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The First Modern Olympics Had One Particularly Odd Event

When Greece held the 1896 Olympic Games, they found a … unique… way to boost their medal count. And by unique, I mean unethical. The created the 100-meter freestyle for sailors. A swimming contest for sailors, not so bad, right? But the “freestyle for sailors” was restricted to sailors from the Greek Royal Navy. Wow. The event was won by Ioannis Malokinis, whose time of 2:20.4 was almost a whole minute slower than Hungary’s Arnold Guttman in the regular 100-meter freestyle.

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Baywatch au

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Yeah, after that YOI official art with the swimsuits, I’m shocked I haven’t seen a bunch of Baywatch AUs. Imma be real and say I’ve never watched Baywatch but here we go anyway!

–”No, I’m not drowning for YOU,” is a phrase said to both Phichit Chulanont and Michele Crispino on the daily. “Where is the hot Japanese lifeguard? I need to drown in his eyes.” Being Yuuri’s coworker is a thankless job, unless you consider constant viewing access to his six-pack a ‘thank you.’ Many on the Baywatch team do.

–Viktor Nikiforov, being a pale Russian and a movie star, doesn’t spend a lot of time on the public beach. He is dragged there one day by Christophe. Even though it’s Yuuri’s off day and he’s lying on the beach with his twentieth beer and a comforting Phichit, he still hops up and ‘rescues’ Viktor from the shallow water.

“Oh my god,” Viktor breathes, or at least thinks he does, because in actuality it just comes out as a long gay gasp. Yuuri pushes his wet hair back and smirks down at the man in his arms.

“Thought you were having some trouble,” he hiccups seductively.

“I’m in trouble now,” Viktor hyperventilates. From then on, they go to the beach every day. When a flustered Yuuri, upon his thirtieth day of ‘saving’ a drowning Viktor, asks if maybe he needs some swimming lessons… the rest is history.

–Despite giving Viktor swimming lessons every day, Yuuri still ends up talking to him during regular lifeguard working hours. 

“Makkachin can’t swim,” Viktor bemoans. “I was so worried until you SAVED HER.” Yuuri’s seen the poodle doggy paddling happily around the shallows before. He will never tell Viktor this.

–”I’m going to join the Baywatch team!” Announces Sara Crispino. She pulls open a life jacket to reveal her bikini.

“Oh hell no,” says Michele Crispino. Unfortunately, he is not in charge of hiring.

“Nice to have you,” says Mila Babicheva. She spent her younger years training dolphins, and everything about her is gentle and yet exciting. Sara requests being on her guard stand immediately. They have a beach wedding the very next year.

–”Rescue yourself!” Yurio hollers. 

“You can’t say that,” sighs the head lifeguard exasperatedly.

–Seung-Gil is the fiercest sea turtle activist Phichit has ever met. “I would die for the life of a single sea turtle,” he says, tone completely dispassionate. 

“Uh,” says Phichit.“How about we just start a hashtag instead?” When it’s trending and Seung-Gil’s sea turtle foundation has received millions in donations, he stands at the foot of Phichit’s guard stand for thirty minutes. “Can I help you?” Phichit calls cheerily.

“Yes,” Seung-Gil says, “come kiss me.”

“You’re supposed to say you need mouth to mouth resuscitation,” Phichit complains. He climbs down anyway. 

–Later, Viktor and Yuuri spend a lot of time walking along the beach at twilight, holding hands quietly and listening to the gulls.

“You saved me, you know,” Viktor tells him quietly, as the sun sinks into the waves. “I was drowning and lost and you saved me.” Mere months ago, Yuuri would have assumed Viktor just meant saving him from the water.

“That’s my job,” he replies instead, and pulls Viktor down to lie beneath him in the sand, kisses him. “I do love my job. But you saved me too.”

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Name: Ieva (pronounced A-va)
Age: 19
Country: Lithuania


i’m really awkward, so… To be honest, I probably love a lot of things. I love history, think it’s satisfying to know one’s past. One can learn a lot from it. I enjoy maritime and normal archeology, paleonthology, but will probably study veterinary.

I love music a lot, can play 3 instruments, can sing. When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer. Not gonna happen though. My favorite bands are twenty one pilots, imagine dragons, onerepublic, pvris.

I also love watching films, like marvel but romance can do some good too. My favorite move at the moment is No kiss list (i know that it’s a crappy movie, still love it)

I am fluent in lithuanian (obviously, but seriously, my language is no joke), german and english.

I love sports. hiking, kayaking, swimming, cycling, running, pilates. But am really lazy, so yup.

I adore reading, am seriously addicted - always read a book in a day.

I love travelling, even though I haven’t visited many countries. My dream is to work with elephants someday. I really want ro visit Australia and Iceland.

Speaking about animals- am obssesed with dogs. I also adore cows (they have such nice eyelashes) and the elephant is my spirit animal.

I don’t have a lot of friends irl, ‘cause lithuanian society is conservative, my views are too western. I am ace and support the whole community fully. I’m all for equality, am a feminist.

Also, I’m really bad at typing, so it’s guaranteed that this has some typos. Sorry c:

Preferences: people from 17 to 25, not rude and all for equal rights