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Fic Rec Days, Day 3: Yuri!!! on Ice

These fics were born to make history your night!

Victuri One Shots
a certain playboy by @wbtrashking
Summary: @v-nikiforov - The handsome playboy has returned to town. Please pay special attention to my Free Skate tomorrow. ♥♥♥

There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd.

Yuuri frowns, turning his head on the pillow. Wouldn’t it?

Comments: A well-written and very amusing AU in which Yuuri not only retires but doesn’t skate “Stay Close to Me” to Yuko that fateful day. And yet Victor still finds his life-and-love-giving beauty.

Cute Young Man Yo Who The F Is This? by TheSecretUchiha
Summary: Chris gives Yuuri Viktor’s number.

He just doesn’t tell him it’s Viktor’s…

“If you want a kiss, I’ll give you one when you get here.”

“Hahaha, not from you. Thanks though Chris.”

Viktor stares at the message in confusion.



Wait, what?

Comments: A funny AU in which Chris plays matchmaker between Yuuri and Victor before the Grand Prix Final from episode 1…by being a sneaky son of a bitch. XD

on top of the world by @ladydaredevil
Summary:  In which Victor doesn’t believe in secret identities, Yuuri’s not quite sure how any of this happened and together, they fight crime! (Also the supervillain community as a whole is pretty harmless.)

Comments: This superhero!AU was hilarious, especially the part where Chris fights in his underwear (no, I’m not making that up!). And the high concentrations of sweetness was right up my alley for once.

Breathe In, Breathe out by @blessedburial
Summary: Yuuri was never one to talk to people about his feelings- or his anxiety for that matter. He always hid away in his bathroom when the attacks came, but this time he has a panic attack on the ice and Viktor must step up to take care of him.

Comments: A sweet hurt/comfort fic in which Victor helps Yuuri through an anxiety attack. (TW: panic/anxiety attack).

The Scrapbook by @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon
Summary: Mama Hiroko has just given Victor the goldmine of Katsuki Yuuri photos!

Comments: Domestic dorkiness that you can’t help but laugh at and love.

Skin Deep by @selenaestella
Summary: Viktor really, really doesn’t want to go out like this. Or do much of anything, in fact. Luckily, Yuuri is there to keep him company.

Comments: Cute one-shot–with little bits of humor (Victor, you’re so extra sometimes XD)–where Yuuri comforts Victor during an eczema breakout.

Multi-Chapter Fics
It Doesn’t Have To Be a Lie by Recesskup
Summary: Yuuri is not outgoing. That’s why when Phichit supplies Viktor as his fake boyfriend he’s bringing home for Christmas he nearly dies on the spot. And in all honesty, he’s not quite sure how he managed to convince Viktor Nikiforov to play the role of his pretend boyfriend. And he’s even more at a loss for words when he remembers he has to go along with this for two weeks.

Or- The pretend relationship AU where Yuuri is a shy Dance Major and Viktor is the attractive, outgoing Art/Photography Major and Phichit is the worst wingman ever.

Comments: This is such a sweet fic with bits of angst and humor. And of course, pining dorks.

i see quiet nights poured over ice by @ohhotlamb
Summary: He’s a despicable man, but what he offers is the truth. I’ll make you a winner, he says. And he knows—

This is one thing that Yuuri can’t refuse.

Comments: AU in which Victor really is the infamous playboy and thinks that Yuuri will be just another conquest–until he catches feels, that is. Now, I never, ever enjoy stories involving playboys, but man is this a good read/twist.

By Fate’s Side by @megalohdon  
Summary: Yuuri Katsuki is 23 years old and in the prime of his choreography career, when a sudden poor performance by one of the skaters who contracted him causes them to subsequently retire all together and drag him into a grey mass of uncertainty. Taking a day off for himself, Yuuri takes to Ice Castle Hasetsu for some quality relaxation time, and manages to spark the curiosity of Viktor Nikiforov himself after performing his own rendition of “Stay Close to Me”. The skater is drawn in, but will the dancer so easily be swayed by his proposal? Only time, determination, and a lot of work will tell.

Comments: I just love it when fic writers switch up the dynamic between Yuuri and Victor, and choreographer! Yuuri AU is no exception. There’s only been two chapters so far, but I’m really intrigued as to how Yuuri’s bet with Victor will play out.

Melodies Unheard, but Felt All The Same by @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon
Summary: Yuuri wanted to make history as the first deaf man to win the Grand Prix Final. Of course he’s a little skeptical of Victor Nikiforov’s presence, especially considering the reactions from others who have learned about his lack of hearing.But Victor proves to be different, and Yuuri appreciates that. Now all that’s left is to tell the figure skating world about it.

Comments: It’s not every day I come across a disability AU, and certainly not one as well-written and researched as this. I love how the writer just molds the story–and the characters–into something unique and their own.

Love Doesn’t Discriminate, Between the Winners and the Fakes, It Skates and It Skates and It Skates by TheSecretUchiha
Summary: And we keep winning anyway, we laugh and we cry and we break and we accidentally swap bodies with Viktor Nikiforov just before he performs.(The soul mate body swap AU)


Yuuri opens his eyes and there’s an angry man speaking Russian at him and a crowd of expectant fans waiting for a performance by the best skater in the world.

Phichit is going to love this one.

Comments: This–from Victor comforting Yuuri on several occasions to accidentally making him a meme (and Phichit capitalizing on said meme, ‘cause you know he would)–is such a sweet and hilarious soulmate AU, and I can’t wait to read more.

Poster Child by @lesbianmilababicheva
Summary: Since Yuuri was a child, he dreamed of headlining a show beside his idol Victor Nikiforov. When Victor suddenly leaves the scene to become a fashion designer he thinks those dreams are dead…until he asks Yuuri to become not only his muse but his star model.

Comments: There’s been only one chapter so far, but I’m liking what I’m seeing from this fashion designer/model AU! Plus, it has ChubbyModel! Yuuri, so how can I resist?

Non-Victuri Fics
Accidents by @onceandalwaysenglishmajor
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong (Leoji)
Summary: Guang-Hong: About a week ago I accidentally made out with Leo.

Phichit: Really?

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: You accidentally made out with Leo.

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: Accidentally.

Guang-Hong: Yes.

Phichit: I don’t understand, did you trip over something?

Comments: Adorable leoji one-shot where Phichit fixes a misunderstanding.

For You, For Me by Val_Creative
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong
Summary: Leo shares his headphones with Guang-Hong, making him flustered about how close they are. Having an unrequited crush feels disappointing, until maybe it’s just not unrequited at all.

Comments: Love the amount–and blending–of description and emotion in this little one-shot.

Wow, He’s Amazing by LalodyBear
Pairing: Yuri Plisetsky x Minami
Summary: Yuri has always wanted to be amazing for his soulmate.

Comments: Very in-character soulmate AU one-shot where Yuri strives to be the best skater he can be for his soulmate. Oh, and vague wording is a bitch.

Closest at Heart by HappyTreasuree
Pairing: Leo x Guang Hong 
Summary: The older boy came to a practiced stop in front of where Guang Hong was frozen on the ice. 

“Can you not skate? I can teach you if you want!” the boy kindly offered.

“I can skate! I came all the way from China to skate here!” Guang Hong said indignantly; however, it was in rapid Chinese. He knew the stranger most likely couldn’t understand him, but he didn’t know enough English to respond, and he wasn’t just going to let this kid get away with thinking he was some amateur. It was confirmed that the other boy had no idea what he said from his shocked look. Guang Hong sighed, he wasn’t very confident in his ability to respond to a native speaker, so, he decided he’d show the other instead.

In which when Guang Hong Ji first came to America he was bewildered by the clean air, fashion styles, people’s demeanors, and most of all by the interesting boy he met on his first day at the American ice rink.

Comments: Cute, slow burn multi-chapter fic that explores Guang Hong’s and Leo’s potential past together.

And last, but not least, a very special mention to @narootos/@wbtrashking’s Reverse AU! It’s probably one of my fave–if not absolute fave–AU dynamics! You can read the fics here or at @yoireverse!


I don’t know who the world’s leading expert on warfare is, but any list of the top has got to include me, and I can’t tell when it’s peacetime and wartime anymore. The battle of Agincourt… this was the French fighting against the British archers, this was like a polo match. The battles were observed by heralds and they picked the winners. And if a soldier laid down his arms, he was treated humanely. And the international laws that you’re talking about, this is where a lot of them were written. At a time in a place where a person could tell between peacetime and wartime.

Beyoncé Knowles: 20 times Grammy Award winner, the second most honored female artist by the Grammys and the most nominated woman in Grammy Award history with 52 nominations. She has sold over 100 million records as a solo artist, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. RIAA recognized her as the Top Certified Artist of the 2000s decade. As of December 2015, Beyoncé has sold 16 million albums and over 47 million digital songs in the United States as a solo artist. Critics hail her as one of the best entertainers in contemporary popular music. Forbes magazine listed her as the most powerful female musician of 2015.

Taylor Swift: 10 time Grammy Award winner, at 20 she became the youngest person ever to win Album of the Year at the Grammys with Fearless, a country album and at 26 she became the only female solo act in history to receive that award twice with 1989, a pop album. She has sold 27.67 million albums (March 2015) in the United States, making her the seventh-largest-selling female artist. She has written every single song of every album she has ever released. She’s the only artist in history to have three consecutive albums sold more than 1 million copies in its first week. Swift owns the most awarded country album in music history (Fearless) and the most awarded pop album in music history (1989). This year, BMI will present Taylor Swift with an award bearing her name in recognition of her incomparable creative and artistic talent and influence on music lovers throughout the world. (This is only the second time in BMI’s 76-year history that the company has presented an award in someone’s name. The first was to Michael Jackson in 1990).

Adele: Academy Award Winner for best original song in a motion picture with Skyfall (2013) and 10 time Grammy Award Winner. She and Beyoncé hold the record of most Grammys won by a female artist in one night with six each. With 21 non-consecutive weeks at number 1 in the US, Adele broke the record for the longest number-1 album by a woman in Billboard history, beating the record formerly held by Whitney Houston’s soundtrack The Bodyguard.21 spent its 23rd week at number one in March 2012, making it the longest-running album at number one since 1985 and it became the fourth best-selling album of the past 10 years in the United States. 25 is the first album to sell more than 3 million copies in a week in Nielsen history, and only the second to surpass 2 million sold in a single frame. Adele is easily the best voice in music industry nowadays.

Beyoncé, Taylor, Adele, Gaga, Rihanna… You know one thing they all have in common? They make art maintaining true to themselves, they are unique in what they do, and that’s the key to their success. All these women can be successful at the same time in the same universe, crazy huh? Stop pitting women against each other.

INFPs and Pain

SUBMITTED by hiraethean-noc

Regarding INFPs and their attraction to pain: I think everyone has an affinity towards appreciating pain in some way or the other, and I’ve been thinking a lot about why. And how this may relate to INFPs.

I remember Azar Nafisi stating, in her novel “Reading Lolita in Tehran”, that people love to read of others going through painful situations because the very act of reading and knowing other’s painful experiences is an act of defiance against those causing them such pain. In this sense, a Holocaust survivor writing a novel of their experiences and others knowing and feeling their pain with them is an act of taking power from their oppressors and giving it to the victim, who is now able to control the narrative in some sense. 

We are taught that “the winners write history”, which has led to dangerous and biased leaning against certain groups. In the U.S., this unfortunate truth has led to slaves’ voices and pain being overturned in favor of the white slave-owners’ wishes. So to read something like “Twelve Years a Slave”, and to force yourself to try and understand the pain and horror of what they had to endure, and the fact that such a book was written in the first place, is a powerful stance against everything the slave-owner’s had wanted people to feel and believe.

In short, pain is defiance, against depression, abusive parents, racism, sexism, etc.

For me, as an INFP, my dom Fi forces me into the skin of another person with no effort so I may try and feel as they feel. The character or person or whatever is no longer a distant face, I’m where they are, talking to who they are, and having the same things done to me. Of course I could never truly fully understand and wouldn’t want to attempt to pass off as I do, but the point is Dom Fi always tries and does so effortlessly because that’s its method of trying to understand and empathize with others’ emotions, so reading of pain always cuts deep. My dom-Ne helps me detach from my environment and create this experience. This is where the big difference comes between ISFPs and INFPs. While ISFPs aux-Se allows them to still stay present and aware of their surroundings, Aux-Ne, for me anyway, pushes the rest of the world away. It’s like my senses momentarily shut off, and I solely exists in the flashing creations I’ve brought up to immerse myself into something. This is part of where I believe the “emo” image comes from.

It’s the Dom-Fi and Aux-Ne that really allow INFPs to absorb other’s pain easily. I now have all of these strong emotions buried in my heart. This is where turning to writing ultimately helps, which is, evidently, what lots of INFPs tend to do. More often than not they are highly emotional writings because INFPs are highly emotional beings and they are able to connect best with people through such emotions, and as pain tends to affect them (or just me) more powerfully on a regular basis, lots of INFPs and their writings can come off as dark.

I hope I got my point across as I do tend to lose it somewhere halfway lol


“You know how to whistle, don’t you?  You just put your lips together and blow.” - Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (1944).

Although it’s the only film in history written by a Nobel prize winner, based on a novel by another Nobel prize winner, the classic line was written by Howard Hawks when he was testing her for her film debut.  He liked the line and Lauren’s delivery so much he asked Faulkner to develop a scene around it.

I’m not trying to minimize the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, but there were about 5 million other minority groups who were also killed that need to be brought up more in the classroom, and I say this because people freaked out that Trump didn’t specifically address Jewish victims of the Holocaust in his remembrance speech and took it to mean he was antisemetic.

And while we’re at it, no one talks about the millions more who died under Communism because the two countries where it was practiced (China and Russia) were our allies in WWII, and after all, “history is written by the winners,” so because they weren’t the Nazis they were more or less deemed “the good guys”.

To say the least, we have a very skewed understanding of just what went on during WWII that was less clear-cut between “heroes and villains” than we would like to believe.

On history, tradition and God’s law - and how you shouldn’t trust a word of it.

Another day, another Twitter tyke, telling me how little women have given the world, and how inferior their achievements are in comparison with those of men.

I’ve been tweeting on the #NeglectedWomen hashtag ever since Trump was elected, and still I’m getting comments from men who refuse to believe that women throughout history have ever done anything but allow men to provide for them, raise their children and spend their hard-earned money. These men are often frustrated at the ingratitude of women; their refusal to conform to “traditional” roles; their insistence on getting equality. Some of these men are even under the delusion that equality for women means some kind of payback for the way in which women have been treated: payback for the way in which men have exploited and disenfranchised women throughout history. These men often see themselves as victims of oppression, rather than as oppressors themselves, or the descendants of oppressors. And they fear the idea of equality because these “traditional” gender roles have given them all kinds of privilege.

To be fair, it’s not entirely the fault of men for thinking this way. They’re just repeating what they have been taught from the cradle. They (and some women, too) are repeating the propaganda of another age, an age in which men’s achievements were celebrated, and those of women were hidden, denied or, in some cases, claimed by men all too eager to take the credit.

It has been a very long and very successful propaganda campaign. And to fight it means questioning all kinds of things we used to think were immutable: things like “tradition” and “history” and sometimes even “God’s word.”

Oh, yes: God is on their side. The Bible says so: an ancient text, written by men, translated by men and later, redacted by men to make sure nothing remained within the text that might contradict their agenda.

As for “traditions”, they are often, at best, based on very dubious claims. Traditions – be they traditions of dress, behaviour or role within society - really need only one or two generations to become accepted. And traditions make us feel safe – that’s why we hang on to them, even though we sometimes know that those traditions are wrong. FGM continues because of “tradition.” Slavery was once considered a God-given gift. We cling to our problematic culture, even when its traditions are embedded in racism and sexism. But traditions are merely the drag factor of past behaviours and customs, sometimes offering security, but sometimes a dangerous blindness to the needs of the present. Not all traditions deserve to be kept. Not all traditions are right, or humane.

But what about history, I hear you say? Surely history is beyond reproach? Well, here’s the thing. The concept of objective “history” as we know it is a relatively recent one. We are now becoming increasingly aware that what was until recently taught in schools as “history” and accepted as objective fact is nothing of the sort. It is no accident that the words “history” and “story” are taken from the same root. Historians have, until recently, taken events that appealed to them, and written them into a narrative that also included elements of myth, propaganda and often outright fiction.  No-one at the time believed that these “historiae” were entirely based on fact. Only later, when scholars used them to justify their world picture, were they seen as objective truth. Thus, throughout the ages, whole areas of history were redacted, rewritten, fictionalized, censored. Rulers and warlords were ignored in favour of their rivals. The winners of battles wrote history, while the losers were consigned to oblivion. And this is why it was Tacitus, and not Boudicca, who chronicled the wars between the Romans and the Iceni: and that is why we cannot know how much of what Tacitus wrote was true.

So how can we know anything? Well, we could start with looking at actual artefacts and contemporary accounts, rather than histories written long after the event. Assumptions are there to be questioned, and if we do, we start to discover all kinds of things that contradict what we were led to believe in school. DNA traces on cave paintings now suggests that half of those “cave men” were women: DNA testing on the bones of Viking warriors suggests that some of those warriors were women. 

And when we start looking at the facts, rather than just what we’ve been told, we soon come to realize that women have been painting, building, sculpting, inventing, fighting, hunting and writing for millennia. It is our knowledge, not women’s achievements, that is lacking. But where our “knowledge” of the past relies on ancient religious texts and historians with their own agendas, the facts can be easily lost or manipulated. Just because someone wrote something down a hundred – or even two thousand - years ago doesn’t make it any more true than if it was printed in the Daily Mail this morning.

Historically, it has been very convenient for men to say women have no power. It has been very convenient to ignore the achievements, the art, the inventions and the scientific discoveries of women. It has been very convenient to excuse the oppression of women on the understanding that somehow they are the weaker sex, unable to do things for themselves, unable to cope without the patriarchal guidance of men. That’s why a certain kind of man has worked hard to hide the truth from the world.

 Because if women found out the truth, they would be invincible.

  • Howard: Alfred Wallace created the theory of evolution years before Darwin, but it's Darwin's theory of evolution. Nikola Tesla invented alternating current, but all the power companies are named after Thomas Edison. So why are Darwin and Edison famous, and Tesla and Wallace footnotes? Because history is written by the winners. You get your name on it first, you get it out there the most, and twenty years later, you invented it.
What it’s Like to Be Non Binary

About the flag

The Non Binary flag was created in February 2014 by Kye Rowan. The yellow stripe represents gender outside the binary. White represents all or many genders. Purple represents a combination of female and male. Black represents a lack of gender.

What does non binary mean?

Nonbinary means that your gender exists outside the gender binary. It’s not being just male, or just female, or even anything to do with those at all. It’s a giant spectrum of people who don’t identify as a single, binary gender.

Myths and Misconceptions:

We’re not confused. We’re not attention seeking. We’re not just going through a phase. We get those sorts of comments even from other trans people. It’s not just a style, it’s an actual gender.

What is it like to be non binary?

  • It’s been both confusing and a huge relief to know I’m not crazy, that I don’t have to choose between male or female. I spent the last 26 years thinking I was broken, that something was wrong with me. I’m not broken. I’m nonbinary. I can live as myself happily, unapologetically.
  • I think of all the complicated labels and identities I feel, being nonbinary is the one that is most important to me. It is also the one that is the hardest to get people to accept, or see me as. I use genderqueer and nonbinary interchangeably because they both convey the outside the binary-ness that maverique really gets at.I use they/them pronouns and holy cow do people resist that. I have heard, “it’s so hard” about a thousand different ways and I just don’t know why? I really don’t care if people get my pronouns right 100% of the time as long as you try. I really can’t state this enough. If someone asks you to use a different name or pronouns you’re not used to, try. Don’t resist it, or make excuses. Ask for help if you think you’ll need it. If you really think it’s a cry for help or attention or the person is just confused, let them be confused! If they’re in a place where they feel they need you to do this for them, trying to do it will only help and resisting will only hurt. Plus, I believe you can learn a new word or name. You’ve done it before. For people who use they/them or other non-standard pronouns, it’s just hard. I’d recommend offering to help anyone who says that it’s so hard to use a new pronoun. Just being polite but insistent can work. Try to surround yourself with as many people who respect your pronouns as possible for the bad days. I’ve definitely lost friends, mentors, and even a relative because of this. My mentality is that those people aren’t worth the effort to keep. If they won’t do something this simple for you, you don’t deserve to put in all the effort to deal with them. It can be hard. Just hang in there. There are good days and bad days. Hang on to memories and moments of gender euphoria to get you through the bad days, whatever they may look like.
  • I’ve come out to friends and coworkers, but not my family. As supportive as my friends/coworkers are, they always misgender me and use the wrong pronouns. Some are better than others, but it’s bad enough that I misgender myself, and that makes me feel awful. I don’t even want to change my name, but I feel like I have to in order to be taken seriously and have my gender respected. I won’t have any body dysphoria if socially I was accepted as my real gender. Acceptance will come with representation in the media, which is why i’m going into film. I want to show people that they aren’t alone and they aren’t wrong for being different and unique and abnormal. I had to give up dresses because of how typically feminine they are, and I spend more money than I have to rebuild my wardrobe and buy all this stuff to look more androgynous. I’m hoping that when I move to a different city where no one knows me, I’l get to really live the way I want to. At any rate, I love being enbie, I love the community and the pride knowing that the gender binary doesn’t exist for me.

Tips for being non binary:

  • Try and find a group or any friends that can relate due to questioning or identifying as gender variant. Isolation sucks and the internet can only offer so much in emotional relief from it. Talking to people in person and knowing you’re not the only one in the area can help with a slow transition or people not realising what they’re saying is excluding/demeaning you. Groups usually have websites or a Facebook page
  • You can do whatever you please, but a few things that have helped with my own presentation: makeup is a huge gamechanger. Not only can you make your face look more femme, you can make it look more masc too. There are tons of tutorials on youtube. I’ve also started mixing between femme and masc presentation for my hair, clothes, and everything else.
  • Above all else, just remember that no matter how you present, you are nonbinary. There’s no right or wrong way to be nonbinary. Just live your truth and you’ll be fine.

Bonus: A Poem by @hiraeth-ology
Rewriting the Gender Studies Curriculum:

a brief timeline:

at point x:              men fought in battle to give me my name
at point y:             women died in childbirth to do the same

& so why would i want to be either when history is always written by the winners?

a geography lesson:

i will map out my grief for anyone who’ll listen:

man is a thunderstorm: calm, & then not
woman is a country: drawn, & then crossed


they/them/theirs can be used as singular pronouns

example: timothy went to the shops to buy a dress. they could not find one in the right size & was very angry with themself for leaving preparations for the party too late. hopefully, they will have better luck searching online.

en français, ils peuvent utiliser sol, par exemple sol a demandé où sol pouvait trouver la meilleure nourriture
                               & je pense que c'est beau d’être appelés soleil
pourquoi ne voudriez-vous pas être appelé soleil?

test: multiple choice (select one):

sasha went to the shop & bought
a dress
a car
nothing because having a vagina does not automatically give you desire to spend money


abolish the gender binary

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What are some things to keep in mind while creating our own history, wars, rulers, myths, legends etc. from scratch?

Follow this equation to start from the scratch

  • People + Conflict of Interests = Social Processes


There are, at least, three types of History

  1. Written History, the one you find in books, notebooks, internet, the one the media tells you, the one they teach you in school, etc. Is easy to spot because it’s written by the winners, by living people with different perspectives, this means this History is biased. It also leaves behind important points of view, social processes, and people. It’s called Oficial History because is the one they want you to know and believe.
  2. Oral History, before writing system there was Oral History, people gathering around a bondfire, food, or something else. It’s told during a celebration, a rite of passage, in daily life. The main support of Oral History is memory, individual or collective. It changes with time but hold people together stronger than Written History, specially when two or more sides are in conflict, it’s also called Unofficial History, because of its fragility and because it tells a different version of the Official History.
  3. True History, no one has ever seen it, lived it, or heard it. No one. Not even the elves of the Middle Earth. Why? Because each and one of us sees and lives the world in different ways, with different experiences behind us.


  1. Why using a war to solve a conflict? Who’s going to war? What are their resources? Does the leader goes to war too or do they stay? What happens after war?
  2. There’s no such thing as fair war. Athena I’m watching you.


  1. Myths try to explain the origin of something. The beginning of the World, the beginning of Life, why the Sun rises, why the Ocean has waves, why Flowers bloom at certain times of the year. They hold important meaning to the people they belong to. It also has symbolism that can be translated to daily life.


  1. Usually a story related to people and why they became what they became. It’s basically good versus evil with a moral compass. It also holds meaning. It can be written but it has different variations.


  1. Why do people need a ruler? Are they a part of our basic needs or can we survive without them?
  2. Who’s choosing them? A god, people, their parents, a symbol?
  3. For how long do they rule? Can we overthrow them? Do we fear them?
  4. Where do they live? How do they live? How old are they?

To keep in mind.

  • Not only your main characters aren’t puppets. Sometimes your main characters are the puppets.
  • To every event there’s more than one version of it.
  • By burning books you don’t erase the past.
  • Collective memory is a strong form of memory.
  • Buildings, streets, statues, paintings, and every form of art tell a different form of History.
  • Not every culture develops to be a western culture. Not every culture wants to be a western culture.
  • Don’t be afraid when creating a new world.
  • People need each other but there are people no one needs.
  • Not always the government is the enemy.
  • The military isn’t subjugated by the government.
  • Sometimes people have no idea what they are celebrating and why. That’s okay.
  • People are killed, erased, forgotten because the way they look, the way they think, what they believe, who they love. Violence exists in different forms and is prepetrated by different people and different institutions.
  • Don’t be afraid of your people rioting. Not everyone is as blind as they look.
  • There’s always someone who thinks differently. It doesn’t have to be your MC.
  • Natural disasters happen and they can trigger social processes.
  • Form and substance don’t always go hand in hand.
  • History is weird. Randomness occurs.
  • Forget about Unilineal Evolution.
  • Events get mixed. People who should be remembered are forgotten and vice versa.
  • Stories are also part of History.

There are more things I’m sure I’m forgetting right now, but the information above should help you.

Good luck (:


The English author Kazuo Ishiguro has been named winner of the 2017 Nobel prize in literature, praised by the Swedish Academy for his “novels of great emotional force”, which it said had “uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world”.

With names including Margaret Atwood, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Haruki Murakami leading the odds at the bookmakers, Ishiguro was a surprise choice. But his blue-chip literary credentials return the award to more familiar territory after last year’s controversial selection of the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. The author of novels including The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro’s writing, said the Academy, is “marked by a carefully restrained mode of expression, independent of whatever events are taking place”.

Speaking to the BBC, he called the award a “magnificent honour, mainly because it means that I’m in the footsteps of the greatest authors that have lived”.

“The world is in a very uncertain moment and I would hope all the Nobel prizes would be a force for something positive in the world as it is at the moment,” he said. “I’ll be deeply moved if I could in some way be part of some sort of climate this year in contributing to some sort of positive atmosphere at a very uncertain time.”

Ishiguro’s fellow Booker winner Salman Rushdie – who is also regularly named as a potential Nobel laureate – was one of the first to congratulate him. “Many congratulations to my old friend Ish, whose work I’ve loved and admired ever since I first read A Pale View of Hills,” Rushdie told the Guardian. “And he plays the guitar and writes sings too! Roll over Bob Dylan.”

According to the former poet laureate Andrew Motion, “Ishiguro’s imaginative world has the great virtue and value of being simultaneously highly individual and deeply familiar – a world of puzzlement, isolation, watchfulness, threat and wonder”.

“How does he do it?” asked Motion. “Among other means, by resting his stories on founding principles which combine a very fastidious kind of reserve with equally vivid indications of emotional intensity. It’s a remarkable and fascinating combination, and wonderful to see it recognised by the Nobel prize-givers.”

Permanent secretary of the academy Sara Danius described Ishiguro’s writing as a mix of the works of Jane Austen and Franz Kafka, “but you have to add a little bit of Marcel Proust into the mix, and then you stir, but not too much, and then you have his writings.

“He’s a writer of great integrity. He doesn’t look to the side, he’s developed an aesthetic universe all his own,” she said. Danius named her favourite of Ishiguro’s novels as The Buried Giant, but called The Remains of the Day “a true masterpiece [which] starts as a PG Wodehouse novel and ends as something Kafkaesque”.

“He is someone who is very interested in understanding the past, but he is not a Proustian writer, he is not out to redeem the past, he is exploring what you have to forget in order to survive in the first place as an individual or as a society,” she said, adding – in the wake of last year’s uproar – that she hoped the choice would “make the world happy”.

“That’s not for me to judge. We’ve just chosen what we think is an absolutely brilliant novelist,” she said.

Ishiguro’s publisher at Faber & Faber, Stephen Page, said the win was “absolutely extraordinary news”.

“He’s just an absolutely singular writer” said Page, who received news of Ishiguro’s win while waiting for a flight at Dublin airport. “He has an emotional force as well as an intellectual curiosity, that always finds enormous numbers of readers. His work is challenging at times, and stretching, but because of that emotional force, it so often resonates with readers. He’s a literary writer who is very widely read around the world.”

Born in Japan, Ishiguro’s family moved to the UK when he was five. He studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia, going on to publish his first novel, A Pale View of the Hills, in 1982. He has been a full time writer ever since. According to the Academy, the themes of “memory, time and self-delusion” weave through his work, particularly in The Remains of the Day, which won Ishiguro the Booker prize in 1989 and was adapted into a film starring Anthony Hopkins as the “duty-obsessed” butler Stevens.

His more recent novels have taken a turn for the fantastical: Never Let Me Go is set in a dystopic version of England, while The Buried Giant, published two years ago, sees an elderly couple on a road trip through a strange and otherworldly English landscape. “This novel explores, in a moving manner, how memory relates to oblivion, history to the present, and fantasy to reality,” said the Swedish Academy. Apart from his eight books, which include the short story collection Nocturnes, Ishiguro has written scripts for film and television.

Awarded since 1901, the 9m Swedish krona (£832,000) Nobel prize is for the writing of an author who, in the words of Alfred Nobel’s bequest, “shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction”. Ishiguro becomes the 114th winner, following in the footsteps of writers including Seamus Heaney, Toni Morrison, Mo Yan and Pablo Neruda.

The award is judged by the secretive members of the Swedish Academy, who last year plumped for the American musician Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. He proved an elusive winner and was described as “impolite and arrogant” by academy member Per Wastberg after initially failing to acknowledge the honour.

Some members of the literary community were also less than impressed: “This feels like the lamest Nobel win since they gave it to Obama for not being Bush,” said Hari Kunzru at the time. The choice of a writer who has won awards including the Man Booker prize should pour oil on at least some of the troubled waters ruffled by Dylan’s win, though Will Self reacted to Ishiguro’s win in characteristically lugubrious fashion.

“He’s a fairly good writer,” Self declared, “and surely doesn’t deserve the dread ossification and disregard that garnishes such laurels.”

*Also from The NY Times coverage about this award: Mr. Ishiguro said that he was the only Japanese boy in his neighborhood in England. Almost from the start, he said, “I have always been conscious of not being quite like anyone else.” But, he added: “If I’d grown up in Japan, I doubt I would ever have become a writer.”

Did you know? Ishiguro wrote The Remains of the Day in four weeks. Read about that here: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/dec/06/kazuo-ishiguro-the-remains-of-the-day-guardian-book-club


Basically just a quick series of drabbles (one for each day we have to wait until Sunday) about Jon and Dany preparing to meet each other. Not a first meeting story. Updated daily 


He hasn’t been to White Harbor in years, but nothing’s changed in all that time-even though so many years have come and gone. The town is hunkered down against the cold, the doors of inns shut to keep out the chill, and what few people hurry past him with their heads bent against the wind are clad in heavy furs. They’re winter people, like he is. The blood of the North flows in their veins, keeping them warm on the coldest of nights. 

None of them seem to notice him or Davos or the contingent of guards that follow them a few paces back. He’s glad of it; he doesn’t want to have to explain where he’s going or why, when the controversy it wreaked at Winterfell was unbearable. 

He doesn’t want to be here, heading south, but he doesn’t have another choice. Daenerys Targaryen has dragonglass, which he needs more than he needs gold or a crown. He trusts Sansa; the North will be in good hands. It won’t be in anyone’s hands except the wights if he can’t convince the Dragon Queen to help him. 

“What do you think dragons look like, Ser Davos?” They’ve reached the dock, where a ship flying the Stark banner rocks and creaks at anchor. It’s a conversation piece more than anything else, to distract them from where they’re going and whatever might happen there. 

What will he do if the Queen refuses? She’s the last, best hope he has against the storm, but what if she doesn’t believe him? He can’t leave without dragonglass. 

“I’m not sure, your Grace,” Davos says as they board, looking vaguely disgruntled. “I suppose they’re large. More trouble than we need.”

White Walkers aside, Jon is inclined to agree. 


A raven arrives from Winterfell and just like that Jon Snow is sailing to meet her. 

Dany isn’t sure what to make of this new development-then again, she’s already run ragged with Yara’s capture and the deaths of two of the Sand Snakes. Yet another tally in Cersei’s book, another reason to make her pay with her head. The last thing she needs is another potential enemy. And she can’t tell what kind of person Jon will be. 

Tyrion hires more servants than she knows what to do with from the surrounding villages and puts them to work cleaning the castle top to bottom. She’s busy most of the time now, forming new contingency plans since her old ones have so obviously gone to hell.

She drinks every once in a while now. She’s starting to see why Tyrion likes it so much. 

Sometimes, when she has down time, she thinks about Melisandre’s words. The Princess who was Promised. As if maybe she has to do more than win a war with a pyschotic queen; if the red priestess can be believed, the real enemy hasn’t yet shown its hand. How much is she expected to do? And what kind of role does Jon have to play in the events to come? 

She doesn’t believe in soulmates and she doesn’t believe in prophecy. She wouldn’t believe in magic, either. But isn’t she proof of that? If dragons exist, why shouldn’t wights? 

Even so, she tries not to think about it. 

But sometimes she can’t help it-during her meetings she’ll find herself looking out to sea even though she knows there’s no feasible way the Northerners could have arrived yet. 

She can’t help wondering what the King in the North will look like-will he be another enemy, or ally? He has to be delusional, because if he’s not…what could possibly be coming next? 


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The Reader Project #1 (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Au: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (kinda)

Summary: Lin, a 37-year-old single successful actor and playwright who has had no real success in romantic relationships, creates a checklist to be filled out by any and all interested bachelorettes in effort to find the perfect girl for him to silence his mother’s nagging for Lin to find love and to provide her with grandchildren. Reader works in a bar in Midtown Manhattan while getting her Master of Music from Juilliard.  

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 1291

He had found a solution to the Wife/Baby Problem, maybe.  At the age of 37, Lin-Manuel Miranda had accomplished so much.  He had written and starred in two highly successful Broadway shows, one of which recently having had the highest-grossing season in Broadway history, written music for a Disney film, for which he was given an Oscar nomination, been a Tony Award nominee and winner.  To say that this man was highly decorated with accomplishments would be an understatement.  However, this same Oscar nominated, Tony Award-winning, genius was highly unaccomplished in the romance department, not having had a real, stable relationship since his college years.  

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This June we’re celebrating the books that bring light to the reason that Pride Month exists. Read on for 8 YA books with extraordinary LGBTQ voices that crawled into our hearts and didn’t leave.

1. Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights: An unflinching look into the history of the Gay Rights movement, starting with the Stonewall riots in 1969, which triggered an explosive demand for gay rights. 

2. Hold Me Closer: Irresistible, hilarious Tiny Cooper (from Will Grayson, Will Grayson) takes center stage in his own story, written as the most fantastic musical ever produced!

3. Grasshopper Jungle: Austin has equally deep feelings for his best friend and his girlfriend in Andrew Smith’s intense, complex Printz Honor book. 

4. I’ll Give You the Sun: You’ll fall for Jude as he vividly describes falling for the charismatic boy next door in Jandy Nelson’s Printz Award winner.

5. Vast Fields of Ordinary: Experiencing both true love with a mysterious new boy and unforeseen tragedy in one summer, Dade’s story is hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time. 

6. Everything Leads to You: Talented set designer Emi hasn’t been able to design a love life that’s more than make-believe – until a mysterious letter leads her to Ava. 

7. On the Count of Three: Nina, Avery, and Mel haven’t been apart since age 11, but when Nina comes back from a summer in California, she’s an outsider – because Avery and Mel have started dating. A bittersweet, honest look at first love and changing friendships.

8. My Most Excellent Year: When T.C. falls in love with pretty, sassy Al, it feels black and white – but for his best friend Augie, who’s drawn to a boy, it’s not so clear…even if its obvious to his family and friends. 

What would you add to this list?