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LES MISÈRABLES has a 3-page, 823-word sentence which is divided by 93 commas, 51 semicolons, and 4 dashes? Rumor has it that someone suffocated from lack of oxygen in the 1940′s just short of the 73rd comma while giving a dramatic reading from the work.

Crazy French literature facts from Your Mind University!



Fun fact: in the 80′s the Dutch Unemployed Union held ‘fridge raids’ to protest against poverty. 

They’d find out when a politician of big boss who upheld poverty and starvation wages was speaking at some public even, then they’d carefully break into his house with a LOT of people and they would eat EVERY piece of food in his house and leave the empty dished behind without taking anything else. 

today I learned that in the 1600s the Pasha of Algiers made it a capital offense to remove one’s thumbs from one’s girdle while having an argument, in an attempt to limit brawling. as a result, street fights are reported to have become a combination of shouting vicious insults, headbutting each other, and trying to punch one another with their elbows. i am imagining five or six enraged men furiously trying so hard to kill each other with only their elbows, and i am laughing so hard i am fucking wheezing

so i was studying ancient roman law today and i’ve learned that

  • a guy pretended to be a slave and a friend pretended to sell him so that they could share the money he gained. Apparently the buyer found it out and denounced them - the first guy was forced to actually become a slave. Thenceforth a law punished people who pretended to be slaves
  • You could be sentenced to work in a circus
  • You could free your slaves by writing their names in your will, but the number of people you could free was limited by law. A man who wanted to free more slaves trolled the magistrate by writing their names in a circular pattern so that the beginning and end of the names was no longer recognizable
  • A woman became legally part of another family (marriage cum manu) if, after the marriage, she lived for a whole year in the man’s house. Therefore as the 12th month approached they often visited their friends and stayed there some days as guests to break the continuity - the husband agreed to that because if the bride remained part of her original family she could inherit the dowry
  • A victorious general had the honour to lead a triumphal march, but before that his soldiers had the chance to mock him in every way, even insulting him, and he could not react. Julius Caesar was nicknamed “Queen of Bitinia” by his soldiers because he was bisexual and apparently he had a short relationship with the king of Bitinia Nicomedes

freaking romans

  • Iwaizumi: *gets down one knee*
  • Iwaizumi:
  • Iwaizumi: I'm tying my shoes
Arthur managed to speak to his grandmother [Queen Eleanor of England], demanding that she evacuate the castle with all her possessions and then go peaceably wherever she wished, for he wanted to show nothing but honour to her person. The Queen replied that she would not leave it, but if he behaved as a courtly gentlemen, he would quit this place, for he would find plenty of castles to attack other than the one she was in.

The moment when grandma tells you to find another castle to attack as she’s currently staying in this castle.

From L’Histoire des ducs de Normandie
Weir, Alison. Eleanor of Aquitaine. New York: Ballantine, 2008. 333. Print.

Artist Creates Cat And Mice Armor Based On Different Historical Eras

Dragon Cat

Bat Cat

Samurai Siamese

Crusader army

Tournament Cat

15th Century Maximilian Rat


Tournament Cat

Tournament Mice

Persian Cat

Gladiator Cat Helmet

White Knight Cat

Elven Princess

Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse

Edo Period Samurat General

Fun music history fact of the day: Bach once wrote a ten minute medley of weird inside jokes, sexual innuendo, nonsense rhymes, extremely bad puns, deliberate mistakes in counterpoint, and to top it all off, an awful 10-second fugue which is then promptly made fun of.

Why? for a family member’s wedding, which would have involved a huge get-together of the Bach clan, most of whom were musicians who would have gotten the jokes. They really knew how to party in 1708.

the music

a translation and a valiant attempt at explanation (halfway down the page)