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Constance Painted Portraits (1472-1863)

Hi ! ♥︎  Thank you for all your nice feedbacks about the Constance Through History serie ! The serie isn’t completed yet, but now that Constance has definitely entered into the era of photography, there will be no more paintings ! Of course I wanted to make a CC version of them :)

This set features 5 paintings that you can see in HQ here. Note that the Rococo portrait isn’t included, because it’s part of this previous CC set.

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  • Type “MLys”  or “Constance” in the catalog to find the cc easily
  • TOU : Recolors are welcome ! Feel free to include the mesh, but please give credit, and don’t claim it as your own.

Made with : Sims4Studio, Blender, Photoshop 
CC used in the paintings : CC lists can be found in the original posts. Thank you to  @blogsimplesimmer@kiarazurk @birksche @historicalsimslife@renorasims@ladybereniche@flowerchamber@a-luckyday for the CAS stuff and poses ♥︎✿


Superb Celtic Silver Kroisbach Reiterstumpf Coin

An exceptional example of abstract Celtic artwork on a coin, this heavy silver tetradrachm was minted by the Danubian Celts of Pannonia (Burgenland) in the 2nd Century BC.  The obverse has a remarkable portrait of a Celtic warrior, in the very finest Danubian style. The male head is shown staring to the heavens, with a long, sweeping brow, crooked nose and exaggerated cheeks, reminiscent of helmet cheek pieces. He wears an ornate diadem, his ear, ponytail and eyes are rendered schematically. The reverse has a Celtic warrior on horseback, galloping left. The rider is composed of a torso and head, his long hair tied into a topknot, with three locks fluttering in the wind behind. The horse is shown powerfully built, with a short mane and large hooves.

We know relatively little of their history but, through objects like this, we can admire their artistic creativity. On each side of the coin we see Celtic warriors, brilliantly transformed into fine, playful and yet striking works of abstract art.  One of the very finest and most pleasing examples of this charming coin type.


Felt like doing a sketchy kwami swap doodle so I drew a Fox!Marinette based on @grim-revolution’s All The Time You Need whose side blog for the fic is @a-little-touch-of-cleverness. It’s really good and you should check it out.

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you have any podcasts recommendations about history? I'm already listening to "stuff you missed in history class" I'm looking for fiction and non-fiction, thank you very much!

Don’t worry, anon, we got this!

Podcasts about History:

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  • Stuff you Missed in History Class (mentioned by anon; Tracy V. Wilson and Holley Frey discuss events from history you might not have heard of)
  • Stuff you Should Know (podcast not exclusively about history, but many episodes cover historic topics)
  • In Our Time (discussions by historians and experts; by the BBC)
  • You Must Remember This (about the history of Hollywood’s first century)
  • A History of the World in 100 Objects (The director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, retells humanity’s history through 100 objects we have made; this is one of my favourite history podcasts!!!)
  • The Memory Palace (wonderful storytelling podcast about the past)
  • Backstory (public radio program and podcast, trying to bring historical perspective to events happening around us today)

Also, check out our Culture/History tag for more suggestions you might like :)

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Pre-1900 folding spectacles.Tortoise shell, brass.

Much like the ‘nerd glasses’ trend now people, more specifically rich people, used to cop these to look 'older’  instead of I guess now to look 'smarter’.  

Personally I dig the bat deet because that would have made them lucky nerd/does this make me look older?! glasses.