[Photo 1: Me, with a bubbly shaped face, short sort of wavy red hair, I have green and black glasses on and a vacant expression, I’m wearing a reddish lipstick and black shirt with a blue sweater, there’s plants behind me. Photo two is the same but with my glasses pushed down on my nose and my eyes a bit more squinty because the flash from my camera hurt my eyes.]

Taking selfies on a professional camera because why not. I’m not a good model though lol.

Used every last spoon I had today just to get the groceries for the week.

But I found a cute shirt, in my size, on sale! So yeah. Worth it.

Imma wear it to E’s next tattoo session next week. His last session yielded flopsy bunnies on his inner arm. He’s fucking crazy getting tattooed there.

[image: Close up of the upper, inner arm of a light skinned person. There is a large tattoo of four brown baby rabbits sleeping under green leaves. You can see some on the lower, inner arm which is also tattooed with a small bird and a leaf with rain drops on it.]


[Person: Willy! That was for Christmas!
Dog: (squeaking toy over and over)]


Thomas: hey, what’s it like being tall?

Dan, Leo, and Phil: we’ll show you

[”A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin playing in the background]

Thomas, whispering in amazement: so beautiful!


[Person: am i not allowed to not pet you? (dog grabs hand) oh, i have to pet you? takin’ a break…(dog grabs hand) oh, no im not allowed to (laughs)]


[pictures are screenshots of my twitter account, @autisticcole. my display name is “disabled and bitter” 

some tweets are partially/fully in caps lock

first tweet reads: “do i need to get “include disabled people in ur activism 2k16″ tattooed on my fucking face oh my god”

second tweet reads: “its 2016!!!!!!!!! a enormous portion of the population are disabled!!!!!!!! disability intersects with literally every other group!!!!!!!!”

third tweet reads: “im literally bitter about this all the time!!!!!!!”

forth tweet reads: “ stop missing out ableism when listing forms of oppression!! stop forgetting disabled people are often victims of violence!!!!!”

fifth tweet reads: “ and for the love of god stop making your fucking activism rallies/meetups/whatever inaccessable for disabled people you horrible fucks”]

anyway, follow me on twitter for disability related rants and shitposting,


[Dogs: (howling with the ambulance siren)


Vehicular Douchebaggery

“I am going to drive right behind you with my brights on because you can never be




[Person: (imitating puppy cries)
Dog: (cries back)]


[(phone ringing)
Dog: rrrr….ro…
Person: who’s calling?
Dog: rrroooooo!!]


[Firebeatz - Go playing]


[Puppies: (all whining in super high pitched yelps and screams)]


[Dog: Aroooooooo!! Arooo…..]