history of romanian art


Biserica Domnească Sfântul Nicolae/ St. Nicholas Church, Curtea de Argeș, Romania by fusion-of-horizons


Mănăstirea Putna /Putna Monastery, Romania by Rita Willaert

Vlad Tepes - The nightmare of future.

“Those warriors who were near him thought that he was a Turk and one of them hit him with a spear. When he saw that he was being killed by his own people, he killed five of his killers with his sword and was killed with many spears and thus he died.” from old Russian manuscript “The tale of Dracula“

According to Bonfinius (Antonio Bonfini) and a Turkish chronicler, Vlad was betrayed by his Wallachian boyars and then decapitated by the Turks as a trophy his head was sent to Constantinople preserved in honey. After, the head was displayed on a stake as proof that he was dead.