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America’s Vanishing Historic Movie Theaters

During the golden age of Hollywood, the excitement of going to the movies wasn’t only about seeing the stars on screen. It also meant spending time at the neighborhood movie theater, an architecturally ornate center of the community’s social life.

Photographer Stefanie Klavens has long been interested in 20th-century American popular culture, specifically its aesthetic qualities, and has created a photographic series of iconic movie palaces titled “Celluloid Dreams.”

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A Brief History of Video Game Title Design

Happy New Year to Natsume fans all around the world!

This year, 2014, has been a very memorable year for us. It is the first time in our history that we have internally designed and developed a Harvest Moon title, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is the latest chapter in the longstanding Harvest Moon franchise. It evolves the series by adding new and innovative elements, while keeping key features that made the franchise so popular, such as farming, building relationships, marriage and family!

It is because of the strong support of loyal Harvest Moon fans like you that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is performing beyond our expectations in North America! And for that, we thank you! We are also excited about the upcoming European launch in 2015.

This past year we have focused on growing our digital download business, and it has become an important pillar in our business model. Currently we have numerous downloadable titles available for the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, Apple App Store and Google Play. It is our goal to steadily increase our portfolio of downloadable titles in 2015 and beyond.

Thanks to the strong support we have received from our fans all over the world, whether you love Harvest Moon, Reel Fishing, Gabrielle, Hometown Story, or our other titles, we have been able to stay successful in the highly competitive video game industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Natsume fans, especially our loyal Harvest Moon fans everywhere, for their enthusiasm and dedication to the series over the past 17 years!  Your strong and continued support has encouraged us to evolve the Harvest Moon franchise and take it to the next level. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is the true beginning of great things to come in the series as we will be building upon fan feedback, media comments and our own 18 years of experience with the franchise.

Our company mission for the past 20 years has always been and will continue to be to “Make Everyone Happy” with exciting interactive entertainment software for the entire family. At Natsume, “Everyone” means all of our customers, Natsume employees, and all of the people we work with, such as our development partners, our distribution partner, retailers, financial institutions, media, and all of the people who are directly or indirectly connected with Natsume and our products.

We at Natsume are committed to continuing our corporate mission to “Make Everyone Happy,” and we would appreciate your continued support.

Wishing “Everyone” a very happy, healthy, and wonderful New Year!


Hiro Maekawa
President & CEO of Natsume Inc.