history is our playground


[history is our playground]
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[The History is our Playground]
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isnt it funny how all the ac games, parts of a series with the slogan “history is our playground”, have been set in times and places influenced by white christians. syria during the crusades, 15th century italy, 18th century america and now 18th century france. despite all the freedom that comes with making historical games, they chose to only portray the parts of history where white men were present. 
this is why i’m so ridiculously disappointed that they decided to only give shao jun a sidescroller dlc. they had her story set up since revelations and a lot of fans have been asking for it, but now we have to buy a game about White Guy in Paris to get it. the diversity in the assassin’s creed games can only go so far it seems.


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{History is our Playground}
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I’m just too happy that Ubisoft says there won’t be a game set in the present days. “History is our playground” and I deeply believe in this. What makes Assassin’s Creed so beautiful is the reason that you can “live” the history, you can watch the biggest events very close and in ways that you can’t read on history books. What about modern times? An Assassin with an M4 or a GPS or some infrared technology? Maybe with a phone to call the Mentore “yo bro, I just killed your man”. Not really what I’d like to see for my favourite ever game.