“We’re here in Detroit, at the Fox Theater where everybody that has performed has signed the wall, which is the most amazing thing. So many legendary artists have signed this thing. It’s absolutely crazy. It goes all the way up to the top. We have decided that we are going to film here on this door. Dan and Phil. Check that out. There forever, in the history of the Detroit Theater.”

Photographer: “Lin, stand in front of that Season Board for the Public Theater. History is happening in Manhattan.This is historic.”

Lin: “Would you mind waiting a minute? I need to finish this banana.”

Photographer: “No, Lin! I’m past patiently waiting. PLEASE. Get. In. The Frame.”

Lin: “But this lovely banana—”

Photographer: “Bear with me. Are you aware that we’re making history?”

Lin: “Oh, all right.”

Lin’s mind: *There will come a day when I can eat a banana in peace*

Lin’s mind: *What the–?!?!*

Lin’s mind: *Did they seriously put White Men right above Hamilton?!*

Photographer (to a friend): “I wish I could tell you what was happening in his brain

(What I like to imagine happened during the taking of this photo)

The worst thing about wars is that they reduce the enemy to a single characteristic. The country ceases to be history, language, architecture, theater, gardens, and legends; a heritage of love stories, philosophy and science; shared ancestral dreams and uncountable varieties of human striving along the roads of the universe. Instead, every becomes a mere label, blot, field of battle. This is what war has done to the names Palestine, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. These are no longer multifaceted countries and their names are mentioned in news bulletins not as such but as ‘fields’–fields from which the numbers of the dead and wounded are garnered daily like the output of a canned goods factory. The whole of history is now 'today’ and today has become a reduction of every 'yesterday’ that has passed over the face of this earth, a reduction of all history. AS though al-Mutanabbi had never walked the markets of al-Kufa hugging himself with joy at a nation that would be singing his verses for a thousand years. As though the Abbasids had never built their libraries on the banks of the Tigris and Abu Nuwas never maintained his pinnacle of shamelessness and flagrant sexual indulgence through to the pinnacle of day after first exhausting the night with poetry and lovely depravties that spared neither male nor female. As though al-Hallaj had never been crucified defending what he had seen with the eye of the imagination and the eye of the mind. AS though Hammurabi had never written his code on tablets of burnt clay before Coca-Cola and Mcdonald’s had been transformed into a religion for all mankind, while Gilgamesh, who achieved immortality but not finding the plant of immortality on the steppes of his everlasting legend, is treated as though he were not of the land of Iraq. Bush and Rumsfeld reduced all of this to the word 'enemy.’
—  Mourid Barghouti, I Was Born There, I Was Born Here
A Lesson In Statistics

Prompt: The creator of Hamilton was the most anticipated guest speaker at a conference you’ve been planning for months. Since you were the youngest member of the committee, you were given the task to pick up Lin-Manuel Miranda from the airport, nevermind the fact that you didn’t know a damn thing about him.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words:  6,428 (yikes)

Tagged: @sarajanesmith42

A/N: Welp, I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @how-could-i-do-this for being awesome with giving me suggestions and editing this mess.

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unpopular opinion: “tomorrow is a latter day” from book of mormon is one of the top ten, if not top five finale songs in all of musical theater history

BTS Reacting to You Calling Them Attractive During Tutoring - Vocal Line

Note: Based on what I wrote for Jimin, I will definitely be writing a fanfic, because Jimin is a smol bean and I love him with everything I have. Be prepared.


As the class president, he took it upon himself to assist those who simply, “weren’t as blessed with beauty”. He had instructed you to read about genetics, deciding cell division was too complicated for you. Once you finished the last paragraph, you looked up at him.

“So, basically, this is the reason you’re so perfect?”



It wasn’t that you were bad with literature, it was actually a very interesting concept to you, but pronunciation was a different thing, especially now that the new unit consisted of foreign pieces. So, you had asked one of your classmates for help. You definitely asked Jimin because he was smart, and definitely NOT because he had the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen, or a perfect nose that he had a habit of scrunching while he read his books, or the way he would cutely rub his fingers on the corners of the book pages when he was called upon to speak, or the way he would play with his lip while looking amongst the shelves for a new book. Nope, not at all. So when he shyly agreed to meet at the library after school and help you, those thoughts were definitely not filling your head.

“So, the letter “I” would be read like a double “e”, make sense?”

He looked at you expectantly with his innocent wide eyes, and you couldn’t help but stare.

“I-Is there something on my face?” He would ask, covering his mouth shyly with his hand, fingers curled and pushing his nose up slightly.

“No,” you answered. “You’re just beautiful.”


Taehyung was a drama junkie, and with that came history, which happened to be your worst subject, so your friend suggested(to Taehyung) that the two of you should work on this week’s assignment together. So, needless to say, it was quite surprising when you looked up from your laptop to see his bright, boxy smile on the opposite end of the library desk.

Once he had explained the situation, you agreed to his offer, and soon found yourself lost in conversation about how history has influenced theater.

“Wait, is that why we always want attractive people like you to play the main roles?”

He would simply nod, to busy giggling to answer you properly.


This poor little bean wouldn’t know what to do. He had been paired up with you for an assignment in art. You had to draw the sun rising/setting on the horizon, and each of you had to do half, however, the day it was assigned, you had been absent, so he offered to meet up with you at the library to finish it.
“Y/N? You know this is due tomorrow, right? It looks fine, you don’t have to keep erasing it.”
You held your face in your hands for a moment before speaking aloud, “God, Jungkook, why do you have to be prettier than everything I draw?”



Is this a potentially challenging time to mount a show that has an earnest, straightforward story and that isn’t, perhaps, a cornerstone of musical-theater history? 

Benanti: We’re not “Hamilton.” But there wouldn’t be a “Hamilton” if there weren’t a “She Loves Me” or “Gypsy” or “The King and I.”
Krakowski: I did see Scott’s original revival. It feels, as it does now, like this beautiful jewel box. For a musical that isn’t as well known, it’s quite a perfect little piece.

Shadows (1/?)

Title: Shadows (Part 1/?)

Fandom: Marvel

Word Count: 700

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader

Warnings: abusive father (a spoiler but it’s good for a warning to let ya’ll know)

Requested?: No

Notes: I’m alive!

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The sound of shoes pounding the pavement echoed throughout the tunnel as the man tried to get away from whatever he was running from. As the man turned around to look over his shoulder to see if they were still following him, he tripped over his own feet, causing him to come tumbling down. Slowly, the man’s vision cleared, only for him to see a dark shape coming towards him. He then started to scoot away from the figure as he put his hands up to cover his face.

“Please. Please!”

Then he saw nothing.

“Hey psst. (Y/N), gotta wake up now.” You heard a soft voice whisper to you, although it was muffled by your sleepy mind. As hands then started to shake you, you groaned and opened your eyes, only to be met by big brown ones.

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In Hamilton, women are almost always complimented in terms of their kindness or their brilliance, not their looks, and men are definitely objectified more than women are.

Angelica is the “oldest and the wittiest”; Manuel avoids having her deemed the “prettiest”, or commenting on her beauty at all, despite how easy and obvious that rhyme would be. Angelica is well-spoken, agentic, and one of the best rappers in the show. These are the qualities that are said to make her desirable.

Eliza is described as trusting, kind, an abolitionist, the best of wives and women– never is she physically described. She exhibits sexual agency in “claiming” Hamilton, and the whole show is really a story about her learning to capture agency and self-confidence in all facets of her life.

Theodosia is never described. All we hear is how much Burr loves her. Same with Theodosia junior. Burr’s mother is described only as a genius. A genius! Peggy is never described. Even vixen honeypot Maria Reynolds is barely objectified – she displays sexual agency in initiating sex with Hamilton, and there is no lurid review of her body or looks. All we know is that she is turned on – “her body’s saying hell yes” and that she exudes the exact kind of waifish “helpless” quality Ham goes for. All in all, very little salaciousness or objectification here.

And the men? Hamilton is described as having beautiful eyes and a “hunger-pang frame”. He swans around and flashes his ass to the audience in Nonstop in a playful, cheeky way. His attractiveness is discussed at some length by Angelica. Both Eliza and Angelica talk about making or having Hamilton as “theirs” – “You said you were mine/ I thought you were mine”, etc. This language of ownership and possession is never used by the men in the show. 

Similarly, Hamilton’s son Phillip is the subject of overt, flirty banter and consensual objectification. “God you’re a fox!”, etc. He states that women talk about his physical resemblance to his father (and his attractiveness). Women are shown excitedly consenting to casual sex with him, which they partially initiated. The interaction is warm and positive.

Finally, the Eliza-Angelica-Hamilton “love triangle” is one of the most egalitarian, feminist love triangles in theater history. Not only do Angelica and Eliza maintain a warm, loving, respectful and noncompetitive relationship with one another throughout – they each independently determine how the “love triangle” is going to work out. Angelica decides to let her sister “have” Hamilton – Hamilton has no say in the matter. Eliza decides to not be threatened by her husband’s love of Angelica, because hey, she loves Angelica too! Neither is threatened by the other, both enjoy a flirtatious, bawdy relationship with Ham, and no one feels undermined or neglected. 

Vintage Movie Advertisements

We recently received a collection of great film advertisements that really blur the line between form and function. The three here are for films released in 1932. The movable features make perfect fodder for animated GIFs. It makes one wonder if these were put together by hand and how many were made.

“Strictly Dishonorable”

“Lady With a Past”

“Fireman Save My Child”

Erich Consemüller. Interior view of the Bauhaus Dessau theater facility (Werner Siedhoff, Oskar Schlemmer, and Andreas Weininger in rehersal on stage), Weinmar, Germany, c. 1927.