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Code: Emergency to every FT fan!!!

Me: Attention all FT fans and Four Major Couple Fans, we a have a code: red and a defcon: 10, this is not a drill, Eileen, Erza’s mother is inside poor Wendy Marvell!! Man your battlestations!!

#SaveWendyMarvell (Who’s with me to try and save Wendy)

FT  Biggest Message

Me: attention all Gruvia, Nalu, Jerza, Gajevy and other FT fans, I have two things I have to say, one Natsu has reached Gray Fullbuster at the guild, I don’t know if he’s knocked out or incapacitated or dead. But We will find out soon enough. And second which is also important as well………

IT’S ACNOLOGIA!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

Biggest Message to Everyone

Me: Attention all FT fans and Four major couple fans, Irene Belserion has killed herself, which leaves the four remaining members of the empire. We can kill Zeref, due to the death connection to Natsu, the only members we have to exterminate is August, Ajeel and Jacob as well as the Dark Dragon Lord himself, Acnologia.

The results to the message is this.

FT message: Larcade’s defeat or Not

Me: Attention all Four Major Couple Fans of FT and FT fans. Sting, the leader of Sabertooth, has been injured and he is taking down Larcade Dragneel, one of the Spriggan 12 of the empire and Zeref and Mavis’ son. However, we are not quite sure if this is Larcade’s defeat. However we’ll find out what Larcade’s true fate is soon enough. If Sting defeats Larcade, he will see his mother Mavis in person before he faces death, meaning to say we might have two strongest members of the empire left, before dealing with Zeref and Acnologia aka the Dark Dragon Lord. But if he doesn’t, we might need a miracle or assassination to get rid of Larcade and other two strongest members. So let’s not give up hope on Sting defeating Larcade.

Biggest Message to all Gruvia and Nalu Fans

Me: Attention all Gruvia and Nalu! Our Two primary ships have been reunited!!! And now that we have the rage and despair out of the way, the time has come to finish where we started, to exterminate Zeref and the Alvarez Empire and the Dark Dragon Lord, Acnologia.

Me: My name is Straw Hat Ryan, and I am a Gruvia fan. I want to let you all know that I knew the Gray and Juvia’s romantic bond would not die on me and everyone, the same goes for the Nalu fans. Despite that I have seen the war between Fairy Tail, the other guilds and the empire, plus the Dark Dragon Lord. I witnessed an incident that happened to Gray and Juvia, who fell victim to the winter general himself, zeref’s right hand man and the true main antagonist of Gruvia, Invel Yura. That man used a horrific spell known as Ice Lock, which is a Caster Magic that traps two people together, becoming the puppets of the caste and the two fought each other. However, in the end Juvia sacrificed herself to save Gray from death with blood transfusion magic, which made Gray fell into despair thinking that juvia was dead. As for me I felt really really sorry for them and I felt pissed off about it. But, with help of good advise from many people from tumblr and a tumblr user named “fairy-tail-react” saying that Juvia will return, I took the title called Fleet Captain and I spread the word to every Gruvia fan I could find, and tell them to not give up hope and that must believe. Despite my words of wisdom, wendy and Carla saving Juvia, the angst of Nalu, the Gray and END fight and Erza saving the two boys, I was so amazed that Gruvia and Nalu have been reunited as a double reunion and I knew those two ships would live. But now I will tell you this, despite that the angst and the reunion Gruvia and Nalu, As fleet captain I am now declaring the final battle against Zeref Dragneel and the Empire as well as the Dark Dragon Lord to put an end to this grueling war. However, together we can fight with Fairy Tail and create history, and take down our biggest enemy. But most important thing about this mission, we the gruvia, Nalu and the rest of the fairy tail fans must never give up hope, if we are willing to follow the right path, to accept it and to believe in it. So who’s with me?


Laskarina Bouboulina (1771-1825) was a Greek naval commander and a heroine of the 1821 War of Independence. Married to a wealthy shipowner, she took control of her husband’s fortune and company after he was killed by pirates. She also had more ships built for her, including the warship Agamemnon.

She was a great force in the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire, leading naval blockades, battles, and sieges. It is said that she rescued most of the sultan’s harem during the defeat of the Ottoman garrison at Tripolis. She was posthumously awarded the rank of Admiral for her military skill.

you guys shouldn’t be mad Hinata is the new heroine. Cos it also means that “worst heroine in history” title just went to her. She lost all her fights, even attempt at being a meat shield ended up in failure, played no part in defeats of villains, then got defeated by a rock. And all these despite having bloodline power, what a waste of sage of 6 paths’ good genes :)