Amortentia - Tom Holland

At Hogwarts - Harry Potter universe. J.K.Rowling owns most of the characters and places except the ones I made.

Summary: You and Tom Holland are arch nemesis at Hogwarts. Later you are forced to become friends. After weeks you become close friends. During a potions classy smell Tom’s scent of cinnamon in the potion. Will you accept the hidden feelings you’ve got for him? Maybe, he smelled you too in the love potion?

Words count: 4,473

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this one’s late! I’ve spent so many days writing this! Woah, 4,473 words. I hope you will like this one! I’ve got nothing more to say than, ENJOY!


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«Ugh, I just don’t understand how that toe-rag gets good grades!» you exclaimed angrily. You had just got an Exceeds Expectations on you essay about the Goblin rebellions to History of magic professor Binns, while the Gryffindor student and your arch enemy Tom Holland had gotten an Outstanding.

Tom Holland was your arch enemy since first grade at Hogwarts. He loved to prove you wrong public in classes and embarrass yourself in front of the whole school. Most girls worshipped him, something which made him insanely arrogant.
His best friend Harrison broke your best friend’s heart two years ago, and you put all the blame for her heart ache on Tom and Harrison. They were cruel and horrible through your eyes.

«I can’t understand why you didn’t get an Outstanding. What did you do wrong?» Your best friend Rose questioned. You both moved out of the History of Magic classroom and back to (your Hogwarts house) dorm.

«He thought it was a little bit boring…huh I guarantee it was less boring than his stupid class!» you gritted loud. Out of nowhere professor Binns appeared and stared angrily at you.

«Miss (your last name), for your childish and bad behaviour, detention on Saturday at 2 o’clock at my office!» Professor Binns staffed angrily.

«B-b-but didn’t mean it! Please don’t give me detention!» You cried. During all five years at Hogwarts you haven’t gotten any detentions, until that day. Professor Binns showed no mercy. He floated away from you and your best friend. You stood frozen out of shock after what just happened.

«Oi, (your last name)! I heard you got detention and an Exceeds Expectations on the essay. Too bad you didn’t also get expelled!» a guy laughed behind you. Of course, it had to be Holland. His brown hair was ruffled and looked like a mess, like the rest of him.

«Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable, like a coma?» you insulted. You could not lose to that asshole in insulting.

«Mirrors can’t talk, and luckily for you they can’t laugh!» His mates and brothers laughed at his insult. You wouldn’t give up to the idiot of a guy.

«Roses are red, violets are blue. I was born beautiful, what the hell happened to you?» The other girls cheered for you. Even Holland brothers and friends, except Harrison, laughed at Tom.

«What is going on here!» An angry voice exclaimed. It was professor McGonagall, you and Holland were in deep trouble if McGonagall found out what you had done to each other. All the students moved away to make space for the strict professor. When she saw it were only you and Holland having a fight she rolled her eyes.

Professor McGonagall led you and Holland to her office. She took a seat in her office and handed both of you some biscuits. «Why must it always be you two?» she sighed.

«It was Hollands fault! He teased me like he always does, but this time I stood up against him!» you explained yourself. Holland reacted immediately shocked.

«No professor, it was her fault. She insulted me really bad and I had to respond!» Holland defended.

«If you think I insulted you bad, then why don’t you shut up and give that hole in your face a chance to heal!» you continued. Holland gave you his best death stare, but it didn’t scare you at all.

Professor McGonagall looked just disappointed at you and Holland. «It does clearly not help to take point from your houses since you both will continue. But I got something different in my mind. Let’s make a deal; become friends, or else I will expel both of you.»

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Cheleanor Hogwarts AU:

“Honestly, Chidi, you are the most kind, selfless, amazing nerd I’ve ever met. I don’t know how I would’ve passed history of magic without you.”

“I mean, you could’ve studied-”

“Ha! You’re cute, nerd boy.”

“Do you-do you have to call me nerd so much?”

“I said a lot of other nice things, okay? Toughen up, nerd.”

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If the chocobros were mythical beings/creatures which would they be?

• Ignis would be Death, Yup. I can just see him having a large book that holds the knowledge of everything . Lost histories, lost Magics. Death tells no lies, only truths and he would hold the truth to everything.

• Gladio would be a shifter. He would able to shift into a behemoth that has his coloring. Could see him fighting Deadeye and giving him the eye injury.

• Prompto would be a ghoul. He looks so sweet and innocent and than BAM snack time! But he would be unique because he could eat vegetables but nothing from Animals but vegetables don’t really fill him up, (they’re kinda like crackers, just giving his stomach something to digest.) it would help in keep people from being suspicious if they believe he’s a vegan.

• Noctis would be a Nosferatu. And I don’t mean that typical vampire nonsense, I mean the true pure blooded one. Like Alucard. He has two sides to him, one is Noct, the fishing nerd we all love and there is Noctis, true vampire king. His eye color changing would indicate which side is more dominant.

I don’t understand why all of the muggle-raised students (besides Hermione) find their homework at Hogwarts to be so boring. If I went to a real-live magic school, I’d never get tired of studying! An essay about damn werewolves? Hell yeah! History of Magic? How the hell are those little bastards falling asleep during that, even if the Professor’s got a droning voice? I love listening to normal history, but magic history? They get to spend their class period listening to stories about about sorcerers pulling wacky shenanigans and shit, and they’re fucking calling it boring and taking flippin’ naps! Little fuckers. I’d appreciate my magical education.

Dennis Creevey goes on to spend his twenties researching the history of wars in the wizarding world, from 100 AD throughout the years until the war his brother died in, with a focus on Muggleborns. 

He attacks history as an academic discipline, looking at causes and effects, analyzing key players, and common threads, rather than on recounting events like the torturous history classes of his youth. It comforts him - Colin didn’t die in an isolate bloodbath, but in a triumphant turning point in the arc of history.

After his third book is published, and perused by the school board, he’s offered a Professor Binn’s teaching post at Hogwarts. History of Magic is soon a much more beloved subject in the castle. 

What makes me really emotional, is the fact that kids in the wizarding world now learn of Harry’s story as a part of History of Magic. It makes me emotional, thinking about how all of them are grown up now. The books really made you feel like you were on the adventure with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and knowing now that kids learn about it as history is amazing. i will forever love the Harry Potter series.

(graphic made by @tyannaofthetowers!)

tell me the story of neville longbottom, the other boy who lived.

tell me the story of a boy who was born unimpressive, who could have been a chosen one had snape listened longer at the door. who had parents that loved and cherished him for far too short a time. who lost his mother and father to the cruelty of death eaters, who had to grow up with a family that always saw him as less than who he was, who he could be, because his magic remained hidden inside him, coiled like a snake.

tell me the story of a boy who could never quite handle school, who could never muster the courage to raise his hand in class, who always messed up his potions somehow. who sat in the gryffindor common room as hermione patiently went over her history of magic notes for him and wondered for the millionth time why he didn’t end up a hufflepuff. who never saw himself as anything special, not really, because there were other kids in his year whose stars burned brighter, while he struggled just to keep up with the bottom of the class.

tell me the story of a boy who stepped up, who foresaw hogwarts descending into darkness and refused to let it happen without a fight. who became the next leader of their secret fight against the dark lord, rebelling against snape and the carrows from within the castle. who led the surge to take the sword of gryffindor from snape’s office; who took blow after blow from torturing death eaters to try and protect the first-years who didn’t deserve any of this. who ended up hiding in the castle, creating a supply line to hogsmeade and continuing to fight under threat of expulsion (and worse) because someone had to do it.

tell me the story of the unchosen one, who went from a nervous little boy to the slayer of nagini in seven years. tell me about that neville longbottom.


promo for the hpminorcharnet: Professor Binns

“Easily the most boring class was History of Magic, which was the only one taught by a ghost. Professor Binns had been very old indeed when he had fallen asleep in front of the staff room fire and got up next morning to teach, leaving his body behind him.”

I feel like we’re so close to many characters that we often forget their actual position in the magical world: They’re members of the resistance. Not only nice people who don’t agree with the general racism in their society, but actual fighters, soldiers if you like, part of a very small circle around Dumbledore who actively oppose the government and murderous radicals. They made history and students will learn about them in “History of Magic”. I like to remind myself of that now and then.

Be on the lookout, J.K. Rowling is releasing two new Harry Potter related books. The books are Harry Potter, A History of Magic and Harry Potter, A Journey Through the History of Magic. The first detailing about the subjects taught at Hogwarts, while the second book contains “packed with unseen sketches and manuscript pages from J.K. Rowling, magical illustrations from Jim Kay and weird, wonderful and inspiring artifacts that have been magically released from the archives at the British Library.”

The release date is October 20th!

Why is Draco a sex symbol? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love me some sex on legs Draco Malfoy, but in the books he’s described to be all lanky and pointy. Like, gimme some awkward, nerdy Draco Malfoy with glasses (but only when he’s reading in bed at night or just before exams when he’s too stressed to care bc Malfoys do not need glasses, Potter). Gimme some Draco Malfoy who took violin lessons growing up and fell completely in love with it and had to put silencing charms around his bed so the other Slytherins couldn’t hear him playing (they all thought he had a girl in there with him and he let them believe that bc he had a reputation). Gimme Draco Malfoy who did not fall asleep in History of Magic, but instead did extracurricular educational work (that he most certainly did NOT steal from the Restricted Section, shut up Potter) because he already learned about the Goblin Wars from his private tutor when he was young. Gimme Draco Malfoy who really wanted to ask Potter out in 8th Year but Potter was so social and carefree all the time and Draco just wanted to curl up with “A History of German Potions and their Uses in Modern Mind Magic” with Potter curled up to him, and so Draco couldn’t ask him out because why would the Boy Who Lived want to curl up in the Common Room with a nerd like Draco Malfoy? Gimme Draco Malfoy the complete dork who researched the magic behind Dark Marks when he was scared and lonely at Malfoy Manor hosting the Dark Lord and, in 8th Year, was not able to remove his, but he found he could recreate similar magic so that when he touched it, the skull put on glasses. Gimme Draco Malfoy who finally built up the nerve to approach Potter, but got so nervous after saying, “Hello, Potter,” that he forgot everything he had rehearsed and ended up saying, “That cloud looks like a penis,” instead of a conversation starter like he planned. Gimme Draco Malfoy being completely shocked by what just came out of his mouth and shocked when Potter actually laughs a genuine (and beautiful) laugh and responds with a casual, “I could use yours to compare, if you wanted,” and Draco doesn’t think he’s blushed so hard in his life. Gimme Draco Malfoy going on a date with Harry wearing a button down and a sweater with sweater paws (shut up, Blaise, I look cute) and being so nervous he keeps pulling on his sweater and Harry just thinks he’s so adorable he can’t stop giving him little tiny kisses and Draco absolutely loves it. Just gimme nerdy, virgin Draco and I’m set for life honestly.

There’s a Ball?

So, this was a prompt. I have included the ask at the very end this time because I don’t want to give away the spoiler! Another one that was slightly longer than expected. Oh well. 


            “Did you hear?” A boy whispered in delight, voice echoing around the now silent corridor. Draco rolled his eyes heavily. What was with immature people being obsessed with gossip? One would think that there would be better things to talk about than mindless shite.

             “Harry Potter is coming back for the Remembrance Ball next month!”

               Draco froze as he fought the urge to demand the boy to spill his sources. It wouldn’t do well to bring himself attention, especially about Potter.

               Excited whispers broke out as they all waited for Slughorn to open his door for class.

               “Where did you hear that?” Smith asked doubtfully. “Someone else brought up Potter at the beginning of the year but it turned out to be false.”

               For once, Draco was rather grateful for the Hufflepuff’s insight. He just hoped that it wouldn’t be a recurring thing.

               “I overheard McGonagall telling Flitwick about it when I was passing by the staffroom.”

               Draco furrowed his brows. If Potter was stopping by for a visit, Granger or Weasley would have acted like it, wouldn’t they? He shot a look towards Granger, who had a book on Modern Goat Conspiracy Theories compared to Anciently Deceased Theories open in one hand and their Potion’s book in the other. Surely, she couldn’t be reading both, right? Weasley had his head resting on Granger’s shoulder and appeared to be asleep. His mouth was open and Draco was pretty sure he saw drool.

               The clang of the door opening had Draco putting this behind him. It was no doubt just gossip.


               “If Potter is coming back for the ball, who do you think will be his date?” Abbott asked as Draco sighed heavily, a few seats away from her in History of Magic.

               “Who says he has to have a date?” Macmillan asked with a scoff. “I’m going stag and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

               Finch-Fletchley snorted loudly. “You’re going stag because everyone you asked turned you down.”

               Draco was incredibly sick of everyone talking about Potter. This was getting out of hand. What was with everyone being obsessed with the savior? Merlin, there had to be better things to talk about.

               “That’s because he is blind to Abbott’s desperate pining after him.” Draco snarked, not bothering to turn around. He was just fed up with the whole conversation.

               There was a stunned silence that filled the room. Macmillan sounded as if he was choking on his own tongue and that was certainly the highlight to Draco’s day.

               “Is—Is Malfoy telling the truth?” Macmillan whispered, sounding awed. As if he hadn’t noticed that the girl had been in love with him for seven years.


              Draco spared a miniscule moment of guilt as the girl sounded positively miserable. But it was for the best. He knew how this would end. And really, what was a little pain as long as it ended in happiness? Well, if they actually lasted as a couple that is. As a realist, he predicted those two would break up after one or two children.

               “Would you like to go to the ball with me?” Macmillan’s tone was scared, which had Draco rolling his eyes.

               “Yes!” Abbott squeaked out far louder than was necessary, causing Draco to nod approvingly.

               And if a small smile also escaped, well, no one had to know.

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