Baltimore removes four Confederate statues overnight

  • City officials in Baltimore, Maryland, removed four Confederate monuments early in the morning on Wednesday, August 16.
  • Mic has identified more than 140 Confederate monuments across 17 states that are on public land, often in proximity to county courthouses or in city parks. 
  • We’ve compiled a list of local efforts to take down Confederate monuments across the country. Read more (8/16/17 9 AM)

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A Black WOMAN roped the Confederate statue to be pulled down in Durham yesterday.

A Black WOMAN climbed a flagpole in Columbia to take down the Confederate flag.

Three Black WOMEN brought us Black Lives Matter and jumpstarted a movement.

A Black WOMAN was the first African-American to put themselves in the running for a major party nomination for President.

A Black WOMAN refused to give up her seat on a bus.

A Black WOMAN made some 13 trips back to the South to shuttle slaves north to Freedom.

Are y'all hearing me this morning?

Some early descriptions of Eros (the Greek analogue to the roman Cupid) make reference not to the arrows of Eros, but to the darts of Eros.

The image of Eros as a dart-player is funny enough, but it gets even funnier when you realise that, at the time, the term didn’t refer to playing darts, but to their military precursor: a sort of small javelin, typically 2-4 feet in length, with a heavy lead-weighted head to allow it to pierce armour and foul shields.

Basically, forget the arrows - picture Cupid howling like a maniac as he takes a running start and hurls a javelin into some poor sucker’s chest.