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ahaha holy fuck Jack Nicholson: HEEERE’S JOHNNY! [kitty sticks his lil head through as woman screams in background]

Saw this on facebook, thought it might be useful for some


A facebook status by the Faculty of Law I Faculte de droit - McGill. The page’s title is in blue, and to the left of it is a small blue and grey icon. Underneath it in light grey writing is the words “Yesterday at 8:28 am”. Their status is in black font and states the following:

“If you are a graduate student at a US Law School who has been affected by the USA’s Muslim Ban and are interested in studying law at McGill University, email gradadmissions.law@mcgill.ca.

We are welcoming late applications from international law students rethinking plans to do graduate studies in the US.” ]

An art nouveau inspired mermaid. I’ve been working on this piece for weeks and I have finished at last!

[Image description: An art nouveau inspired digital painting of a black mermaid with very dark skin and a pale tail sitting in a ring that is decorated with shells, that holds her over the ocean. She has very very long, curly, dark hair and wears a sheer golden colored dress. She is wearing a crown of shells, flowers, and coral on her head.]

this tweet is obviously for you, @mylittleredgirl

[Sep 20, 2017 tweet from the account @MeetAnimals, with a photo of a white kitten calmly hanging upside down from the top of a cage, clinging to the upper bars with her paws and looking out curiously at whoever is taking her photo: “I forgot how to kitty, so I’m a bat now”]


In-game characters and their owners from anime PV4.

(from the top)

  • Immovable Rock & Zhang Xinjie; Troubling Rain & Huang Shaotian;
  • Vaccaria & Wang Jiexi; One Shot Pierces the Clouds & Zhou Zekai;
  • Swoksaar &Yu Wenzhou; Desert Dust & Han Wenqing;
  • One Autumn Leaf & Sun Xiang; Steamed Bun Invasion & Bao Rongxing;
  • Dancing Rain & Su Mucheng; Soft Mist & Tang Rou;
  • Chasing Haze & Chen Guo; Lord Grim & Ye Xiu

[opening image description: a blue and white round kawaii-style penguin and a round brown and white kawaii-style owl, the two sides of the same flip plush toy, against a white background. Two lighter-skinned hands in the middle show the toy, the blue and brown bodies sewn together to form a seam running around the circumference of the toy, in mid-flip. An aqua arrow points from the penguin to the owl, and pink and yellow handwritten text underneath reads “flip plushie”.]

Video Tutorial - Flip Plushie, Maqaroon

This is a tutorial for a flip/reversible plush toy that looks fairly simple to make for those with some crafting experience. It’s more complicated than some of the tutorial videos I’ve posted recently, and does require sewing, but the flip aspect looks so stimmy. I truly want to try this out myself at some point, as I suspect I’d be sitting there just flipping the plush over and over and over.

Because it’s reversible, I don’t think this is best suited for weighting.

There’s no pattern cutting and basic sewing stitches are all that is needed, but small stitches and some awareness of not sewing through the two layers is a must, so I don’t think this is the best beginner tutorial. I’d check out some of the other fluffy sock plush tutorials we’ve posted if you’re new to plushie making–make those first, and then come back to this one.


  • Fluffy socks in three different colours
  • Water bottle or soda can to stretch out fabric
  • Polyester stuffing or cotton wool
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Needle and thread (basic running or over stitch)
  • Beads, buttons or black felt for eyes
  • Felting wool or felt for the beak
  • Pastel dust or eyeshadow for decoration (not essential)

Tutorial has moderate background music and auto-generated closed captions in English.

[Image description: an edited selfie of tyler, wearing a tshirt with “the future is accessible” on it. a lumpy frog resting on a hand is edited in next to them. surrounding them both are cyan dots, and around tyler there are cyan stars to direct focus onto them.]

@crpl-pnk happy father’s day!! please enjoy this pic of you and disabilities the frog hanging out :)

link to tyler’s orignal selfie and link to tyler adopting many people

[ID: close up of a blue and red betta fish staring intently at a brown snail on a tan and grey stripy rock that’s on the left of the image. there is black and multicolour gravel, blue and black tank background, and fake mossy tan rock hide in the right background.]

I’m really glad I got the snail, not only because I love gastropods, but because Felix seems to really enjoy watching it. He’ll swim by then suddenly act like he’s never seen it before, and slowly swim up close and stare at it like this. A little before this photo was taken, he also just…laid down…on its shell…weirdo.