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On this day July 21st, 1899 a band of New York newsboys refused to buy the newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer, The World and William Randolph Hearst, The Journal sparking a childhood labor movement that would inspire many more for decades to come.

here’s the story: 

In 1898 the price of the paper was raised from 65¢ per hundred to 85¢ per hundred, at the newsies expense, due to the influx of people papers purchased during the Spanish-American War. However after the war ended, the publishing giants Pulitzer and Hearst refused to put the price back to what it had been before the war. At this high rate the newsies could no longer make enough money to pay for their own lodging and food. 

So a young Brooklyner, Louis Ballatt “Kid Blink” got together with a group of fellow newsies and they decided to boycott the publishers. The kids refused by to buy and sell their papers. Then after several rallies of nearly 5,000 newsies, many of which were broken up by men hired by Pulitzer and Hearst, the young group of New York boys and girls decided that they would march across the road of the Brooklyn bridge, bringing both the traffic and the entire city to a standstill. 

With this movement, papers could no longer be distributed across New England, lowering Pulitzer and Hearst’s circulation by nearly 70%. After several days of barricading the Brooklyn bridge, the newspaper giants agreed to speak with Kid Blink and his army of newsies. They came the the agreement that the newspapers would remain at the cost of 85¢ per hundred, but that the publishers would buy back the newsies unsold papers. And on August 2nd, 1899 the union was disbanded.


“I’m reluctant at this stage in the game to expose you to new ideas, but having taught you all history on a strictly non-gender-orientated basis I just wonder whether it occurs to any of you how dispiriting this can be? Can you for a moment imagine how depressing it is to teach five centuries of masculine ineptitude.

Why do you think there are no women historians on TV? I’ll tell you why: Because history’s not such a frolic for women as it is for men. Why should it be? They never get around the conference table. In 1919, for instance, they just arranged the flowers, then gracefully retired. History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket.

And I’m not asking you to espouse this point of view, but the occasional nod in its direction can do you no harm.”

- MRS. LINTOTT (The History Boys 2006)

EXO Will Become the 4th K-Pop Artist to Perform at the Seoul Olympic Stadium!

EXO will perform 2 EXO’rdium DOT shows at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on May 27-28th. It is the largest stadium in South Korea, with a capacity for concerts reaching 72,000.

EXO will become only the 4th K-Pop artist to hold a concert at the stadium. Previous K-Pop artists who held concerts at the stadium include: H.O.T. JYJ, and g.o.d. 

Michael Jackson was the first musical act to perform at the Olympic Stadium back in 1996, during his HIStory World Tour, playing 2 sold out shows. Other western acts who previously held concerts in the stadium include: Elton John, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, & Lady Gaga.

Congratulations EXO!


Setptember 5, 1982: Fleetwood Mac performs at the ‘US Festival’ in San Bernardino. 

Everybody was smoking a lot of pot and doing other drugs, but that night we were pretty sober, because the audience was so huge and we didn’t want to make a mistake. It was a long set and it was a great set. When we left, Robin and I flew over the festival and I swear to God we felt like the whole audience waved to us. I told the pilot to go slow because we needed to take this in. We believed in the energy from all those people.“ - Stevie Nicks