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Hey guys, I haven’t abandoned you all. I try to work on the videos as much as I can, but as you all now, that takes forever. The videos used to take me like a week, but they also used to be crap, and I’ll take quality over quantity anyday.

I literally leave school in like eight (school days) with literally no plans for the summer. So therefore, the power of queer love can finally triumph over all those damn AP classes and finals and musicals and choir and blahhhhhh

Videos to expect over the summer: Sterek (currently working on and have made significant progress in), Wolfstar, Klance, and some Queer History videos?? (I’m basing this MOSTLY on requests so if your favorite ship isn’t here it’s not because I hate you).

This isn’t a definite list, but it’s what I plan to do, and hopefully it’ll be all worthwhile. Since it’s taken so long, and all I’ve uploaded in months was the april fools video that I had on my hard drive for months, expect some high quality (for YouTube, of course) videos.

tldr: I have time now and expect videos during the summer! Spam me with requests if you want your favorite ship to get a video! I want to make videos that will make you guys laugh, and I have a lot of fun doing it, so don’t be afraid that I won’t like it, so just request away.

Happy Pride!!!

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What's the difference between hoodoo, voodoo, and rootwork? I'm kind of a beginner witch and am researching all I can about the different kinds of witchcraft, even the ones I don't practice. But all three get lumped together in everything I read. Are they interchangeable? What even is the correct spelling of "voodoo"? And can you recommend some good places to start researching. The last thing I want is to disrespect anybody!

From an answered ask:

They’re related, but not the same thing. Hoodoo is just an umbrella term for a bunch of other practices that originated in the Western part of Africa. It’s considered just folk magic, not a religion. Southerns of the US practice this, especially Christians.

Voodoo has 2 branches: Louisiana Voodoo, and Haitian Voodoo [Should have been spelled Vodou. You’ll see why later]. It is considered a religion. The only difference really between the 2 is the ritual order (Louisiana Voodoo doesn’t have much of it.) Voodoo is a combination of religion and folk magic (and if you know anything about the history of Voodoo and where is came from, you should know why that is).

Rootwork is just that. Working with roots and flora. Of course, in the past, you used the local plants in your area and today, its much easier to get roots from other places in the world.  

Rootwork and hoodoo are actually interchangeable. Of course, with these definitions they don’t look like it. But if you were to use both words interchangeably to a hoodoo practitioner they most likely wouldn’t bat an eye. And to be a little bit more specific, you use rootwork in hoodoo as it is one of the practices used in hoodoo.

You can also use rootwork in voodoo, but rootwork does not equal voodoo. And hoodoo does not equal voodoo. So~

  • Hoodoo = Rootwork
  • Hoodoo  ≠ Voodoo
  • Rootwork  ≠ Voodoo

Spelling is actually important to know. I think it doesn’t get talk about a lot in the community except for a random tumblr post or blog post floating about saying how that person hates it when people always spell it one way and dont know the other ways. And why theyre used.

(Correct me if I’m wrong anyone) ‘Voodoo’ is not only the mainstream version of the spelling but usually refers to Southern Voodoo or Louisiana Voodoo. ‘Voodoo’ is actually seen as derogatory and wrong to some in Haiti which brings me to the other way spelling it. ‘Vodou’ (or ‘Vodoun’, ‘Vodun’, ‘Vodu’ and sometimes ‘Vudu’) usually refers to Haitian Vodou. You’re going to see the different spellings used all the time. But know that when Someone is saying ‘Vodou’ they are mostly talking about Haitian Vodou and when people say ‘voodoo’ theyre either lumping all voodoo together or theyre talking about American Voodoo. And, all Voodoo came from Coastal West Africa (From Nigera to Ghana).

Also, when it comes to researching, you’re not going to get much when it comes to Voodoo since information is passed by word of mouth. Hoodoo on the other hand is everywhere on the internet. A quick google search and a quick YT search will get you so much. 

Quick note though, If you see anything related to LuckyMojo, take it with a grain of salt. The owner of the website is a bully, and pretty much infiltrated and made money from a community that was never hers.

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Would you mind telling me more about horseradish, mugwort and jasmine please?

Horseradish is a toxic irritant that contains allyl isothiocyanate, the same chemical compound found in mustard seed—those of you who know your history should already be freaking out that some people put this into an air diffuser. 

It’s primarily used in insecticides and tear gas these days. It has a median lethal dose (how much is needed to kill you) of 151 mg/kg and is therefore classed as lachrymator. That’s poisonous gas to you and me, the kind specifically used in World War One that made you go blind/burned through your skin and dissolved your lungs from the inside out.

Ironically it was traditionally used to treat coughs. Don’t do that.

While Mugwort the herb has been used safely for a very long time in medicine—particularly pertaining to menstrual health—it should only ever be administered under the recommendation of a qualified physician or herbalist and should always be talked over with your doctor first. It should never ever be used as an essential oil either orally or for therapeutic massage as it has a high level of oral and dermal toxicity. 

I’ve seen Mugwort touted on this hellsite as a “chemical free abortion” (no I am not kidding, I wish to the gods I was) and while mugwort can and has been used to induce miscarriages, it’s also extremely important to know that it’s also a neurotoxin and can and will likely cause irreversible damage to the person using it, if not outright kill them depending on how they used it. 

Same with pennyroyal, another essential oil I’ve seen talked about on here as a way of having a “natural” abortion, which yes, it is an abortifacient due to its pulegone content, but it’s also so highly toxic that even using small amounts of the oil for massage purposes can cause liver and lung damage and gods forbid you drink any of it cause it is not a nice way to die.

Do not use in an oil diffuser, do not add into your water for “health benefits” do not pass go, go straight to hospital and hopefully not die. 

By comparison to these other two, Jasmine is relatively harmless as it’s non toxic, and generally non irritating save for those with allergies, but I still like to tell my pregnant friends to use it/consume the tea with caution as it is an emmenagogue (stimulates uterine contractions and menstrual flow, the same way mugwort and pennyroyal do) and could potentially pose a risk to early pregnancies being miscarried. Just better to err a little side towards caution sometimes, especially when it’s so heavily marketed in pregnancy essential oil kits.

I hope that answers whatever you were wondering about them.

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Can I have Deets™ on the Racist Vegan AU?

you SURE MAY my dude. hop on and strap in for the ride

SO the Slightly Racist Militant Vegan Alexander the Great AU follows as thus, thus far:


  • I was going to originally have alexander as a rural vet, but I’ve since come to the conclusion that it would be better if he’s running a wildlife park
  • the wildlife park is in western sydney as they tend to be
  • idk if non-australian places have wildlife parks but they’re kind of like interactive spaces with native animals. they’re not quite zoos, but they have a big focus on conservation
  • western sydney is completely weird-ass and liminal, nothing like the inner city which is perfect for Weird Shit like Slightly Racist Militant Vegan alexander to manifest
  • also western sydney has a good multicultural mix so that serves this au’s purpose anyway
  • the wildlife park is initially called pella but then alex renames it to “alexandria” after philip dies and he expands its territories
  • namely, he annexes the rather nice persian garden complex next door, run by a bloke named darius
  • he does this on the pretext that the café in darius’ garden isn’t vegan
  • ANYWAY, let’s move on to the people


  • won’t stop culturally appropriating things
  • keeps wearing harem pants and lumping every south asian culture together
  • kind of a weeb for the middle-east in general
  • “I’m macedonian so I’m poc” “alex just because someone called your dad a wog in year six doesn’t mean you’re oppressed”
  • loves animals a LOT and is a vegan
  • the militant sort who reposts graphic memes on facebook every 3 hours
  • btw not trying to say that vegans are militant/slightly racist, but the militant veganism links alexander the military leader and his love of animals
  • highkey a Horse Girl
  • would make people wait for him to take photos of their lunch before eating


  • alexander’s super-hot and tall civil engineer boyfriend
  • constructs wildlife park facilities on annexed garden land after the Takeover
  • embodiment of gay or european
  • speaks greek at home
  • often gets asked ‘you know your bf’s lowkey racist??’ and he’s like ‘yeh we tried telling him once but he threatened us with tofu drumsticks’
  • is super-hot. did I mention?
  • people won’t stop staring
  • he’s also tall
  • just so you know
  • eats veggies for alexander but isn’t militant
  • dies after he eats a chicken when alex isn’t watching and chokes bc it’s just too good and it’s been too long


  • alexander’s mum, a reptile specialist at the park
  • also a vegan
  • “I love both my children equally. alexander and *looks at smudged writing on back of hand* kleptomania”


  • an omnivore
  • alexander and olympias hate him because of this
  • a cassowary pecked him in the eye and he can’t see out of it any more
  • keeps perving on the staff
  • I’m considering having him die after getting stabbed by a stingray called pausanias he neglects but not sure how many steve irwin parallels we want here


  • the only person in the family not obsessed with animals
  • studies commerce
  • everyone in the family is like, ‘how do you expect to find a job with that degree huh?’
  • but then she co-founds an accounting firm, “epiros”, which goes swimmingly


  • family friend, but works at the park
  • keeps pretending he’s philip’s bastard son
  • he’s not
  • delusions of grandeur
  • had a mummy phase as a kid


  • a bit of an alexander bum-kisser
  • hates hephaistion
  • the feeling is mutual, because only hephaistion’s mouth gets to be anywhere near alexander’s bum


  • works at the wildlife park
  • except they discover that he dissed alexander in an article on the park in the local paper
  • i.e. he gets interviewed anonymously but some of his quotes make it v obvious that it was him
  • needless to say he gets fired
  • they also stop speaking to his dad
  • hephaistion gets REALLY ANGRY about this affront to his boyfriend and runs an extensive smear campaign against philotas on social media in the form of incendiary memes that damn his credibility


  • the guy next door with the really nice persian gardens
  • sadly, that macedonian kid with the bloody farm doesn’t appreciate Culture and keeps trespassing (i.e. building shit on his land and daring him to call the council)
  • darius doesn’t dare
  • instead he fucks off to where no one can get him (tasmania) and people will enjoy flowers more (tasmania)


  • used to work as a landscaper for darius, but alexander co-opts her into working for the wildlife park to make it look like he’s not just forcefully taking over (he is)
  • at least the animals have really nice grounds to wander now?
  • her family is from tajikistan
  • alexander won’t stop asking if it’s a real country
  • OR appropriating her culture
  • but she’s actually really fun to be around when you’re not being slightly racist to her 98% of the time
  • good friends with perdikkas


  • darius’ eldest daughter
  • a classical history nerd
  • to her father’s consternation, studying ancient greek
  • “how can you betray me like this! the language of our enemies” “dad wtf even GREEKS NOW can’t speak ancient greek, much less that macedonian kid”
  • doesn’t stop darius sending her over to try and negotiate in ancient greek
  • everyone is confused as fuck because she just starts conjugating verbs at them
  • also her sister drypetis is gay and chummy with hephaistion


  • the matriarch of darius’ family
  • doesn’t speak english but practically adopts alexander because she sees his culturally-appropriating ways as genuine cultural appreciation
  • also thinks hephaistion is hot
  • keeps winking at him and pinching his bum when he walks past
  • also, last but not least


  • a horse

I’d like to thank @dirtydeetaurasi for the inspiration


A/N: 52 Followers!?! Whaaaa??? I’m so excited so here’s an imagine!! Sorry this took so long, but I’ve been trying to get back into he swing after winter break. I’m also trying to think of more ideas for imagines. If you have any requests, feel free to ask! Anyway, this is based off of what happened to me when I came back from MLK weekend (Except no cute guy for me) and I was so pissed that I turned it into a fic! Enjoy my shitty roommate’s decisions :)

Pairing: Reader x Thomas Jefferson

Warnings: Stripping ;), Implied smut, Swear words, Mention of sex

Word Count: 1707

Originally posted by alexander-hamiltunes

You hated your roommate. It was a month into your first semester at King’s College and you wanted to rip out your hair. Your roommate, Eliza Schyler, loved to have her boyfriend, Alexander, over 24/7. If they weren’t at your dorm for the night, you were sure they were bugging Alexander’s roommate. You were finally pushed over the edge when you came back to your dorm over the long weekend to see that your bed was a mess. You furrowed your brows and set down your bags on your side of the room. You distinctly remembered making your bed before you left, so you were trying to figure out why it wasn’t made.

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Do you have any suggestions for podcasts?

A general list in no particular order:

  • Welcome to Night Vale [you probs know what this is]
  • Sawbones [weird medical history i.e. drilling holes in skulls, a mcelroy production]
  • I Don’t Even Own A Television [two dudes read shitty books, START WITH THE WILD ANIMUS EPISODE OKAY]
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie [two people try out weird shit like aromatherapy and soylent and scientology]
  • The F Plus [nerds read weird internet shit like sonic fanfic forums, can be VERY hit or miss, if you are a sensitive soul you should probs avoid]
  • Throwing Shade [straight lady and gay dude discuss the news and also mailchimp]
  • Stuff You Should Know [see title]
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class [see title, again]
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me [the mcelroy brothers give bad advice]
  • 99% Invisible [it’s about design? and stuff? IT’S REAL FASCINATING]
  • Lore [spoopy shit, sometimes hella debunked but w/e]
  • The Truth [radio drama, no continuity, IT FUCKS WITH ME BAD]
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour [old timey radio drama, different shows, extensive continuity]
  • Judge John Hodgman [john hodgman judges dumb friend/family fights]
  • Limetown [radio drama, continuity, short, SPOOP AS HELL]
  • The Message [radio drama, continuity, short, shitty ending imho but good overall]
  • Mystery Show [lady solves weird little mysteries, only six eps ever, the belt buckle one is the best]
  • You Must Remember This [old time hollywood gossip]
  • Whistlestop [politics, history, you might be sick of this shit by now]
  • The Adventure Zone [mcelroy family plays DnD
Binary Star (Epilogue)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,024

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

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i was trying to find historical lesbian monarchs and i found a huffpost article called “11 Lesbians In History You Don’t Know But Should” and number one was sappho

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I have History finals soon. Anything you think I should know?

The most important thing to remember about history is that is happened in the past, not the future. This knowledge will keep you from embarrassing yourself horribly as I so often will.

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Would baby Atem still ship Yugi and Tea?

“You can’t demand people to kiss, Yami.” Yuugi sighed again, shaking his head as his little brother huffed and demanded more “chu”s. Flying around them like an airplane on sugar rush (or oil rush, maybe).


Anzu giggled, the worry they had disappearing as it was slowly replaced with fondness, and exasperation, over Yami’s antics. Leave it to Yami to be the source of Yuugi’s tenseness and also his solution (no matter how temporary).

“Hey, Yuugi,” she whispered, winking and glancing at Yami, who was still doing the impression of a stunt plane. She pointed at both of her cheeks and puckered her lips. Yuugi seemed to get her plan, as he nodded and grinned. “You want a kiss, Yami?” She asked.

Yami paused, floating a few inches in front of her. He nodded enthusiastically, chirping out a few more “chu”s, not noticing his older brother sneaking up from behind him.

“Oh, well, here you go!” The two teens held the surprised baby, giving him two big loud pecks on his cheeks.

“Noooo!” Yami giggled, swatting Yuugi as he had turned his peck into a raspberry. “No! Yu an’ anchu chuu!”

“Me and Anzu kiss? Didn’t we just do that?” Yuugi asked, raising an eyebrow. He gently pulled Yami down close to him and opened the door of the Kame Game Shop.


“Oh, we didn’t? How come?”

Yami gave them a look that said they weren’t fooling him. He pouted, hugged Mashu tightly, floated out of Yuugi’s arms (thankfully inside the shop where nobody could see), and turned away. Giving a loud humph as he did. Anzu and Yuugi laughed again, the baby was just too cute - even when he was mad.

“Aw, don’t be like that, Yami! Your brother got you something from the arcade, don’t you want to see it?” Anzu asked.

In that moment, both teens could totally believe Isis’ claims of Yami being a pharaoh of Egypt. Only a king could give such a regal and snooty “I’ll allow it” with just a glance. That took skill, especially when Yami was clad in Dark Magician Girl themed pajamas, while holding a pink Marshmallon pillow.

Yuugi fished out the toy he won from the crane game in his plastic bag and held it out to Yami.

Yami squealed, zipping back to Yuugi and grabbing the Dark Magician plushie. “Mama! Mama!” He cooed, hugging the soft toy tightly.

It was cute, even with Yami floating and glowing a faint red like he was possessed by a poltergeist. 

“You know, we should probably ask about the history of Dark Magician next time we see Isis,” Yuugi commented. “I mean him carved on the tablet explains so much of Yami’s actions now… and also so little.” Because he still had no idea why Yami insisted on calling the spellcaster “Mama”.

“Maybe Dark Magician is really his-”

“Anzu, you’ve heard his battle cries, he is definitely a guy.” Plus the comical stumble the usually graceful Monster gave when Yami first uttered that word. And then the look he gave the baby, that was genuine horror. Yeah, Yuugi was sure the Monster wasn’t Yami’s parent in any shape or form.

“… Chu?”

No, Yami, you got your chu.”

TLDR: Bb Yami is the ultimate peachshipper.

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what does it take to be a skald? what special things do i need to do? Much thanks

Sæll (eða sæl) vinur,
(Hello friend,)

I must say that I am no skald. Although I have chosen to bear the title, I have not actually earned it. I hope to be able to eventually say otherwise, though. Yet, it really does all depend on how we choose to treat the ‘profession’ today. Back in the Viking Age, though, the requirements were quite steep and often required a lifetime of dedication. Being a skald was actually a prestigious position to have in society. 

Also, both men and women (Jórunn Skáldmær being my favorite) could be considered a skald, although it was more common for men than it was for women (though, we might be able to debate that, given that sources could have had a bias against truly considering all of the women, but perhaps that could be a discussion for a later time).

I am no expert about skalds, nor their poetry. I am far better with prose and the Icelandic sagas. Still, I will tell you what I know, and perhaps that will at least give you a place to begin this journey. I may leave certain things out, but hopefully nothing that is too crucial.

The Expectations of a Skald:

Anyway, to be a skald (in historical terms), there are a few essential requirements:

  1. A skald must memorize various poetic meters so that he or she may recite verse instinctively. Many skalds are able to conjure up insults and praises without any immediate preparation.(1.)
  2. A skald must have intimate knowledge of mythological material, so that he or she may make use of the hundreds of kennings and heiti(2.) that aid in maintaining proper meter and rhyme. Yet, these kennings did not always have to pertain to myth.
  3. A skald must memorize historical events and people, especially that which would be relevant to those currently in prestigious positions. They would be your patrons, after all.
  4. A skald must know various genealogies, most importantly those of the most prestigious people within society.
  5. A skald must often have many key stories and popular poems memorized, such as that of Sigurd, the slayer of Fafnir.
  6. A skald must have intimate familiarity with language (Old Norse), so that he or she is able to create new kennings and use synonyms to maintain proper meter.

In short, a skald is a person who is well-versed in mythology, history, and lore. After that, the skald is expected to be able to recite those stories in poetic form, which would have involved singing and sometimes performance. This meant a lot of memorization and a strong command of language. A skald would be responsible for historical knowledge, especially in terms of specific people and their families. Skalds were also a critical part to the allocation of fame and honor within society. A person’s reputation depended on the songs a skald would sing, after all.

Reevaluating the Skald:

Regardless, those requirements are rather steep. Yet, I think we should take a moment to reassess what it means to be a skald in our own time, rather than being so strict to the standards of a past age. If we don’t, then the title of skald would nearly be unobtainable. The emphasis on memorization and spontaneity, for example, may not be as crucial in our current age.

There are two options: we can be strict and maintain the ‘sacredness’ of the tradition by leaving it unchanged, or we can lessen the strict need for memorization in favor for general familiarity and a focus on the quality of knowledge and artistic interpretation. The answer is not mine alone to determine, but I would favor a ‘modernized’ approach, with caution.

Today, I tend to consider a skald as someone who is familiar with history and lore, but also with language. Given those requirements, there is actually some degree of flexibility, then, to who could become a skald. The poetry itself is important to maintain without much change, but the approach to composing that poetry can be more open (being able to write it out in advance, rather than speaking it off the top of your head all the time).

How to Develop these Skills:

As mentioned above, you should know a considerable amount of history and lore. As a skald, you would be expected to know stories from the past, both for retelling and for references in other works. Start by reading mythological material, folklore, and even history books. Yet, the history you are after is not how society functioned, but rather the stories told about powerful people, or even people you admire enough to sing or compose about.

Yet, we skalds-in-training are in luck! A good man by the name of Snorri Sturluson just happened to write a book that is essentially a handbook for skalds. The entire Prose Edda, which you have likely already heard of before, has two sections specifically for skalds: Skáldskarpamál and Háttatal. Each of these sections tells us how various aspects of mythology are to be used in skaldic verse, as well as discussing the details and structures involved therein.

I recommend the Anthony Faulkes translation, which can be found either online (for free) or in a book format.

I recommend you start there.

Regarding Language:

While studying history and lore, work on language. Old Norse is likely the language of choice for most contemporary skalds that work with traditional material, though, technically the term ‘skald’ still applies to modern languages and modern poets. After all, skáld is still used in Icelandic for poet, for example.

Personally, I feel that we should compose skaldic verse in living languages, so that we may keep the tradition alive and well, rather than keeping it confined in the past. Though, I can understand the other sides of that debate. In the end, the choice of language is yours to make. 

Personally, I prefer to compose in Icelandic, but you could technically pick whatever Scandinavian language you prefer. Honestly, you could even compose in English, if that is what you would prefer. I may be a bit too flexible about it, but do what will make you the most happy and comfortable. English would also expand your audience. I would compose in Icelandic and offer a translation, but, again, it is up to you, my friend.


The only special requirements, then, would be reading up on history, lore, and language. Start there and see where it takes you. Gradually you will find yourself becoming more and more like the traditional skalds of the Viking Age. It takes time, but don’t lose courage. Honestly, I have played with the thought of starting a ‘skaldic school’ of sorts, but that would be something more of a community for lovers of Norse lore and language to gather and help one another to learn and improve themselves. Although that is nothing that currently exists, you can always feel free to send me a message. I would be more than happy to discuss any of these things with you at any time, if that is something you would find helpful.

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck. If you need anything along the way, please do let me know.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)


1. Here is a breakdown and an example of dróttkvætt (Court-meter): 

  • Each segment has eight lines.
  • There are two four-lined stanzas that make it up, called helmingar.
  • Each line features six syllables.
  • Three of these per line are stressed syllables.
  • Three alliterative staves per line pair (bolded below):
    • þung til þessar göngu,
    • þinn, kinnalá minni.
  • All vowels alliterate with one another.
  • Even lines have one alliterative stave — höfuðstafr (head stave).
  • Odd lines have two alliterative staves.
  • There are two rhyming syllables per line.
  • The second rhyme always falls on the last stress.
  • Odd lines have half-rhyme (the vowel can change, but not consonant clusters).
  • Even lines have full rhyme.
  • Word order can be quite flexible.

Here is a full example of skaldic verse in dróttkvætt:

Títt erum verð at vátta,
vætti ber ek at ek hætta
þung til þessar göngu,
þinn, kinnalá minni.
Margr velr gestr þar er gistir,
gjöld, finnumsk vér sjaldan,
Ármóði liggr, œðri,
ölðra dregg í skeggi.
— Egill Skallagrímsson

Translation: I’m eager to acknowledge your meal with my cheek-surge (kenning for vomit). I bear heavy witness in venturing to come here. Many a guest pays a dearer price where they stay; we seldom meet. The dregs of ale lie in Ármóðr’s beard.

Source: Debbie Potts, “Introduction to Skaldic Poetry,” Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge.

2. Kennings and heiti are round-about ways of referring to things. An example of a kenning would be using the word ‘water-horse’ or even ‘fjord-serpent’ (my personal favorite) to refer to a ship. With kennings, there are many ways to refer to the same object. These could get quite complicated, such as ‘the wound-sea’s reed’, where ‘wound-sea’ refers to blood and a ‘reed of blood’ is a sword. Heiti are similar, but use other references to refer to the same figure. An example of this might be using Ygg for Odin, instead of just saying Odin.

Letter to the Ankhs, Hoteps & Fake Deeps

Dear Ankhs, Hoteps & Fake Deeps,
Alkebulan is not the original true name of Africa. The name Africa was not given by the enemy to make us forget or destroy our history.
You should also know that Egypt is not the only country in Africa and with that being said, Africa is neither one country or one nation. Africa is a continent with 54 beautiful countries with over 2000+ languages, over 3000+ tribes and a huge amount of different cultures. Please respect the diversity of this vast continent. Also keep in mind that Egypt was not the only place in Africa where advanced ancient civilizations once existed or where Kings and Queens ruled. There is therefor no need to always and only mention or uplift Egypt because as you know or may not know, majority of the victims of the trans-atlantic slave trade came from the west & central parts of Africa so basically you’re most likely a descendant of African people who came from those areas.
Please do not spread false information about Africas history or cultures just because it screams pro-black and when you are called out for spreading misinformation on social media, do not block, delete comments. There is also no need to be rude. Just read your history correctly and always have sources to back up your facts to avoid such things.

Do not post pictures with captions like “A Black Queen should…” It is not your position to demand, command or advice women on how they should act. Your point of view or standards does not equal everybody elses.
Also, most of us black women are not like the women in the pictures you constantly post or repost. We are not all half naked, walking oil lamps with a tight curved body with gold painted on our butts and titties.
Please understand that the black female body is not yours to use for your sexist captions, memes, quotes, and misogynic thoughts and behaviour that you hide behind your so-called consciousness.

Homosexuality was not introduced to black people by the white man nor was it introduced to black people to whipe out the entire ‘race’. Babies are still being born within the black community so do not panic because maybe the only reason you did not realize that the black LGBT community is big might because you were not bothered to care that much before you became “woke”.

Respect other indigenous beings and their history, land and cultures! Just because the first of the human mankind appeared and came out of Africa does not mean that we are entitled to claim other groups, appropriate cultures and remake their history.

Every so-called unconscious black person are not coons, whitewashed, Uncle Toms, Massa’s puppet, house negroes or negropeans. The reason you call yourself woke is because you too were once at sleep, remember that.
So instead of spending your days online on social media bashing and insulting other black people for not being down with revolution or not being woke, try instead to understand what lies behind it.

Last but not least, demanding people to unite and build when you are most likely not doing the same is very hypocritical.

-Sincerely, tired black woman from the African continent.

anonymous asked:

what is it that's so appealing about long dead white male slave owners?

I am going to pretend this wasn’t a legitimate question because this is the stupidest question I have ever received into my box. I am going to be very blunt here:

Basically what you are saying, is that nobody should study history. “They were all racist so we shouldn’t study history!” it was history. They were racist, and without history how would we learn from the shitty things people have done in the past. Taking words from a wise quote, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. All people are living histories. 

I know what you are trying to imply is why should we study a bunch of racists. It is important, it is so important. Some of us actually have an interest in how the founding of America came to be, how the world came to be and how people who have done incredible things can still be terrible people. 

“We shouldn’t study American History because America was founded by a ton of racists.”

That is the most ignorant statement on the entire planet. If you’re not into history- that is fine, whatever. But I find history to be so very fascinating- they were people. They were people. They were people who did actually human things: they laughed, they cried, they did a bunch of shit. 

You cannot learn about slavery without bringing up the people who were in involved with it. I really don’t know how to put my argument into words it is frustrates me so much. You can like a historical figure, it is good to recognize that they were an actual human being because knowing that they were an actual person and knowing of all of the terrible things that they do helps us know that people are not perfect individuals and that people are capable of doing truly tragic things. 

The past causes the present, and so the future.

By learning of our mistakes from the past, we work to fix them- to take care of them, to get rid of our mistakes in the present- from our methods in the present it influences out the creation of humanity. 

Not studying the founding fathers because they were racist is like not studying the Enlightenment thinker Rousseau (THE SOCIAL CONTRACT) because he held a strong dislike for women.