarage #jessejames #westcoastchoppers @jessejamesfirearms (at Hill Country Bible Church Dripping Springs)

One of those Crazy #Sturgis Moments when my wife & I roll into the Kwik Mart for a late night snack & I Meet Darcy Allen, Chopper Legend Dick Allen’s Daughter. What an Honor. She told me how much #HistoryoftheChopper meant to her and made me feel so honored to show the world how great her dad was. What a Night! #jessejames #westcoastchoppers @alexisdejoria (at Conoco Kwik Mart)