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Who are ur favourite blogs and why??


Okay, I feel like giving some shout-outs to some of the other girls on here who run stellar history blogs that are kind of Not Super Serious because history is fun, right? But they still know their area well:


Living proof that history is evolving!!! David Starkey whom?

Then, a few more super amazing people who I love:
@enfant–terrible (my Best Friendo)
@nikolaevnas (MY FELLOW HARLOT) A • @lessthansix (Jacobean play as a person)
@compressedsass (CUTE AND LOVELY)
@breakfastautocrat (taught me so much about American history like….before I was like “Who Is He” but now I KNOW)
@parkersrevenge (Again, taught me so much about American history and for that, I am eternally grateful; I feel it will come in handy in the future)
@black-brunswickers (um, chickens, history memes, Napoleonic aesthetic???? Constantly hypes me up???? Shouting at Americans??? LOV)
@storywonker (actually didn’t know anyone from my uni, let alone my actual course, was involved in ~history tumblr~ BUT HERE WE ARE and his blog is just the right mixture of history and memes which are obviously the most important things in the world. Plus, go congratulate him for graduating!!!)
@baroquekid (beautiful, glorious woman with a top blog aesthetic and I remember when she tagged my selfies with “Simonetta Vespucci WHO?” AND that’s iconic)
@wilfredowens (like, literally has one of the funniest blogs on here and his history knowledge is so vast like….How)
@vonmetternich (again, so knowledgeable, good taste in memes, a top person….HOW are all my mutuals so perfect)

And I gotta hype up my boyfriend so you know, follow @tuftymandias because his blog is basically mine but better and more virtuous but just ignore every self-deprecating thing he reblogs because it’s wrong and He Will Be Punish’d for his Slander.

TBH that’s just the tip of the iceberg because I love so so many of my mutuals and I wish I could mention you all. Alas.

  • Jan. 15 - “How We Were” - History/Decay

He remembers their hands, fitting so perfectly like the two pieces of a puzzle; and the way their movements were synchronized and fluid – years of experience making them work like mirrors, knowing exactly the step the other one would take next. He remembers the hushed whispers and silent chuckles they shared, he is still able to imagine his smile, the wrinkles around his eyes and the way his whole face lit up; the pride he felt being the one who had made him laugh. He remembers warmth; silence surrounding them for hours, just being next to each other, breaths intermingling and hands in each other’s hair, tugging at soft curls and teeth grazing his nose as a punishment for his teasing. He remembers him blushing, first the tip of his ears, then his cheeks and nose; how he grumbled and dragged down his beanie, too flustered to respond normally, so endearing.


It hurt to remember. He missed it, longed for how content they were next to each other, with each other. The moments Gabriel would stare at him lovingly and carefree got rarer with every day that passed, the moments Gabriel would gaze at him with sadness and regret and maybe even guilt happened more often and Jack was afraid of what that meant. Gabriel was what kept him together even before Overwatch; without him, Jack was sure, he would have never been able to survive what life had thrown at them. And if it was just because they saved each other’s asses several times. 

“You okay, mi sol?” Jack never heard him coming but sensed his presence. The smile tugging at the corners of his mouth was his usual reaction to the endearment Gabriel gave him.
“I’m fine. Just, you know, thinking”, he replied, his words muffled by the scarf around his neck. His presence got closer. Jack sighed when Gabriel wrapped one arm around his shoulders instead he leaned into him and closed his eyes, relaxing, while warm breath fanned over his head. Gabriel didn’t ask and Jack was thankful for that; having to explain would shatter this moment and Jack just wanted to stay like this forever, to save it, to put it into a jar and reliving it whenever he felt the need to. He learned to cherish just being with Gabe.

“How was your mission?”, Jack asked, finally breaching the silence. Gabriel didn’t tense and he knew the answer before the other man even opened his mouth.
“Everything went according to plan.” Jack hummed and snuggled even closer. The night was freezing but he felt as if he was in a warm cocoon that saved him from the cold reality. Gabriel moved, his grip tightening, pressing a soft kiss on Jack’s forehead – it was just the faintest brush of lips but it still had Jack sighing contently. It would start snowing soon, he could feel it in his bones; he wondered if their relationship would change again, like the seasons did. He wished for it. 

“You think, it’s going to be a harsh winter?” Gabriel sighed and released him shortly to light himself a cigarette; his grip wasn’t as tight as before. He frowned and blew out a cloud of smoke before answering.
“Not sure”, he mumbled, shrugging, and glancing at Jack before looking up to the dark sky. Enough of an answer. Jack hugged himself, eyes downcast; sad smile hidden behind his scarf. Maybe it was for the best? He couldn’t say, it just hurt.
“If it is I hope for spring to bring a change”, he murmured to himself although he was sure that Gabriel still heard him. If it is I hope we’ll be able to save us. Jack shook his head, banishing the thought, right now he should concentrate on the warmth they shared and how perfectly their bodies fit together – nothing else.
“Hopefully spring won’t be late.” Jack froze. Another cloud of smoke danced in the air, curling and twirling; carried away by a cold breeze. Gabe let his cigarette fall and stamped it out with his foot.  
“It won’t”, he stated and met Gabriel’s eyes, eyebrows drawn together. Jack grabbed the front of Gabriel’s coat and dragged him in for a kiss; their lips were cold but warmed up instantly, noses bumping against each other. When Gabriel cradled his face in his hands and tugged him even closer, Jack couldn’t suppress a sigh. Calloused fingertips pressing against his cheeks and jaw, the bitter taste of desperation on his tongue but need as sweet as sugar on his lips. Maybe they were falling apart and maybe nothing would stop it but Jack wouldn’t give up trying. How we were and how we are may be different, but I’m not letting our ‘we’ go.

It started to snow that night.

Hope y’all have a great week!
I did oneshots for every prompt and to most of them some doodles because i wanted to practice digital art and this week seemed perfect for it. :3
(this doodle is so messy have mercy lmao)

Why is it so quiet in tumblr??

Atem’s birthday has finally been revealed after 20 long years

Although it was in Egyption calendar so a lot of fans flipped the table and shit but….

Birthday: 3rd Harvesting month, 19th

16 years old

Height: 153 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Bloodtype: A

Food he likes: Tarmaiya (Some type of croquet) <=Egyption food?

ta’amiya (traditional Egyptian falafel made of white fava beans)

Food he hates: Butterlex (?) (Some type of fish egg) ????

batarekh, or Egyptian caviar. It is made of ‘dried salted roe sacs of the grey mullet

Food info fixed thanks to maelikishtar

Btw, origin is from here: https://twitter.com/kurage_ruri713/status/621254258449498112

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just read a deadline article about how valerian died a horrible death this weekend and Dunkirk defied all genre specific expectations of a period war film to become a summer hit and I know your valerian anon was the most annoying and deliberately obtuse person in the world but part of me is still hoping they'll come back to repent.

no because they’ll come back and say dunkirk will have the biggest week 2 drop in history because the hype will wear off