history is my jam

you guys wanna know how much of a history nerd I am listen

when I was 15, we learned about 20th century history in school and that’s like my biggest jam

so when my teacher taught us about WWII, I decided “operation overlord” was bomb as hell and made my Tumblr URL operationoverlord

I have been the biggest history dork for a minimum of 5 years

Operation Overlord was the codename for the landing at Normandy by the way

Underrated K-POP bands to appreciate:

-Monsta X: Hero, Rush
-VIXX: Fantasy, Voodoo Doll
-Romeo: MIRO, Nightmare
-HISTORY: Might Just Die, Queen
-B.A.P: That’s My Jam, No Mercy
-Speed (actually rumored to be disbanding T~T): Don’t Tease Me, What U
-And many more.


I will give a song suggestion for each band next to the band name!

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1) I’m pretty happy with where I am in life right now. (Hard work, responsibility and a dash of good luck has really done great things for me)

2) I get along with all my co-workers and most people in general. (A fairly laid back and accepting personality, lol)

3) I like the way I look. (Took me a while to get there)

4) I’m pretty artistic. (Currently focusing on a a costuming project)

5) I love to learn new things. (Especially old things. History and science are my jam)


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• okay, so obviously let’s start with alex and john
• they were super gay
• (well i mean alexander was bisexual and laurens was gay, but you know what i mEAN)
• like, just look at their letters:
• “cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, i wish, my dear laurens, it might be in my power, by actions rather than words, to convince you that i love you.”
• i typed that from memory welp
• also alex invited john to a threesome with his wife on their wedding night + described himself as a jealous lover when john didn’t answer his letters
• “in short, laurens, i am disgusted with everything in this world but yourself.”
• “so your impatience to have me married is misplaced; a strange cure, by the way, as if after matrimony i was to be less devoted than i am now.”
• their letters had to be censored, bc they were way too gay
• like look at the letters ive shown you so far. they’re clearly v gay. now, my one true regret is that i do not have a time machine with which to stop hamilton’s son from censoring their letters. like, cmon fam, w h y
• the last letter alexander ever sent to john was signed ’yrs. forever.’
• fun fact!! john laurens most likely did not live to read this letter, bc he was killed in battle!!!

okie moving on to other non-heteros in history:

• baron von steuben!!!
• holy wow!!! this dude was gay!!!
• so he helped whip the american army into shape, and is basically the reason there is an america
• okay so he was rumored to have “affections for members of the same sex” and was actually labeled as a sodomite, if im not mistaken
like im at least 90% sure he got kicked out of both prussia and france for being gay yikes
• (i find it hilarious that the homophobes get mad at obama for appointing a gay man to lead our army like pICK UP A HISTORY BOOK PLS)


• okie so in his time period the main goal was basically to have a wife and produce an heir and nobody really cared who you brought into your bed (ham would have had a hoot)
• in fact!!! alexander the great’s dad had a male lover!! this was a common thing bless
• now hephaestion (did i spell that correctly) was alexander’s close childhood friend- and most likely his lover, as well
• their tutor- aristotle!!- described their intense closeness as “one soul abiding in two bodies”
• their gayness isn’t mentioned in history books bc most accounts were written 300 years after their death, during a time period where homosexuality was indecent :(
• they were written as best friends
• ~~~~best friends~~~~~~
• here’s a quote from an article that i have saved but can’t source bc mobile:
• “According to Arrian, Alexander and Hephaestion publicly identified with Achilles and Patroclus, each laying a wreath on their tombs. Both Plato and Aeschylus acknowledged that the Achilles and Patroclus were lovers, so this wreath laying ceremony would have been seen as a very public declaration of their love.”
• oh!!! also Alexander the Great had a boy toy named bagoas, that was given to him by some persian nobleman


• leonardo da vinci was accused of sodomy TWICE when he was caught with several young companions ;)))
• there were no witnesses and the charges were dropped
• the dude never married and kept many beautiful male protégés
• he wrote in his notebook that hetero sex disgusted him
• (same leo saaaaame)


• um some more things;
• oscar wilde was gay and involved with the son of sir john sholto douglas. he was actually convicted bc of this.
• one of our presidents, james buchanan, is believed to be gay. here’s an excerpt from one of his letters to william rufus king:
• “I am now solitary and alone, having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.”
• eleanor roosevelt had a very intimate friendship with an openly lesbian reporter named lorena hicks
• “Gee! What wouldn’t I give to talk to you & hear you now, oh, dear one,” said a letter from eleanor. “It is all the little things, tones in your voice, the feel of your hair, gestures, these are the things I think about & long for.”


there’s probably tons more!!! go look up queer historical figures on google and you’ll find tons!!! there is so much gay in our history, and schools just. ignore it. it’s honestly infuriating.

(im on mobile, which is why nothing is sourced- so, if you happen to be able to add links to websites that provide us with this information i would appreciate it greatly!!

also, there may be errors, bc most of this was done from memory; send me an ask if i have anything wrong and I’ll fix it!!)

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YOU LINKED TO HISTORY OMF I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?? (but I will give you anything you want if you write doyujae)

wiw, i put it in the tags to b lowkey, but it clearly not lowkey now

same tho i luv history, what am i to u is still my fckn jam

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my gf is seriously considering writing about (as one of our essay topics in history; greatest unsolved history mysteries of all time) of how many founding fathers were gay/bi/ace-- gotta admit she makes some compelling arguments

That sounds super interesting actually!! A lot of times historians will just brush over stuff like that and chalk it up as Just Guys Being Dudes/Gals Being Pals™. Keep me updated on that!  

I finally got my red wine.  I have another exam tomorrow morning, and then have to do some dissertation stuff but.  It’s philosophy and I’m not like, relaxing exactly, but I’m also not crazy stressed.  European philosophy and universal history is kind of my jam.  

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hello, do you have any recommendations for good books about history? any type of history, russian, german, or something else entirely, during any period, just whatever you really like!

Hi! This will be pretty long, but I’ll try to recommend the most  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 ones. 

1) My favorite is the Memoirs of Felix Yusupov aka my fave historical figure https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Splendor-Amazing-Memoirs-Rasputin/dp/1885586582 totally amazing, takes place in 1890s - 1970s, it will make you laugh and cry and forget all your problems. my #1 antidepressant. I’m sorry I can talk hours about him. Let’s move on.

2) The Song of Troy, by amazing Colleen McCullough, as stated in the title, about Trojan war, way better than Homer in my honest opinion.  👌👀👌

3) I you are intersted in Germany and stuff, any Erich Maria Remarque novel will do (my fave is  All Quiet on the Western Front) I personally think he managed to capture the athmosphere of the WWI period like a goddamn genuis.

4) Anything by Stefan Zweig, pick your fave period - never fails to amaze me. From Maria Stuart to Feodor Dostoevsky, you can just briefly read the discription on wiki to find the ones you need.

5)  Just try reading any kind of mythology? It seriously so awesome and we usually only focus on Greek gods, but Norse or Egyptian, or Slavic myths are very good. It also helps to understand the mentality and psychiology of people back then

6)  Ivanhoe by Walter Scott, it’s pretty much one of the first historical novels ever? It has lots of adventures and this book played a huge role in why we maybe find Medieval times so attractive. 100/10 recommend.

7) XIII century.Mongols.Temujin. I’m sorry a LOT of great books aren’t translated from Russian, but if you ever find something on XIII century and mongols, READ.IT. Or find some documentaries or even read wiki. I seriously want to translate all those books, just so they get enough recognition. (also check out @phobs-heh​ ’s art ) 

That’s it? (I have much much more, but tumblr wont handle it lol) I read a lot of non-fiction books and articles, and they’re very specific and some authors arent translated either, so there’s no point to suggest them. Enjoy!!! (P.S. I say it all the time, but history asks are my jam)    

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are there any good au fics set in historical periods, as far as ancient greece to pride and prejudice-esque, anything? thank you!

*unearthly screeching*

GOD YES. I’m a huge fucking history nerd, I LOVE historical fiction and old novels this is MY JAM RIGHT HERE!

We actually have a post for regency/pride and prejudice based fics and also one for stuff in the 50s

Heres just EVERYTHING i have OH MY GODD:

Amor Fati (WIP)

Servius (Steve) is the reluctant heir to his father’s gladiatorial ludus. He prefers to keep his hands clean when it comes to the fate of the men in his training school, leaving business to the colder, more powerful men surrounding him - at least until his choice of a new slave and fighter, a captured soldier from the North, proves especially … fruitful.

Cruising Kids

Bucky takes Steve for a drive. It’s the 1960s, the Chevy is a piece of art, and anything could happen.

Frontier Justice

Unable to adjust to life in the wake of the American Civil War, Steve heads West looking for a new start. After Tony Stark talks him into coming to an obscure mountain town to serve as Deputy, Steve begins to investigate the outlaw gang calling themselves ‘Russian Winter’, only to find himself fixated on the outlaw who reminds him inexplicably of his childhood friend Bucky.

The Halo Around My Crowned Head (WIP)

Knight-Captain Rogers fell in love with the prince the moment he saw him. Prince Buchanan could repay those affections if it weren’t for the fact that by now he’s accustomed to never having anything he desires while King Alexander reigns.

Medieval AU in which Bucky is a sickly prince and Steve is a knight who is too noble for his own good.

Ships at a distance

The year was 1930. Peggy Carter was on a one-woman mission to uncover the truth of Franklin county, the moonshine capital of America.
Meanwhile, Steve Rogers was fighting to keep the family diner running after his mother’s passing. The last thing he wanted was for someone to poke their nose into his and Bucky’s side business. Times were hard. They needed to make a dollar same as anybody else.
This was a story about the small people, who unknowingly propped up the Broadwalk Empire.

Soul Under Wing

Bucky’s mother orders him to, for god’s sake (hers, specifically), do something about all the people in love with Steve.

Did I mention Bucky’s mother is Aphrodite?

please give me more if you know any!

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Are you upset that once we get halfway through yoi, they're going to have a new opening theme song like? they do with everY ANIME.

season 1 is gonna be over in a few episodes– 

i dunno if season 2 will have a new opening? hopefully its just as good as the first one cause History Maker is my fuckin jam