Probably the most terrifying scene of all

The fact that Bum has always been someone who has gone through so much shit in his life. Death of his parents, history of self harm, raped by his uncle, a social outcast, weaker, little to no confidence, bullied and thrown into the army who ignored his poor health. The guy has gone through a lot. 

Then he thinks he finally has a friend, this one person who he could connect with who also suffered rape and abuse. It is bad enough he’s got a disorder too and all he wanted was to just have somebody. Not to feel so alone and even she turns on him. 

There then is Sangwoo who wears an innocent mask with a monster behind it. Again suffered abuse and probably some sexual abuse off his own mother (we dont know yet but hey… it could be possible). Bum receives a good beating and horrific torture off him too. That still to me isn’t the worst thing that has happened until now… Bum has just murdered a (yes very bitch) but innocent young woman all because of a shitty memory of another shitty person who was abused by yet another full of shit monster she had to call “father’.

Bum is tired of the fucking world. They’ve paid him no favours, no one wants to help him mentally or physically. No one cares, he’s no life outside of Sangwoo’s home anymore or anything. 

“But I don’t care”

In a sick and twisted way I can’t say I blame Bum. If I was treated like this I don’t think I would care either. It’s wrong and not right of course but I feel like I can sympathise with his way of thinking here. He’s hit rock bottom and for the first time Bum has actually screamed out his anger, vented out every shard of hatred in his entire beam and we’ve never seen this side of him before. 

Sangwoo has opened the door to a monster and it’s one he’s most likely going to train.

I’m not gonna claim that there isn’t any female violence, bc there certainly is. But do you know what sets it apart from male violence? It’s not pandemic! It’s literally an actual rarity!! You cannot compare the entire bloody history of men raping and pillaging and murdering and enslaving women (not to mention the violence they inflicted and continue to inflict on each other) to the minor blips on the scale that is female violence.

I just finished 13 Reasons Why on netflix and it’s been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. I do recommended you to watch this show because the message is very important but please be careful.
Especially the last few episodes have graphic scenes (rape, suicide). I consider myself luckly to have no history with rape or selfharm but even for me it was very hard and emotional to watch these scenes so please please be careful. It did have a negative effect on my mental health so if you’re not in a good place right now maybe you should wait to watch this until you’re in a better place mentally. Or maybe just don’t watch it? Idk that decision is up to you. You know what you can or cannot handle, I think.

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I am sorry for being negative. But how do you keep going ? The way things are going it's unlikely we will get to see better days in our lifetime. Isn't it just easier to give up and suffer. How long is life anyway ?!

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Oh you hit it on the nail.  

Most of you, will do exactly that - capitulate. 

It’s exactly what happened this last election.  My generation just gave up.  Be thankful for what you got.  Constantly giving in just to avoid chronic anger & frustration.

BUT that’s exactly the hole patriarchy has had women in since the caveman days.  

I was crushed election night.  I saw patriarchy win again and we women really did rally our best.  I am 50, I knew that nite I was going to be like Susan B Anthony and die never seeing my dreams come true.  

Everyone does realize she died believing she was a loser?  

And I’m sure you can also come up with numerous womanist who died before they knew how much they contributed to your advancement.

You are entertaining that benevolent patriarchy is OK and not stepford wives or handmaidens.   We are already in handmaiden territory.  I live in the South, my local ER hospital tv is always fixed on fox news.  Every bar has fox news on it. 

I walked my dog yesterday and a neighbor was blaring Rush Limbaugh on his radio & could hear it 4 houses away.

Sign up for hulu free for a month and watch The Handmaiden Tale & The Brainwashing of my Father.

53% of women have done just that - given up.  The month after the election I went thru severe “what’s the point” just give up and accept your fate. 

Until my therapist said, “Melissa who else is going to educate all those other women.” 

If you wake up angry everyday then eventually you have to come to the conclusion, YOU ARE A REBEL.  

When I give up and just submit, my depression rises, my addictions get worse, I hate life.  So you can try it ….

or you accept that YOU ARE A REBEL and will die a REBEL satisfied that you were always on the right side and didn’t betry your fellow generational women for your own gains.    Sucking up to the power structure.

Now that may mean you lose jobs, and never marry, accept a less financial position even though you have more education, but I die internally and want to commit suicide when I capitulate.  I hate myself. 

and that’s why every day I try to start all of us off with first breathing exercises and then either Nina Simone’s Feeling Good or now it’s Beyonce’s Freedom. 

I do know this ….

The battle against patriarchy - racism & sexism has been in control since the beginning of time –   


for the numerous women who died throughout history, raped, trafficked, killed for turning down a male’s advancements ….

YOU CAN’T STOP & Just give up. 


Title is ironic. It’s what certain people *cough* men *cough* call some women’s concerns about having males in our public toilets, changing areas, and other places where we might be undressing. (Because men have a long history of sexually abusing/harassing/raping us, y'know?)

Certain disingenuous oiks - most recently, Jane ‘John Ozimek’ Fae - compare the “battle” for trans toilet rights (i.e. the men won’t be happy unless they’re getting their dicks out in the cubicle alongside us) with - and, a warning, you might seriously need to prepare yourself for this - the Black Civil Rights Movement. They reference the fact that Black people had to fight against segregation, and they compare their “struggle” with this one. (Narcissistics R Us, anyone?)

Here’s something to chew on:

- The Black Civil Rights Movement did not seek rights at the expense of any other oppressed group. Similarly:
- The gay rights movement did not seek rights at the expense of any other oppressed group.

In fact, any civil rights movement you can mention throughout history has not sought to trample over any other oppressed group on their way to equal rights. Until now.
- the movement for transgender (MtT) rights comes at the expense of an oppressed group (females).

This distinction is crucial.

Females ARE the oppressed group. Historically oppressed. Structurally, females hold no power. So how can females oppress trans people? Answer: WE CAN’T. And WE DON’T.

It’s not “toilet panic”. It’s self-preservation. It’s fighting for OUR rights. It’s what we call FEMINISM.

|Long-Awaited Savior: Part Three|

This chapter went from “ALL THE SMUT & THE END” to “LOTS OF SMUT and then a dark twist and a continuation of the story” soooo here’s to Part Four :)

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader

Words: 2,017

Heads up: Oh jesus… NSFW. PLEASE READ THESE. Language, smutty smut smut (both male and female oral, fingering, squirting, deepthroating/gagging), PTSD, *vivid* flashbacks, history of rape/abuse

Initial Setup: Negan & the Saviors overrun your community and dole out some long overdue justice, changing your life in the process.

Smut under the cut because it jumps right into it :)

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How would you deal with strong desires to transition to a transman? Having a history of rape and feeling like I'm a target for male violence makes me want to escape. I fantasize about being strong enough with testosterone to feel safe in my own body, and not being viewed as a living sex toy. Maybe even my opinions would be respected. I would be considered capable or an intellectual

2.  Sometimes my orientation confuses me because of my history of rape. I understand that trauma does not CAUSR attraction though, so I accept I could be bisexual and just male avoidant. I’ve wanted to explore my sexuality but even within LGBT spaces (like dating) you still can’t avoid men (bi het couples/transwomen). I feel the pressure to conform to heteronormativity, and I feel like being a trans man could free me of that.

3.  For me, dysphoria isn’t feeling like I was born in the wrong body, but instead I was born in the wrong culture. And I’m powerless against an entire culture. I can resist with other feminists, as women frequently resist, but women’s rights only seem to make progress only to regress. Its heartbreaking

I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. I think this is a very common scenario for transmen to have gone through, but I’m not personally experienced enough to know what to do. I’ve struggled a lot with some of the same feelings as you, especially before I was finally able to reconcile with being a woman. I think it’s pretty common for people who’ve had issues with dysphoria and gender to have been distressed about these things. Are you going to a normal therapist for your trauma? 

I’d recommend you check out my side blog @detrans-identified and maybe even get in touch with some of the people who have shared their stories. You’re not alone in this, so please reach out to any of us if you’re comfortable with doing that. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you better advice.


Notice the headline… she started this thought by saying “I take absolute personal responsibility” for losing the election…

“It wasn’t a perfect campaign. There is no such thing. But I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28, and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off,“ she said. "As Nate Silver –who doesn’t work for me, he’s an independent analyst…– has concluded that if the election had been on October 27, I would have been your president. And it wasn’t. It was on October 28, there was a lot of funny business going on about that.”

This just goes to show how detached and isolated she is. Not even for thinking this, but for saying it. The fact that none of her myriad advisors is willing to stand up to her enough to tell her either that her analysis is insane and self-serving, or at least that she shouldn’t say it in public because it will make her appear insane, self-serving, and whiny, really is astounding.

Like I said, if it weren’t for the whole congenital liar, enabler of a rapist, history of personally destroying rape victims, and being a war criminal thing, I’d almost feel bad for her.

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Beta!Ain and Omega!Elsword are happily in love and mated. While out in public, Ain leaves Elsword alone for a moment to use the restroom. Elsword is attacked by an arrogant Alpha who believes a Beta's claim means nothing and has a history of stalking/raping mated Omegas. He uses his pheromones to paralyze Els but is shocked when the Omega fights back and injures him before succumbing to lust. Ain returns and is furious. Cue beat-up Alpha arrested by police/Ain apologizing+comforting Els at home.

Somethings always interesting when it comes with Elsword. Ain of course, usually enjoys it. He likes surprises, after all, assuming they don’t involve either him or the boy being hurt in the process.

Sometimes the complications aren’t always pleasant to experience.

Ain was simply doing his business at a urinal. He had told his boyfriend he’d be right back. He expected to finish and come to meet with a smiling and cheerful Elsword.

He didn’t expect Elsword to ram himself into the front door, a hand pulling in a random stranger. The redhead promptly throws the man on the floor before locking himself in one of the stalls.

“Elsword…” Ain starts out.

“He tried to rape me.” Elsword quickly reasons, before locking the stall doors. An outrageous accusation, but Ain doesn’t really see a point in him lying otherwise. It has to be true if he sounds so confident on his statement.

“Ahh…” A cocky Alpha. Isn’t that surprise. And he tried to force himself onto Elsword as well. He has to scoff at how the man chooses his victims. Elsword isn’t the type to be submissive, you see. One can easily be assured Elsword will surely land a punch in their face, enough to knock them unconscious. Disappointingly, it didn’t seem like Elsword managed to achieve in making the man completely pass out.

“Though uh… He’s kinda using some sort of pheromones. Kinda feeling hot and bothered.” Elsword mutters out.

“Ahhhhhh…” Ain nods, taking out his trusty pendulum. “Alright, I’ll substitute in your place.” he chuckles.

After that, the police was called after the rapist was beaten to unconsciousness with the help of Ain. And though he was praised for defending his boyfriend, they also warned the gray-haired man not to almost kill the culprit next time. Court is expensive after all… Ain reluctantly accepts the advice.

At the end of the day, Elsword and Ain pretended the whole thing never really happened, though Elsword finds Ain keeping the redhead in closer proximity…

“Sorry.” Ain apologizes.

“For what?”

“For not letting you get the chance to kick him.” Ain nervously laughs. 

Elsword smiles. “Then repay me in bed.” 

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What are you studying at Oxford?

I’ll be doing a phd in Medieval History. My thesis topic is rape narratives, and rape survivors in 14th century France, and I’ll likely be using the court registers from the French parlement (the highest court at that time in France). I also hope to explore other forms of sexual assault that did not necessarily fit within the narrow confines of what was consider illegal rape in medieval France.

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ok but he didn't do it as a joke??? there's only so much you can fit into his style of quick snappy history summaries. 'the rape of [place]' is an academic term used in regards to Africa, Nanking, and the other places in the video. he's using literal academic terminology and it has a lot more impact on the thoughtplace than 'they did some shitty things in [x]'

The fact you cited academia which is frequently racist and insensitive to these very issues and provided this information as if it’s above criticism tells me that you’re not black or asian and that you’re too stupid to be having this conversation with me.

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2 - she's can't divorce him because divorce wasn't created and Rick can only mess with mythology so far. She acknowledges that he's a tyrant and bad tries to overthrow him several times, each time is a failure. She may have been horrible to Hephaestus and that will never be forgiven but that's it. She has had a reason for everything else. I mean, imagine your husbands bastard children growing up and becoming gods along side you, time after time.

Idk how, but the first part of this got deleted but I did get time to read it before it disappeared into the abyss thankfully. And I think the biggest issue I have with this is that while Hera obviously ain’t no saint - I mean she did kill a ton of the women who Zeus slept with which was definitely not cool on top of the hephaestus thing  - everyone treats her as though she’s somehow worse than Zeus and Poseidon and some of the other gods? I mean, both these gods have a history of raping, tutoring and killing people - both of them have even raped their own sister Hestia as animals - but people play Poseidon off as no.1 godly father of the year, and Zeus as just some annoying fuckboi like no! If you’re going to constantly bring up what hera did and judge her for it, DO IT FOR THE OTHER GODS WHO HAVE DONE FAR WORSE THAN HER! Like, even in the books Rick makes her out to be the biggest bitch on planet earth, but when he acknowledges that Poseidon is a rapist? Eh, moving on. It’s so annoying!

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Today my sister ate my dad's lunch, so he was in a really bad mood. It was my turn to vacuum, so I did and my dad got very angry because I missed a very small spot. He got up in my face and started threatening me. My mom started yelling at him to stop so I left and had a panic attack. He knows that I have PTSD caused by a history of abuse and rape. He always does stuff like this and I've had nightmares about him. He even threw a glass at me once for sounding like I had an attitude (I didn't).

Hate to say it, but your dad is being abusive. When things get thrown and threats are made that is more than just anger. It’s not okay for him to behave like that. 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 2
  • Jotaro Kujo: Anjuro Katagiri is the most disgusting, awful criminal in Japan's history. He raped and murdered two 14 year olds and held a rich kid for ransom before killing him and nailing his genitals to the wall.
  • Anjuro Katagiri: *bites off a live dog's face and spits the blood into its owners mouth before killing him*
  • Opening: ( ゚∀゚) FUNKY JOJO DANCE PARTY
Trigger Warning Rape, sexual assault

I have to vent about this somewhere. My sister just revealed to me that I was sexually assaulted as a child, which I had completely repressed until now. I guess I have a longer history of getting raped and assaulted by people I love than I thought I did. But I am just so fucking disgusted and angry. All rapists need to be killed and it is an act of incredible mercy that I haven’t killed or even named mine. I am done with everyone, here I was being a h*e but never again, I am going asexual til the day I die. And honestly when people don’t understand why I don’t what to kiss them or let them touch me when I am feeling super asexual they can go fuck themselves. I am too good for all of you.

Odell Beckham Jr. : Black Masculinity and Fear of the Gay Black Man

If you’re not a fan of American football and are unaware of the National Football League’s most prominent athletes, allow me to fill you in…

Odell Beckham Jr. is a 6′0″, 23-year-old Pro-Bowler playing wide receiver for the New York Giants organization. Since entering the NFL in 2014, Beckham has racked up 25 touchdowns, 2,755 yards from 187 receptions, and become a sensation known for his gravity-defying, awe-inspiring, record-breaking plays that have secured his team many wins. Still, for this premiere player, these feats are not sufficient in sheltering Beckham from homophobic slurs and attacks on his masculinity from fans and fellow NFL players.

Taking a look at Beckham, one could say that he does not fit “the look” of the traditional football player. Although past players have been notoriously flashy such as Deion Sanders, and others have been glamorously feminine such as Troy Polamalu, Beckham’s manhood has undoubtedly been the object of criticism in a manner that has been entirely unsettling and different from these aforementioned players. Why is Beckham’s manhood rendered less valuable and criminal in comparison to fellow athletes that exhibit similar behavior? Is it because he is an NFL superstar? Is it because he is a favorite amongst women? Is it because he loves to perform and dance unashamedly? Is it a combination of all these things?

I am not here to defend Beckham against any accusations of being Gay in an effort to give him a “fair trial” for his masculinity. I am not here to say that we must “prove” that Beckham is Gay before he is victimized by these attacks. I am simply questioning: why does his sexuality matter on the football field? And if it matters, why is it not celebrated and uplifted in such a way that embraces him for expressing his true self?

Beckham has blonde hair, he likes to do a dance called “hit dem folks”, and he enjoys hanging out with other male stars such as Trey Songz (who has also been the target of violent attacks on his masculinity). These things, events, and actions have made Beckham a target for homophobic slurs from fans via social media, and even players from opposing NFL football teams. Since Beckham does not perform his gender in alignment with criteria that is derived from aged, constricted, frail constructs of masculinity, he is readily excluded from any public, popular considerations of “real” manhood. According to some folks, to be considered a “real man”, one must not dance, dye his hair, hang out with platonic male friends, or display any behavior that would have folks suspect that they are not “real” men i.e. Gay or feminine. Men are supposed to pound their chests as a form of expression; grunt once for ‘yes’ and grunt twice for ‘no.’

Due to the fact that Beckham is a really good football player, and disrupts these shallow depictions of manhood, the comfortable waters of male supremacists are troubled by his successes and carefree demeanor. Beckham does not apologize for being the man that he is, and he should not. Men who are a lot less secure in their manhoods regard Beckham as a threat, since his behavior conflicts with their distorted imaginaries for masculinity. After all, he is a man who is extremely dominant on the football field, very handsome, and a great dancer to boot. Such a complex imaginary for manhood is unfathomable for men who measure their identities against sorrowful, one-dimensional imaginings of masculinity. Since their understanding of such possibilities for manhood is out-of-reach, their immediate response to Beckham is violence. These reactions against Beckham may be recent, but this phenomena of attacking Black, feminine-performing men is not new in America.

Black men are especially unwillingly suffocated with these notions of what real men are supposed to be. Many of these standards that are set for Black masculinity are heavily influenced by White supremacist ideologies, and were set in place to negatively affect the very humanity of Black men. These derivations of Black manhood from White supremacist origins have historically painted Black men as oversexualized, infantile beasts of burden who should disregard their personal desires, and serve as objects of labor on plantations for White slavers. It goes without saying that these expectations and stereotypes are ridiculous and entirely false, and encouraging Black men to conform to limiting, unrealistic standards is dangerous. Saying that we do not want Beckham to be who he is, saying we want him to be more serious and not enjoy himself on or off the field, is supporting the caricaturization of Black manhood and does not allow Beckham to be his whole, liberated self. Attacks on Beckham’s masculinity restrict him from performing his manhood in a manner that he envisions for himself, while concurrently damaging his very humanity.

These impositions of pathologized masculinities are not innocent. Assimilating these ideals and ideologies has resulted in murders, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse and harassment. This violence on our Black male identities has been internalized by us, and in turn we distribute this violence to our fellow Black brothers, sisters, Queer folks, and gender non-conforming individuals who we see as threats due to subscribing to these inaccurate notions of masculine performativity. Subsequently, these ideals for Black manhood have functioned as a weapon against our hearts, bodies, and minds, many of us unwilling to be vulnerable out of fear of annihilation. This destruction is not innocent.

Since American slavers throughout history have raped, killed, and humiliated the bodies of Black men, many of us fight against any feelings of openness to feel secure and confident within our bodies. We do not want to be challenged, or debased out of fear of our bodies being damaged and subjugated again. This violence upon our bodies has been constant and omnipresent, which is why I took attacks against Beckham so personal. I could not stand to see people break down this handsome, talented man just to feel secure in their own bodies and actions. We cannot continue to carry this burden of conforming to such defective, unreliable constructs of our Black manhoods that have been forced onto us by White supremacist ideologies. We must cease striving towards flippant, unproductive idealisms of Black male performance.

Beckham’s body and performance symbolizes something vulnerable and daring, and that is precisely why we should support him. Beckham represents a positive, progressive example of masculinity that young boys, and even adult men can admire. What Beckham does is interrupt our cultural and societal norms, and that is what we need in order to liberate our bodies and all marginalized folks in America; we must rid ourselves of any oppressive tools and behaviors that only further repress our humanities. We need to expand our defining lines for self to include more holistic, realistic performances that reflect our true desires in order to satisfy our spirits.

So, yes Black man, Black boy, Black person, you can dance, you can paint your canvas however you feel. You can do things that make you feel free and liberated. You can have fun, and be Gay, and like boys and girls. You can do whatever you want, as long as you are safe and others are safe, and you are not any less of a person for doing so. You are allowed to love yourself and break free of those frivolous chains.


Sam Winchester’s Birthday Celebration
Taylor’s 3k Followers Challenge
Quote #19 “Get out of me!”
(It is marked in bold when used several times starting in Chapter 2.)

Sam x Reader (starts as Reader’s POV. Some chapters change to Sam’s or Dean’s POV.)

9 chapters total. Each chapter is about 3k words long.

Summary: Sam is hunting on his own. He’s lost without his brother, but he finds that hunting helps keep his body and mind busy. Sheriff Hanscom calls Sam needing help with werewolf problems. Little does Sam realize his whole life is about to change.

Warnings: angst, fluff, smut, bloodlust, history of rape

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Hi I’m furious. About two weeks ago, some frat houses at UT Austin were vandalized with “racist” and “rapist” written on their houses or gates. The anonymous vandals posted a lengthy message online ending with “To the fraternities and University: Prepare yourselves. We are at your gates. Your walls will fall. And you will be sacked.” As a member of a Greek organization I won’t deny that fraternities and sororities, especially in the south, have a history with racism or rape. There is undoubtedly a correlation. But not every single organization is like that, and we are actively trying to combat these issues, and our efforts are working. Greek life today is much more open and accepting, and sororities like Alpha Chi Omega are accepting transgender women into their sisterhood.
Today, a student at UT was stabbed to death. He was a member of a fraternity. One of my best friends at UT lives in a sorority house and was terrified to go home today, because they don’t know who’s next. Members of Greek life at UT are being advised not to wear shirts representing their organization. But no one is talking about it. Neither racism nor rape is acceptable. But to attack individuals simply because they are part of a Greek organization and kill them is also unacceptable. The university president will turn a blind eye and ignore the correlation. The media loves to stereotype Greek life as one big party and the only time we’re in the news is when it’s in a negative light. But Greek life at UT is under attack and not one major news outlet is reporting on it. I’m furious. Sending my thoughts to my Zeta sisters at UT and to the family and brothers of Harrison Brown.

8. Captive Heart, Captive Mind

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Reader had been imprisoned for over five years and cut off from her powers for most of that time. She is ready to give up when she is given one more mission by the mysterious group she has been captured by.

Author’s Note: I am so, so sorry. THIS WAS HARD. I had this planned out… but I didn’t know this would happen. I didn’t want to, but I had to. There is some light foreshadowing happening… but you probably won’t notice through all of the tears and screaming my name in anger.

Warnings: T/W Rape/Sexual Assault History. T/W Rape/Sexual Assault Attempt. T/W Abuse/Beating. Cursing. Alcohol Consumption.


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I woke up to the sound of rain on my window, a light feeling in my chest. I looked around and saw that somehow I had made it to my bed last night. I didn’t remember getting here, but the memory of Tony carrying me here and Pepper tucking me in seems about right.

I stretched and smiled, feeling how sore my face was from all of the smiling and laughing I did last night. I turned to see that it was already 3:00. I haven’t slept that long or that soundly in a very, very long time. However since it was 3:00, I only had four hours to get ready for the party. I thought that this was more than enough, but Wanda and Nat banging on my door told me otherwise. As soon as I opened the door I was given a plate of food and a cup of coffee and I was being dragged into my bathroom to get ready. I looked at them to see that they had been ready for a while. “Why are you guys already ready? We don’t have to be there until seven, right?”

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